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ISSUE - 228

DATE: 02-01-2011


{]Xo-£-Iƒ ]qh-Wn-bs´ ˛ kz¥w teJ-I≥ ZpxJ kvarXn-I-fp-W¿Øp-∂-XmWv t]mb h¿j-sa-¶nepw ]pXp-h-’-c-Øn¬ \ap°p {]Xo- £ - b ¿∏n- ° mw. {]Xn- ` - I ƒ ]ecpw s]men-™p-t]m-bn, cm{„ob `ojvam-Nm-cycpsS Xntcm-[m-\w, tIma¨sh¬Øv sKbnwknse I≈-°-fn-Iƒ, 2˛Pn kvs]{Œ-Ønse h≥sIm-≈, `qam-^n-bI-fpsS sIm≈-s°m-Sp°- e p- I ƒ XpSßn ]W- Ø n\pw {]ikv X n°pw th≠n sIm≈bpw sIm≈nhbv]pw sIme-]m-X-I-ßfpw ]ns∂ P\-PohnXw Zp -la - m-°p∂ hne-°b - ‰ - hpw t]mb h¿jsØ Zpc-¥-ß-fpsS ]´n-I-bn¬ ap≥]¥n-bn¬ \n¬°p-∂h - b - m-W.v Imbn-Ic - w-KsØ Nne t\´-߃ ad-®p-h-bv°p-∂n-s√-¶nepw H´pw Bim-ky-am-bn-cp-∂n√ t]mb h¿jw. apdn-th-‰-hs‚ thZ\ \Ωp-tS-Xmbn amdp-∂n√. Pbn-°p-∂-hsc ]mSn-]p-I-gvØm-\-√msX hnP-bØ - ns‚ ]n∂m-ºp-dß - f - nse \nKq-VX - sb-°p-dn®v Bcpw At\z-jn-°m-dn-√. AYhm

At\z-jW - ß - ƒ ]e-t∏mgpw ]mXn-hg - n-bn¬ Ah-km-\n-°p∂ Ah-ÿ-bmWv s]mXpth ImW-s∏-Sp-∂X - .v \nbaw Iøn-se-Sp-°p-∂h - sc \nebv°p \n¿Øm≥ \nb-a-]m-e-I¿°v IgnbmsX hcp-∂p. Nne A⁄m-X-i-‡n-Iƒ CØcw On{Z-i-‡n-Iƒ°p Icp-Øp-]-I-cp∂p-sh-∂X - mWv XnI®pw A¤p-XI - c - a - m-bn-´p≈-Xv. _methe in£m¿l-am-sW-∂-dn-™psIm-≠p-Xs∂ B ]n©p-ss]-X-ßsf hnebv°p-hmßn \n¿∫-‘] - q¿Δw ]Wn-sb-Sp-∏n°p-Ibpw Ah-cpsS ]pdw-tem-I-hp-am-bp≈ _‘w hnt—-Zn-°p-Ibpw sNøp∂ Nne Iiva- e - ∑ m¿ Ahsc Akm- ∑ m¿KnI {]h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ°v t{]cn-∏n-°p-Ibpw sNøp∂p-sh∂ ZpxJ-IY - I - fpw \mw hmbn®p s\Spho¿∏n-´X - m-Wv. tijw aq∂mw t]Pn¬


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Ih¿®-Iƒ Fßs\ XSbmw?


h¿®-I-fpsS Ime-am-Wn-t∏mƒ. Zn\-∏-{X-ß-fn¬, Sn.-hn. Nm\-ep-I-fn¬, F∂p-th≠ H´p-an° Zriy-˛-{imhy am[y-a-ß-fnepw Ih¿®-I-fpsS

hm¿Ø-Ifpw dnt∏m¿´p-If - p-amWv \nd-™p-\n¬°p-∂X - v. tImSn-If - psS [\Imcy ÿm]-\-ß-fnse Ih¿®-Iƒ apX¬ e£-ß-fpsS Aº-e-°-h¿®Ifpw sNdpXpw hep-Xp-amb ho´p-I-h¿®-I-fp-a-S°w ]e hn[-Øn¬, ]ebn-Sß - f - n¬, ]e ka-bß - f - n¬ Ih¿®-Iƒ \S-°p-∂p. am[y-aß - f - psS {i≤ an°-hmdpw Xs∂ lcw ]I-cp∂ Ch-bpsS hni-Zmw-i-ß-fn-em-bn-cn-°pw. apsºms° cm{Xn-Im-e-ß-fn¬ \S-∂p-t]m-∂n-cp∂ Ih¿®-Iƒ h∂p-h-∂nt∏mƒ ]´m-∏-I¬ P-\-at[y Xs∂ Ac-tß-dp-∂p. hm¿Ø-Ifpw dnt∏m¿´pIfpw ]c-Xn-bm¬ Ih¿®-Iƒ k^-e-am-hp-∂-Xn\v ]n∂nse \n¿Wm-bI LSIw ]e-t∏mgpw Ih¿®-°m-cpsS Bkq-{X-W-]m-S-htam kma¿Yytam Bbn-cn-°p-I-bn-√, t\sc adn®v ho´p-Im-cp-tSbpw c£m-k-∂ml kwhn-[m\-Øn-t‚bpw XI-cmdv aqe-am-bn-cn-°pw. ]pd-Øp-t]mbn Xncn®v h∂v ho´n¬ Ib-dp-tºmƒ Ih¿® \S∂ hnh-ca - d - n™v sR´p-∂X - n\pw £p`n-Xc - m-Ip-∂Xn\pw apºv kzb-sam∂v ]cn-tim-[n-°p-I. Pohn-X-Øn\v kpc-£n-XXzw \„-s∏-´n-cn-°p-Ib - m-sW∂v Dds° apd-hnfnIq´n hyh-ÿn-Xnsb ]gn®v \nba-]m-e-Isc hnh-c-a-dn-bn-®p-I-gn™v amk-߃ ]n∂n-´n´pw H∂pw kw`n-°p∂n-s√∂v Adn™v tZmssj-I-Zr-°p-I-fm-Ip-∂-Xn\p apºv Hcn‰v Bfl-]-cntim-[\ \S-Øp-I. Ih¿® kw`-hn-°p-I-bn-s√∂v \Ωƒ Dd∏v hcp-Øn-bncpt∂m? hoSv ]q´n kIp-Spw_w ]pd-Øn-dßn Gsd t\cw Ign™pw Ih¿®m`o-Xn-bn¬ \n∂v tamNn-X\ - m-Im≥ km[n-°p-∂n-s√-¶nepw CtX tNmZyw Dbcmw. Fßs\ sR´n-∏n-°p∂ Ih¿®-Iƒ kw`-hn-°p-∂Xv Hgn-hm°mw? G‰p-ap-´-ep-Itfm kwL¿j-ßtfm IqSmsX kw`-hn-°p∂ Ip‰-Ir-Xyß-fm-Wv Ih¿®-I-fmbn Adn-b-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv. an°-t∏mgpw Ah hoSp-I-fn-emsW-¶n¬ Krl-\m-Ys‚ Akm-∂n-[y-Øn-em-bn-cn°pw \S-°p-I. AXp-sIm≠v Ih¿® sIme-]m-XIw t]mse Kuchw Ipd™ Ip‰-Ir-Xy-am-sW∂v [cn°-cp-X.v Poh-lm\n kw`-hn-°p-∂n-√m-sb-∂s - Xm-gn-®m¬, \ΩpsS Pohn-XsØ Ac-£n-Xhpw Aev]a - m{Xw t]mepw `{Z-a√ - m-ØX - p-am-°m\pw Ih¿® [mcmfw aXn. H‰ Ih¿®-bn¬ Pohn-X-Im-esØ kºmZyw apgp-h\pw \„-s∏-t´°m\pw aXn. "t\m¨ I¨s{^≥t´-j-\¬ ss{Iw' Bbn hne-bn-cp-Ø-s∏Sp∂ Ih¿®-I-fn¬ tNmc hogm-dn√ F∂-√. Ih¿®m-{i-a-߃°n-S-bn¬ bmZr-›n-I-ambn A{I-ahpw Ac-tß-dm-dp-≠v. Aßs\ Ih¿® XS-bp∂ Imcy-Øn¬ Db-cp-∂, BcmWv Cu Ip‰-IrXyw sNøp-∂Xv? Ft∏m-sgm-s°bmWv Ah kw`-hn-°p-∂Xv? F¥p-sIm-≠mWv Ah kw`-hn-°p-∂Xv? XpSßnb tNmZy-߃ CΔn-[-Øn¬ IqSn {]m[m-\y-a¿ln-°p-∂-h-bm-Wv. AXnthKw Imim°n am‰m-hp-∂, sNdp-sX-¶nepw hne-]n-Sn-∏p≈ hkvXp-°ƒ°mbn-sb-Øp∂ sNdp-∏° - m-cmWv Ih¿®-Iƒ \S-Øp-∂X - .v B`-cW - ß - ƒ, Iymad, hn.-kn.-B¿, sSen-hn-j≥, tdUn-tbm, cq], hm®p-Iƒ, tXm°v, sNdnb Ce-t{Œm-WnIv kma-{Kn-Iƒ XpS-ßn-b-h-bn-emWv Ih¿®-°m¿°v {`aw. Xm¬°m-en-I-ambn ho´p-Im¿ AI-∂p-I-gn-bp∂ Krl-ß-fn-emWv Ih¿®Iƒ \S-°m-dp-≈-Xv. Ih¿®-Iƒ ]I-se-∂-t]mse cm{Xn-I-fnepw kw`-hn°mw. \K-cß - f - n¬ Zº-Xn-Iƒ tPmen-°mcpw Ip´n-Iƒ kvIqfp-If - n¬ t]mIp∂-h-cp-amb Krl-ßfn¬ Ih¿® \S-°m≥ henb km≤y-X-bp-≠v. \njv{]-bmkw Ib-dn-∏‰ - m-hp-∂Xpw G‰hpw IqSp-X¬ Hfnhv \¬Ip-∂Xpw G‰hpw kpkm-[y-amb c£m-am¿K-ß-fp-≈Xpw Bƒ°m¿ Ak∂nln-Xcp-amb Krl-ßf - n-emWv km[m-cW KXn-bn¬ Ih¿® \S-°p-I. AXp-sIm≠v Ih¿®m- {i-a-ß-fn¬ \n∂v c£-t\-Sm≥ Ih¿®-°m¿°v \ΩpsS Krlw Ign-bm-hp-∂h - n[w AK-ay-am-°p-Is - b-∂X - mWv sNtø-≠X - .v AXn\v ]e am¿Kß-fp-≠v. hoSns‚ IXIpw P\-ep-Ifpw ]I¬ ka-b-ß-fnepw ]q´n-bn-Sp-I, P\-ep-If - n¬ {Kn√n-Sm\pw •mkv ]m\-tem-Sp-Iq-Snb IX-Ip-Iƒ LSn-∏n-°m\pw {i≤n-°p-I, ho´n¬ \n∂v hn´p-\n¬t°≠n hcp-tºmƒ Ab¬°msc B hnhcw Adn-bn-°p-I, hn.-kn.-Bdpw Sn.-hn.bpw t]mse Aaqey hkvXp°ƒ C≥jp¿ sNøp-I, Aemdw k{º-Zmbw G¿s∏-Sp-ØpI XpS-ßn-bh Ih¿® XS-bm-\p≈ GXm\pw Nne D]m-b-ß-fm-Wv.

p-Ip-am¿ W v j n hn. h]{Xm[ - n-]¿

Tripunithura News: Views and opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of Tripunithura News. Tripunithura News reserves the right to use the information published herein in any manner whatsoever. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information published in this edition, neither Tripunithura News or any of its employees accept any responsibility for any errors or omission. Further Tripunithura News does not take any responsibility for loss or damage incurred or suffered by any subscriber/reader of this newspaper as a result of his/her accepting any invitation/offer published in this newspaper. No part of this newspaper may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others. -Robert A. Heinlein

Jan 02 to 08, 2011

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tI{μ \o¿ØS kwc-£W \nbaw: hn`-h -Nq-j-Wtam ]cn-]m-e-\-tam....?? ˛ t{]w_m_p


¥ybnse \o¿Ø-S-ß-fpsS kwc-£Whpw ]cn-]m-e-\hpw ap≥\n¿Øn tI{μ h\w-˛-]-cn-ÿnXn a{¥m-ebw Hcp IcSv hn⁄m-]\w ]pd-s∏-Sp-

hn-®n-cn-°p-I-bmWv. “Wetland - Conservation and Management Rules” F∂-dn-b-s∏Sp∂ Cu hn⁄m-]\w kmaq-ln-I-cw-KØv Kpcp- X - c - a mb {]Xym- L m- X - a mWv D≠m°m≥ t]mIp-∂-Xv. ]cn-ÿnXn kwc-£W-Øns‚ t]cn¬ A[n-hm-ksØ D]tcm-[n®v `q{]-Ir-Xnsb Bhm-k-hy-hÿ (habitat) am{X-ambn \ne-\n¿Øn-s°m≠v A[n- h m- k - ] - c hpw \n¿Ωn- X n- ] - c - h p- a mb Iq´mb CS-s]-S-en¬ \n∂v s]mXp-k-aqlsØ Hgn-hm-°p∂ \nKqV ]≤-Xn-bmWv \S-∏m-°m≥ {ian-°p-∂-Xv. tI{μ hn⁄m- ] \ {]Imcw C¥ybnse \o¿Ø-S-߃ F.-_n.-kn. F∂o aq∂v taJ-e-I-fm°n Xcw-Xn-cn-°-s∏-´n-cn°p-∂p. ]Xn-\m-bncw slŒ-dn\v apI-fnep≈ \o¿Ø-S-ßfpw Hcp e£-Øn\p apI-fn¬ P\-kw-Jy-bp≈ \K-c-߃°v IpSn-sh-≈-sa-Øn-°p∂ t{kmX- p-Ifpw "F' Im‰- K - d n- b n¬ hcpw. tIc- f - Ø nse A„- a p- S n- ° m- b - e pw, imkvXmw-tIm´ XSmIhpw thº- \ m´p Imbepw Cu KWØn¬ s]Sp-∂-h-bmWv. AXy- ] q¿Δ kz`m-h-tØm-Sp-Iq-Snb Xriq¿ Pn√- b nse tImƒ {]tZ-i-ßfpw thº- \ mSv Imbepw sX‰m-bmWv Dƒs∏-SpØn- b n- ´ p- ≈ - X v . Cu \o¿Ø- S - ß - f p- a mbn _‘- s ∏´ F√m {]h¿Ø-\-ßfpw C\n tI{μ \o¿ØS ]cn- ] m- e \ AtXmdn‰n (CWCC) bn¬ \n£n-]vX-am-Wv. \o¿Ø-S-߃ ]cn-h¿Øn-∏n-°p∂Xpw \nI- Ø p∂Xpw Cu \nbaw aqew \ntcm- [ n- ® n- c n°p-I-bm-Wv. ]pXnb hyh-km-b-߃ XpSßp- ∂ Xpw amen- \ y߃ \nt£- ] n- ° p∂Xpw t_m´v sP´n Hgn-sI-bp≈ sI´n-S-ß-fpsS \n¿Ωm-Whpw \ntcm-[n-®n-´p-≠v. t_m´p-I-fpsS {]h¿Ø\w, {UUvPnw-Kv, sP´n-I-fp-tSbpw ]me-ßfp- t Sbpw \n¿Ωm- W w, a’y- _ - ‘ - \ w, s]mXp Bh-iy-߃°v Pew FSp-°¬ XpS- ß nb \nc- h [n Dev ] m- Z - \ - ] - c - a mb {]h¿Ø-\-߃ tIc-f-Øn¬ XS- -s∏-Spw. C¥y-bn¬ am{X-a√ temI-Øp≈ apgph≥ \o¿Ø-S-ß-fpw, Pem-i-b-ßfpw KpcpX-c-amb {]iv\-߃ A`n-ap-Jo-I-cn-°p-Ibm-sW-∂-Xn¬ kwi-b-an-√. AXp-sIm≠p Xs∂ Ah-bpsS kwc-£-Whpw {][m-\am- W v . F∂m¬ _lp- c m{„ IpØ- I Iƒ°v Bh-iy-amb `qan Hgn-®n-´p-sIm≠v Dev]m-Z-t\-X-ctam {]m¥ob Dev]m-Z-\-]ctam Bb \n¿ΩnXn {]h¿Ø-\-Øn\p am{Xw s]mXp kaq- l sØ A\p- h - Z n°p∂ tIm¿∏-td‰v X{¥-amWv Cu \nba-Øn\p ]pd-In¬ F∂-Xn¬ kwi-b-an√. CXn-\m-h-iy-amb Hcp km¿Δ-tZ-iob N´-°qSv \n¿Ωn-°p-∂-Xn\v ]cn-ÿn-Xnsb XI¿°p∂ hn\m- i - I - c - a mb \b- ß ƒ kzbw \S- ∏ m- ° p∂ Ata- c n- ° - b mWv ap∂n¬ \n¬°p-∂-sX-∂Xv kphn-Zn-X-amWv. 2002 P\p-h-cn-bn¬ C¥y-bnse h\w˛-]-cn-ÿnXn a{¥m-e-bhpw Ata-cn-°≥

]cn-ÿnXn kwc-£W GP≥knbpw (EPA) XΩn¬ ]cn-ÿnXn kwc-£W \nba N´°q-Sp-≠m-°p-∂-Xn\pw kmt¶-XnI klm-bØn-\p-ambn Hcp D`-b-I£n Icm-dn-te¿s∏´Xv Cu Ah-k-c-Øn¬ Hm¿t°-≠-Xm-Wv. am\h ]ptcm- K - X n- b psS Ncn- { X- Ø n¬ khn-tij {]m[m-\y-amWv \o¿Ø-S-߃°p≈-Xv. `£y Dev]m-Z-\-Øn\pw IpSn-sh-≈Øn\pw Pe-tk-N-\-Øn\pw sh≈-s∏m°w XS- b m\pw amen\y \n¿Ωm¿÷- \ - Ø n\pw F√mw \n¿Æm-b-I-amb ]¶mWv \o¿Ø-S߃ \n¿Δ-ln-°p-∂-Xv. Cu hnhn-[m-h-iyß-fn¬ H∂p am{X-amWv tZim-S\ ]£n-IfpsS Xmhfw F∂-Xv. temIØv 150 apX¬ 300 tImSn hsc P\-ß-fmWv \o¿Ø-S-߃ Ah-cpsS `£y-˛-Ip-Sn-sh-≈m-h-iy-Øn\v D]tbm-Kn-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. C¥y-bnse `qhnkvXr-Xn-bpsS 18.4 iX-am\w hcp∂ \o¿ØS-ß-fn¬ 70 iX-am-\hpw s\¬Ir-jn°v D]tbm-Kn-°p-∂-h-bmWv F∂m¬ Cu s\¬hb-ep-Isf kw_-‘n® ]cm-a¿i-ßtfm AhbpsS kwc-£-WsØ kw_-‘n® \n¿t±i-ßtfm Cu tcJ-bn-en-s√-∂Xv Kpcp-X-c-amb t]mcm-bva-bm-Wv. hb-\m-´nse tImc-I-≠w, tlmkvZp¿§nse sImf-°m-bn, IÆqcnse ssI∏m- S v , Gd-\m-´nse ]≈nb¬, sIm®n-bnse s]m°m-fn, tN¿Ø-e-bnse Ic-∏m-S-߃ XpSßnb ]mS-ti-J-cß- f psS {]m[m\yhpw kwc- £ Whpw tI{μ-\n-ba- Ø n¬ ]q¿Æambpw Ah- K - W n°-s∏-´n-cn-°p-∂p. C¥y-bnse hn`-h-ßsf sIm≈- b - S n- ° pI F∂ e£y-Øn¬ {_n´o-jp-Im¿ cq]I- e v ] \ sNbv X \nb- a - k w- l n- X - I fpsS Nph- S p- ] n- S n®p-Xs - ∂-bmWv Cu \nb-ahpw \n¿Ωn®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. ]cnÿnXn kwc- £ W-Øns‚ G‰hpw imkv { Xo- b - a m¿§amb hnhn[ cmPyß-fpsS ]¶m-fnØ hn`h ]cn- ] m- e \ kwhn- [ m- \ sØ Cu ]pXnb \nbaw X≈n- ° - f - b p- I bpw H∏w AXns\ A´n-a-dn-°m≥ t{]c-I-am-hp-Ibpw sNøp-∂p-≠v. kwÿm\ k¿°mdns‚ 2008˛se s\¬h-b¬ kwc-£-W-\n-baw 2003-˛se Cdn-tK-j≥-˛-P-e-kw-c-£W \nb-aw, 2010-˛¬ Ah- X - c n- ∏ n- ° m≥ t]mIp∂ Dƒ\m- S ≥ ^njdn \nb-aw, \Zo-XS AtXm-dn‰n \nbaw, a’y-_-‘\ D]-I-c-W-ß-fpsS DS-a-ÿX ]c-º-cm-KX a’ysØmgn-em-fn-Iƒ°p am{Xambn \nP-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ tIcf AtIz-dn-b≥ dot^mwkv BIvSv XpS-ßnb \nc-h[n ]ptcmK-a-\-]-chpw hnI-k-t\m-∑p-J-hp-amb \nb-akw- ⁄ - I ƒ ]pXnb tI{μ hn⁄m- ] - \ tØmsS A{]-k-‡-am-Ipw. hn`-h-ß-fpsS apI- f n- e p≈ kwÿm\ k¿°m- c p- I - f psS Ah-Im-i-߃ ac-hn-∏n-°p-∂Xv s^U-d¬ XXz-ß-fpsS ewL-\-am-Wv. tIc- f - Ø ns‚ Xoc- { ]- t Z- i - ß sf _n¬Unßv am^n-b-Iƒ°pw [mXp-J-\-\ Ip-Ø-Iƒ°pw Xosd-gpXn sImSp-°pI F∂ e£yw am{X-amWv Cu \nb-aw-sIm≠v \S∏m-Im≥ t]mIp-∂-Xv. H∏w \qdp-I-W-°n\v ]c-º-cm-KX sXmgn-em-fn-Iƒ Ah-cpsS D]Po-h-\-am¿§-Øn¬ \n∂v B´n-tbm-Sn-°-s∏SpIbpw sNøpw.

C¥y-bn¬ am{X-a√ temI-Øp≈ apgp-h≥ \o¿Ø-Sß - f- pw, Pem-ib - ß - fpw Kpcp-Xc- a- mb {]iv\ß - ƒ A`n-ap-Jo-Ic- n-°p-Ib - msW-∂X - n¬ kwi-ba- n-√

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Jan 02 to 08, 2011

Wedding Cards, all types of Printing works, DTP, Project Report, Photostat, Colour Lazer Print, Colour Photostat

PRINT FAST PAGE 3 JAN 02 TO 08, 2011

{]Xo-£-Iƒ ]qh-Wn-bs´ H∂mw t]Pv XpS¿® aIsf Imap-I\p \¬In Imap-I-\p-samØv kpJ-PohnXw \bn- ° p∂ AΩ. aIsf tNmt¢- ‰ n¬ ambw Ie¿Øn ]oVn-∏n® A—≥, hr≤-cmb amXm-]n-Xm-°sf apdn- ° p- ≈ n¬ `£Ww \¬ImsX ]q´n-bn´ a°ƒ, tcmKn- b mb ktlm- Z - c s\ Nß-e-bv°n´p ]´nWn°n´ tPyjvT≥ XpSßn bph-XnIsf tamln-∏n®v he-bn¬ Ipcp-°p∂ h≥ dm°‰pw Cu h¿Ø- a m\ Ime bmYm¿∞yw Xs∂. F{Xsb{X IY- I - f mWv \mw Ign™ h¿jw tI´- d n™Xpw I≠- d n- ™ - X pw. Ah-sb√mw Xs∂ \ΩpsS Dd°w sISp-Øp-∂-Xpw. C∂-se-I-fpsS Ibvt]dnb Ht´sd Imcy-߃ Cu ]pXp-h-’-c-Ønepw \sΩ Atem-kc - s - ∏-Sp-Øn-s°m-≠ncn-°p-∂p. F¶nepw {]Xymibv°p hI-\¬Ip-∂, ip`{]-Xo£ DW¿Øp∂ Nne Imcy-߃ \sΩ tamln-∏n-

°p-∂p. \ΩpsS kmº-ØnI hf¿®m-\n-c°v IqSn-s°m-t≠bn-cn-°p-∂p-sh∂p am{X-a-√, ssN\-bvs°m∏w \n¬°m≥ IcpØp ]I- c p- ∂ - X m- b ncn°pw AsX-∂p-am-Wv H∂v. aZy-Øn¬ Aa-cp∂ Hcp tIcf- a mWv \ap°p ap∂n¬. AXn¬ a\-ap-cp-In-bn´p Imcyan-√. kaqlw t\cn-Sp∂ kp{][m\ {]iv\-߃ ]cn-lr-Xam-ImsX t]mIp-∂p-sh∂ Zpc¥ `qan-I-bn-emWp \mw. Cßs\ kakvX taJ-e-Ifnepw B[n-]Xyw sNepØn A[n-Imcw ]¶n-Sp∂ A[-a∑m-cpsS hnlmc tI{μ-ambn tIcfw amdn-bn-´p-s≠-¶n¬ AXn\p \ap°p a‰m-tcbpw ]gn-°m-\m-hn-√. Ign™Ime bmYm¿∞y-ß-fn¬ \n∂pw ]mTw Dƒs°m≠v ]pXp-h¿jØn-tebv°v IS-°p-tºmƒ Nne {]Xym-i-Iƒ \ap°v Dƒ∏p-fIw Nm¿Øp-∂p-≠v. AXn-tesdbpw C∂v tIc-fØns‚ {i≤m- t I- { μambncn°p∂ sIm®n-bptSXp-

X-s∂-bm-W.v hnI-k\ Ncn-{XØn¬ CXn-lmkw cNn-°m≥ Ign-bp∂ h√m¿]mSw Is≠bv \ ¿ sS¿an- \ ¬ ]≤Xn GXm≠v ]q¿Æ-X-bn-em-Wv. H∏w Gsd kt¥m-jn-°m≥ Ign- b p∂ ssh‰n- e - _ kv sS¿an-\¬ Xs∂. CS-∏-≈nbnse ta¬∏m- e - Ø ns‚ ]q¿Øo-I-c-Whpw KXm-KX taJ-ebv°v IqSp-X¬ IcpØp-]-I-cp-sa-∂Xpw BÀm-ZIcw Xs∂. IqSmsX sat{Sm sdbn¬ ]pXp-h¿j-Øn¬Xs∂ bmYm¿∞y-am-Ip-sa∂ {]Xo£bpw Aÿm-\-Øm-Im≥ km≤y-Xb - n-√. Z£n-tW-¥y-bnse G‰hpw henb tjm∏nMvamfpw Cu h¿jw Xs∂ bmYm¿∞y-am-Ipw. Aº-et- a´n¬ Pn]vkw `nØn \n¿ΩmW tI{μhpw ]pXph¿jsØ kΩm- \ - a m- I m\mWp km≤y-X. sIm®n sF.-]n.-F-√ns‚ BÀm-Zm-ch - ß - ƒ A¥-co-£Øn¬ Ae-X-√p-∂p. kvam¿´v

kn‰n-bpsS Bhn¿`m-hhpw ]pXp-h¿jsØ h¿Æm-`-am°p- s a∂p Xs∂ \ap°p {]Xo£n-°mw. AS-®p-]q-´n-bncp∂ ]e hyh-km-b-im-eIfpw Xpd∂p {]h-¿Øn-°m\p≈ kml-Ncyhpw Hcp-ßn°-gn™p. kmaq-ly-˛km-ºØ - nI cwKw IqSp-X¬ {]Im-i-am-\-amIp∂ Hc-¥-co£w hncn-bns®-Sp-°m-\p≈ kwcw`w kaql-Øns‚ F√m `mK-ß-fn¬ \n∂pw D≠m-Im-\p≈ km[yX-Ifpw \ncm-I-cn-°m≥ Ignbn- √ . Dd- ® - \n- e - ] m- S p- I ƒ kzoIcn-°p-sa-¶n¬ H´-\h - [n \√ Imcy-߃°v thZn-sbmcp-°m≥ k¿°m-cn\p Ignbpw. AXn\v F√m `mK-Øp\n∂pw kl-I-cWw {]Xo£n-°p-Ibpw sNømw. s]mXp- k - a q- l - Ø ns‚ Pohn-X∏m-X-bn¬ shfn®w hnX-dp∂ Hcp kmaq-ly-{Iaw cq]-s∏-Sp-Øn-sb-Sp-°m-\p≈ {]{Inb XpS¿∂p-sIm-t≠-bncn- ° s´ Cu ]pXp- h ¿jØn¬.

B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv ]m¿´v 1 (t_-knIv tImgvkv) Xr∏qWnØpd B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv sk‚-dns‚ B`nap- J y- Ø n¬ Kuco- i - ¶ ¿ lmfn¬ P\p- h cn ]Xns\m∂mw XobXn sNmΔmgvN sshIp-t∂cw Bdp-aWn°v t_knIv tImgvkv Bcw-`n-°pw. 18 hb- n\p ta¬ {]mb-ap-≈-h¿°v {]th-i\w A\p-h-Zn-®n-´p≈ Cu tImgvkn¬ tbmK, {]mWm-bm-aw, kpZ¿i-\-{Inb XpS-ßn-b-hbv°v ]cn-io-e\w \¬Ip-∂-Xm-sW∂pw Xm¬∏-cy-ap-≈-h¿°v ap≥Iq´n t]cp-Iƒ cPn-ÿ sNøm-hp-∂-Xm-sW∂pw Hm¿K-ss\-k¿ iin-ta-t\m≥ Adn-bn-®p. IqSp-X¬ hnh-cß - ƒ°v _‘-s∏-tS≠ sSet^m¨ \º-cp-Iƒ: 9995076070, 9446024047, 9061111019.

Opp.DOWN TOWN, Ph: 2777660

sk‚v Ct·-jykv ]≈n-bn¬ Hm¿a-s∏-cp-∂mƒ Im™nc-a‰w sk‚ v Ct·-jykv ]≈n-bn¬ C·mØn-tbmkv \qtdm-t\m-bpsS Hm¿Ω-s∏-cp-∂mƒ C∂se sshIo´v \men\v sImSn Db¿Øn. C∂v 8˛\v {]`mX {]m¿∞-\, 9˛\v Ip¿_m-\, 10.30-˛\v …o_m Fgp-∂≈n-∏v, 11-˛\v teew, 11.30 {]Z-£n-Ww. XpS¿∂v t\¿®kZybpap-≠m-Ipw.

tXh-c-°mhv tdmUv sdkn-U‚vkv Atkm. s]mXp-tbmKw C∂v Xr∏qWn-Øpd tXh-c-°mhv tdmUv sdkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ hm¿jnI s]mXp-tbmKw 2011 P\phcn c≠n\v Rmb-dmgvN sshIo´v \men\v Hm¿°nUv NmIym´v Sn.-B¿.-B¿.-F. 52-˛¬ tNcp-∂p. At∂ Znhkw 2010-˛se HmWm-tLm-jt- Øm-S\ - p-_‘ - n®v \SØnb HmW-∏q-°f a’-cØ - n-tebpw {InkvXp-akv {So a’-c-Øn-tebpw hnP-bn-Iƒ°v kΩm\w \¬Ipw. KoXm N{μ≥ (H∂mw kΩm\w), taL {ioIp-am¿ (c≠mw kΩm-\w), imen\n apc-fo-[-c\pw Aºnfn cmtPjpw (aq∂mw kΩm-\w) F∂n-h¿ HmW-∏q-°fw hnP-bn-Ifpw, XmPq {^m≥knkv (H∂mw kΩm\w Sn.B¿.-B¿.-F˛- 16), jn_p tkhy¿ (c≠mw kΩm\w Sn.B¿.-B¿.-F˛- 28), sFkIv h¿Ko-kv, ]n.-kn. tPmbn (aq∂mw kΩm-\w, Sn.-B¿.-B¿.-F˛- 35, Sn.-B¿.-B¿.-F˛82) F∂n-h¿ {InkvXp-akv {So a’cw hnP-bn-If - p-amWv. hm¿jnI IW-°p-Iƒ, ]pXnb `mc-hm-ln-Isf Xncs™-Sp-°¬, kΩm-\h - n-Xc - Ww F∂n-hb - mWv s]mXptbmK Imcy-]c - n-]m-Sn-bnse {][m-\s - ∏´ C\-߃.

IÆ≥Xr-t°m-hn¬ `mK-hX k]vXm-lb - ⁄w C∂v Xr∏qWn-Øpd IÆ≥Ip-f-ßc IÆ≥Xr-t°m-hn¬ t£{X- Ø n¬ `mK- h X k]v X m- l - b ⁄w C∂v sshIo´v \men\v Cf-a\ lcn DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. XpS¿∂v `mK-hX amlmfly]mcm-b-Ww. Cf-a\ lcn, Ing-h\ N{μ-ti-J-c≥ \mb¿, \μn\n \ºn-jvSm-Xncn, kc-kz-Xn-bΩ F∂n-h¿ ]mcm-b-W-Øn\p t\XrXzw \¬Ip-w.

C∂sØ ]cn-]mSn Xr∏qWn-Øpd kwkvIrX tImtfPv HmUn-t‰m-dn-bØ - n¬ \S∂ iq¿∏W-Jm¶w IqSn-bm-´Ø - n¬ \n∂v. {iocm-a\ - mbn Iem-aW - vUew IrjvWIp-amdpw koX-bmbn Iem. {]im-¥nbpw e£va-W-\mbn Iem. hn]n\pw efn-X-bmbn Iem-. IrjvtW-μphpw Ac-ßn-se-Øn. Iem-aWvUew [\-cm-P≥, Iem. cXo-jvZm-kv, Iem. kPn-X- hn-P-b≥, Iem. A∏p \ºym¿ F∂n-h¿ angmhpw Iem. hnPnX Xmfhpw ssIImcyw sNbvXp. tUm. sI.-Pn. ]utemkv cwKm-h-X-c-W-sØ-°p-dn®v hni-ZoI-cn-®p. Fw.-B¿.-F-kv. tat\m≥ \μnbpw ]d-™p.


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Jan 02 to 08, 2011

{io sh¶-tS-izc sslkvIq-fns‚ hm¿jnImtLmjw DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp Xr∏qWn-Øpd Xpfp {_m“W-tbmKw hI {io sh¶-tSizc Cw•ojv aoUnbw sslkv I q- f ns‚ 35- ˛ m- a Xv hm¿jnI ktΩ-f\w Unkw_¿ 23-˛\v hymgmgvN cmhnse 9.30-˛\v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\nkn- ∏ ¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp- t Km- ] m¬ `{Z- Z o]w sImfpØn DZvLm- S \w sNbvXp. Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-db - nse Xpfp {_m“-W-cpsS tIc-fØn-se GI hnZym-e-b-amb Cu kvIqƒ hfsc efn-Xa - mb \ne- b n¬ 1975- ˛ ¬ Bcw`n®XmWv. ]Sn-]-Sn-bmbn Db¿∂v +1 Xe-Øn¬ FØn {]i-kvXamb \nebn¬ 35 h¿jw ]n∂n-´ kvIqfn\v Xr∏q-WnØpd ap\n-kn-∏m-en-‰n-bpsS F√m- h n[ kl- I - c Whpw ap\n- k n- ∏ ¬ sNb¿am≥ hmKvZm\w sNbvXp. ap\n-kn∏¬ {]Xn-]£ t\Xmhpw ap≥ sNb¿am-\p-amb kn.F≥. kpμ-c≥ Xs‚ {]kwK-Øn¬ kvIqfn-t‚bpw Xpfp {_mlvW-cptSbpw {]h¿Ø-


sI. Icp-Wm-I-c≥ \S-∏pc DZvLm-S\ {]kwKw \SØp-∂p. `K-h-Xn-bpsS t^mt´m-bp-ambn \μ-Ip-am¿ B‰p-]p-dØv kao]w (^-b¬ Nn{Xw)

\sØ «mLn- ° p- I bpw kwip-≤hpw elcn hnap-‡hp-amb coXn-bn¬ XpS¿∂pw hnZym-e-bm-¥-co£w ImØp kq£n-°W - s - a∂v A`y¿∞n°pIbpw sNbvXp. NS-ßn¬ F≥.-Fk - .v {]k∂-Ip-amcn kzmK-Xw ]d-™p. kvIqƒ {]n≥kn-∏mƒ kn.-sI. KncnP hm¿jnI dnt∏m¿´pw Ah-X-cn-∏n-®p. Xpfp {_m“-

W-tbmKw {]kn-U‚ v sI.-]n. taml≥Zmkv A≤y- £ X hln-®p. hm¿Uv Iu¨kn- e ¿ AUz. a[p-kq-Z-\≥, hm¿Uv Iu¨kn- e ¿ \μ- I p- a m¿ h¿Ω, kp∫-e£van alm-tZh≥, ]n.-Sn.-F. {]kn-U‚ v kn.- _ n. {]Zo- ] vIp- a m- ¿ , sshkv {]kn-U‚ v s{]m^. Kpcp-cm-P≥ t]m‰n, cmP-tKm-

]m¬, kn.-B¿. \mcm-bW - ≥, amÿ {]_n≥ (kv I qƒ eoU¿) F∂nh¿ Biw-km{]- k w- K - ß ƒ \S- Ø n. XpS¿∂v hnZym¿∞n-I-fpsS Iem-˛I - m-bnI a’-cß - ƒ \S∂p. a’-c-ß-fn¬ hnP-bn® Ip´n-Iƒ°v amt\-P¿ sI.]n. taml≥Zmkv kΩm-\-hn-XcWw \S-Øn. Ãm^v sk{I´dn B¿. tcJ \μn ]d-™p.

im¥n-\-K¿ sdkn-U‚vkv Atkm-. IpSpw-_-kw-K-aw DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp Fcq¿ C√n-°¬∏Sn im¥n\-K¿ sdkn-U‚ vkv Atkmkn-tb-js‚ {]Ya hm¿jnIhpw IpSpw- _ - k w- K - a hpw C°-gn™ Znhkw Fcq¿ Fkv.-F≥.-hn.-bp.-]n. kv°qfn¬ \S- ∂ p. sI. _m_p Fw.-F¬.-F. IpSpw_- k w- K aw DZvLm- S \w sNbvXp. Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ IpSpw_ Ub-dŒ - dn Xr∏q-WnØpd s]meokv k_v C≥kvs]-Œ¿ Pb-Ir-jvW≥ {]Im-i\w sNbvXp. F{UmIv taJem {]kn-U‚ v tKmIpe≥ Biw-k-Iƒ t\¿∂p. Atkm- k n- t b- j ≥ {]kn-

Neighbourhood Events

U‚ v C. _m_p A≤y£\mbn-cp∂ tbmK-Øn¬ cmtP- { μ≥ ]pXp- t icn kzmKXw ]d-™p. Atkmkn-tb-js‚ ]pXnb `mc- h m- l n- I - f mbn hm¿Uv Iu¨kn-e¿ ssjeP cmP≥ (c£m-[n-Imcn), C. _m_p ({]-kn-U‚ v), kn.-Un. _m_p, hnt\mZv (sshkv {]kn-U‚pam¿), hn.-Fk - v. A\n¬Ip-am¿ (sk-{I-´-dn), jmP≥ Aºm-´v, cmtPjv amcm\ (tPm-bn‚ v sk{I-´-dn-am¿), [\y cma-IrjvW≥ (J-Pm≥Pn) F∂n-hsc sXc-s™-Sp-Øp. NS-ßn¬ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \Kc- k ` Ãm≥UnwKv IΩn‰n

sNb¿t]-gvkWpw hm¿Uv Iu¨kn-e-dp-amb ssjeP cmP\v kzoI-cWw \¬In. bqWn-th-gvkn‰n dm¶v tPXm°-fmb Cμp ]n. \ºq-Xn-cn, e£van _me-N-{μ≥, jn_n Aw_p-Pm-£≥, {]i-kvXamb \ne-bn¬ GATE ]co-£bn¬ hnPbw ssIh- c n®v sNss∂ sF.-sF.-Sn.-bn¬ {]th-i\w t\Snb A¿®\ kptcjv, tIc-fØ - n\v Xs∂ A`n-am-\-I-c-amb coXn-bn¬ Xs‚ Nn{X-߃ s\mhn° \mj-W¬ tPym{Km-^n-°ns‚ sh_vssk-‰n¬ {]Z¿in-∏n°m≥ km[n® Pb-Ip-am¿ a\-°-∏-d-ºn¬ F∂n-hsc

BZ-cn-®p. hm¿jn- I - t Øm- S - \ p- _ ‘n®p \S- Ø nb hnZym¿∞n˛hnZym¿∞n-\n-IfpsS Imbn-I-a-’-c-ß-fn¬ hnP-bn-I-fm-b-h¿°v t{Sm^nIƒ kΩm-\n-®p. XpS¿∂p \S-Ønb kvt\l-hn-cp-∂n-\ptijw hmWn tKm]n- \ mYns‚ `c- X - \ m- S y- h pw, C≥tSm¨ ayqknIv Ah-Xc - n∏n® Itcms° Km\-ta-fbpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. sIm®n kn‰n t]meokv "\Ωƒ H∂v' F∂ \mSIw s]mXp- t bm- K - Ø n\v apºv Ah-Xc - n-∏n-°pI-bp-≠mbn.



s{]m^. sshtc-en¬ Icp-Wm-I-cta-t\m≥ 14-˛mw Nc-a-hm¿jnIw {]ikvX KWnXimkv{X ]WvUn-X\pw Xr∏q-WnØpd "A`bw' ÿm]I t\Xmhpw {]kn-U-≠p-ambn-cp∂ s{]m^. sshtc-en¬ Icp-Wm-Ic - t- a-t\ms‚ 14-˛mw Nc-a-hm¿jnI Zn\-tØm-S-\p-_-‘n®v A`bw kwL-Sn-∏n-°p∂ s{]m^. sshtc-en¬ Icp-Wm-Ic-ta-t\m≥ A\p-kva-c-Whpw At±-l-Øns‚ kvacWm¿∞w G‰hpw \√ kmaq-ly-{]-h¿Ø-I\v A`bw G¿s∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p≈ "s{]m^. sshtc-en¬ Icp-Wm-I-c-ta-t\m≥ satΩm-dn-b¬ Ahm¿Uv' Zm\hpw 2011 P\p-hcn 5˛\v sshIo´v 5.30-˛\v A`bw lmfn¬ \S-°pw. \ncm-ew-_cpw hr≤-cp-amb AΩamsc ip{iq-jn®v kwc-£n-°p∂ ]me-°mSv im¥n\n-tI-X\w Nmcn-‰-_nƒ & sh¬s^-b¿ {SÃv F∂ hr≤-kZ- \ - Ø - ns‚ sNb¿t]-gvk¨ dkn-b` - m-\p-hns\-bmWv Cu h¿jsØ Ahm¿Un-\mbn sXc-s™Sp-Øn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. tIcf sslt°m-SXn PUvPn Sn.B¿. cma-N-{μ≥\m-b¿ Ahm¿Uv Zm\hpw s{]m^. sshtc-en¬ Icp-Wm-I-c-ta-t\ms‚ injybpw FdWm-Ipfw alm-cm-Pmkv tImtfPv KWn-Xi - m-k{v X- hn`mKw ta[mhn-bp-amb s{]m^. Ia-em-tZhn A\pkva-cW {]`m-j-Whpw \S-Øpw. sI. _m_p Fw.F¬.-F. DZvLm-S\w sNøp∂ ktΩ-f\ - Ø - n¬ ap\nkn-∏¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ A≤y£X hln-°pw. ap\n-kn-∏¬ {]Xn-]£ t\Xmhv kn.-F≥. kpμ-c≥, hm¿Uv Iu¨kn-e¿ Sn.-]n. ]utemkv F∂n-h¿ Biw-k-Iƒ A¿∏n-°pw.

tZhoamlmflyw {]`m-jWw

`P-t\m-’hw DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp tIcf {_m“-W-k` Xr∏qWn-Øpd D]-k` - b - psS B`nap-Jy-Øn¬ 24, 25, 26 XobXn-I-fn¬ \S∂ `P-t\m-’h-Øns‚ DZvLm-S\w Xr∏qWn- Ø pd D]- k ` {]knU‚pw Z£n- W - t a- J em sshkv {]kn- U ‚p- a mb tUm. ]n.-F-kv. cma≥ `{ZZo]w sImfpØn \n¿Δ-ln®p. XpS¿∂v taem¿t°mSv chn `mK-h-X-cpsS t\Xr-XzØn¬ k{º-Zmb `P\ \S∂p. 25-˛\v cmhnse 9 apX¬ - ` Xr∏q-Wn-ØpdbpsS `P-t\m-’hw D]sshIp-t∂cw 4.30 hsc Dsh- tIcf {_m“-Wk bm-eq¿ _e-cma `mK-h-X- k` {]kn-U‚pw Z£nW taJem sshkv {]kn-U‚p-amb cpsS tXmS-ba - w-Kf - w, A„-]- tUm. ]n.-F-kv. cma≥ \n¿Δ-ln-°p-∂p.

tIcf- Ø ns‚ ap≥ ap- J y- a - { ¥nbpw apXn¿∂ tIm¨{Kkv t\Xm-hp-am-bn-cp∂ sI. Icp-Wm-Ic - s‚ th¿]m-Sn¬ Fcq¿ ]njm-cn-t°m-hn¬ sdkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ A\p-tim-Nn-®p. tI{μ-a{- ¥n-bm-bncns° 15-˛02-˛1996-˛¬ Fcq¿ ]njm-cn-t°m-hn¬ t£{XØnse \S-∏p-cb - psS DZvLm-S\w \n¿Δ-ln-®Xpw At±l-Øn\v ]njm-cn-t°m-hn¬ `K-hX - n-bpsS t^mt´m kΩm-\a - mbn \¬In-bXpw F°m-eØpw Hm¿Ω-bn¬ \n¬°p∂ Hc-\p-`h - a - m-bn-cn-°p-sa∂v A\p-kvac - W {]kw-KØ - n¬ Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ {]kn-U‚ v \μ-Ipam¿- B-‰p-]p-dØv ]d-bp-Ib - p-≠m-bn.

Zn, ]©- ] Zn F∂n- h bpw sshIp-t∂cw 4.30 apX¬ 6.30 hsc N°w-Ip-f-ßc `P-\-kan-Xn-bpsS `P-\bpw D≠m-bncp-∂p. XpS¿∂v sNt¶mss´ lcn-l-c-kp-{_-“Wy `mK-hX-cp-sSbpw kwL-Øn-t‚bpw tZhXm [ym\w, Znhy-\m-aw, Zo]-{]-Z-£nWw, tUmtem’hw apX-em-b-hbpw \S∂p. 26-˛\v cmhnse 8 aWn apX¬ DRvO-hrØn, cm[mam-[h Ieym-Ww, BRvPt- \tbm-’-hw F∂nh kzman cmam- \ μ kc- k z- X n- b psS t\Xr- X z- Ø n¬ kawKfw sIm≠m-Sn. XpS¿∂v kam-cm[-\bpw \S-∂p.

Opp.Main Office, Tripunithura Dealers in Post Quality Ph: 2777329, Coffee, Chicory &94470 Tea 48861

ssh‰ne {iocm-aI - r-jvWa - T - Ø - n¬ {io]pcw Xm{¥nI Kth-jW tI{μw Ub-dI - Sv ¿ F¬. Knco-jI v p-am-dns‚ tZho-am-lmflyw {]`m-jW ]c-ºc - b - psS Ggmw `mKw P\p-hcn H∂p apX¬ 7 hsc \S-°p-∂X - m-Wv. kabw sshIo´v 5.30 apX¬ 7.30 hsc.

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Jan 02 to 08, 2011

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A\p-kva-cWw kmln-Xy-\n-cq-]-I≥ kmlnXyw am{Xw ]Tn-®m¬ t]msc∂ henb ]mT-amWv tIk-cn-bn¬ \n∂v \ncq-]I - ∑ - m¿°v ]Tn-°m-\p-≈X - v. {ioIp-am¿ h¿a


[p\nI tIc-fØ - ns‚ kr„m-°f - n¬ {]ap-J-s\∂v hne-bn-cp-Øn-s°m≠v kmln-Xy-\m-bI - ≥ tIkcn _me-IrjvW-]n-≈-bpsS AºXmw Nc-ahm¿jnIw Xncp-h-\-¥-]p-cØv DZvLm-S\w sNbvX apJy-a{¥n hn.-F-kv. ANyp-Xm-\-μ≥ AXp-hgn tIc-fob kaq-l-Øn¬ kmln-XyØn\pw kmwkvIm-cnI ]T-\-߃°p-ap≈ A¿l-amb kzm[o\w {]Jym-]n-°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂psh∂p thWw Icp-Xm≥. \h-temI kr„n-°pth≠n Xm≥ Pohn-®p-t]m∂ ImesØ cm{„o-bØn-tebpw kaq-l-Øn-tebpw kmln-Xy-Øntebpw Ie-I-fn-tebpw Ime-l-c-W-s∏´ LS-\Ifpw FSp-∏p-Ifpw s]mfn-®p-am-‰p-∂Xv Pohn-X-e£yhpw ZuXy-hp-ambn Gs‰-SpØ alm-\m-bncp∂p _me-Ir-jvW-]n-≈-sb∂ apJy-a-{¥n-bpsS hmMva-b-Nn{Xw \ap-t°-h¿°pw ]cn-N-b-ap≈ tIk-cn-bp-tS-Xp-X-s∂. CtX e£y-hp-ambn aebm-fn-If - psS ss[j-WnI Pohn-XØ - ns‚ Ht´sd taJ-e-I-fn¬ {it≤-b-amb CS-s]-S-ep-Iƒ \SØnb Cu kmln-Xym-Nm-cy≥ Ncn{X Kth-j-WØnepw kmln-Xy-hn-a¿i-\-Ønepw Iem-kzm-Z-\Ønepw ]pXnb ]mX-Iƒ sh´n-Øp-d-∂p-sh∂ apJy-a{¥n hn.-F-kv. ANyp-Xm-\-μs‚ XpS¿∂p≈ \nco-£-W-am-Is´ ]pXp-a-Isf I≠-dn™v t{]m’m-ln-∏n® Hcp _p≤n-Po-hnbpsS Adn-b-s∏-Sp∂ s]mXp Nn{X-hp-ambn HØp-t]m-Ip-∂-Xpw. NS-ßn¬ A≤y-£-\m-bncp∂ hnZym-`ym-k-˛-kmw-kvIm-cnI a{¥n Fw.-F. t__n _me-Ir-jvW-]n-≈-bpsS {]apJ IrXnI-fp-sS Isø-gpØp {]Xn-Ifpw 1930 apX¬ 35 hsc-bp≈ "tIkcn'bpsS {]Xn-Ifpw kwc-£n°p-hm≥ kwÿm\ B¿ss°hvkv hIp∏v \S]-Sn-I-sf-SpØp hcn-I-bm-sW∂v Adn-bn-®p. \nba-˛-]m¿e-sa‚dn Imcy-a{¥n Fw. hnP-b-Ip-am¿, ap≥ tIcf k¿h-I-em-ime sshkv Nm≥k-e¿ Pn_n _me-tam-l≥Xºn F∂n-hcpw NS-ßn¬ kwkm-cn-®p. ]tc-X-\mb kmlnXy \ncq-]-I≥ Fw.-F≥. hnP-b≥ kam-l-cn® _me-Ir-jvW-]n≈-bpsS teJ-\-ß-f-S-ßnb {KŸw _me-taml≥X-ºn°v \¬In apJy-a-{¥n ANyp-Xm-\-

μ\pw _me-Ir-jvW-]n-≈-bpsS a‰p-Nne teJ\-ß-f-S-ßnb IrXn apXn¿∂ _nsP]n t\Xmhv sI. Aø-∏≥ ]n≈bv°v ssIamdn hnP-b-Ipamdpw {]Im-i\w sNbvXXv NS-ßn\v [\yX ]I¿∂p. B[p-\nI tIc-f-Øns‚ kr„n°mbn G‰hpw I\Ø kw`m-h\ \¬Inb hy‡n-bmbn _me-Ir-jvW] - n-≈sb CtXm-S\ - p_-‘n®p tN¿∂ skan-\m-dn¬ kmln-Xy-Nn-¥I≥ ]n.-tKm-hn-μ-]n-≈ hnti-jn-∏n-®p. ]{X-{]h¿Ø-I-cpsS kaqlw Agn-aXn kw_-‘nbmb Nne hnj-a-X-Iƒ A\p-`-hn-°p∂ C∂sØ Ime-L´- Ø - n¬ _me-Ir-jvW] - n-≈bpsS kvac-Wbv°v henb {]m[m-\y-ap-s≠∂v ap≥ Fw.-]n. sk_m-Ãy≥ t]mfpw Ie-tbbpw kmln-Xy-tØbpw kw_-‘n® _me-Ir-jvW]n-≈-bpsS \nco-£-W-߃ {]h-N\ kz`m-h-ap≈-Xm-bn-cp-∂p-sh∂v kmlnXy hna¿i-I≥ sI.F-kv.- c-hn-Ip-amdpw A\p-kva-cn-®p. skan-\mdpw anIhv ]pe¿Øm-Xn-cp-∂n-√. tIcf kmln-Xy-Øn\v ASn-ÿm-\] - c - a - mb ]cn-h¿Ø-\-i-‡nbpw hniz-N-cn-{X-_-‘hpw D≠m-I-W-sa∂ Hcp-Xcw \n¿_-‘-_p≤n ZuXy-ambn Xs∂ Gs‰-SpØ _me-Ir-jvW-]n≈-bpsS Nn¥m-tem-I-Øn\v Hcp-X-c-Øn¬ ]d™m¬ A\-\y-amb kz`m-ha - m-Wp-≈s - X∂ kmlnXy \ncq-]-I≥ tUm. Iev]‰ _me-IrjvWs‚ "ae-bmf kmln-Xy-Nc - n{Xw' F∂ {KŸ-Ønse \nK-a\w hyXn-cn-‡-amb Hs∂∂ \nebv°v Cu Ah-k-c-Øn¬ {i≤n-°-s∏-tS-≠Xp-≠v. _me-Ir-jvW-]n-≈-bpsS kmln-Xy-]-camb \ne-]m-Sp-Iƒ°v s]mXpth ]mc-º-tcy-X-camb ASn-ÿm-\a - m-Wp-≈s - X∂pw aXm-ht_m[w t]mse `mc-Xo-b-X-bn-tebv°v \ofp∂ kzXzmw-iß - sf \ntj-[n-°e - m-WX - n¬ {]mapJyw t\Sn-bn-cn-°p-∂-sX∂pw \nco-£n°p∂ tUm. Iev]‰ _me-Ir-jvW≥ Ie-bpsS kmt¶-Xn-IX - z-Øn¬ _me-Ir-jvW] - n≈ Gsd {i≤n-®X - n-\m¬ ]pXnb kt¶-Xß - ƒ sIm≠v ]pXnb ImesØ t\cn-Sp-∂-Xn¬ Hu’pIyw Im´n-sb∂v Iq´n-t®¿°p-∂p. t{^mbvUv, t{Ims® XpS-ßnb hniz {]Xn-`-I-tfbpw dnb-en-

IcpWm sdkn-U‚vkv Atkm. hm¿jnIw at\mPv sI. Pb≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøpw IcpWm sdkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kntb-js‚ H∂mw hm¿jn-Im-tLmjw C∂p sshIo´v 5.30-˛\v Icp-Wm-\K - dn¬ kp{]- k n≤ kn\n- a m- X mcw at\mPv sI. Pb≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. XpS¿∂v tNcp∂ Iemk‘y {]-kn≤ ]n∂Wn KmbnI cm[nIm XneIv DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. s]mXp- k - t Ω- f - \ - Ø n¬ sI. _m_p Fw.-F¬.-F., Xr∏q-WnØpd ap\n-kn-∏¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬, hm¿Uv Iu¨kne¿ iin- I - e , ln¬]m- e kv s]meokv tÃj≥ k_v C≥kvs]Œ¿ Fkv. Pb-Ir-jW v ≥, F{Um°v

Iem-k‘y ]n∂Wn KmbnI cm[nIm XneIv DZvLm-S\w sNøpw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd taJe sk{I-´dn \μ-Ip-am¿, _o‰v Hm^o-k¿ cmPp t\ml, kqcy Sn.-hn. Ah-Xm-cI an\n F∂n-h¿ apJym-Xn-Yn-If - m-bn-cn°pw. Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ {]kn-U‚ v chn ]pØ≥ho-´n¬ A[y-£-\m-bncn-°pw. sk{I-´dn ]n.-]n. _m_p kzmK-Xhpw {Sj-d¿ B‚Wn Im°-

\m-´n¬ IrX-⁄-Xbpw ]d-bpw. ktΩ-f-\-Øn\v apºv cmhnse 9.30-˛\v hnhn[ ImbnI a’-cß - ƒ \S-°pw. Iem-k‘ - y-bpsS DZvLm-S\ - Ø - n\p-tijw Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ IpSpw_mw-K-߃ hnhn[ Iem-]-cn-]m-SnIƒ Ah-X-cn-∏n-°pw.

kw, sdmam‚n-knkw XpS-ßnb \h-{]-ÿm-\-ßtfbpw temIsØ \ho-I-cn-°p∂ Z¿i-\-hn-ti-jß-tfbpw ae-bm-fn-Iƒ°v ]cn-Nb - s - ∏-Sp-Øn-s°mSpØ _me-Ir-jvW-]n-≈-bpsS Nn¥-bnepw Bib-ß-fnepw \h-tem-I-amWv \nd-™p-\n-∂-Xv. aebm-fn-bpsS `mhp-I-XzsØ ASn-apSn ]cn-jvI-cn-®psh∂ Ncn-{X-]-c-amb t\´w tIk-cn-bn¬ Nm¿Øn-s°m-Sp-°p∂ tUm. Iev]‰ _me-IrjvW≥ adp-`m-KØv ae-bm-fn-bpsS Bi-b-temIsØ ]m›m-Xy¿°v ASn-b-dhv sh®p-sh∂ hen-sbmcp Ip‰-]{Xw IqSn Cu hna¿iI {]Xn-`bpsS t]cn¬ X-øm-dm-°n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. \nin-XamWv Cu hn[n-{]-kvXm-hw. tIk-cn-bpsS Ime-Øn-\p-tijw hnhn[ ssh⁄m-\n-I˛- s - sk-≤m-¥nI cwK-ßf - n¬ kw`hn® hºn® ]cn-h¿Ø-\-߃°p tijhpw kzXth Xs∂ hn⁄m\ t{]an-bm-bn-cp∂ Cu kmlnXy ]WvUn-X≥ ae-bmf hna¿i\ kwhmZ-ß-fn¬ \n∂pw kmlnXy N¿®-I-fn¬ \n∂pw ]pd-Øm-°s - ∏-Sm-ØXv F¥m-sW∂v Bcm-™psIm≠v Ihnbpw ssk≤m-¥nI\pw kmln-Xy-\ncq-]-I-\p-amb k®n-Zm-\-μ≥ "aplq¿Ø-߃' F∂ ae-bmf]T\ kam-lm-c-Øn¬ At±-lØns‚ kw`m-h-\-Iƒ hne-bn-cp-Øn-bn-´p-≈Xv Iev]‰ _me-Ir-jvWs‚ A`n-a-X-߃ t]mse {]k-‡-am-Wv. kmln-Xy-\n-cq-]-I≥ kmlnXyw am{Xw ]Tn-®m¬ t]msc∂ henb ]mT-amWv tIk-cn-bn¬ \n∂v \ncq-]-I-∑m¿°v ]Tn-°m-\p≈-Xv. hn⁄m-\-Øns‚ ]pXnb hnIm-k-߃ kzmwio-Ic - n-°p-hm≥ ]m›mXy ]uckvXy hyXym-ktam tZiØ\nam hmZ-ßtfm XS- a - m-Icp-sX-∂-Xm-bn-cp∂p At±lw ]I¿∂ as‰mcp ]mTw. ]£-]mXw ]pe¿Øp-tºmgpw hn`mKoXbv°S- n-s∏-SmsX t\m°m≥ klm-bn°p∂ ]mcm-bW coXn, {]h-W-X-Isf a\ nem°n {]N-cn-∏n-°m\pw hna¿in-°m-\p-ap≈ D]m-[n-sb∂ \nebv°v {]ÿm-\h - X - vIc - W - sØ e£y-am-°msX am¿Kam-bn I - mWm\p≈ {iaw XpSßn tIk-cn-bpsS kmlnXy ss]Xr-I-am-bn a‰p Nne LSIßtfbpw k®n-Zm-\-μ≥ Is≠Øn-bn-´p-≈Xv Cu {KŸ-Øn-ep-≠v.

kp`m- j nXw p∂ n ¬ °k^\ p -hepw t]m Im¬ ]mo-cØ w X ∑ o , t \ Z ns‚ P mc-Ww hoWp £c n¬ n®v c ]p√ -Wv. I Ø t o m X o k y \Z ky P∑ -am h≈- n¬ ]nS k e X m W X ""P ns ]n Xr gpX ¿°v A ! Xkym m e p h I √ m b ma- t ^eyw en-e-a-÷-\ \w `hXn'' s∏SbXv k -kvXm-ew-_ P\- l

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Pride of Tripunithura

Jan 2011 02 to 08, 2011 Jan 02 to 08,

\ kpJw kwi-bm-fl-\x ˛ Sn.-F. taml-\≥


Uq∏v ]me- k ns‚ AI-Ø-f-Øn¬ \n∂pw A¿∞- k ºp-„-amb am[p-cyaq-dp∂ A£-c-߃ kwKo-XØns‚ AI- º - S n- t bmsS Db¿∂p- h - ∂ Xv Hu’p- I ytØmsS Bkz- Z n- ® n- c p∂ cmhp-Iƒ C∂pw Hm¿Ω-Isf Xfn-c-Wn-bn-°p-∂-Xmbn kwKta- i ≥ ]d- b p- ∂ p. ]n∂oSv A—s‚ ASp-Øn-cp∂v t«mI߃ Dcp-hn-Sp-tºmƒ A£c-kv^p-S-X-tbmsS sNm√-Wsa∂ \n¿∫‘w At±-l-Øn\p- ≠ m- b n- c p- ∂ p. Xr∏q- W nØpd Kh. tImtf-Pn¬ DtZymK- ÿ - \ m- b n- c p∂ Ccn- ß m- e °pS `kva-Øn¬ tabv°m´v cma≥ \ºq-Xncn A¥-cn-®n´v ]Xn- ‰ m≠p Ign- s ™- ¶ nepw At±-lsØ Ipdn-®p≈ Pzen°p∂ Hm¿Ω- I ƒ C∂pw kwK- t a- i \v Du¿÷w ]I¿∂p-sIm-t≠-bn-cn-°p-∂p. `mjm-km-ln-Xy-tØm-Sv, Xs∂ ZrV- a mbn _‘n- ∏ n- ° m≥ A£- c - t «mI kZ- p- I ƒ Gsd klm- b n- ® n- ´ p- s ≠∂p ]d-bp-tºmƒ A∂v B kZ p-Iƒ°v Nqcpw NqSp-ta-Inb kmln-Xy-Ip-Xp-In-Iƒ kam-Zc- W o- b - c mb kn.- B ¿. h¿Ωbpw Ip™n- ° p- ´ ≥ Xºp-cm\pw A—-\p-sam-s°bm-bn-cp-∂p-sh∂v kwK-ta-i≥ Hm¿sØ- S p- ° p- ∂ p. ]n∂oSv kZ- p-Iƒ IqSp-X¬ kº-∂am-bXv `mjm ]WvUn-X-cpsS kPoh km∂n≤yw sIm≠pIq-Sn-bm-Wv. F∂m¬ kwkvIrX `mj ]Tn- ° m≥ Ign- b m- Ø - X n¬ kwK-ta-i≥ Ct∏mgpw ZpxJnX-\m-Wv. ]Ømw-¢m-kp-h-scbp≈ hnZym-`ymkw IW-b∂q¿ Xmeq-°nse Xe-t°mSv sk‚ v tacokv kvIqfn-em-bncp- ∂ p. im¥- K w- ` o- c - a mb XnI®pw {Kmaym- ¥ - c o- £ Ønse ioX-fn-a-bn¬ kulrZ- k w- K - a - Ø n- \ p≈ Ah- k - c ߃ A]q¿Δ-am-bn-cp-∂p. D]cn-]-T-\-Øn-\mbn Ccn-ßm-e°pS ss{IÃv tImtf- P ntebv ° p tNt°- d p- t ºmƒ Hcp km[m-cW hnZym¿∞n F∂-Xn-ep-]cn a‰p {]tXy-IX-Isfm∂pw B bphm-hn-\p≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. ]Tn-®-Xm-Is´ kpthm- f - P n- b pw. _ncp- Z - s aSpØ DSs\ tPmen Xc-s∏Sm- X n- c p- ∂ - X p- s Im≠v ASpØp≈ Syqt´m-dn-b¬ tImtfPnse A≤ym- ] - I - \ m- b n. Ahn-SsØ A≤ym-]\w am\kn- I - a mbn IqSp- X ¬ IcpØm¿÷n- ° m≥ Ign- ™ Xv t\´- a mbn At±lw ImWp∂p. Hcp Zi- h - ’ - c - ° m- e wsIm≠v X\n-°m¿÷n-°m≥ Ign™ Ht´sd Pohn-Xm-\p`-h-߃ XpS¿∂p≈ Xs‚ Pohn-X-bm-{Xbv°v {]Imiw sNmcn-bm≥ \nan-Ø-am-bn-´ps≠∂v At±lw Icp-Xp-∂p. {]`m- j W Ie- b psS Ifcn Hcp-]t£ Cu hnZym-e-b-amsW∂v At±lw hniz-kn-°p∂p. kwK-ta-is\ kw_-‘n®n-S-tØmfw ]mtTy-Xc hnjb- ß ƒ°- ∏ pdw as‰m- c - £ c temI-ap-s≠∂ Xncn-®-dnhpw Cu Ime-L-´-Øns‚ kw`mh\ Xs∂- b m- W v.

`‡n-bpsS \ng-en¬ \n¬°m-\√ - , At±-la- m-{K-ln-®X - v. adn-®v, bYm¿∞ `‡-\mbn amdm-\p≈ aqeym-[n-jvTnX kwkvImcw Dƒs°m≠v \nXy-kX - y-ßf- n-eqsS k©-cn-°m-\m-bn-cp-∂p kwK-ta-i≥ Xm\m¿÷n® hn⁄m\w a‰p- ≈ - h ¿°p ]I¿∂p \¬Im- \ p≈ hnime a\kvIX F∂pw At±lw ]pe¿Øn-bn-cp-∂p. aqey-t_m[-Øn-e-[n-jvTn-X-amb hnizmk- { ]- a m- W - ß sf tNmZyw sNøm-\-√, adn®v Ah-bn¬ AS-ßn-bn-´p≈ BNm-cm-\pjv T m- \ - ß sf IrXy- a mbpw kXy-k-‘-ambpw km£m¬°-cn-°m-\m-Wt±lw {ian-®-Xv. £{Xn- b - [ ¿Ωw Fs¥∂p≈ At\z-j-W-tØ-°m-fp]cn a\p- j y- [ ¿Ω- s a- s ¥∂ Nn¥- b m- b n- c p∂p At±- l Øns‚ At\z- j - W - Ø ns‚ BsI- Ø p- I . "am\- h - t kh Xs∂-bmWv am[-tkh'sb∂ Is≠Ø- e mWv `mc- X ob XXz-Nn-¥-bn-tebv°pw AXpƒs°m-≈p∂ k©nX kwkv°m-c-Øn-tebv°pw At±-lsØ hgn-Xn-cn-®p-hn-´Xv . kmXznI hnNm- c ߃

DW¿Øp∂ kml- N cyw kr„n-s®-Sp-t°-≠-Xns‚ Bh- i y- I - X - b n- t e- b v ° mWv At±-l-Øns‚ Nn¥m-]-≤-XnIƒ sNs∂-Øn-b-Xv. `‡n- b psS \ng- e n¬ \n¬°m-\-√, At±-l-am-{K-ln®-Xv. adn-®v, bYm¿∞ `‡\mbn amdm- \ p≈ aqeym- [ njvTnX kwkvImcw Dƒs°m≠v \nXy-k-Xy-ß-fneqsS k©-cn-°m-\m-bn-cp-∂p. Cu bm{X-bn¬ {]K-¤-cpsS H- t ´sd {]`m- j - W - ß ƒ°p ImtXm¿Øp. shdp- s amcp t{imXm-sh-∂-Xn-ep-]cn Xncn®- d n- h ns‚ temI- t Øbv°p≈ ]S-hp-I-fm-bn-´mWv {]`m- j W ]c- º - c - I sf At±lw I≠-Xv. al-Zv{K-Ÿ-ß-fp-am-bp≈ kulrZw Adn-hns‚ taJe IqSp-X¬ hnI-kz-c-am-°n. Cu kml-N-cy-Øn-emWv At±lw k¿°m¿ tPmen-bn¬ {]thin-°p-∂-Xv. Im°-\ms´ sIan-

°¬ FIvkm- a n- t \gvkv et_m-d-´-dn-bnse DtZym-K-ÿ\m- b n´v c≠p ]Xn- ‰ m≠p ]n∂n-Sp-∂p. k¿°m¿ DtZymK- Ø n¬ t\cn- t S- ≠ n- h - c p∂ kΩ¿±-ßsf ka¿∞-ambn {]Xn-tcm-[n°m-\p≈ Dƒ°cpØv At±lw CXn- \ Iw t\Sn-°-gn-™n-cp-∂p. kXy-k‘-ambn tPmen sNøm-\p≈ A¿∞-k-ºp-„-amb Hc-h-kc- a m- b mWv At±lw sXmgnens\ I≠-Xv. hep- ∏ - s ®- d p- ∏ - a n- √ msX GXp tPmenbpw sNøm≥ Xøm- d p- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. AXn\v `wKw hcmsX Ct∏mgpw kq£n-°p-∂p-sh∂p am{X-a√, eohv kd- ≠ ¿ sNbv X v hymk-a-l¿jn-bp-sS `mK-h-X-

Øn-eq-sS-bp≈ Xo¿∞m-S-\Øn-\p-th≠n AXv {]tbm-P\- s ∏- S p- Ø p∂p F∂p ]d™m¬ ]W-tØ-°m-fp-]cn hn⁄m\ hym]- \ - Ø n\v At±lw \¬Ip∂ {]m[m\yw F{X- s b∂v hy‡w. kwkvIrX ]WvUnX t{ijv T ∑m- c psS {]`m- j - W ߃°p ImtXm¿°p∂ kwK- t a- i ≥ `mK- h Xw AXns‚ aqe- I rXnXs∂ hmbn- ° - W - s a∂ D¬°S hnIm-c-Øn-∂-Sn-a-bm-bn-cp-∂p. HSp-hn¬, ]n. tKm]m-e≥\mb-cpsS `mjm-hym-Jym-\-tØmsS- b p≈ 8 thm- f y- ß - f p≈ {ioaZv `mK-hXw ˛ `mhm¿∞ IuapZn hmßn hmb-\-bm-cw-

`n-®p. Hcp X]-ky-sb-t∂mWw Bcm-[-\-tbm-sS-bmWv `mK-hXsØ At±lw kao-]n-®-Xv. H´pw ]ng- ® n- √ . {]Xn- _ - ‘ ßsf XcWw sNøm- \ p≈ Dƒ°- c pØp t\Sm\pw {]tem- ` - \ ßsf ^e- { ]- Z ambn \nb-{¥n-°m\pw Bflob- X - b n- e - S n- b p- d ® kZm- N m- c t_m[w Dƒs°m- ≈ m\pw At±-l-Øn-\mbn F∂-Xp-Xs∂- b mWv hmb- \ - b psS hy‡n- ] - c - a mb t\´- a mbn At±lw ImWp-∂-Xv. X\n-°{]m-]y-sa∂p Icp-Xn-bn-cp∂ kwkvIrXw X\n°p hg-ßpsa∂ Ah- ÿ - b n- t e- b v s °Øn- t ®¿∂- X ns‚ ]n∂nse clkyw Ejn- X peyamb GIm-{K-X-bn-eq-∂nb ]T\w Xs∂bmbncp-∂p. s h ¨ a W n hnjvWp\ºqXncn, {_“{io a≈n-bq¿ i¶-c≥ \ºq-Xn-cn, {_“{io B™w IrjvW≥ \ºq-Xn-cn, s{]m^. sshZyenwK i¿Ω, Zmtam-Zc i¿Ω XpSßn Cu cwKsØ DØam- N m- c y- ∑ m- c psS {]`m- j - W ߃ tIƒ°pI am{X- a - √ , Ah-bn¬ \n∂pw e`n-°p∂ hn⁄m- \ - i - I - e - ß ƒ X’abw Ipdn- s ®- S p- ° pI At±lw ]Xn-hm-°n-bn-cp-∂p. h\-ame hymJym-\hpw \mcmb- W o- b hpw \nc- ¥ - c - a mbn hmbn-®p. IqSmsX AXp-ambn _‘-s∏´ a‰p hnin„ {KŸßfpw At±- l - Ø ns‚ hn⁄m\ taJ- e sb IqSpX¬ kw]p-„-am-°n. tijw Ggmw t]Pn¬

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to 08, 2011 JanJan 02 02 to 08, 2011

Neighbourhood Events

MARKET STATUS Finally, it looks like market has confirmed bullishness on the weekly scale too. It has now closed above the critical level of 6070. This means that, there is a high chance that market will rally in the next few weeks more. Remember, it had few weeks ago, Now, there is no harm in expecting 6300 in a short period. We will see the rest of the story after it breaches 6300. Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


\ kpJw kwi-bm-fl-\x Bdmw t]Pv XpS¿® Xs‚ Bfl- a n- { X- Ø ns‚ A\n-X-c-km-[m-c-Wamb hmb-\mssh- ` hw I≠- d n- ™ XpsIm≠mhmw Hcn-°¬ cta-i≥ Xºp-cm≥ \mcm-b-Wobw hmb\ Bcw- ` n- ® mtem F∂v At±- l tØmSv Bcm-™-Xv. B A`n-{]mbsØ _e- s ∏- S p- Ø p- ∂ - X m- b ncp∂p cma-`-{Z≥ Xºp-cm-t‚bpw inh- { ]- k mZv Xºp- c m- t ‚bpw kvt\l-a-kr-W-amb \n¿∫-‘w. Xs‚ Ign-hn-t\-°m-fp-]cn Ign-hptI- S ns\ kw_- ‘ n®v XnI®pw t_m[-hm-\m-bn-cp∂p kwK-ta-i≥. ]cm-P-b-ßsf Ipdn-®m-bn-cp∂n√, At±lw `b-s∏-´n-cp-∂Xv; adn-®v, Xs‚ bm{X-bm-cw-`n-°p-∂Xv B¿j kwkvIm-c-Øns‚ B[mc-in-e-I-fn-eq-sS-bm-sW∂ hnizmkw sIm≠m-bn-cp-∂p. thZ]p-cm-tW-Xn-lm-k-ßfpw {]mNo\ `mc-Xob kwkvIm-chpw `mc-Xob P\- X - b psS Nn¥- b nepw hm°nepw I¿Ω-Ønepw sNepØp∂ kzm[o\w Af- h - ‰ Xpw Bg-Øn-ep-≈-Xp-am-sW∂pw \ΩpsS kwkvIm-c-Ønse Hmtcm

AWphnepw Cu ]pcm-tW-Xn-lmk-߃°p≈ {]m[m\yw A\ntj[y- a m- s W∂pw CXn- \ Iw Xs∂ kwK-ta-i≥ Xºp-cm≥ a\- n-em°n-bn-cp-∂p. cmam-bW - w, alm-`m-cXw XpS- ß - n b alZv {KŸßfn¬\n∂pw Dcp-Øn-cn-™p-h∂ Z¿i- \ - ß - f n¬ sI´n Db¿Ønb \ΩpsS aqey-t_m[w B≤ym-flnI Nn¥-bn¬ ASn-bp-d-®-Xm-sW∂pw At±-l-Øn-\-dn-bm-am-bn-cp-∂p. ]ns∂ aSn- ® p- \ n- ∂ n√; k]vXml hmb-\-bn¬ {]mhoWyw t\Sn-bn-´p-≈, A≤ym-]n-I-bm-bn-cp∂ AΩ kp`-{Z-X-ºp-cm-t\bpw F∂psa-t∏mgpw X\n°v Xmßpw XW-epam- b n, Xs‚ hgn- I m- ´ n- b mb A—t\bpw Cu cwKsØ {]K-¤a- X n- I - t fbpw [ym\n- ® p- s Im≠v ka¿∏-W-t_m-[-tØmsS "{Xnhm-kc-b⁄'Øn\v At±lw kam-cw`w Ipdn-®p. IpØm-∏mSn {io[¿Ω-imkvXm t£{X-Øn¬ \n∂m-cw-`n-°p∂ Cu thZ-hym-km-cm-[\ XpS¿∂-tßm´v Kpcp-hm-bq¿, IqS¬am-Wn-Iyw, Xpdhq¿ alm-tZh t£{Xw, sXmSp-]pg {ioIr-jvW-t£-{Xw, tNe-°c, ]g-

b-∂q¿, {io]q¿Æ-{X-bo-i-t£-{Xw, N°w- I p- f - ß - c , Xma- c w- I p- f - ß - c , BZw-]n-≈n-°mhv XpSßn Ht´sd t£{X- ß - f n¬ {]`m- j - W - ß tfm k]vXm-l- hmb\tbm \S-Øm-\p≈ `mKyw kwK-tai≥ Xºp-cm\p e`n®n-´p-≠v. t]mb A©p-h¿j-°m-eambn XpS-cp∂ Cu b⁄-Øn¬ Ccp-]-Øn-b-©n-tesd k]vXm-l-hmb-\bpw \qdn-tesd ]pcm-W-IYm {]`m-j-W-ßfpw Dƒs∏-Sp-∂p. `‡-cn¬ \n∂v Fs¥¥p {]XnI- c - W - ß - f mWp e`n- ° mdv F∂ tNmZy- t ØmSv At±lw Cßs\ {]Xn- I - c n- ® p: "Ah- c n¬ \n∂v Ft∏mgpw A`n- \ - μ - \ - ß fpw Bio¿hm- Z - ß - f p- a mWv e`n- ° m- d v . kpa-\- p-I-fn¬ ÿm\w ]nSn-°m≥ Ign-bp-∂-Xp-Xs∂ Rm≥ A\p-{Kl-ambn IW-°m-°p-∂p. Ah-cp-sSsbms° \n¿Ωe a\- p-Iƒ IqSpX¬ t{ijvT-h¬°-cn-°m≥ F\n°m-I-W-sa∂ {]m¿∞\ am{X-amWp-≈-Xv.' Xs‚ ]mcm- b - W tam {]`m- j Wtam Ip‰-a-‰-Xm-sW∂ hnizmkw At±-l-Øn-\n-t∏m-gp-an-√. kwkvIrX-`m-j-bn-ep≈ ]-cn-⁄m-\-Øns‚

Ins\m ]mc-ssUkv ^nenw ¢∫v DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp "Ins\m ]mc-ssUkv' ^nenw ¢∫ns‚ DZvLm-S\ {]Z¿i\w \h-h-’-c-\mƒ Ifn-t°m´ ]mekn¬ \S-∂p. DZvL - m-S\ - t- h-fb - n¬ "SnUn Zmk≥ Ãm≥tU¿Uv : knIvkv _n' F∂ Ne-®n-{XØns‚ {]Z¿i\w \S- ∂ p. {]Z¿i- \ - t Øm- S - \ p- _ - ‘ n®v tN¿∂ DZvLm-S\ - N - S- ß - n¬ kwhn[m- b - I ≥ taml≥ cmL- h ≥, kwKoX kwhn-[m-b-I≥ {ioh’≥ sP. tat\m≥ F∂n-h¿ apJym-Xn-Yn-I-fmbn ]s¶-Sp-Øp. kn\nam {]Z¿i\w {ioh-’≥ sP. tat\m≥ DZvLm- S \w sNbvXp. kwhn-[m-bI - ≥ taml≥ cmL-h-\p-ambn apJm-apJw ]cn]mSn \S-∂p. ASpØ {]Z¿i\w ]n. tIc-f-h¿a lmfn¬ hn{I-amZnXy tamSv hm-s\-bpsS lnμn Ne®n{Xw "DZm≥' C∂v sshIo´v \men-\v \S-°pw.

Xs‚ ]mcm-bW - tam {]`m-jW - tam Ip‰-a‰- X - m-sW∂ hnizmkw At±-lØ - n-\n-t∏m-gp-an-√. Ipd-hn¬ \n∂pw DS-se-Sp-Ø-XmWo Ip‰- t _m- [ - s a- ¶ nepw CXn- \ Iw Xs∂ kwkvIr-X-Øn¬ th≠{X hn⁄m\w kºm-Zn-°m≥ At±-lØn- \ m- b n- ´ p- ≠ v . AXv At±- l Øns‚ {]`m-jWw {i≤n-®n-´p-≈h¿°v t_m≤y-s∏-Spw. Ct∏mgpw a‰v {]K-¤-a-Xn-I-fpsS b⁄- Ø n¬ Hcp IÆnbmIp- ∂ XmWv IqSp- X ¬ A`n- I m- a y- a mbn At±-l-Øn\p tXm∂p∂-Xv. Xs‚ Ipd- h p- I ƒ Ah¿ ]cn- l - c n- ° psa∂ hnizmkw sIm≠p IqSn-bmWn-Xv. Xs‚ `¿Ømhv Cu cwKØv {]K- ¤ - \ mbn Xoc- W - s a∂v Bflm¿∞-am-bm-{K-ln-°p-∂ At±l-Øns‚ {]nb-]Xv\n kpe-X-Ipam-cn-bp-tSbpw A`n-{]m-bhpw CXpX-s∂-bm-Wv. πkv Sp hnZym¿∞nbmb aIƒ A\L kwkv I rX tImtf-Pnepw aI≥ AtamLv Fcq¿ `h≥kn¬ 4˛mw ¢mknepw ]Tn-°p∂p. Hcp {]`m-j-W-Øn\v Npcp-ßnbXv c≠p aWn-°q¿ kabw Bhiy-ambn hcm-dp-≠v. F∂m¬ ]et∏mgpw IY ]q¿Æ-ambn hymJym\n-°-s∏-Sp-tºmƒ IqSp-X¬ kabw th≠n-h-cp∂p. `‡¿°v AXn-„-

am- W p- X m- \ pw. Xriq- c n¬ AXv \mep aWn- ° q- d mbn \o≠p. sIm√Øv tZho-`m-K-hXw \hm-lamWv \S- Ø n- b - X v. ]e t£{Xßfnepw kwK- t a- i ≥ Xºp-cms‚ ]pcmW IYm {]`mjWw C∂v A\n- h m- c y- a mb H∂mbn am‰n- b n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. `mKhXw F¥p ]Tn-∏n®p F∂m-cm™- t ∏mƒ At±lw Cßns\ {]Xn-I-cn®p: hymk≥ 18 ]pcmW-߃ Fgp-Xn. Ah-km-\-tØXmWv `mK-h-Xw. Cu icocw a‰p≈- h ¿°mbn ka¿∏n- ° Ww F∂mWv `mK-h-X-Øns‚ cXv\®p-cp-°w. ssI∏≈n IrjvW≥ `´-Xn-cn-∏mSpw `mcy kc-kzXn `´Xn-cn-∏m-Sp-amWv kwK-ta-i≥ Xºpcms‚ A`n-hμy Kpcp-°ƒ. `mKh- X sØ kw_- ‘ n® GXp Imcyhpw Fhn- s S- \ n∂p e`n®mepw Ah-sb√mw Xpd∂ a\t msS kzoI- c n- ° m- \ p≈ B¿÷hw At±-l-Øns‚ apJap- { Z- b m- W v . kwK- t a- i ≥ Xºpcms‚ kzm¿∞-c-ln-X-amb Cu ]pWy-]p-cmW Xo¿∞-bm-{Xbv°v k¿ssΔ-iz-cy-ßfpw t\cp-I-bmWv Ic-Wo-b-am-bn-´p-≈-Xv.

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Nne Nn√-d-°m-cy-߃

Jan 02 to 08, 2011

Tripunithura's Durbar


inYne Nn¥-Iƒ

Ifn-°p-th≠n Ifn® Ifn-°m-cs‚ Ifn Bcm[-\bpw t{]ahpw BZ-chpw aqØv, Cu {In°‰p am{¥n-Is‚ \ma-Øn¬ t£{Xw \n¿Ωn-°p-hm\pw B t£{X-Øn¬ h¿jw-tXmdpw s]m¶me \S-Øp-hm\pw Xocp-am-\n-®p-sIm≠v {In°‰p {]W-bn-If- m-sc-¶n-ep-sams° apt∂m-´ph-∂mepw AXn¬ A¤p-Xs- ∏-tS-≠X - n-√.


td-°m-e-am-bn, H∂ps°m-∂- 175 sSÃp-I-fn¬ Cu alm Ifn-°m-c≥ cmSw Znhkw \ΩpsS t\Sn-°-f™Xv 14509 d¨kpw 59 A¿[ \m´n¬ {it≤- b - a m- b Xpw sk©z-dn-Ifpw Hs°-bm-sW∂pw ]{Xß-fn¬ ]mcm-bWw sNøp-tºmƒ IndnAXoh {it≤-b-am-b-Xp-amb kw`-h- °´p {`m¥¿°v tcmam-©hpw lrZ-b߃ kwPm-X-am-bn-s°m-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm- kvXw-`-\-hp-sams° kw`-hn-t®-°m-saW-t√m. Ign™ BgvN-bnse {it≤b ¶nepw Cu ka-bw-sIm-√n-bn¬ {`m¥p kw`hw eoU-dpsS th¿]m-Sm-bn-cp-∂p. apgp-°m-Ø-hsc kw_-‘n-®n-S-tØmfw Pohn-®n-cp-∂-t∏mƒ At±-lsØ AXn- kwK- X n- I ƒ hyXy- k v X - a m- b n- c n- ° pw. \n-in-X-ambn hna¿in-°p-Ibpw ]cp-j- GsX-¶nepw sKbnw-kn¬ `mc-X-Øn-s\hm°pw ]®- s Ø- d n- b pw- s Im≠v A`n- ßm\pw {Kl-∏n-g°v Ht∂m H∂-ctbm tjIw \S- Ø p- I bpw Hs° sNbv X kz¿Æ- s a- U ¬ In´n- t ∏m- b m¬, ]e-cpw, ac-Wm-\-¥-cw, At±lw A\p- "C≥Uy≥ Ip´n-Iƒ kz¿Æw sImbvXp', jvTn® k¬°¿Ω-ß-tfbpw \S-∏n-em- "kz¿Æ- t h´ XpS- c m- \ mWv km≤yX' °nb hnI-k\ ]cn-]m-Sn-I-tfbpw At±- Fs∂ms° IÆp-a-S®p Im®n-hn-Sp∂ l-Øns‚ Pohn-X-N-cy-I-tfbpw Nn´-h´ \ΩpsS Zn\-∏-{X-߃ "shdpw-hmbv Nh\n¿_-‘-ß-tfbpw Ipdn®v ]‰m-hp-∂n- bv ° p∂ samX- e mfn Ah- e p- I - ≠ m¬ S-tØmfw i‡n-tbmsS hmgvØn-∏m-Sp- hnSptam' F∂p tNmZn-®-Xp-t]mse CXpI-bp-≠m-bn. A°m-cy-Øn¬ A¤pXw t]m-se-bp≈ Cc-Iƒ e`n-®m¬ ]ns∂ {]I-Sn-∏n-°p-Itbm A]m-I-X-Iƒ X∏n- shdp-sX-bn-cn-°ptam? ∏n-Sn®p Is≠-Øp-hm≥ {ian-°p-Itbm Itºmf \ne-hmc _p≈-‰n≥ ]pdsNtø-≠-Xn-√. Imc-Ww, Pohn-®n-cn-°p- Øn- d - ° p- ∂ - X p- t ]m- s e- b mWv ae- b m- f tºmƒ Hcp hy‡n- b n¬ bmsXmcp Ønse apJy[mcm Zn\- ∏ - { X- ß - f n¬ \∑bpw Is≠- Ø p- h m≥ Ign- b m- Ø - ]eXpw apJ-{]-kw-K-Øn-eq-sSbpw a‰pw h¿°v Abm-fpsS Ime-ti-j-sa-¶nepw sS≠p¬°- d psS t\´- ß - s f- ° p- d n®v \mep \√ hm°p ]d-bp-hm≥ k∑-\- A°-an´p hnh-cn-®p-I-f-™-Xv. G‰-hp p-≠m-Ip-∂-Xn¬ kt¥m-jn-°p-I-bm- a- [ nIw sSÃv ˛ 175, G‰- h p- a - [ nIw Wt√m th≠-Xv. sk©zdn ˛ 50, G‰-hp-a-[nIw d¨kv eoU- d psS th¿]m- S n\p apºp≈ ˛ 14513, GI-Zn-\-Øn¬ Cc´ sk©zdn hmcw, P\-e-£-ß-fpsS (AtXm tImSn- t\Snb GI Xmcw, G‰- h p- a - [ nIw I-fp-tStbm?) {]tXy-In®pw ]{X-am-[y- sk©zdn ˛ 46, a’cw ˛ 442 Aßns\ a-ß-fpsS {i≤ ]nSn-®p-]-‰nb H∂m-bn- \o≠p-t]m-Ip∂p _p≈-‰n≥! k®ns‚ cp∂p sSÃv {In°-‰n¬ `mc-X-Øns‚ am{¥nI t\´- a m- b n- ´ mWv AºXmw kz¥w Xmcw k®n≥ kºm- Z n® sk©z-dnsb Nne ]{X-߃ hnti-jnAºXmw sk©z-dn. sk©q-dn-b-\nse ∏n®p If-™-Xv. GXm-bmepw \ΩpsS kq∏¿ kvt]m¿´p]m¿°n¬ Z£n-Wm- ]gb "Ip‰nbpw tImepw Ifn' hf¿∂p{^n- ° - s °- X nsc Ic- K - X - a m- ° nb h-f¿∂p hnI-kn®v Cu ]cp-h-Øn-seNcn{Xw kr„n® AXn-a-l-Ømb Cu Øn- t ®- c p- s a∂v {]Xo- £ n- ® - h - c mcpw t\´-sØ-°p-dn®p h¿Æn-°p-hm≥ `mj- Xs∂ Cu `qX-e-Øn¬ ImWp-sa∂p bnse ISp- ∏ hpw Bghpw ]c∏pw tXm∂p-∂n-√. \ΩpsS {In°‰v XmcsØ Gdnb ]Z-ß-sf√mw tem]-as\y FSp- Ah-Xm-c-]p-cp-j-\m-bn-t∏mepw Ah-X-cnØp- ] - t bm- K n- ° p- I - b p- ≠ mbn am[y- a - ∏n®v Bizmkw sIm≈p-hm\pw ]{X߃. As√-¶nepw s]mß-®-a-Sn-°p∂ ߃ aSn ImWn-®n-´n-√. e`n® Db¿®hnj- b - Ø nepw kv X pXn sNm√p∂ bnepw t\Snb kmº- Ø n- I - Ø nepw I¿Ω- Ø nepw \ΩpsS am[ya߃, Al-¶-cn-°mØ Db¿∂ a\- ns‚ DS{]tXy- I n®p hm¿Øm- ] - { X- ß ƒ ˛ abmWv k®n-s\∂pw `mhn-X-e-ap-dbv°p ]nip°p {]I-Sn-∏n® Ncn-{X-an-√. Cu Nq≠n-°m-Wn®p sImSp-°p-hm≥ tbmKy{Inb Hc-Xn¿Øn-hsc \∑bpw {]tNm- X-bp≈ \£-{X-am-sW∂pw a‰pw Nne Z-\hpw {]tbm-P-\-hp-sams° \¬In-tb- ]{X- ß ƒ X´n- a q- f n- ® n- c n- ° p- I - b mWv . °m-sa-¶nepw AXn¿Øn ewLn-®m¬ A©Sn At©-Im-en-©p-b-c-ap≈ Cu A]-I-S-amIpw kw`-hn-°p-I. ]d™ A`n-hμy Xmc-Øns‚ ka-Im-en-I-cm-bnhm°pw Fdn™ I√pw Xncn-s®-Sp-°pI Øo-cp-hm≥ km[n® \msams° almAkm- ≤ y- s a∂p ]d- ™ - X p- t ]mse ho- c - ∑ mcpw `mKy- h m- ∑ m- c p- a m- s W∂pw ]pI-gvØn-bXpw s]m°n-b-Xp-sam∂pw ASn-h-c-bn´p ]d-bp-hm\pw ]{X-߃ Xncp-Øp-hm≥ Ign-bp-I-bn-√t√m! ]nip-s°m∂pw {]I-Sn-∏n-®n-´n-√. Ccp-]-Øn-sbm-∂p-h´w ]n∂n´ IYmHcp \√ hn`mKw a\p-jycpw am≤y]p-cp-js‚ sSÃp {In°-‰nse Aº-Xm- a-ßfpw AwKo-I-cn-°p-Ibpw t]mkn-‰oasØ sk©z- d n- b m- W n- s X∂pw, Cu hmbn {]Xn-I-cn-°p-Ibpw sNøp∂ kw`t\´-Øn-\p-S-a-bm-bn-Øo-cp∂ BZysØ hsØ sNdp-Xm-°nbpw CI-gvØnbpw tπb-dmWv C≥Uy-bpsS k®n-s\∂pw ImWn- ° p- I bpw hna¿in- ° p- I bpw

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km‚n-bmtKm am¿´ns\ AdÃv sNøm-ØXv F¥p-sIm≠v? ˛ tImSXn {]Xyp-]-Imcw ad-°p∂ ]pcp-j≥ NØ-Xn-s\m-°pta Pohn-®n-cn-°n-epw. **** Fd-Wm-Ip-fØv I®-hS- ° - m¿ ^pSv]mØv ssItødnbncn-°p-∂X - n-\m¬ Im¬\-S° - m¿ I„s∏-Sp∂p ˛ dnt∏m¿´v Cu Imcy-Øn¬ Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-db - m-bn-cn°pw ap∂n¬. **** c≠v Xh-W-bn¬ IqSp-X¬ a’-cn-®-h¿ "amdn\n¬°Ww' ˛ bqØv tIm¨{Kkv sXmgp-X-h¿, sXmgp-X-h¿ "amdn \n¬°q' **** kp{]ow-tIm-SXn ap≥ No^v PÃn-kns‚ acp-a-I≥ Ahn-ln-X-ambn kzØv kºm-Zn®p F∂v Btcm]Ww ]W-ap-t≈m¿ \n¿Ωn® \oXn-°n-Xn-sem∂pw ]d-bp-hm-\n-t√....-Rm≥ ]n≥h-en®p ˛ Nß-ºpg **** {InkvXp-a - n\v tIc-fo-b¿ IpSn-®p-Xo¿ØXv 90,82,00,000 cq]-bpsS aZyw! Blzm\w sNbvXXv "aZy-c-lnX {InkvXp-akv' \S-∏n-em-°n-bXv "aZy cknI {InkvXp-akv'. **** tIma¨sh¬Øv sKbnwkv tcJ-Iƒ I¬amUn Ata-cn-°-bn-tebv°v ISØn ˛ dnt∏m¿´v HSp-hn¬ Bcpjo h[-t°-kn-teXp t]mse "sXfn-hns√'∂v ]d™v Hcp t¢mj¿ dnt∏m¿´v AßSv lmP-cm-°pw, At√ amtj? **** KpUvKmhnse kn‰n-_m¶v tI{μo-I-cn®v 400-tIm-SnbpsS X´n∏v ˛ Poh-\-°m-c≥ ]nSn-bn¬ ]Ø-\w-Xn-´-bnse Fkv.-_n.-Sn. tI{μo-I-cn®v 1.35 tImSn-bpsS X´n∏v ˛ Poh-\-°mcn ]nSn-bn¬ AÆm-d° - Æ - \pw X∂m-em-bX - v. **** _l-dn-\n¬ \n∂pw {]kn-≤o-I-cn-°p∂ N{μn-I-bptSbpw tZim-`n-am-\n-bp-tSbpw t]Pp-Iƒ amdn-t∏mbn. eohv se‰dpw eu se‰dpw Ihdv amdn t]mÃv sNbvXX - p-t]mse! **** {io\n-Ps - \-Xn-cm-b Btcm-]Ww bqØv tIm¨{Kkv At\z-jn°pw ˛ hnjvWp-\mYv cmPbvs°Xn-cmb Btcm]Ww UnFw-sIbpw At\z-jn-°s - ´. ****

Kottavathil Jokes


Jan 02 to 08, 2011

Parents,Children & Youth of Tripunithura

Unnikrishnan. C.S. UKG

Amal V. Menon Std-VI, Bhawans



Raju Std III-RLV School, Sree poornathrayeesa balasramam

Pages 12 Published every Sunday


Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Jan 02 to 08, 2011

Neighbourhood Events

hc≠ N¿Ω kwc-£W - Ø - n\v


Hcp ap´-bpsS a™-°-cp, Hcp Sokv]q¨ tX≥, Hcp tS_nƒ kv]q¨ ]m¬s∏mSn Ch tN¿Øp-≠m-°nb an{inXw tZlØp ]pc-´p-I. _Zmapw Henhv Hmbnepw tN¿Ø an{inXw ]pc-´p-I. ^pt≈gvkv F¿Øv (Multani Mitti) ˛ c≠v tS_nƒkv]q¨, tX≥ ˛ Hcp tS.-kv]q¨, tdmkv hm´¿ ˛ Hcp Sokv]q¨ F∂nh tbmPn-∏n®p tN¿°pI. CXn¬ GXm\pw Xp≈n •nk-dn≥ tN¿°p-I. Cu an{inXw 15 an\n‰v tZlØp ]pc´n Igp-In-°-f-bp-I. Ipfn Ign-™X - n-\p-tijw "hn‰m-an≥˛C' ssXew ico-ca - m-kI - ew ]pc´n a mPv sNøp-I.

Students in most schools and colleges study English as a subject and not as a language to be spoken and written - S. Sangameswaran Three billion people around the world are expected to speak and write in English by 2010, according to language experts. English dominates the media, be it the internet, television, radio or printed word. It has been our most influential and pervasive medium for communication in all spheres of life in our country. By logic, English should have been the most popular language among the youth. Yet, academicians lament the fact that 75 to 80 percent of graduating students in Kerala lack competent communications skills in English. Hence their inability to enter multinational companies, especially in the Information Technology sector. They invariably fail to clear the group discussion and the interview. Strange indeed in the context of multimedia explosion the world is experiencing today. We have English dictionaries with interactive CDs. There are numerous internet sites to learn English. There is proliferation of newspapers and magazines in English. Bookshops are literally flooded with English titles. We have access to English in every conceivable way. Why then 80 percent of our students fail to communicate effectively in English? TONGUE-TIED YOUTH: Students in most schools and colleges study English as a subject and not as a language to be spoken and written. The focus is upon memory. We learn by rote essays and reproduce them in examinations. Questions are not open-ended to test the learners’ ability, to think and convert those thoughts into words. Rarely are students encouraged to ask questions nor are they invited to discuss as a group, issues that may arise in their texts. This scenario is common to many schools and colleges. With no opportunity to learn the key skills in relation to languages learning, students merely manage to pass their examinations in English. No wonder they become tongue tied as they face questions during interviews. LACK OF CONFIDENCE: There was a time when books and the radio were the only access to language. English movies were shown

in very few theatres. Students relaxed with books. They enjoyed listening to the news in English. Stalwarts like Melville de Mello, VM Chakrapani and others delighted the listeners with their impeccable articulation and clarity of diction. It was a time when reading was a popular habit. We fell in love with words. Students were encouraged to use new words in their essays. Now it is no longer the same. It is ironical that in this day and age when we have access to every resource possible through technology, students find it difficult to speak English with clarity and confidence. THINKING OUT OF THE BOX! The key here is access to good English resources at a very early age. Reading interesting books, listening to great speeches and watching English movies, reading English newspapers and magazines will help the learner sustain his interest and enthusiasm. Writing and speaking go hand in hand with reading and listening. We must encourage students to read outside their texts. They could go in for popular bestsellers. Schools and colleges can stock their libraries with popular novels in English. English movies can be screened and discussed in classrooms. There should be periodic group discussions on chosen topics including controversial issues. The entire faculty should be involved in the exercise to promote English, not just the only faculty in English. TEACHERS PLAYA ROLE: Teachers should encourage questions, especially the ones teaching courses in the Science and Humanities. We all should create a climate at school and even at home wherein the learner feels good to speak in English. Many young men and women are afraid of speaking in English as they fear they would commit mistakes. This fear acts like a canker on a rose. It kills their enthusiasm and the joy of speaking. No one can speak without committing mistakes. They are not to be laughed at. If the students grow up in a climate of hope and encouragement, they can face their selection processes without fear. Then all our young men and women will have the competence and the wherewithal to become global professionals with English playing a significant role in their professional lives.

1. ]mhbv°-bn¬ ]pfn-sh-≈w, Aev]w i¿°c XpS-ßn-bh tN¿Øm¬ Ibv]v Ipd-™p-In-´pw. 2. ]mhbv° Xøm-dm-°p-tºmƒ Aev]w Deph hdpØp tN¿Øm¬ Ibv]v Ipd-bp-Ibpw kzmZv IqSpIbpw sNøp-∂p. 3. ]mhbv° ]mIw sNøp-tºmƒ akm-e-tbm-sSm∏w Aev]w IpXn¿Ø sNdp-]-b¿ NX®v sXmen-tbmsSm∏w tN¿Øm¬ cpNn h¿≤n-°pw. 4. ]´p-h-kv{X-߃ \\-bv°p∂ sh≈-Øn¬ Aev]w \mc-ßm-\ocp IqSn tN¿Øm¬ ]´p-h-kv{X-ß-fpsS X\-Xmb \ndw \„-s∏-Sp-I-bn-√. 5. tIm´¨ kmcn-bn¬ I™n-ap-°p-tºmƒ Aev]w Bew-IqSn Ie°n I™n ap°n-bm¬ Ahbv°v \√ Xnf-°hpw shSn∏pw In´pw.

Letters to the Editor

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A`n-\μ - \ - ß - ƒ k¿, Xr∏qWn-Øpd \yqkns‚ Hcp ÿncw hmb-\-°m-c-\mWv Rm\pw Fs‚ IpSpw-_mw-K-ß-fpw. an°-hmdpw Rmb-dmgvN In´m-dn-√. Aº-e-Ønse sNcp-∏v, _mKv Iu≠-dn¬ \n∂pamWv R߃°v e`n-°p-∂Xv. CXn-te-b° v mbn Fs¥-¶nepw sNbvXp-IqtS? Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkns‚ {]kn≤n \mƒ°p-\mƒ h¿≤n®p-hc - p-∂p. ]c-ky-߃°p ]pd-sa, s]mXp-P\ - t- k-h\ - w, ]cmXn-Iƒ, \√ teJ-\-߃ F√mw Hcp-an®p ImWmw. CXv bYm¿∞-Øn¬ A]q¿Δ-am-Wv. A`n-\-μ-\-߃. FUn-t‰mdn-b-en¬ \√ Xt‚-S-tØmsS Imcy-߃ ]d-bp-∂p. Xr∏qWn-Øpd hmkn-Iƒ A`n-ap-Jo-I-cn-°p∂ k¶o¿Æ-amb {]iv\ß - ƒ "Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkv' \njv{]-bmkw shfn-s∏Sp-Øp-∂p. XZzmc A[n-Ir-X-cpsS {i≤ Ah-bn-tebv°v ]Xn°pw F∂Xv \n›-b-am-Wv. FUn-t‰m-dn-b¬ Soans‚ A¿∏-W-t_m-[hpw A≤zm-\hpw a\- n-em-°p-∂p. AXpsIm-≠mWv C{Xbpw Npcp-ßnb Ime-b-f-hn¬ Chn-SsØ P\-ß-fpsS hnizmkw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkn\v B¿÷n°m≥ Ign-bp-∂X - .v Hcp an{X-sa-t∂mWw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkv hmb-\° - m-cs‚ tXmfn¬ ssIbn-Sp-∂p. an°-hmdpw teJ-\-߃ (Cw-•ojv Dƒ∏sS) tcmKm-Xp-camb \ΩpsS kaq--l-Øn-\p≈ NnIn-’m-Ip-dn-∏m-Wv. IqSpX¬ Cw•ojv teJ-\-߃ {]Xo-£n-°p-∂p. ip`m-]vXn-hnizm-kw, Bfl-hn-izm-kw, \n›n-Xe - £ - yw, ÿntcm-’m-lw, `mh\ XpS-ßnb {Inbm-flI Ign-hp-Iƒ hmb-\-°m-cn¬ hf¿Øn-sb-Sp-°m≥ DX-Ip∂ teJ-\-߃ (a-e-bm-fhpw Cw•o-jpw) Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkn¬ hc-W-sa∂v Bin-°p∂p. Hcp ]cn-jvIrX kaq-lØ - ns‚ Ahn-`mPy LS-Ia - mWv ]{X-߃. P\-ß-fpsS Bi-b-ß-fp-tSbpw A`n-em-j-ß-fptSbpw IÆm-Sn-IqSnbm-WXv. Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-db - p-sS, AXp-hgn tIc-f-Øns‚ Xs∂ A`n-am-\-]-{X-am-hm≥ "Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkn'\v km[n-°s´ F∂p {]m¿∞n-°p-∂p. ]{Xw apSßmsX In´p-hm≥ th≠ \S-]-Sn-Iƒ FSp-°p-I. hmb-\°m-cpsS Fgp-Øp-Iƒ Ign-bp-sa-¶n¬ {]kn-≤o-I-cn-°p-I. {^o k¿°p-te-j≥ Bb-Xp-sIm≠v t]Pp-I-fpsS ]cnanXn a\- n-em-°m≥ Ign-bpw. F¶n-epw....F√m hnP-b-ßfpw t\cp∂p. ˛ kt¥mjv sI.

Pages 12 Published every Sunday


Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd hS-t°-tIm-´-bn¬ Ccp-\ne hoSv. sk‚ v tPmk^v ]≈n°v FXn¿hiw 10 sk‚n¬ c≠p-\ne-Iƒ {]tXy-I-ambn 1700 Sq.ft. hoXw. 1.45 crore. Ph: 9744768899/ 9895144088.


""aZyw F√m Xn∑I-fp-tSbpw amXm-hm-Wv...!'' {]hm-NI - ≥ apl-ΩZv \_n (k)

hmS-Ibv°v Hm^okv kvs]bvkv \yq _kv Ãm≥Un\v FXn¿hiw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd 3 s_Uvdqw lukv, ]mhw-Ip-f-ßc 3000 kvIzb¿^o‰v tKmUu¨ @ ama-e. 3 s_Uvdqw lukv @ ama-e.

contact: 9995438669

D Tuition classes from 4 th Std to 10 th Std (Both State and CBSE) D Special Coaching for IIT - JEE Foundation classes for 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th standards D Special Training for Hindi P r a t h a m i k , Madhyama Exams MASTER MIND’S TUITION SLRA - 34, Sastha Lane, Eroor Road, Near Anaparambu. Ph: 6590565, 9746332461.




‘We Make Foundation Children Build on them’

Jan 02 to 08, 2011


WANTED WANTED Marketing Executive (Space Selling) Cont.: 9895763536

t]∏¿I- h ¿ \n¿ΩmW bqWn- ‰ n- t ebv ° v 18- ˛ 25- ˛ \v at≤y {]mb- a p≈ kv{XoIsf Bh-iy-ap-≠v. Xr∏qWnØp-d-bnepw ]cn-kc-ß-fn-ep-w D-≈-h¿°v ap≥KW-\.

Contact : 9495950155.

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Institute for Living Legendary Arts and Music Eroor West P.O., Tripunithura, Ernakulam, Kerala Pin - 682 306 Phone: 9388866925, 9846019870, 0484 2781919 email:

WANTED Office Assistant - F/M Accountant - Tally - F/M for a leading transporting co. near Tripunithura Contact No.




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e-filing VAT return. Contact: 9846956708.

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ALL FOR KIDS - Pediatric Clinic : 6452772, 6492772 AMBERMOLI HOMES : 9895201552, 6461232 THE BASICS DAY CARE : 9847422452 CHARUTHA SILKS : 3019192 COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE : 9961710088,9961570088 DOWN TOWN : 3019122 ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING WORKS (FAMS) : 9947047004, 3083113 HEERA HOMES : 2346484, 85, 9847600088 INSIGHTS (Opp. Hotel Prasanth) : 9495973825 (ENGLISH TUITIONS, IELTS) Dr. KUNAL’s : 2782878 9048055102 MULTI-SPECIALTY DENTAL CLINIC


:9142023675, : 9995886004 2776361 (R), 2776004 : 2783840 : 2383795, 2353713 : 9846153528 : 9447694587 : 2777317 : 9446211058, 2779021 : 2774522 : 98460 33230 93497 56668 : 2783998, 9446070998 :9387076516, : 2781034, 2775525 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 2775557, 9447302756 : 9847091090 : 94477 35647

FOR SALE Two bed room Flat for immediate sale, near Sanskrit College Road, Tripunithura Contact:




Jan 02 to 08, 2011

Neighbourhood Events

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Issue 228-1  

Vol 5 No 21

Issue 228-1  

Vol 5 No 21