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ISSUE - 220

]pXnb \K-ck - `- m-[y-£\v A`n\- μ- \- ß - f- psS ]qs®≠v kz¥w teJ-I≥ aq∂c ]Xn-‰m-≠p-Imew cm{„o-b-cwKØpw kmaq-ly-cw-KØpw Xs‚ i‡amb km∂n-≤yw-sIm≠v \nd-™p-\n∂ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ Im¬\q-‰m-≠n-tesd-bmbn {]Xn-]-£-t\-Xm-hns‚ Itk-cbn- e m- b n- c p- ∂ p- s h- ¶ n¬ C∂- t ±lw sNb¿am≥ ÿm\-tØbv°v Db¿Ø-s∏´n-cn-°p-∂p. cmjv{Sob X´Iw IÆ≥Ip-fß- c - b m- s W- ¶ nepw Xr∏q- W n- Ø p- d - b psS ka{K hnI-k-\sØ kw_-‘n®v hy‡amb ImgvN-∏mSv At±-l-Øn-\p-≠v. tijw aq∂mw t]Pn¬

DATE: 07-11-2010



Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Nov 7 to 13, 2010

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PUBLIC UTILITY SERVICES Airport Cochin International Airport Indian Airlines Enquiry Indian Airlines Resevation Jet Airways

IΩyq-Wn‰n s]meo-knMv ak-am-[m\ ]cn-]m-e-\-Øn\pw Ip‰m-t\z-j-W-Øn\pw ]pdta IΩyq-Wn‰n°pw s]meo-kn-\p-an-S-bnse Ahn-izm-k-sa∂ hnShv \nI-Øp-I-sb∂ I¿Øhyw \nd-th-‰p∂ Iayq-Wn‰n s]meo-knMv F∂ am\w IqSn \√ s]meokv k{º-Zm-bØ - n-epƒt®¿∂n-´p-s≠∂ Blzm-\t- ØmsS c≠v Znhk-ambn sIm®n-bn¬ XpS¿∂v hcn-I-bm-bn-cp∂ temI IΩyqWn‰n s]meo-knMv ktΩ-f\w apJy-a{¥n hn.-F-kv. ANyp-Xm-\-μ≥ DZvLm-S\w sNbvX kam-]\ ktΩ-f-\-tØm-Sp-IqSn hymgmgvN ]cy-h-km-\n-®p. 42 cmPy-ß-fn¬ \n∂mbn \qdntesd {]Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ ]s¶-Sp-Ø, sIm®n-bnse te sadn-Un-b≥ tlm´-en¬ \S∂ ktΩ-f-\-Øns‚ apJy khn-ti-jX hnhn[ cm{„-ß-fnse s]meo-knMv A\p-`hw ]¶p-sh-bv°m≥ Ah-k-c-sam-cp-°n-b, 33 {]_-‘-ß-fpsS Ah-X-cW-Øn\v km£yw hln® hnhn[ skj-\p-I-fm-bn-cp-∂p. ]pXp-a-Iƒ \nd-™h-bm-bn-cp∂p Ch-sbms° Xt∂bpw. tÉv s]meokv BXn-tY-bXzw hln-°pIbpw B`y-¥c a{¥n tImSn-tbcn _me-Ir-jvW≥, tI{μ-a{¥n s{]m^. tXma-kv, Un.-Pn.-]n. tP°∫v ]p∂q-kv, B`y-¥c hIp∏v AUo-j-W¬ Nn^v sk{I-´dn sI. PbIp-am¿ XpS-ßn-b-h¿ ]s¶-Sp-°p-Ibpw sNbvX ktΩ-f\- Ø n¬ Ata- c n- ° , Hmkv t {S- e n- b , Z£n- W m- { ^n- ° , Ham≥, bpF- C , s\X¿em≥Uvkv, bp.-sI., A^vKm-\n-ÿm≥ XpS-ßnb cm{„-ß-fn¬ \n∂p≈ kpc£m hnZ-Kv[cpw s]meokv ta[m-hn-Ifpw k∂n-ln-Xc - m-bn-cp-∂p. C¥y-bnse Xs∂ hnhn[ kwÿm-\-ß-fnse s]meokv hIp∏v Xe-h-∑mcpw hnc-an® s]meokv DtZym-Kÿ - ∑ - mcpw tIm¨t¢-hn¬ kw_-‘n-°p-Ib - p-≠m-bn. P\-ssa{Xn kpc-£m-]-≤Xn hgn IΩyq-Wn‰n s]meo-knMv cwKØv {it≤-b-amb apt∂‰w Xs∂ ssIh-cn® kwÿm\ B`y-¥c hIp-∏n-t\bpw tIcfm s]meo-kn-t\bpw B Aaq-ey-am-Xr-Ib - psS t]cn¬ DZvLm-S\ {]kw-KØ - n¬ tI{μ B`y-¥c hIp∏p-a{¥n ]n. NnZw-_cw A`n-\-μn-®Xv AS°w A`n-am-\-I-c-amb aplq¿Ø߃°pw ktΩ-f-\-thZn Ac-sßm-cp-°n. Gsd {i≤n-°-s∏´ DZv-Lm-S\ {]kw-K-Øn¬ C¥y-bnse s]meokv ap…ow hncp-≤c - m-sW∂ Nn¥ C…mw aX-hn-izm-kn-Iƒ°n-Sb - n¬ i‡-ambn \ne-\n¬°p∂-Xmbn tI{μ B`y-¥-c-a{¥n ]n. NnZw-_cw ]d-™p. AXv hf¿Øm-\p-X-Ipwhn-[-ap≈ H‰-s∏´ Nne kw`-h-߃ Ac-tß-dn-bn-´p-s≠-∂p-≈-Xn\v km[q-I-cW-am-bn-s´-t∂mWw 1992 Unkw-_¿ Bdn\v Atbm-[y-bn¬ ]≈n XI¿Ø-t∏mgp-≠mb C\nbpw DW-ßmØ apdn-hp-I-sf-∏‰n kqNn-∏n-°m\pw a{¥n aSn-®n-√. IΩyq-Wn‰n s]meo-kn-Mns‚ `c-W-]-chpw kmaq-ln-I-hp-amb ]›m-Øew hniZ-am°n Hmtcm kaq-l-Øn-t‚bpw hn`m-K-Øn-t‚bpw am\-knI kmaq-ln-Im-hÿ-Iƒ ]cn-K-Wn-®p-thWw AXv \S-∏m-°m-s\∂v a{¥n NnZw-_cw \n¿t±-in®p. AtX-k-abw GsX-¶nepw hn`m-K-Øn\v FXn-cm-sW∂ tXm∂¬ Df-hm-ImØ-hn[w \njv]-£-ambn {]h¿Øn-°m≥ s]meo-kn\v Ign-bp-Ibpw thWw. IΩyq-Wn‰n s]meo-knMv hnP-b-I-c-ambn \S-∏m-°p-∂-Xn-\p-th≠ ap∂p-]m-[nbmbn At±lw Nq≠n-°m-´n-bXv Bƒ£m-ahpw kmt¶-Xn-Ih - n-Zy-bpsS A`m-hhpw Imcy-߃ hni-Ie - \w sNøp-∂X - n¬ hcp∂ ]mI-∏n-gI - f - p-aS- °w C¥y≥ s]meokns\ Ae-´p∂ Ct∏m-gsØ t]mcm-bvaI - f - psS ]cn-lm-ca - m-Wv. s]meokpw P\ßfpw XΩn-ep≈ `n∂X bmYm¿∞y-am-Ip-tºmƒ \ne-hn¬ hcp∂ `b-Øn\p ]Icw krjvSyp-∑p-J-amb BZ-chpw hnizm-ky-Xbpw t\Sn-sb-Sp-°m≥ s]meokn\p Ign-b-W-sa∂ as‰mcp ap∂p-]m-[nbpw kp{]-[m-\-am-sW∂v a{¥n Hm¿Ωs∏-Sp-Øn. DZvLm-S\ - - k-tΩ-f\ - Ø - n¬ A≤y-£\ - m-bn-cp∂ kwÿm\ B`y-¥c - h-Ip∏v a{¥n tImSn-tbcn _me-Ir-jvW≥ tI{μ Kh¨sa‚ns‚ A`n-\-μ\w ]nSn-®p-hm-ßnb P\-ssa{Xn kwhn-[m\w hgn s]meokpw P\-ß-fpw XΩn-ep≈ AI¬® C√m-Xm-°m≥ Ign-™p-sh∂pw P\-Iob s]meokv Iq´m-bva-Iƒ cmPyØv i‡n-s∏´v hcp-∂-Xns‚ KpW-^-e-߃ {]I-S-am-sW∂pw A`n-{]m-bs∏-´p. hntZ-ic - m-Py-ßf - nse kpc-£m-hn-ZK - [ v ¿ ]s¶-SpØ hnhn[ skj-\p-Iƒ A\ycm-Py-ßf - nse s]meokv k{º-Zm-bØ - n-tebv°v shfn®w hoim≥ DX-Inb {]kwK-ßsf∂ \nebv°v AXy¥w hn⁄m-\-{]-am-bn. \nt°m-fmkv ]m¿°¿ (bp.sI), tUm. dn®m¿Uv F®v. hm¿Uv (bp.-F-kv.), tUhnUv Uªyq ]¿Un (bp.-Fkv. tÉv Un∏m¿´vsa‚ )v , s{]m^. Bdn hm≥ …qbnkv (s\X¿em‚ k v )v , s{]m^. l_n¬ Fan≥ Uªyp ssπh-tkhvkvIn (t]m-f≠ - v), tSmWnX atd (A-^vKm≥ B`y-¥c a{¥m-eb - w), Aiz-\n-Ip-am¿ (kn-_nsF Ub-dI - vS¿), Zneo]v sI. Zmkv (C‚¿\m-jW - ¬ s]meokv FIvkn-Iyq-´ohv knwt]m-knbw {]kn-U‚ v), P\-d¬ ap\o¿ Nm_≥ (se-_-\¨ B`y-¥c kpc-£m-tk-\), j^n-bp≈ hmen-kmZ (C‚¿t]mƒ) XpS-ßnb hnZ-Kv[-cm-bn-cp∂p {]_-‘-߃ Ah-X-cn-∏n®v kwkmcn® {]apJ {]mkw-Kn-I¿.


p-Ip-am¿ W v j n h hn. ]{Xm[ - n-]¿

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Letters to the Editor

kz¿Æm-`-c-W-ß-fpsS D]-tbmKw k¿, kz¿Æhne ]h\v ]Xn-\-øm-bn-c-am-hm≥ shdp-samcp ]W-Øq°w am{Xw _m°n. k¿°m¿, kz¿Æ-hne \nb-{¥n-°m≥, bp≤-Im-em-Sn-ÿm-\-Øn¬ Fs¥-¶nepw sNbvXn-s√-¶n¬ ChnsS ]nSn-®p-]-dnbpw tamj-Whpw h¿≤n-°p-sa∂ ImcyØn¬ bmsXmcp X¿°-hp-an-√. Ct∏mƒØ-s∂, ss_°n¬ h∂v ame s]m´n-°-epw, H‰bv°p Xma-kn-°p∂ kv{XoIsf sIme-sN-bvXv, kz¿Æm-`-c-W߃ tam„n-°p-∂Xpw \nXy-kw-`-h-am-bn-

´p-≠v. kz¿Æm-`-c-W-ß-fpsS D]-tbmKw Ipd-bv°p-Ibpw Ieym-W-Øn\v \mtem At©m ]h-\n¬ IqSp-X¬ hmßn-s√∂pw [cn-°n-s√∂pw {]Xn⁄ sNøp-I-bpw, ]©-tem-lm-`-c-W-ßfpw Hcp {Kmw X¶Øn¬ Xo¿Ø ]≠-ßfpw D]-tbm-Kn-®m¬, ]nSn-®p-]-dnbpw tamj-Whpw Ipd-bv°m\pw kz¿Æ-hn-esb ]nSn®p \n¿Øm\pw Ignbpw. kv{Xo[-\-ambn kz¿Æw \¬Ip-∂h¿s°-Xnsc \S-]-Sn-sb-Sp-°m≥ \nb-a-ap≠m-°-Ww. ˛ i¶-c-\m-cm-b-W≥ Xncp-hm-gn-tbmSv

Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Nov 7 to 13, 2010

Wedding Cards, all types of Printing works, DTP, Project Report, Photostat, Colour Lazer Print, Colour Photostat


SUNDAY NOV 07 TO 13 , 2010

]pXnb \K-c-k-`m-[y-£\v A`n-\-μ-\-ß-fpsS ]qs®≠v H∂mw t]Pv XpS¿® Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-dbv°v Ht´sd {]iv \ - ß - f p- s ≠∂v hniz- k n- ° p- t ºmƒ Xs∂ Ah ]cn-l-cn-°p-∂-Xn-\p≈ \n¿t±-i-ß-sf-°p-dn®pw At±lw t_m[- h m- \ m- W v . 2008 HIvtSm-_-dn¬ "Xr∏q-WnØpd \yqkv' At±-l-hp-ambn \S- Ø nb A`n- a p- J Øn¬Øs∂ Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-dbpsShnI-k\w kw_-‘n® Imcy-߃ Rß-fp-ambn ]¶ph- ® n- ´ p- ≈ - X mWv . F∂m¬ A∂v D∂-bn°s∏´ ]eXpw C∂pw \S-∏m-°-s∏-SmsX XpScp-∂-Xp-sIm≠v ap≥K-W-\m{I- a - Ø n¬ Ah- b v s °ms° ]cn- l mcw ImW- W - s a∂p Xs∂-bmWv At±lw B{Kln-°p-∂-Xv. 19-˛mw hb- n-¬ cm{„o-bØntebv°v FSpØp NmSn-bXp-sIm≠v _n.tImw. _ncpZw ]q¿Øn-bm-°m≥ thWp-tKm]m-en\p Ign-™n-√. AXn¬ H´pw ZpxJn-X-\p-a-√ At±-lw. Imc-Ww, A∂p-ap-X¬ Ct∂hsc cm{„ob ]T-\w-Xs - ∂-bmbn-cp-∂p. \mSn-t‚bpw \m´mcp- t Sbpw {]iv\- ß - f mWv Xs‚ sF—n-I-hn-jbw F∂p hniz- k n- ° p- ∂ thWp- t Km-

]m¬ Ht´sd {]Xn-k-‘n-Ifn-eq-sS-bmWv IS-∂p-h-∂n-´p≈-Xv. A\p-`-h-߃ ]mT-ßfm°nam‰n sX‰p- I ƒ XncpØn-bmWv {]Xn-]-£-Øn-cp-∂t∏mgpw thWp- t Km- ] m¬ {]h¿Øn-®n-cp-∂X - v. {]Xn-tbmKn-I-tfmSv ISpØ Aa¿jw ]pe¿ØmsX Xs∂ hnj-btØmSv XnI™ Bflm¿∞X ]pe¿Øn-s°m≠p≈ At±-lØ - ns‚ {]kwK-߃ Bscbpw thZ-\n-∏n-®ncp-∂n-√. `c-WI - £ - n-bpsS hmZap-J-ßsf kzoIm-cy-sa-¶n¬ Ahsc A`n- \ - μ n- ° m\pw At±lw aSn-®n-cp-∂n-√. tIcf apJy-a{¥n hn.-Fkv. ANyp-Xm-\-μ≥ Itø-‰-

ßsf Hgn-∏n-°m≥ apt∂m-´ph- ∂ - t ∏mƒ At±- l - Ø ns‚ N¶q- ‰ sØ A`n- \ - μ n- ® psIm≠v {]kw-Kn-®Xv \K-c-k`- b psS tcJ- I - f n- e p- s ≠∂v At±lw Ah-Im-i-s∏-Sp-∂p. am{X- h p- a - √ , `c- W - I £n Xs∂ At±-lsØ A`n-\-μn®n-´p≈ Ah-k-c-ßfpw D≠mbn-´p-≠v. \K-c-k-`m -tbm-K-ß-fn¬ ]e-t∏mgpw k` {i≤n-°-s∏Sp- ∂ Xv {]Xn- ] £ t\Xmhns‚ {]kw-K-ß-fm-Wv. ASnb- ¥ c {i≤- b ¿ln- ° p∂ s]m´n- s ∏m- f n™ tdmUp- I fpsS A‰- I p- ‰ - ∏ - W n- I ƒ, sdbn¬th tÃj\- S pØp ÿm]n- ° m- \ p- t ±- i n- ° p∂ ]pXnb _kvÃm‚ v, IΩyqWn‰n lmƒ/Su¨ lmƒ, B[p- \ nI coXn- b nse amen\y kwkvIc - W - w, ]q¿ÆtXm-Xn-ep≈ IpSn-sh≈ e`yX, hr≤-k-Z-\hpw ]I¬hoSpw, ]m¿°v, ]m¿°nMv kuI-cyw, kzoth-Pv, {]mY-anIm- h - i y- Ø n- \ p≈ Iw^¿´v tÃj-\p-Iƒ XpSßn Ht´sd Imcy- ß ƒ \S- ∏ m- ° m- \ p≈ ]≤-Xn-I-fp-am-bn-´m-bn-cn°pw ]pXnb `c- W - k - a nXn A[nIm-c-Øn-te-dp-I, AXv Aßn-

s\- X-s∂-bm-bn-cn-°-s´. cma-kzm-an-bp-tSbpw tKmIpemw-_m-fn-t‚bpw ]p{X-\mWv A≥]- Ø ©p hb p ]q¿Øn-bm-°p∂ thWp-tKm]m¬. {]nb- X a cm[m- a Wn kzImcy ÿm]- \ - Ø n¬ tPmen sNøp- ∂ p. c≠p a°ƒ. aI≥ cmPohpw aIƒ tcJbpw _ncp-Z-[m-cn-I-fm-Wv. ap≥ sI.- F - k v.- b p. {]h¿Ø-I-\mb thWp-tKm]m-en\v Ht´sd kplr-Øp-°fp- ≠ v . efnX Pohn- X - a mWv At±- l - Ø ns‚ apJ- a p- { Z. JZ¿ ap≠pw JZ¿ j¿´pw [cn®v kvIq´-dn-ep≈ bm{X Ct∏mgpw XpS¿∂p-sIm-≠n-cn°p- ∂ p. {]mtZ- i nI {]iv \ ߃ AX¿ln-°p∂ ]cn-KW- \ - t bmsS ]cn- l - c n- ° m≥ `c-W-k-anXn Xøm-dm-Ip-sa-∂pX-s∂-bmWv s]mXp-k-aqlw {]Xo- £ n- ° p- ∂ - X v . \K- c - k `bv°v ]pXnb apJw ssIhcp-sa-¶n¬ AXv Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd-tbmSp sNøp∂ al-Ømb {]hr-Øn-bm-bn-cn-°pw. AXn\p≈ IcpØv ]pXnb sNb¿am\v D≠m-I-s´-sb∂ Biw- k - I ƒ am{X- a mWv "Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd \yqkn'\p \¬Im-\p-≈-Xv.

DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp Xr∏qWn-Øpd sk≥{S¬ F≥.-F-kv.-F-kv. Ic-tbm-K-Øns‚ Pq_nen lmfns‚ H∂mw-\ne 05-˛11-˛2010-˛¬ Ic-tbmKw {]knU‚ v Sn. `mkv°-cs‚ A≤y-£-X-bn¬ IqSnb IpSpw-_-kwK-a-Øn¬ h®v F≥.-F-kv.-F-kv. Ub-d-IvS¿ t_m¿Uv AwKw Fw.-Fw. tKmhn-μ≥Ip´n amÿ DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. XZ-h-k-c-Øn¬ Iu¨kn-e¿am-cmb kp∫-e-£van, iin sh≈-°m-´v, thWp-tKm-]m¬, cho-{μ≥ F∂n-hsc BZ-cn®p. sshkv {]kn-U‚ v ]n.-F-kv. cLp-\-μ-\≥ kzmKXw Biw-kn-®p. bqWn-b≥ h\nXm kamPw {]kn-U‚ v Fw.Pn. hnim-em£n So®¿, bqWn-b≥ IΩn‰n saº¿am-cmb kptcjv N{μ≥, ]n. DÆn-°r-jvW≥\m-b¿ F∂n-h¿ Biwk-Iƒ t\¿∂p. Iem-]-cn-]mSn DZvLm-S\w bqWn-b≥ sk{I´dn ]n.-F-kv. hnizw-`-c≥ \n¿Δ-ln-®p. Ic-tbmKw sk{I-´dn C. DÆn-°r-jvW≥ \μn ]d-™p.

]Δ¿ en^v‰nw-Kn¬ kΩm\w t\Sn YOGA CLASS Starting on Nov: 21st

Fitness Centre for Women h\n-XI - ƒ°mbn Hcp FIvkv¢q-kohv B[p-\nI ^n‰v\kv tI{μw F√m B[p-\nI D]-I-c-W-ß-fpw XSn Ipdbv°m≥ am{X-a-√ Ffp-∏-ap≈ FIvk¿ssk-kpIƒ \nß-fpsS Bh-iy-߃°p tN¿∂ coXnbn¬ t_mUn tjbv∏n\pw Btcm-Ky-Øn-\p-ambn ^n‰v\-kn-\mbn Nnehp Ipd™ am¿Kw Sree Lakshmi, 1st Avenue, Shobha Road, Vennala, Kochi-28 Sudharma, Opp. Varkeys, NF Gate, Tripunithura


94460 70998

01-˛11-˛2010 ¬ \S∂ Fd-Wm-Ipfw Pn√m ]Δ¿ en^v‰nwKn¬ hnhn[ hn`m-K-ß-fn-embn kΩm\w t\Sn-b-h¿. CSØp-\n∂v am¿´n≥ sI.-sP.˛ ^Ãv ss{]kv (60 In.{Kmw ˛ ko\n-b¿), knPp {]Imiv ˛ ^Ãv ss{]kv (82.5 In.{Kmw ˛ Pq\n-b¿) & sk°‚ v ss{]kv (82.5 In.-{Kmw ˛ ko\n-b¿), IÆ≥ sI.-F-kv. ^Ãv ss{]kv (60 In.{Kmw ˛ amtÃ-gvkv), {]im¥v hn.-_n. ˛ sk°‚ v ss{]kv (60 In.{Kmw ˛ ko\nb¿). Xriq-cn¬ \S-°p∂ kwÿm\ ]Δ¿ en^v‰nwKv a’c-Øn-tebv°v Xnc-s™-Sp-°-s∏-´n-´p≈ Ch¿ \mep-t]cpw ln¬]m-ekv "]ot‰gvkv Pnw' AwK-ß-fm-Wv.

Opp.DOWN TOWN, Ph: 2777660

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ssh‰ne {iocm-a-Ir-jvWm-{i-a-Øn¬ `mK-hX k]vXml-b⁄w Bfl-kz-cq-]m-\μ kzman-I-fpsS A≤y-£X-bn¬ tN¿∂ tbmK-Øn¬ PÃnkv Fw. cma-N-{μ≥ DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. sI.-B¿. \ºym¿ Biw-km-{]kwKw \S-Øn. {_“{io amS-t»cn \oe-I-WvT≥ \ºqXn-cn-bpsS t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ \S-∂p-h-cp∂ b⁄w C∂p kam-]n-°pw.

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Nov 7 to 13, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

Nn{X-Iem ]T-\-Iymºv ˛ \nd-°q´v Xncp- h m- ¶ pfw almflm amXr- ` qan ÃUn k¿°nƒ, { K m a - ] - © m - b Ø v XpS¿hnZymtI{μw F∂n- h bpsS B`n- a p- J y- Ø n¬ hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°mbn A¿≤Zn\ Nn{X- I em]T- \ - I ymºv \nd- ° q´v kwL- S n- ∏ n- ® p. tNm‰m- \ n- ° c Kh. sslkvIqƒ A≤ym-]-I\pw Nn{X- I em hnZv K v [ - \ p- a mb kn.- B ¿. iio- { μ≥ Nn{XIem Iymºv DZvLm- S \w sNbvXp. bqWn‰v {]kn-U‚ v at\mPv kn.-F-®v. A≤y-£X hln- ® p. XpS¿∂v Nn{X-I-e-bpsS hnhn[ kmt¶-XnI hi-ßsf-°p-dn®pw hc-bv°p-tºmƒ {i≤n- t °≠ Imcyßsf°pdn®pw iio- { μ≥ amÿ ¢mkv \bn-®p. 60-Hmfw t]¿ Iymºn¬ ]s¶-Sp-Øp.

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amº-g-®mdv s]bvXn-d-ßnb Xpem-h¿j k‘y Xpem- h ¿j k‘y- b n¬ ]pdØv Nn∂w ]n∂w s]øp∂ ag. almflm hmb\- i mem lmfnse \nd™ {]_p≤ kZ- n- t ebv°v e£vao-Zm-kns‚ Imhym-em]\w ag- t ]mse s]bv X n- d ßn. Fkv.-Fw.-F-kv. X´n-∏pIfpw th¿]m-Sns‚ Iq´-°-c®n- e p- I fpw hnI- e - a mb aw•ojv Ah-X-cW tIm{]mb- ß - f p- a n- √ msX ae- b m- f Ønse Imhy kwkvIrXnsb hos≠-SpØ ssIcfn Sn.-hn.-bnse amºgw IhnXm dnbm-en‰n tjmbnse H∂mw kΩm-\m-¿l-bmb e£vao-Zmkns\ A\p- t am- Z n- ° m≥ almflm hmb- \ - i me Hcp°nb thZn-bm-bn-cp∂p cwKw. amº-g-Øns‚ am[pcyw aebm-fn°p ]I¿∂p \¬Inb e£v a n- b psS amºgw IhnXmem-]-\-tØmsS Bcw-`n® sshtem-∏n≈n iXm-`n-tjI ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ almflm {KŸ-

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tIc-f∏ - n-dhn ˛ a-eb - m◊ ˛ 2010 DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp almflm {KŸ- i m- e bpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ tIcf-∏n-dhn ˛ ae-bm◊ ]cn-]mSn \S-Øn. IYm-IrØv sshimJ≥ DZv L m- S \w sNbv X p. tUm. sI.- P n. ]utemkv A≤y-£-\m-bn-cp-∂p. \ncq-]I≥ Fw.-sI. lcn-Ip-am¿, ]n. kptc-{μ≥, kn. at\m-l-c≥ F∂n- h ¿ {]kw- K n- ® p. si¬h-cm-Pv, Ipamcn KwKm tat\m≥, amÿ cqt]jv tat\m≥, cmlp¬ tat\m≥ F∂n-h-cpsS tIcf Ihn-XmtIc-f-∏n-dhn ˛a-e-bm◊ ˛ 2010 sshim-J≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøp∂p em-]-\hpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p.

jjvTn N°w- I p- f - ß c kn≤n hn\m- b I t£{X- Ø n¬ jjvTn(hymgmgvN)tbmS-\p-_-‘n®v hnhn[ ]qP-Ifpw a‰pw D≠m-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xm-Wv.

{]`m-jWw C∂v Xr∏qWn-Øpd N°w-Ip-f-ßc t£{X-Øn\v kao-]-ap≈ F≥.-F-kv.-F-kv. Ic-tbmKw lmfn¬ C∂v sshIo´v 6.30˛\v C¥y≥ C≥Ãn-‰yq´v Hm^v kb‚n-^nIv sldn-t‰Pv Ub-d-IvS¿ tUm. F≥. tKm]m-e-Ir-jvWs‚ {]`m-jWw "IpSpw-_-Po-hn-Xhpw {]IrXn kwc-£-Whpw'. kwLmS-I¿ `mcXv hnImkv ]cn-jØv Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd tI{μ.



amºgw ]cn- ] m- S n°p Ign™n-´p-s≠∂p e£van A`n{]m-b-s∏-´p. Xncp-h-\-¥-]pcw bqWn-th-gvkn‰n tImtf-Pn¬ ae-bmfw Fw.-^n-√n\v tN¿∂ e£v a o- Z mkv s{]m^. ]n.B¿. lcn-Zm-kns‚ ]p{Xnbpw s]cp- º m- h q¿ kztZin sNss∂- b n¬ DtZym- K - ÿ \mb Zo]-°ns‚ ]Xv\n-bp-amWv.

B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv ]m¿´v 1 tImgvkv 16-˛\v Xr∏qWn-Øpd B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv sk‚-dns‚ B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ \hw-_¿ 16 sNmΔmgvN sshIp-t∂cw 6 aWn°v ]m¿´v 1 (t_knIv) tImgvkv Kuco-i-¶¿ lmfn¬ Bcw-`n-°p-∂p. `qX, h¿Ø-am\, `mhn Nn¥-Iƒ a\p-jy-\n¬ kr„n°p∂ tZjyw, \ncm-i-X, ZpxJw, Bi¶, `bw F∂o \ntj[ hnIm-c-ßsf ]pd- Ø p- I - f - b p- ∂ - X n\pw AXp- h - g n lrt{ZmKw, Iym≥k¿, {]talw XpS-

ßnb Kpcp-X-c-tcm-K-߃ Hgn-hm-°n-sb-Sp°p- ∂ - X n\pw B¿´v Hm^v enhnw- K nse {]mWm-bm-aw, tbmK, kpZ¿i-\-{Inb XpSßn-b-h-bn-ep≈ ]cn-io-e-\-߃ {]tbmP- \ - s ∏- S p- s a∂pw tImgv k n\v ap≥Iq´n t]cp-Iƒ cPn-ÿ sNøm-hp-∂-Xm-sW∂pw kwLm-S-I¿ Adn-bn-®p. IqSp- X ¬ hnh- c - ß ƒ°v _‘- s ∏tS≠ sSe-t^m¨ \º-cp-Iƒ 9846051256, 9995076070.

Opp.Main Office, Tripunithura Dealers in Post Quality Ph: 2777329, Coffee, Chicory &94470 Tea 48861

For Sale/Rent * 850 Sq.ft. Flat ]q¿Æ{X-boi t£{X-Øn\p kao]w * 3 Bed room House ]q¿Æ-{X-boi t£{XØn\p kao]w ˛ hmSIbv°v * 5½ Cent ¬ 1500 Sq.ft. House hnev]\bv°v ˛ Beph tZiw `mKØv Contact:8891618142

Opp.Main Post Office, Tripunithura Ph: 2777329, 94470 48861

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Nov 7 to 13, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ko\n-b¿ kn‰n-k¨ t^mdw Sn.-F. taml-\≥ XymKsØt]mse kpK-‘-]q¿Wamb as‰mcp ]qhv Cs√∂p ]dbp-∂-Xp-t]mse s]mXp-\-∑-bv°pth≠n C„-Øn\p hn]-co-X-amb Nne Imcy- ß ƒ hsc a‰m- f pIƒs°m∏w \mw \n¿Δ- l nt® ]‰q. \mSns‚ \∑-bv°mbn \mw sNøp∂ XymK- a m- W - X v . as‰mc¿∞- Ø n¬ AXv ]uc- [ ¿ΩØns‚ Hcp `mKw Xs∂-bm-Wv. _m[y- X - I ƒ \nd- t h- ‰ p- ∂ - X n¬ Pm{KX ]pe¿Øp∂ ]ucs‚ ASp- t Øbv ° v Ah- I m- i - ß ƒ X\nsb h∂p- t N- c p- ∂ p. Ah¿ AXn-\mbn ]S-s]m-cp-tX-≠-Xn-√. `mc- X sØ kw_- ‘ n- ® n- S tØmfw htbm-P-\ß (60 hb p Ign-™-h¿)fpsS FÆw Xzcn-X-KXn-bn¬ h¿≤n-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-Ibm-Wv. 1961-˛¬ 25.6 Zi-e-£-am-bncp-∂Xv 30 h¿jw Ign-™-t∏mƒ, AXm-bXv 1991-˛¬ Cc-´n-bn-e-[n-Iambn h¿≤n®v 56.7 Zi-e-£-ambn Db¿∂p. F∂m¬ Im¬ \q‰m≠p Ign-bp-tºmƒ AXm-bXv 2016-˛¬ AXv ho≠pw Cc-´n®v 113.26 Zi-e£-ambn amdpw. a‰v C≥Uy≥ kwÿm-\-ßsf At]-£n®v tIc-f-Ønse htbmP-\-ß-fpsS kwJy io{L-K-Xn-bnemWv h¿≤n-°p-∂-Xv. k¿°m¿ Xe-Ønepw kmaq-ly-X-e-Ønepw \S-Ø-s∏-Sp∂ t£a {]h¿Ø-\ß- f m- b n- c n°mw Hcp- ] s£ CØcw hf¿®m-\n-c-°nse h¿≤\bv°p \nZm-\w. htbm-P-\-ß-fpsS Pohn-X-{I-aoI-c-W-ß-fn¬ kp{]-[m-\-am-bXv kz¥w a°- t fm- s Sm∏w Xma- k n°p∂ coXn-X-s∂-bm-Wv. F∂m¬ Iq´p-Ip-Spw_w inYn-e-ambn AWpIp- S pw- _ - ß ƒ h¿≤n®p hcp∂ kml- N - c y- Ø n¬ ]e¿°pw CXn\p Ign- b msX hcp- I tbm ]ecpw ho´n¬\n∂p ]pdw-X-≈s∏- S p- I tbm sNøp- ∂ p. as‰m∂v Xe-ap-d-Iƒ XΩn-ep≈ kwL¿jØns‚ ]cn-W-X-^ew IqSn-bm-Wv. IqSmsX bphm-°-fpsS hnZqc \mSpI- f n- t e- b v ° p≈ IpSn- t b- ‰ - h pw.

htbm-P-\-ß-fpsS kpc-£n-X-XzØn\v A\n- h m- c y- a mbn th≠Xv kmaq-ln-I ]cn-K-W-\-bm-Wv. tIc- f - Ø nse htbm- P - \ - ß fpsS Btcm-Ky-\ne A{X tami-as√-¶nepw 70 hb- n\p taep-≈h-cpsS BtcmKy ÿnXn A{X sa®-s∏-´-X-s√∂p am{X-a-√, Bi¶m- P - \ - I - h p- a m- W v . A\- X n- h n- Z qc `mhn- b n¬ samØw P\- k w- J ybpsS A©n-semcp `mKw htbmP-\-ß-fmbn Xocp∂ kml-N-cyØn¬ hr≤ ]cn- ] m- e - \ - Ø n\v IqSp-X¬ Du∂¬ \¬tI-≠n-bn-cn°p- ∂ p. GsXm- c m- X p- c m- e - b - ß fnepw Ht´sd tcmK- ß ƒ°v hnZKv[ tUmIvS¿am-cpsS tkh\w e`y- a m- I p- t ºmgpw hr≤- t cmK NnIn’ Fßpw e`y- a - √ . Cu Zpxÿn-Xn°v ASn-b-¥c ]cn-lmcw ImtW-≠n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. k¿°m¿ IW-°\ - p-kc - n®v 1995-˛¬ ac-Ws - ∏´ 60-˛\p ta¬ {]mb-am-b-h-cn¬ 56 iX-am-\-Øn-t‚bpw acW ImcWw t]mj-Im-lm-c-Øns‚ A]-cym-]vXX-aq-e-ap-≠mb c‡-°p-d-hm-bn-cp∂p. kaqlw Kuc-h-]q¿Δw {i≤nt°≠ H∂mbn Cu {]iv\sØ \mw ImtW-≠n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. PohnX kmbm-”-Øn-tebv°v FØp-∂-Xn\p apºv htbm-P-\-ß-

Opening Today at Eroor

UNNIKRISHNA Motor Driving School & Auto Consultant Chelayil Madom, Nadama, Eroor Road, Tripunithura

Ph: 6544212 (O), 2780740 (R), 9447157447, 9249301266

fpsS tkh\w cm{„- \ n¿Ωm- W Øn¬ kaqlw Fßns\ {]tbmP-\-s∏-SpØn F∂-Xns\ kw_‘n®v Hc-t\z-jWw ChnsS A\nhm- c y- a mbn Xocp- ∂ p. k¿°m¿ Poh- \ - ° mcpw A¿≤ k¿°m¿ Poh-\-°mcpw kzImcy ÿm]-\ß- f n¬ tPmen sNbvX- h cpw A°m- e - ß - f n¬ A\p- j vTn® tkh- \ - ß ƒ°v {]Xn- ^ - e - s at∂mWw e`n- ° p∂ s]≥j≥ \yq\-]-£-amb tI{μ-˛-kw-ÿm\ Poh- \ - ° m¿°p am{X- a m- W v. IqSmsX Aev ] w Nne A¿≤ k¿°m¿ Poh- \ - ° m¿°pw. F∂m¬ \ncm-ew-_cpw \ncm-{i-bcp- a mb Ht´sd apXn¿∂ ]uc∑mcpsS tkh\w A¿∞- i q- \ yambn Xocp∂p F∂ ZpxJ-I-c-amb bmYm¿∞y-Øn-te-bv°mWv \ΩpsS {i≤ ]Xn-tb-≠-Xv. ]e taJ-e-I-fnepw Ah¿°p e`n-°p∂Xv Xp—-amb thX\w am{X-amWv . \n¿`m- K y- h - i m¬ apXn¿∂ ]uc-∑m-cpsS kwL-S-\-Iƒ°pw C°m-cy-Øn¬ H∂pw sNøm≥ Ignbp-∂n-√. htbm-P-\-ß-fpsS {]iv\߃ kaq- l - Ø n- t ‚- X m- s W∂ Xncn-®d - n-hn-te-bv°mWv CXp hnc¬ Nq≠p-∂-Xv. kmaqly hnI-k-\Øn¬ htbm- P - \ - ß ƒ°v kPohhpw Dev]m-Z-\-£-a-hp-amb ]¶mfn- Ø - Ø n\v Ah- k - c - ß ƒ kr„n®p sImSp-t°-≠Xv k¿°mcns‚ [m¿Ωn-I-amb DØ-c-hm-Zn-Xzam-Wv. AXp \nd-th-‰-s∏-Sp-∂-Xnse DZm-ko-\-X Ip‰-Icw Xs∂-bm-Wv. Iq´mb hne-t]-i-e-√, adn®v Hcp Iq´m- b va- b mWv Bhiy- s a∂v PohnX kmbm- ” - Ø n¬ Xncn- ® dn™ ]ØwK kwL-Øns‚ Hcp kz]v\-am-bn-cp-∂p, "Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ko\n- b ¿ kn‰n- k ¨ t^mdw.' `uXnI t\´-ß-sfm∂pw Ah-cpsS e£y-am-bn-cp-∂n-√. Ae-k-th-fIsf B\-μ-I-c-am-°m\pw Bib kwhm-Z-߃°pw F√m‰n\pap]cn

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hnev]-\bv°v Fcq¿ I√d tdmUn¬ 5 sk‚ v ÿehpw HmSn´ hoSpw DS≥ hnev]-\bv°v Mob: 9847032770, 9020325278.

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Nov 7 to 2010 Nov 7 to 13,13, 2010

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Nov 7 to 2010 Nov 7 to 13,13, 2010


AWn-b-d-bn¬ C\nbpw amfp-Iƒ Hcp-ßp-∂p-s≠∂v tIƒ°p-∂p. amƒ kwkvImcw hnkvXr-X-am-hp-I-bm-sW∂v Npcp-°w. IqSp-X¬ IqSp-X-emƒ°msc he-b-Øn-em-°n-s°m-≠v. ]q¿W-tXm-Xn¬ AXv km[y-am-Ipw. _nKv _-km¿ FIvkv{]kv ˛ ^pUv _km¿, amIvkv sse^v s sì, A_m- Z ns‚ Ggv ^pUv tIm¿´p-Iƒ F∂nh Dƒ∏sS 19 {_m≥Up-I-fpsS Hu´ve-‰p-Iƒ XpS-°-Øn¬ \yq¢n-b-kn-ep-≠m-hpw. tIc-fØ - n¬ amIvkns‚ c≠m-asØ Hu´v-e-‰m-Wn-Xv. _pa-dmMv F‚¿sS-


bn≥sa‚n-\mWv hnt\m-Z-]-cn-]m-Sn-IfpsS Npa- X - e . c≠m- g v N - b v ° Iw CXns‚ {]h¿Ø\w Bcw-`n-°p-sa∂mWv {]Xo-£s - b∂v A_mZv {Kq∏v sU]yq´n P\-d¬ amt\-P¿ (am¿°‰n-Mv) {]n≥kv h¿Kokv ]d-™p. _mkv I n≥ tdm_n≥kv , tPm¨ an√¿, ]nk FIvkv{]kv XpS-ßnb Ccp- ] - X n- t esd {_m≥Up- I ƒ

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Hm^okv kap-®-b-ß-fpw. Xr∏q-WnØp- d - b nepw kao] {]tZ- i - ß - f nepambp≈ D]-t`m-‡m-°ƒ°v AIe- ß - f n- e p≈ amfp- I - f n¬ C\n tjm∏n- M n- \ mbn t¢iw kln®v t]mtI- ≠ - X n- √ . AXp- t ]mse tNm‰m-\n-°-c, Xncp-hm-¶pfw {]tZi- ß - f n- t ebv ° pw h¿j- ß ƒ°v apt∂ Bcw- ` n® \K- c - h - X v I - c - W Øn\v ]ndtI amƒ kwkvIm-chpw FØn-s∏-Sp-I-bm-bn. Ct∏mƒ Xs∂ ]I- s et∂m cm{Xn- s bt∂m hyXymkw A\p-`-h-th-Zy-am-Im-Øhn[w AXn-\q-X-\-amb tjm∏nMv el- c n- b psS am{¥nI he- b - Ø nemWv \K-cw. c≠v h¿jw apºv XpS- ß nb Hm_vtdm¨ amfn¬ Ah[n Znh- k - ß - f n¬ 25,000Øn¬∏cw t]¿ FØp-∂p-s≠-∂XmWv IW-°v. Ct∏m-gnXm \yq¢n-b-kv. AWnb-d-bn¬ C\nbpw amfp-Iƒ Hcp-ßp∂p- s ≠∂v tIƒ°p- ∂ p. amƒ kwkv I mcw hnkv X r- X - a m- h p- I - b msW∂v Npcp-°w. IqSp-X¬ IqSp-Xemƒ°msc he-b-Øn-em-°n-s°m≠v.

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Nov 7 to 13, 2010

Tripunithura's Durbar


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Kottavathil Jokes

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It’s ALPHA- NUMERIC Sudoko. Waka..Waka.. What... Yes for a change play the Alpha - Numeric Sudoko. There is hardly any difference between the normal sudoku game except alphabet - a, , c incorporation along with the numericals 1-9; that’s all. So now ensure every column and row should contain alphabet a, b, c only once along with the numericals. So, Folks it’s Alpha - Numeric Sudoko now Waka.... Waka

JUST DO IT Kn^v‰v hu®¿ kΩm-\-ambn \¬Ipw "Xr∏qWn-Øpd \yqkn'¬ ÿnc-ambn {]kn-≤o-I-cn®p-h-cp∂ Puzzles ]qcn-∏n®v Hm^o-kn¬ FØn-°p∂-h¿°v \dp-s°-Sp-∏n-eqsS Kn^v‰v hu®¿ kΩm-\ambn \¬Ip-∂p. IqSp-X¬ hnh-c-߃°v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkv' Hm^o-kp-ambn _‘-s∏-Sp-I.

PH : 9895763536.

Ign-™-bm-gvNsØ hnPbn: dnjn {]ho¨

Name................................................................... Address............................................................... .................................Phone.................................

Nov 7 to 13, 2010


Parents,Children & Youth of Tripunithura





ALPHA - NUMERIC SUDOKO Issue 219 answer

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Nov 7 to 13, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

MARKET STATUS Market status is bullish. Oops… What a record breaking week. NIFTY and SENSEX closed at all time high. Now what is left is a breakout above the highest level achieved, which is just a Kissing Distance away. The rising window pattern formed in the last two trading sessions are probably indicative of the post Diwali fireworks to follow. Trade Signal: Till last week, it was showing bearishness. But at the beginning of the week, Ftalarms, gave a buy signal and needless to say what followed. Now the stock selections side, there are only bullish selections. There are far too many… SATISH KUMAR

ON THE JOB TRAINING By S. Sangameswaran We have known for a long time that the best way for staff to learn is by actually doing things. People learn best in environments that are directly related to the learning that is taking place. Staff members learn from their superiors and from their colleagues. This learning is intentional in that you ask about the things you need to do and how to do them, but yet it is not done as a specific learning activity; it is done in the course of doing the job. You learn well and naturally in the working environment. The power of the working environment can and often does out-weight any ‘off the job’ training that might take place. What is needed is some means whereby individuals can receive continuous updating and training, both when they need it and when they ask for it. This can be provided by supervisors, more experienced colleagues or via the technology you use in your daily work. Continuous training is a three stage process of learning, practising and reviewing performance. It should not stop. You should not reach a satisfactory level and switch off, because your performance will deteriorate. I believe that if organizations can provide the infrastructure to maintain this continuous development process and provide the motivation through self-

generated learning, practice and review, then there should be significant improvement in performance. We need to see the world as a complex web of inter-personal, inter-group, interorganisational and international relationship. Creating change has largely been brought about by a combination of factors in which training plays a key and unifying role. And I believe that training helps refocus attention on quality and co-operation, releases a flood of ideas and develops multiperspective thinking. It creates an office environment where the process of creative thought is natural; it fosters feeling such as teamwork, corporate loyalty and self-esteem. In a search for excellence, we need to transform the way we do things. And some of the ways to achieve this are by changing: - People, through redundancy and transform the way we - performance, through skills training; - work, through job rotation; - beliefs, through training and improved communication; - the environment, through structural changes ‘Training is everything, The peach was ages ago A bitter almound, Cauliflower is nothing But a cabbage with University education.’ - Mark Twain

_yq´n sl¿_¬ jmw]q Hcp tS_nƒ kv]q¨ Deph

Hcp Znhkw sh≈-Øn-en´p shbv°pI. ]nt‰∂v CXv Ac-s®-SpØv Hcp tS_nƒ kv]q¨ ap´-bpsS sh≈bpw Hcp Sokv]q¨ sNdp-\m-cßm-\ocpw Iq´n-°e - ¿Øn Xe-bn¬ ]pc-´n-bt- ijw Igp-In-°-f-bp-I. BgvN-bnsem-cn-°¬ Cßs\ sNbvXm¬ apSn ]´p-t]mse arZp-ea - m-Ipw.



A Sophisticated two months’ Course for improving your Communication & Correspondence Skill in English Language. What you learn from our effective spoken english course.... - English Grammar (to revive your memory) - Vocabulary (To improve your Word Power) - Present your ideas effectively & efficiently.\ - Face Job interviews with confidence - How to excel in your Jobs/Profession - Add charm & interest to conversation - Build your image & bring vigour to your Spoken English - Correspondence (How to write different classes of letters) - Personality Development. Course Duration - 60 Days - Moderate Fees. Special Batches & Convenient Timings for Ladies & Employed Persons. For Details: Contact:

S. Sangameswaran 1-A, Royal Nest, Phase - 1 Chinmaya Mission Road, Tripunithura - 682 301 Phone: 2774819, Mob: 99473 - 66495

1. s\√n°mNmdn¬ a-bn-em-©nb-c®v Xe-bn¬ tX®p ]nSn-∏n-®Xn-\p-tijw Ipfn-°p-I. BgvNbn¬ 3 {]mhiyw C{]-Imcw sNbvXm¬ \c amdn-°n-´pw. 2. ]cn∏v thhn-°p-tºmƒ Hcp IjvWw tXßm-∏qfp IqSn tN¿Øm¬ ]cn∏v thKw sh¥v In´pw. 3. ]Øv Xpf-kn-bne Hcp Xp≠v C©n-tbm-sSm∏w Ac®v sNdp-NqSp sh≈-Øn¬ Ie°n IpSn-®m¬ ISpØ Pe-tZm-j-Øn\v Bizmkw In´pw. 4. ap´-bpsS Iq¿Ø `mKw Xmtgm´m°n sh®n-cp-∂m¬ ap´ IqSp-X¬ Znhkw tISm-Im-sX-bn-cn-°pw. 5. s]m´n® tXß tISm-Im-sX-bn-cn-°m≥ AXv sh≈Øn-en´v shbv°p-I. cmhnse IgpIn XpS-®-Xn-\ptijw D]-tbm-Kn-°mw. {^nUvPn-√m-Øh - ¿°p≈ t]mwh-gn-bm-Wn-Xv.

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Nov 7 to 13, 2010


hoSv -B-h-iy-ap≠v Fully furnished House/ Flat (Rs 7,500)

Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d, ssh‰n-e

Contact: 9895763536

Bh-iy-ap≠v ]pXnb _m®p-Iƒ Bcw-`n-°p-∂p Nn{X-c-N-\, kwKoXw, arZwKw tXh-c-°mhv Aº-eØn\v kao]w Contact: 9497238228, 9447607192, 3230701.

RENT / LEASE hmS-Ibv°v Hm^okv kvs]bvkv \yq _kv Ãm≥Un\v FXn¿hiw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd 3 s_Uvdqw lukv, ]mhw-Ip-f-ßc 3000 kvIzb¿^o‰v tKmUu¨ @ ama-e. 3 s_Uvdqw lukv @ ama-e.

cotact: 9995438669

9447565798, 9037903239

P H:9895763536


er p a p

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FOR RENT Fcq¿ `h≥kv kvIqfn\p kao]w 3 s_Uv dqw kuI-cy-ßt- fmSp IqSnb hn√ hmS-Ibv°p sImSp-°m-\p-≠v.

Marketing Executive Attractive Salary (10,000)

PH: 8547085833 9037594452

Contact : 9895763536

BEAUTICIAN COURSE Professional - Govt. Certificate 3 months 6 “ 12 “


Rs. 3000/Rs. 6000/Rs. 12000/-

Authorised Training Centre

THE ORCHIDS Beauty Parlour & Tailoring Opp. N.S.S. College, Tripunithura Ph: 9497685853, 8089174310 Sunday By Booking Only Time - 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

ÿew hnev]-\bv°v ]mhw- I p- f - ß c Aº- e Øn\v kao]w 8 sk‚ v ÿew hnev]- \ - b v°v. t{_m°¿ IqSmsX t\cn´v _‘-s∏-Sp-I.


hmS-Ibv°v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd IÆ≥Ip-f-ßc Nn∑b kvIqfn\p kao]w Ccp-\ne hoSv hmS-Ibv°v (Rs. 6,500/-). Contact: Ph. No. 9349775525.



Sale @ its lowest prices Free gifts

TALLY \nßfpsS ÿm]-\-Øns‚ A°u≠vkv, Smen-bn¬ sNbvXpX-cp-∂p. Facilities for

e-filing VAT return. Contact: 9846956708.

Small Prices Big Sale

Intel P.C. Dual core @ Rs. 19,990/Sempron P.C @ Rs. 16,800/AMD Athelon P.C. @ Rs. 18,500/Students P.C @ Rs. 14,000/-

Educational CD PackHead Phone Speakers, 4 GB Pen Drive, Cleaning Kit Mouse Pad

11/305 B Thekkineth Building, Seaport-Airport Road, Manakkappadi, Irimpanam - 682 309. Ph: 0484 2114282, 83, Cell: 09562394202, 09562394203, 9846548866 E-mail:

ALL FOR KIDS - Pediatric Clinic : 6452772, 6492772 AMBERMOLI HOMES : 9895201552, 6461232 THE BASICS DAY CARE : 9847422452 CHARUTHA SILKS : 3019192 COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE : 9961710088,9961570088 DOWN TOWN : 3019122 ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING WORKS (FAMS) : 9947047004, 3083113 HEERA HOMES : 2346484, 85, 9847600088 INSIGHTS (Opp. Hotel Prasanth) : 9495973825 (ENGLISH TUITIONS, IELTS) Dr. KUNAL’s : 2782878 9048055102 MULTI-SPECIALTY DENTAL CLINIC


:9142023675, : 9995886004 2776361 (R), 2776004 : 2783840 : 2383795, 2353713 : 9846153528 : 9447694587 : 2777317 : 9446211058, 2779021 : 2774522 : 98460 33230 93497 56668 : 2783998, 9446070998 :9387076516, : 2781034, 2775525 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 2775557, 9447302756 : 9847091090 : 94477 35647

Service Helpline: 09995056506 The Complete IT Service Solutions

Consultants for: Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Company Matters, Project Reports, Computerised Accounts in Tally etc. Contact: Associated Consultants, Ist Floor, N.SS Building, Hospital Road, Tripunithura

Ph: 9895050905, 0484-3019113



Neighbourhood Events

Nov 7 to 13, 2010

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RNI No: KERBIL/2006/17913. Printed, Published and Owned by V.Vishnu Kumar and Printed at Viani Printing, Lizy Hospital Road, V P No: 1916, Kochi - 18. Published at Sreelakshmi, 1st floor, Above Vandana Medicals, N.F.Gate, Tripunithura. Editor: V. Vishnukumar Ph: 0484-2785007, 9895763536

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Issue 220  

Vol 5 No 13

Issue 220  

Vol 5 No 13