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shedd aquarium 2013 annual report

One World: Shedd Making a Difference

2013 At a Glance


32,000 animals

species 1 rescued sea lion


324 high school students

anniversary for Australian lungfish Granddad

used the Teen Learning Lab since September opening


new exhibit At Home on the Great Lakes


solar panels installed on Abbott Oceanarium roof

new live-animal experience

Stingray Touch


birthdays for Pacific white-sided dolphin Sagu and beluga whale Kimalu 2.02 million annual guests


rescued dogs

834 Great Lakes Action Days volunteers

Water use


reduced by

million gallons

Dear Friends, At Shedd Aquarium, we celebrate the connections we share with the living world. Animals, people and our planet’s vast waters are tightly linked —  and this interdependence means that our actions matter. Together, we can make a difference every day to protect the one world we all call home. The health of our planet is in the hands of the upcoming generation, and last year we were proud to provide free admission to 135,508 Illinois schoolchildren. Through Shedd’s programming efforts, our intention is to groom our future scientists, marine mammal trainers, teachers, engineers, and informed and inspired citizens. Further, more than 800 volunteer citizen scientists joined us in our new Great Lakes Action Days to clean beaches and restore local lakeshore habitats. The connectedness between people and nature is beautifully illustrated in the aquatic show that debuted in 2013, “One World: Make a Difference.” As board members and donors, you partner with us every day to make a great difference — for animals here and in the wild, for conservation local and global, for the learners of all ages who make real or virtual visits, and for a sustainable future for our community and our world. We could not go so far in fulfilling our mission without generous friends like you. You are a part of everything we do. As you read on, please share a sense of pride in the many ways in which we made a difference together in 2013.


Tyrone C. Fahner Chairman

Ted A. Beattie President/CEO


No patient too small, no challenge too great Shedd’s animal health team — veterinarians, veterinary technicians and environmental-quality technicians — work hand in hand every day with the aquarists and trainers to give our 32,000 animals the best possible care. That might be an eye exam for a sea lion, an ultrasound for a stingray, or a house call to a seahorse that seems a little under the weather. So when an aquarist noticed the distended left eye of a flame angelfish, he immediately called the Animal Health department. Soon aquarists, veterinarians and technicians were gathered in front of the fish’s 385-gallon saltwater exhibit. The husbandry and medical experts agreed that the safest way to remove the quick-moving 5-inch fish for treatment was to sedate all the animals in the teeming habitat — fishes, corals and crustaceans — with a natural sedative, a higher CO2 level in the water. The angelfish retrieved, half the team rushed the patient to Shedd’s on-site animal hospital, part of the A. Watson Armour Center for Aquatic Health and Welfare. The others stayed at the habitat, monitoring the residents’ recovery in reoxygenated water.

At the hospital’s wet-and-dry exam table, technicians began a steady trickle of anesthetic solution through the fish’s gills. The doctor — a member of Shedd’s partnership veterinary residency program — closely examined the animal. She didn’t need the digital radiograph equipment to quickly find an external tumor. During a delicate 20-minute surgery, requiring the smallest ophthalmic instruments and a steady hand, the resident removed the tiny eye and surrounding diseased tissue. Afterward the fish was moved to a reserve area to recuperate on antibiotics for about 10 days. From tissue samples sent to Shedd’s microbiology lab as well as to partner pathologists at the University of Illinois, the tumor was identified as a type that commonly develops in fishes’ sensory cells, including those in the eye. The flame angelfish made a complete recovery and was welcomed back to his habitat — the coral reef display in the President’s Conference Room. The little survivor has become quite a conversation starter about how Shedd’s animal care and animal health teams work together to make a difference for animals every day.

2013 was a difficult year for California sea lion pups. More than 1,500 emaciated young animals stranded on Southern California beaches in what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared an “unusual mortality event.” Shedd sent two trainers to help care for and rehabilitate the little patients at one of many busy marine mammal rescue centers.

Soon a rehab center called with a twice-stranded youngster that probably wouldn’t make it if released again. The trainers report that Laguna — named for where he was first found — is now at a healthy weight for his age and that he’s energetic and eager to learn. He has also become fast friends with another rescue, blind sea lion Cruz.

The aquarium also offered to provide a home to a male pup if one could not be returned to the wild.

Shedd Aquarium’s sea lion rescue and rehabilitation efforts are funded in part by Exelon Corporation.

Welcoming Laguna

Partnership a-mazes otters Each year, students at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering work with Shedd staffers to create an original product to enhance animal care at the aquarium. Their challenge in 2013 was to build a game that would enrich — and withstand — the high-energy sea otters. The result was a sturdy plexiglass wall puzzle that engages the otters in natural problem-solving —

using their wits and their mitts — to obtain fish treats from a hollow ball that they push through a maze. The project taught the students as much about sea otters as about product design and thrilled the marine mammal trainers, who have almost as much fun watching the otters as the otters have playing with the maze.


Shedd protects animals and their habitats around the globe The scientists of Shedd’s Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research are in the field (and usually in the water) from Southeast Asia to the Bahamas and from the Amazon River basin to the Great Lakes watershed. As a responsible steward of the animals in its care, Shedd is committed to conserving species and ecosystems through research that increases knowledge, informs policy, enhances livelihoods and inspires the public to join in environmental stewardship. For example, Shedd is a valued conservation partner with the Bahamas National Trust through its two-decades-long rock iguana conservation studies, which have expanded protections for these endangered lizards. Shedd deepened its commitment to the country’s fragile ecosystems — and the people

who depend on them — with population surveys of queen conch and spiny lobsters. In addition to their critical place in nearshore marine ecosystems, these species support the two most important fisheries in the Bahamas. Shedd’s studies will help inform sustainable management plans for them. In Guyana, Shedd researcher Dr. Lesley De Souza conducts radio-tracking studies to identify the home range and migratory patterns of the arapaima, South American’s largest scaled fish. The information is essential to protect critical habitat where populations of this declining species still thrive. The arapaima is so important to the ecology and economy of this region that the president of Guyana has visited our researcher’s remote field station to learn more about its conservation.

Bahamas Great Lakes • Three-year assessment of endangered and threatened Illinois fish populations to update state endangered list

• Ongoing 20-year study of populations of two endangered rock iguana species • New study on the health of endangered iguanas fed unnatural foods by tourists • Conch and spiny lobster research

• Studies to determine the diet of invasive weatherfish; also genetic studies to determine origin of this invader • Investigation of renewed lake whitefish spawning migrations and effects on Great Lakes ecosystems (in partnership with University of Wisconsin – Madison) • Study of the effects of dam removal on migratory Great Lakes fish populations


Southeast Asia • Ongoing support for community-based seahorse conservation with longtime partner Project Seahorse • Seahorse population surveys • Development of a data-collection tool for use by local citizen scientists to help monitor and conserve seahorse populations • Release of iSeahorse Explore, a smartphone app and website that enables divers, conservationists and other nature lovers around the world to report seahorse sightings

Guyana • Radio tracking of tagged endangered arapaima, the world’s largest scaled freshwater fish, to learn seasonal movements and define parameters for potential protected areas

Meet the neighbors In June Shedd reopened its Local Waters gallery as the revamped and refocused At Home on the Great Lakes exhibit. It highlights the diversity of the aquatic life in Chicago’s backyard and gives guests from the Great Lakes and beyond a chance to connect with astonishing, inspiring animals, from familiar bluegills to the elusive hellbender — and even invasive Asian carp. But the ultimate personal experience is a hands-on meeting with several lake sturgeons at the sturgeon touch pool. Outside of the Shedd gallery, guests would have to go deep diving in the Great Lakes to

meet one of these bottom-dwelling giants. But at Shedd they simply have to roll up their sleeves and reach into the lake-temperature touch pool for the unique experience of feeling the armored fish, little changed from the days of the dinosaurs.

Most of the gallery’s guests will be among the 36 million people who depend on the Great Lakes for the water in their morning coffee or tea — and so much more. At Home on the Great Lakes reveals the region as a dynamic, but challenged, ecosystem, and offers the inspiration and information to make a difference and keep the lakes great.

Great Lakes Action Days More than 800 people had GLAD — Great Lakes Action Days — experiences with Shedd at Chicago-area lakeshore parks and preserves in a new hands-on citizen science program that debuted in July. GLAD programs are supported by Conservator Partners ArcelorMittal and Coca-Cola.

Volunteers, including corporate partners and special groups, got to know the Great Lakes region — and some of its conservation issues — firsthand through beach cleanups and habitat restoration projects at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, 12th Street Beach, 63rd Street Beach, Openlands Lakeshore Preserve and Illinois Beach State Park. In addition to bagging more than 1,300 pounds of beach litter (one-third of which could be recycled), they uprooted invasive vegetation, planted 1,000 native grasses and flowers, collected 27 buckets of seed from native plants for next year, tested water quality and monitored amphibian populations.

Several lucky groups accompanied a Shedd researcher as he surveyed fish species at the restoration sites. With dip nets they met natives like smallmouth bass and longnose dace, and invasive round gobies. At 63rd Street Beach, volunteers found a silver sliver of a fish that was identified as a banded killifish, an endangered species in Illinois. These GLAD participants contributed to Shedd’s collaboration with state wildlife agencies to update the Illinois threatened and endangered species list. Great Lakes Action Days give people the opportunity to discover the wild treasures we have in the Chicago area and make a tangible difference in the health of the ecosystem we all call home.


Teen Learning continues Shedd’s tradition of innovation Who better to design a study-research-and-meeting space for science-minded teens than teens themselves? That was the Learning division’s conviction when Shedd educators invited local students who are active in Shedd’s teen programs to take part in the development and design of the Teen Learning Lab, which opened for the new school year in September. Free to all high school students, the innovative space in the Helen Shedd Keith Aquatic Education Center is a hub for future fisheries biologists, naturalists, science educators and citizen scientists to explore

their environmental interests, develop criticalthinking skills, investigate aquatic careers and go beyond their textbooks to have fun with real-life science through hands-on activities. The transformed classroom is outfitted with wet-lab tables, Apple workstations, iPads, floor-toceiling whiteboards, LCD projectors and mp3 players. Students have wide-open possibilities to conduct scientific research, create multimedia products, take part in social media and connect with other teens and knowledgeable staff members who share their interests. The Teen



Learning Lab is supported by The Barker Welfare Foundation, The Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust and Kenneth F. and Harle G. Montgomery Foundation.

Superior, the Shedd Stewards environmental servicelearning program, a work-study program and the Shedd Explorers day camp, featuring outdoor activities in local natural areas.

The new space is just the latest development in Shedd’s groundbreaking educational offerings to connect teens with the natural world. In 1973, Shedd educators used the aquarium’s research vessel for an experimental high school marine biology class in the Bahamas. It became an award-winning program that’s still going strong and has been joined by a high school lake ecology class in Lake

For four decades, Shedd’s learning programs for teens have been a springboard to a variety of science careers, making a difference for those students and all the people they have influenced.

A dose of Penguins call on kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital For hospitalized kids who couldn’t visit the aquarium, a special Shedd program made sure some of the aquarium’s most popular animals visited them. During “Shedd Week” in August, a quartet of Magellanic penguins made a difference to dozens of young patients, along with their families and nurses, at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Animal care staffers led the birds through a mini training-and-feeding session and answered a multitude of questions. Those kids who couldn’t leave their beds watched a live broadcast of the visit on the hospital’s Skylight TV network and could phone in questions to the Shedd trainers.

Also during the week, teens in Shedd’s work-study program engaged the kids, their families and friends in hands-on activities and crafts in the hospital’s Family Life Center. Shedd created a scaled-down version of the Abbott Oceanarium’s penguin playscape for the space, and it was a great backdrop for the hospitalized kids to connect with more of Shedd’s animals. Shedd’s collaboration with Lurie Children’s Hospital began in 2012, when the aquarium designed the aquatic-themed décor of the new hospital’s emergency department and donated almost-lifesized sculptures of a mother humpback whale

The gift of a visit Shedd works with diverse community organizations and corporate partners to make sure an aquarium visit is within reach of every Illinois citizen. Last year, 135,508 Illinois schoolchildren received free admission. Shedd also provides free access to • Illinois educators, so they can better prepare for field trips • active-duty military personnel • Chicago police and firefighters

fun and her calf. A year’s worth of programming in 2013, including “Shedd Week,” Shedd-themed episodes of Skylight TV, admission passes for patients and their families, and other benefits, were generously funded by the Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation.

Shedd offered 52 Community Discount/free days for all Illinois residents, enabling 132,260 people to enjoy the original aquarium galleries without charge. Illinois Resident Discount Days are sponsored by Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of the Ford Motor Company. City of Chicago residents always receive discounted admission. To further encourage family visits, Shedd also works with the Chicago Public Library to place admission passes in every branch. During the holidays, Shedd teamed up with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, donating admission vouchers that were distributed at 27 Chicago public schools through programs that provide groceries, healthy after-school meals and other food to underserved students and their families. About 95 percent of the children at these schools qualify for the federal school-lunch program. Shedd hopes the vouchers were a special holiday treat.


Let the sun shine in Shedd launched the first phase of its clean-energy initiative in September with the installation of 913 photovoltaic solar panels atop the Abbott Oceanarium. The 265-kilowatt array is the largest solar panel installation at any cultural institution in Illinois. The project was funded through partnerships with the State of Illinois, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Illinois Clean Energy Foundation and Schneider Electric. The solar project is part of Shedd’s Master Energy Roadmap, an ambitious initiative to cut the aquarium’s energy consumption — currently about 20 million kilowatt hours annually — in half by 2020 and make it the nation’s first clean-energy-powered aquarium. Under the on-site renewable generation goals of the roadmap, the panels power life-support equipment for the At Home on the Great Lakes gallery, which showcases our region’s diverse native animals.

In another energy-saving move in 2013, the aquarium replaced 75 percent of its lighting with highefficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs), including 600 bulbs in the four original foyer chandeliers, to reduce usage by 150,000 kilowatt hours a month. How we get and use energy directly affects aquatic life and habitats around the world. The Master Energy Roadmap can be a model for other cultural institutions, businesses and communities across the country. Already an established energy saver, Shedd has committed to becoming an energy innovator. Using state-of-the-art technologies and an integrated strategy for all its energy use — and generation — Shedd is not only to reducing its own resources use, but also inspiring and enabling others to make sustainable changes to protect the environment we share.

Help Shedd

continue to make a difference every day Through your relationship with Shedd Aquarium, you are a partner in all that we do to make a difference every day for animals, for people and for the world we all share. Please help us to do more with a generous gift to the annual fund. By donating today, you help ensure that • our animal hospital has state-of-the-art equipment

Sandy Marek, senior vice president for development, 312-692-3263

• we are always prepared to send our animal care experts wherever wildlife is in urgent need

Janet Grogan, vice president of individual and major gifts, 312-692-3157

• our staff scientists can pursue innovative research near and far to conserve animals, ecosystems and livelihoods

Katie Clark, director of donor relations and special events, 312-692-2713

• we can nurture a love of science in teens • we can show the wonder and joy of aquatic animals to area children, whether they visit us or we visit them • we continue to provide free access to military and first responders You are a part of every story in this report. And together, we have the potential to achieve even more. Please make a difference and give to the annual fund today. You can contact our Development department or visit www.

Daryl Rizzo, senior director of government and foundation relations, 312-692-3170, 312-692-3284, 312-692-3284


Our Supporters

Throughout 2013, Shedd welcomed new animals, celebrated the longevity of others, conducted research to conserve species and habitats around the globe and helped learners of all ages connect to the living world and make a difference.

Money secured from our generous donors and loyal members made these successes possible. With your support, Shedd continues to be a leader in animal care,

conservation research, sustainable practices, learning programs and community access. We appreciate and look forward to your continued partnership.


board of trustees gala

auxiliary board

golf tournament

Chicago’s top philanthropic leaders

Chicago’s finest young philanthropists

On September 23, Shedd hosted the

Shedd Aquarium during the June 8

$370,000, with support from several

tournament at Shoreacres in Lake Bluff,

Be Like Bond: The Stingray Affair

raised more than $1.3 million for

spy-themed gala to celebrate Shedd’s newest experience, Stingray Touch.

The black-tie event attracted 930 guests, making it one of the most-attended

galas in the aquarium’s history. Gala

Chairman Laura Ferris Anderson and her committee planned an evening that was creative and entertaining,

and raised critical funds for Shedd’s

conservation, education and animal care programs.

Whole BLU World

gathered July 27 to raise more than generous matches, during Shedd

Aquarium’s annual Auxiliary Board

soirée, BLU. The event commemorated the 10-year anniversary of Shedd’s

Wild Reef exhibit, which showcases a

Philippine reef ecosystem. BLU Co-Chairs Gideon P. Searle and Susan Patience,

along with the 60-member Auxiliary

Board, shared their passion for Shedd’s learning and conservation initiatives with 900 guests at one of Chicago’s premier summer fundraising fêtes.

Fore! the Animals

second annual Fore! the Animals golf

Illinois. Golfers hit the links to support Shedd’s conservation efforts for wild

animals in the Great Lakes and around the globe, as well as for the 32,000

animals that call Shedd home. The event raised more than $200,000. Special thanks to our host, Shedd Trustee

CJ Oates, and the Fore! the Animals Steering Committee.

board of trustees

With much gratitude for their leadership, vision and stewardship of the institution, we acknowledge the following individuals for their service on Shedd Aquarium’s Board of Trustees in 2013. For information about Shedd leadership, please contact Jennifer Baryl, senior vice president/board liaison, at jbaryl or 312-692-3154.

Tyrone C. Fahner, Chairman

Ted A. Beattie, President/CEO

life trustees

Philip D. Block III Peter B. Foreman Marian Phelps Pawlick William N. Sick Stephen Byron Smith


Peter J. Bensen Richard W. Burke, Sr. Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly Eugene M. Cummings Scott L. Dille David L. Epstein Richard E. Erwin Sarah N. Garvey H. John Gilbertson Jr. John J. Greisch Brett J. Hart

Wallace L. Head Daniel J. Hennessy Kym M. Hubbard Robert H. Jordan Brian A. Kenney Richard L. Keyser Thomas N. King Cary A. Kochman David J. Koo Anne E. Krebs Donna LaPietra Stuart Larkins Bruce K. Lee Cheryl Mayberry McKissack Andrew McNally V Harvey L. Miller J. Jay Miller Wade D. Miquelon Susan E. Morrison Christopher J. Oates Ellen L. O’Connor Jane B. Perkins Bruce J. Piller* Ginevra Reed Ralph Susan Regenstein Marc E. Rothman* Gregory H. Sachs John F. Sandner David P. Scharf Rodd M. Schreiber Nancy S. Searle Lloyd A. Semple, Jr. Sandra L. Simon Mary S. Smith Guy E. Snyder

Steven J. Solomon Tracy Souder William C. Steers Jane L. Warner Reeve Byron Waud Steve Weller Donna Sims Wilson

honorary trustees

Henry S. Bienen Ronald L. Blake William P. Braker Stanton R. Cook The Honorable Richard M. Daley Stanley M. Freehling Quentin G. Heisler, Jr. J. Donald Higgins Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Roger F. Lewis John Jeffry Louis III Patrick J. Mullen Marjorie Reed Morton Schapiro Anne O’Laughlin Scott John A. Sivright Jeffrey D. Steele Robert J. Stucker

ex-officio trustees The Honorable Rahm Emanuel John L. Hammond III * No longer serves

board of trustees gala Be Like Bond: The Stingray Affair Saturday, June 8, 2013 Laura Ferris Anderson, Chairman Mrs. Robert A. Beatty Mrs. Walter W. Bell Mrs. Gregory Besio Mrs. Philip D. Block III* Mrs. Richard J. Blommer Robyn Brass Ms. Dontrey Britt-Hart Mrs. Douglas J. Brown Mrs. Cindy Chereskin Elizabeth O’Connor Cole Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly Mrs. Alfred E. D’Ancona* Robin Blesi Doerge* Mrs. David L. Epstein* Dixie Erwin Mrs. Thomas J. Eyerman Anne M. Fahner Mrs. William Feldman Valencia L. Fellows Mrs. Michael Ferro Mrs. Peter B. Foreman* Sarah Nava Garvey* Mrs. Matthew Goebel Mrs. Matthew R. Halpin Mrs. Brendan Head Mrs. Jonathan F. Jackson Dr. Ann L. Jones Mrs. Robert H. Jordan Mrs. Burton Kaplan

Mrs. Walter M. Kelly Mrs. Thomas N. King Mrs. Maryfran Klein Mrs. David J. Koo Mrs. R. Stribling Koster Mrs. Robert D. Krebs* Ms. Donna LaPietra* Mrs. Ian Larkin Julie Latsko Mrs. Richard Lobo Mrs. Christopher Mahr Christine Maki Mrs. David W. Mangel* Mrs. William J. McKenna, Jr. Cheryl Mayberry McKissack Mrs. Andrew McNally V Mrs. John Mengelt* Mrs. Robert S. Morrison* Jacqueline Moss Colleen Mygatt Mrs. Jeff Newman Mrs. Susan Blankenbaker Noyes Mrs. James J. O’Connor* Julie Hughes O’Connor* Mrs. Jay L. Owen Mrs. Albert Pawlick* Mrs. Donald S. Perkins* Mrs. Bruce J. Piller Ms. Susan Regenstein Mrs. Donald Rocap Mrs. Randall S. Rogers Mrs. Ronald A. Rolighed Mrs. John F. Sandner Angela Sandner Mrs. Mark A. Schmid

Nancy S. Searle* rs. William N. Sick* Sandra L. Simon Mrs. Donna Sims Wilson Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith* Mrs. Thomas Clybourn Smith Mrs. Guy E. Snyder Mrs. Pedro Sotomil Mrs. William F. Souder* Mrs. Lamar W. Stanley Mrs. Kim Urban Mrs. Errett Van Nice Sharon Watrous Ms. Victoria Willer *Past Gala Chair

fore! the animals

Second Annual Golf Tournament Monday, September 23, 2013 CJ Oates, Host

steering committee Terri D’Ancona Robin Doerge John Greisch Stuart Larkins Bruce K. Lee Ellen L. O’Connor Bruce Piller Sandi Simon Guy Snyder Tracy Souder


2011-2013 auxiliary board executive committee Jack Hammond, President

David Trace, First Vice President GP Searle, Vice President of Development

Julie Canna, Vice President of Programming Tom Hennessy, Vice President of Membership Megan Robb, Vice President of Membership David Ventura, Treasurer Susan Patience, Secretary Christina Talarico, Secretary

auxiliary board Rebecca Asfour Charlie Asfour Kelly Barrett*

Andrew Bleiman* Ray Bogenrief

Eric Broxterman Chris Choi

Nathaniel Clapp

Jennifer Mengelt Corridon David Coghlan Greg Curtis

Katelyn Danielski Bill Drehkoff

Jim Drury

Jessica Morris

Tim Foufas*

Megan Murley

Tiffany Elking Alexis Geocaris Dan Gibbons Mike Gift

Janet Grogan

Katy Hartnett Jay Healy

Susan Hedlund Eric Heininger

John Hennegan Brett Herbison

Brittany Hilton* Carl Howe

Tim Huizenga Tiffany Irving

Yusef Jackson* Ryan Jenson

Ryan Moore Brad Page

Steve Paramski Ashley Pater

Katie Patterson Jon Pfeffer

M.H. Powelson Adam Powers Leah Riggs Alex Ross

Carlos Salazar

Chris Sandner

Mariah Shaver

Aubrey Sharman Alexa Shea

Andrew Sinclair Derek Snaiduf

Kevin Mehta

Claudine Tambuatco Michael Thompson Tamer Tullgren Lynn Watkins-Asiyanbi Dana Waud Ashley Weinzweig* Ben Williams* Gina Wolf Abby Wood Daisy Wood Patrick Yappel Rommie Zats

Duke Miglin

*Resigned in 2013

Whitney Key

Meghan King

Chris Klingenstein Josh Kolar

Charles Leen Alex Levy Lisa Liegl

Stephanie Lippian Marcos Lopez

Doug McClure Laura Micheli

2013 annual fund donors

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sheth

Ellen and Jim O’Connor °

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Smith°

Marian and Al Pawlick °

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies that contributed to the Annual Fund between January 1 and December 31, 2013.

Bill and Stephanie Sick °

individuals and family foundations

conservator — 

president’s council —  $50,000+

David and Paula Epstein °

Kenneth Griffin on behalf of Citadel Daniel P. Haerther Trust °

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Keyser °

The Robert M. and Diane v. S. Levy Family Foundation

Robert M. Levy Family Foundation Harvey L. Miller Supporting Foundation°

Kenneth F. and Harle G. Montgomery Foundation

Ventana Charitable Foundation Ms. Jane L. Warner and Mr. John Hegener

Mrs. Lauran Bromley and Mrs. Myrna Bromley

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bensen ° Seth L. Bent

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block III °

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Braker ° Mrs. Laura Armour Cook ° Eugene M. Cummings ° D & R Fund

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Feldman ° The Richard E. Frain Jr. Charitable Foundation Inc.

The Gallagher Family Foundation

Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust Sarah and John Garvey °

Family of Barry Crown °

Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Doerge °

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hostetler °

The Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. King °

Mr. John J. Greisch

Mr. Alex Levy

Harris Family Foundation

Ms. Colleen Dilenschneider

Wallace and Audrey Head °

Ty and Anne Fahner °

Brian A. Kenney

David and Lesly Koo

Tara and Cary Kochman

Anne E. and Robert D. Krebs ° Mark and Debbie Lindner Mason Foundation Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNally V °

Bruce K. and Jennifer L. Lee

The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation °

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison °

MakeItBetter °

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Livingston MRB Foundation

The Sangreal Foundation

Shaw Family Supporting Organization°

Gregory H. Sachs °

Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Burke, Sr.

Dr. Ann L. Jones and Mr. Gregory K. Jones °

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan, Jr. °

Mrs. Carol Bernick

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Harris

Dr. H. Fisk Johnson III °

Mr. Alex Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Kelley A. Bergstrom °

Buchanan Family Foundation °

Kathryn and John Gilbertson °

The Regenstein Foundation

Kimberly & Richard Ross Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frain °

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bent °

Ms. Susan Regenstein °

Dan and Mary Armour and Family °

Anonymous °

Souder Family Foundation °

Anonymous (2)

Mr. Peter Shedd Reed °

Dr. Anne Grall Reichel and Mr. Jack Reichel °

Jim Drury

steward — $25,000–$49,999

R&M Foundation


Reed Family Foundation ° Nancy S. Searle °

Cathy and Bill Osborn °

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Scharf

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Semple, Jr. ° Guy and Linda Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stucker ° Mr. and Mrs. John Watrous ° Mr. Steve Weller

guardian — $5,000–$9,999 Mr. E. M. Bakwin °

Penny* and Ted A. Beattie ° Mr. Dolan E. Beckel °

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blommer Mr. Timothy G. Carroll Joyce Chelberg °

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cole Mrs. Gary Comer

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Connelly ° Carolyn and Wes Cornwell

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. D’Ancona III ° Harriet and C.L. Dennis

Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund °

Kandye and Scott Dille

CJ Oates and Dr. Heather Heiberger

Mrs. Jerome L. Ettelson °

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Oates Mr. Matthew Oates

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ellis ° ˚ Members Circle (10+ year members) * Deceased


Mr. Mark E. Furlane °

Brent and Catherine Gledhill °

Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Byron Waud °

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Hamill °

Mrs. Donna Sims Wilson and Mr. Frank F. Wilson

Hamlin Capital Management, LLC

Mr. James Yadgir

HBB Foundation °

fellow — $2,500–$4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hennessy °

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Allen

Hamill Family Foundation °

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hammond III

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Wood

H. C. D. Foundation

Anonymous (3)

Gretchen M. Hoffmann and Joseph S. Doherty °

Ms. Kirsten Anderson

The Hunter Family °

Sharon and Henry Bartsch

Mr. and Mrs. R. Stribling Koster Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins

Alvin H. Baum Family Fund on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Friedman °

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation

Donna and Ed Becht °

The Josephine P. and John J. Louis Foundation °

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bell °

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Makarski °

Mr. Neil Bluhm °

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Keyes °

Jennifer G. Baryl °

Liz and Eric Lefkofsky °

Eric, Nancy, Nic and Nate Beaumont

Ms. Lisa Liegl

Dr. John and Jean Beckerman °

Marcie and Mike Love °

Cheryl and Carl Belles

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Blesi °

Mr. and Mrs. David Malliband

Rose L. Shure °

Louis and Nellie Sieg Fund

Richard A. Ditton °

Mr. William D. Drehkoff and Ms. Kate Protextor Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eisen

Mr. and Mrs. James Ertmann Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fatur The Friedman Family °

Julie A. and Ryan S. Gish °

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Graham Joyce and Timothy Greening ° Janet A. Grogan

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Hackbarth, Jr. ° John and Dana Hagenah °

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hamman °

Henry Pope Foundation

J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation

Jeanine M. Sheehan °

The Denver Foundation

Mr. Thomas Hennessy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pool

Linda E. Salisbury °

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delfini °

Susan and George Heisler °

Jane and Don Perkins °

Jack Ringer Family Foundation

Bob and Jill Delaney, Jr. °

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Healy, Jr.

Mrs. Susan P. Patience

Mr. Jacob Ringer

Ms. Nancy Dehmlow °

Hayford Family Foundation

Muskal Family Charitable Trust

Merle Reskin °

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Davis °

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hartman °

Wade and Claudia Miquelon

Mr. and Mrs. L. Keith Reed °

Amy and Joel Cowen °

Sarah and Peter Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jay Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John Shedd Reed Jr. °

Mr. Mark Cornell

John and Nancy Hammond

Robert and Judy Marth °

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rawlinson II

Mr. Stanton R. Cook °

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Hobson

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holzheimer ° Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bodeen °

Holzheimer Fund

Nancy & George Bodeen Family Foundation

Mr. Tim Huizenga °

Judy and Steven Brown

Howard Isenberg

Ms. Dolores M. Boering °

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Buck ° Mr. A. C. Buehler III °

Patricia and Albert C. Buehler Jr. Foundation

Andrew F. and Celia M. Sinclair

The Buettner Family Foundation for Leigh and Al Buettner °

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solomon

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Canna

Tawani Foundation

Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn °

Mr. and Mrs. James Turner

Mr. Nathaniel P. Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Smith

Butler Family Foundation

The Stewart Foundation °

Castaways Foundation °

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Tilton

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chandler °

Rose and Robert Wagner °

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Collins

Susan and Tex Hull °

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Hurvis Kate and Jonathan Jackson ° Anne Kaplan

John and Laurel Kasang °

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Kelly Klingenstein Family

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Kolar ° Mrs. Mary E. Lane °

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Largay Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lee Bonita and Bob Levin °

˚ Members Circle (10+ year members) * Deceased

Ms. Susan Luciu ° Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Malloy ° The Marek Family ° Dan and Magdalena Mathews Ms. Michelle Maton and Mr. Mike Schaeffer ° Donald J. McDowell II Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Miles ° Mr. John C. Mommsen, Jr. ° Mr. Lester Murschell ° Mr. Wilfred Noel Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Nord ° Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Neill ° Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Page Mr. and Mrs. Keith Pederson Jim and Ginevra Reed Ralph ° Ms. Helen S. Reed ° Mr. and Mrs. Osvaldo Ridner Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel L. Roberts ° Julie and Don Rocap ° Mr. and Mrs. Randall Rogers ° Rothman Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ravi K. Saligram Karen and Frank Schneider ° Mr. and Mrs. George E. Schwandt ° G.P. Searle Mrs. William L. Searle ° Eileen Semeniuk Ms. Alexandra Shea and Mr. Aaron Colin Sheffield Foundation Mr. John A. Sivright ° Tom and Paula Stemwedel ° Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stoettner ° Mr. Edgar W. Swanson, Jr. David D. Trace Tamer Tullgren Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Uihlein ° Ed Uihlein Family Foundation Underwauder Productions ° Tom and Wendy Watkins ° Dr. Deborah E. Weber and Dr. Norman Chapman ° Mrs. Frank O. Wetmore II °

aquarium council —  $1,500–$2,499

Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Brayton B. Alley Miss Alexandra P. Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anest Nancy Anschel °

Ms. Erin Arnold and Mr. Peter Ruest Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Aron ° Charles and Rebecca Asfour Mr. and Mrs. John Atkinson Thomas S. Bagley Family Foundation Mr. Peter Barrett ° Mrs. Sherri Basnett Mr. Joseph Bauer Ms. Susan Beal-Frangella and Mr. Patrick Frangella ° Ann and Jim Berger Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bevill The Bielecki Family Andrew and Lillian Bleiman Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block IV ° Mr. Raymond Bogenrief Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bramsen ° Mr. Sean Braunstein Drs. Linda and Michael Bresolin ° Mr. and Mrs. William Brodsky

Mr. Froilan P. Concepcion

Stanton R. Cook Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tom Corridon The Corwith Fund Patricia O. Cox °

Winnie and Bob Crawford ° Meghan Curran °

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Day

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dicke III Brian K. Dominick °

Mr. Frank E. Doyle, Jr. Timothy S. Eisler °

Rick and Dixie Erwin

Mary and Bruce Feay °

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Fellows Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Fitz Timothy Foufas °

Mr. and Mrs. James Fournier

Rhoda Lea and Henry S. Frank °

Rhoda and Henry Frank Foundation II Ms. Joanne B. Friedland ° Mr. William R. Gamble

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gann III ° Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner

Roger Germann, Jr. and Laura Zaremba The Gillette Foundation °

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser °

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph X. Grassi ° Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Anuj Gupta William & Joan Brodsky Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brown ° Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buchsbaum ° John and Jackie Bucksbaum ° John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation Dr. Dana Buoscio and Mr. John Szewezyk Mr. Willliam D. Burns Mr. Gilbert A. Calderon Scott and Susan Caudell ° Mr. John Chartier and Ms. Jennifer Chartier Ms. Kristina Clapp Mr. Victor Clever, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coleman Lorel M. Collis ° Combs Family Foundation ° Earle M. Combs and Virgina Combs Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Harding Mary E. Harland °

Ms. Kathryn Hartnett

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr. ° Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Heath

Mary Ann and Robert Hennessy Mr. Brett Herbison

The Hickey Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Higgins ° Ms. Laura Hill and Mr. Ted Wynnychenko Mr. John L. Hines °

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hoban

Charles and Stephanie Hofbauer ° Mrs. Kelly Hondru

Dr. Maria R. Hrycelak °

Mr. and Mrs. David Jarrett

˚ Members Circle (10+ year members) * Deceased


Lynn, George, Kathy, Tad, and Loren Jones ° Ms. Karin M. Jones

Mr. John W. Jordan II Mr. Sami Kamhawi Ms. Emily Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Karger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Kearney Mr. and Mrs. David R. Kelley

Nancy and Warren Rasmussen °

Ms. Dana Waud

Lynne King Roberts °

Ms. Mary A. Wheeler °

Stephen and Miriam Ritchie ° Linda and Harold Rosenson °

Rosenson Family Foundation Ms. Holly Bea Rothschild

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rubis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schueler

Mr. G. Michael Kenny

Helmut Wolfgang Schumann Foundation

Dan Kobayashi and Kobotech, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Scott °

Joanne C. and Kevin A. Krakora °

David and Judith L. Sensibar °

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Larkin °

Joyce M. Simon and Douglas E. Emde °

Rene and Bruce Lauer °

Mr. Mark E. Skoog °

The Louis Stewart Foundation °

Mr. Michael Smith and Mrs. Cynthia Ballew

Dr. Catherine L. Webb ° Ms. Jean Ann White °

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Willer Mr. Charles Wong

Ms. Linda S. Wong

Mr. and Mrs. J. Nelson Wood Mr. Patrick T. Yappel The Yerrick Family

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Klein °

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Scotellaro °

Ms. Gera-Lind Kolarik °

The Scott Family Foundation

ambassador — 

Allen LaPointe

Mr. John G. Sickle °

Anonymous (2)

Larkin Family Foundation

Mrs. Victoria Skala °

Mr. Darrell Looney and Ms. Shermian Woodhouse

Mr. Chad Slaughter

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan MacLean

Kammie and Jacob Snapp

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Madden


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Asiyanbi Mrs. Robert H. Bacon °

Mr. William C. Bartholomay ° Mr. Warren L. Batts °

Gieriet and Ted Bowen °

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Brown °

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Brown ° Mr. and Mrs. John D. Burns II °

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Mahr

John D. Butler Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. W. David Mangel °

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dailey

Sandy and Jerry Manne °

Ms. Katelyn Danielski

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Danis °

Mr. Douglas McClure

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Davis °

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee °

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McQuaid °

Ms. Diana DeBoy °

Cheryl Mell

Dorothy R. Donnelley Charitable Trust

Ms. Pamela G. Meyer °

Ms. Laura Micheli and Mr. Gavin Daly

Barbara Zenner °

Ms. Naomi Donnelley and Mr. Joseph Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miske

Mr. Joseph R. Snipp

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Moll °

Sommer Family Foundation

Ms. Jessica D. Morris and Mr. Michael Valitchka

STS Foundation

Ron Nuce and Vince Salvati

Tony and Jennifer Surma

Mr. Steven J. Paramski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Szalay

The Richard Laurence Parish Foundation

Ms. Peri Taylor

Susan K. Hedlund

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hodges

Mrs. Marianne F. Perkins °

Mr. Michael Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. L. Byron Vance III °

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Mitchell

Kathleen and Walter Snodell °

Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Montgomery III °

Kathy and Jef Stewart °

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Geboy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stuart, Jr. °

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Friedlander Ms. Barbara J. Geist °

Ms. Susan Goodenow

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Greene °

Patrick and Katherine Mullen

Stuart Family Foundation

Jeffrey Ollada °

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Swift III °

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parish III °

Szalay Family Foundation

Ms. Marguerite Hark and Ms. Barbara McKeegan

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Teich and Family

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Height °

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Van Cura, Jr. °

Horwitz Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perkaus, Jr. ° Ms. Catherine F. Quinlan °

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raimondi ° Mr. and Mrs. Josh Raper

David and Elyce Ventura

Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Walker

Mrs. Charles C. Haffner ° Mr. Corwith Hamill *°

˚ Members Circle (10+ year members) * Deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Irving Mr. and Mrs. Chad R. Johnson Ms. Kathleen T. Jordan Mr. Andrew Kang and Ms. Casarine Chong Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund at The Chicago Community Trust ° Whitney T. Key Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kinney ° Mr. Stephen E. LaHaie Roger and Linda Lewis and Family ° Mr. Marcos Lopez Mr. and Mrs. David Ludden Ms. Judith L. Macior Mr. and Mrs. Russ Maki Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Mayer, Jr. ° McBreen Family Mr. and Mrs. Barry McInerney McKenna Foundation Steven A. Melnyk ° Julie and Scott Moller ° Mr. and Mrs. William Mowry Ms. Megan Murley New Prospect Foundation Mr. Francisco M. Ortiz and Ms. Melissa Ortiz Jerry Osher Family ° Ms. Kathryn M. Patterson Dr. and Mrs. William Platt ° Charles T. Price ° Mr. Thomas C. Rich Margaret E. Robb Roberts Family Foundation ° Mr. and Mrs. Morton Schapiro Ms. Karla Scherer The Karla Scherer Foundation Mr. Jack W. Schuler ° Mr. and Mrs. James Sears °

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Segal °

Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Stephens

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation PNC and the PNC Foundation Robert R. McCormick Foundation Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc Walgreens

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Swift °

grand benefactor — 

Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith ° Mr. and Mrs. Michael Solot °

The Solot Family Foundation ° Mr. and Mrs. James Stanczak °

Mr. and Mrs. Bert O. Sullivan, Jr. ° Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Taggart Ms. Christina Talarico Mr. Chris Tebbens ° Howard Trienens °

Howard and Paula Trienens Fund Mrs. Frederick G. Wacker °

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Weldon ° Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler ° Ms. Abigail Wood Ms. Daisy Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Niclas Ytterdahl Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ziegle ° Ms. Tara Zientek

corporations, foundations and government agencies leadership partner —  $150,000+

Abbott and the Abbott Fund Bank of America

Coca-Cola Refreshments Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust

Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Institute of Museum and Library Services


ArcelorMittal John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Sodexo Target University of Illinois The Walton Family Foundation

benefactor — 


The Barker Welfare Foundation The Brinson Foundation Motorola Solutions Foundation United Airlines and the United Airlines Foundation United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

patron — $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous Paul M. Angell Family Foundation Aon Baxter International Inc. Bell & Anderson, LLC CityPASS ComEd, An Exelon Company Crown Family Philanthropies Discover Financial Services Dover Event Network


Mondeléz International

Hoellen Family Foundation

Peoples Gas

KeyBanc Capital Markets


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP S&C Foundation

Dr. Scholl Foundation

SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment Tenneco, Inc.

Vienna Beef Ltd. Exelon

Ford Motor Company Fund

W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Wintrust Financial Corporation

GATX Corporation

associate — $1,000–$9,999

H2O Plus

Affiliated Steam Equipment Company



Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.


John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

A.G. Cox Charity Trust

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

American Agricultural Insurance Company

The Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation

Amsted Industries Foundation


Automatic Building Controls, LLC

Make It Better Media

Beam Inc.

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

The Brickman Group

Polk Bros. Foundation

Castle Oak Securities, L.P.

Stepan Company

Cigna Corporation

Kraft Foods

Baker & McKenzie

McDonald’s Corporation

Big Jones

Northern Trust

Calumet City Plumbing Co., Inc.

The Siragusa Foundation

Choose Chicago

The Sun-Times Foundation/The Chicago Community Trust



partner — $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous

American Zoo and Aquarium Association Aurelio’s Pizza Bears Care

Bloomberg Citigroup

E. & J. Gallo Winery Ernst & Young

Julius N. Frankel Foundation Goldman Sachs & Company

Helen M. Harrison Foundation

Hubbard Inn IPO

Kinder Morgan Foundation King Spruce Company Lower Electric

Manaaki Foundation Mayer Brown LLP MBuy

Mechanical Services Associates Corp. Monterrey Security Consultants, Inc. More Cupcakes

Morgan Stanley

National Supply, LLC Nespresso

Peapod, LLC

Pioneer Tavern Group Plante Moran

Prince Charitable Trusts The PrivateBank

Revolution Brewing LLC Reyes Associates Inc.

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation Rockit Ranch Productions

Credit Suisse

Diamondback Drugs of Delaware, LLC Dirk’s Fish and Gourmet Shop Drinker Biddle and Reath easymoda

Eddie Merlot’s

Edwards Engineering Inc. Eurest Services Experian

Fellowes, Inc

The Florentine

FONA International Inc. Forever Yogurt Frontier

GKN Foundation

Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation

Graff Diamonds

The Marmon Group

Hartford Insurance Company


Henson Consulting

Gresham Partners, LLC


Leo S. Guthman Fund

Mazza Foundation

Walter E. Heller Foundation

Sahara Enterprises, Inc.

Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation Shure Incorporated SushiSamba rio

Turner Construction Company

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. USG Corporation, Inc. Vanille Patisserie Vedder Price P.C.

Waste Management

William Blair & Company Worknet Inc.

WOW BAO Yum Dum Truck

Ms. Pamela A. Coe

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Lee

Mr. Scott Corwon

Mr. and Mrs. John Jeffry Louis III

Columbus Zoological Park Association Amy and Joel Cowen

Eugene M. Cummings Meghan Curran

As a longtime mentor in the zoological community, Penny Beattie was committed to encouraging young professionals to enter the aquarium field. The Penny Beattie Leadership Fund is a board-designated fund that will provide professional development to aquarium and zoo professionals to mold the next generation of zoological leadership.

The Josephine P. and John J. Louis Foundation Marcie and Mike Love

Helen and Ron - Douglas Dutchers Baseball Club, Inc.

Mrs. Deborah MacKenzie

Michelle and Christopher DeMent

Marchese Communications, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delfini

penny beattie leadership fund

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.

Kandye and Scott Dille

Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II The Donnelley Foundation David and Paula Epstein Rick and Dixie Erwin

Dr. Terry L. Maple

Mr. and Mrs. John Marchese The Marek Family Maggie McKisson Cheryl Mell

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Meyers Harvey L. Miller Supporting Foundation

Ty and Anne Fahner

Ms. Debra E. Moran

Fishes Department of John G. Shedd Aquarium

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison

Edward Fedora

Mr. Forrest A. Morris and Mr. Theodore Reyda

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Fitzsimons

Patrick and Katherine Mullen

Karen Furnweger

Ms. Margaret Nawracaj

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Green

Ellen and Jim O’Connor

Brigita Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Oppenheimer

Susan and George Heisler

Marian and Al Pawlick

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hoffman

Kristin M. Pollock

Thayer and Chris Jabin

Tynnetta Qaiyim

Ms. Laren S. Jones

Ms. Susan Regenstein

Ms. Jill Bates

The Kallish / Nelson Family

Jeanne and Capt. John Rothchild

Ted A. Beattie

In memory of Paris E. Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Schneider

Mr. Kevin J. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Keyser

Nancy S. Searle

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bensen

David and Lesly Koo

Helen Brach Foundation

Donna LaPietra and Bill Kurtis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Burke, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins

CityPass, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Flynn

Julie A. Nagler

The Gillette Foundation

Ms. Carolyn W. Niles

Herb, Linda, Matt, and Marie Hallberg

Ms. Jacqueline J. Ogden

Wallace and Audrey Head

Keith Pamper

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hennessy

Jane and Don Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Hubbard

Mr. Craig Pugh

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Johnson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Reed

Jennifer G. Baryl

Robert H. and Sharon L. Jordan

The Jim Robinett Family

The Bay Institute Aquarium Foundation

Mr. Nicholas S. Katona

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schmid

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Beeker

Debra Kerr and Steven D. Thompson

Nanette Schonberg

Mr. William T. Beneventi

Tara and Cary Kochman

Mr. Larry L. Sharp and Mr. Bob Lembeck

Leigh and Henry Bienen

Anne E. and Robert D. Krebs

Bridgewater Associates

Allen LaPointe

Chrissy Cabay

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lattis

Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Cobble

Bruce K. and Jennifer L. Lee

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who supported the Penny Beattie Leadership Fund through January 2014. Anonymous (3) Akron Zoo

Kelleen N. Albrecht Ms. Casey E. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Allen The Andrusyk Family Nancy Anschel

Mr. and Mrs. Williams E. Arant, Jr. Mr. Rodrick A. Barongi and Mrs. Diane Ledder

Bill and Stephanie Sick

Joyce M. Simon and Douglas E. Emde Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Simpson Mr. John A. Sivright

Mr. and Mrs. Toby Smith

Stephen and Mary Smith


Guy and Linda Snyder Sodexo Mr. and Mrs. George Spiel In Memory of Frances Stefanski The Stewart Foundation Melissa and Stuart Strahl Ms. Patricia A. Sullivan Sharon Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sweet, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve H. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Bob Toney Mr. and Mrs. James Valeo Mr. and Mrs. James F. Vlna Ms. Jane L. Warner and Mr. John Hegener Carol and Bart Woloson

making waves, the campaign for shedd aquarium We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who supported the Making Waves capital campaign with a gift of $500 or more through May 2011.

grand benefactor Anonymous Abbott and the Abbott Fund The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation


Anonymous Bellebyron Foundation The Grainger Foundation Daniel P. Haerther Trust Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hennessy Illinois Tool Works Foundation Estate of Charles W. Lake McCormick Foundation The Regenstein Foundation Bill and Stephanie Sick Family Stephen Byron Smith Family Sodexo


Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block III The Brinson Foundation David and Paula Epstein

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Northern Trust Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Byron Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith


Eugene M. Cummings Sarah and John Garvey GATX Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Hamill, Hamill Family Foundation Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Keyser Anne E. and Robert D. Krebs Prince Charitable Trusts Searle Family Trust Souder Family Foundation Mr. Charles R. Walgreen Jr.*


Anonymous (2) Auxiliary Board of John G. Shedd Aquarium A. Montgomery Ward Foundation Delany Charitable Trust Ty and Anne Fahner FedEx Corporation Kathryn and John Gilbertson Mr. and Mrs. John J. Greisch Wallace and Audrey Head Susan and George Heisler Tara and Cary Kochman KPMG LLP Bruce K. and Jennifer L. Lee Otto W. Lehmann Foundation Merge Foundation Fund at The Chicago Community Trust Wade and Claudia Miquelon Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison Marian Phelps Pawlick Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Piller Estate of Sidney L. Port David* and Grace Y.* Rose Mr. Gregory H. Sachs Sara Lee Foundation Benjamin and Dawn Shapiro Mrs. Rose L. Shure The Siragusa Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tague UBS

contributor Anonymous

Penny and Ted A. Beattie

Dr. John and Jean Beckerman Seth L. Bent

Mr. and Mrs. Kelley A. Bergstrom Mrs. Carol Bernick

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Braker Buehler Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chandler Joyce Chelberg

Mr. Raymond M. Chin Mrs. Thomas C. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Connelly Vivian E.* and Ross I.* Conner Mrs. Sandra K. Crown

In memory of Harriet and C.L. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. David W. Devonshire

Kimberly Hamill Dietz and Jay Dietz Kandye and Scott Dille

Joan McCormack Ferrill W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Ms. Barbara J. Green*

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Greene Hunter Family Foundation

Robert H. and Sharon L. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Joutras Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser Brian A. Kenney

David and Lesly Koo

Marcie and Mike Love

David and Deborah MacKenzie McKenna Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNally V

Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund Timothy P. and Paulette M. Moen Patrick and Katherine Mullen Ms. Lou Mullins*

Ellen and Jim O’Connor Jane and Don Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pope The Rothman Family

Shaw Family Supporting Organization Guy and Linda Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Steele

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stucker United Airlines

Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Byron Waud

befriend a beluga

John and Jennifer Dean

Elizabeth Anderson, M.D.

Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly

Ms. Mary Beske and Ms. Jill Beske

Mr. George W. Blossom III

Lindsey P. Dunn

Ms. Jean M. Broom

Gary, Judy, Alex and Sydney Bronner

Mr. Michael J. Esposito

Robert and Laura Chen

CME Group Foundation

Mr. and Mrs.* Stanley M. Freehling

Duchossois Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hamman

Jamee C. Field

Doris A. Jones and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frain

Robert W. and Amy L. Krebs

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Golitz

Brooke and Jonathan Lyon

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Haffner

Donna T. Myers and Aaron Lebovitz

Helen M. Harrison Foundation

Jeffrey Ollada

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delfini

Ms. Susan Beal-Frangella and Mr. Patrick Frangella

Ms. Kimberly Duchossois

The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bodeen

Ms. Sheryl L. Enders

Matthew and Jennifer Burden

Ellen and William Caya

Timothy Foufas

Mr. Sherman Chong and Mary-Beth Golden

Allyson and John Daily

John and Dana Hagenah

Mrs. Jerome L. Ettelson

Ms. Alice Harper

Marcia Forcey

Klingenstein Family

Julie A. and Ryan S. Gish

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.

Joyce and Timothy Greening

The Mohn Family

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Harris

Drs. Don and Angela Normoyle

Gretchen M. Hoffmann and Joseph S. Doherty

Jim and Ginevra Reed Ralph


Mr. and Mrs. Bradford L. Beatty The Belsley Family

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hostetler Michael and Carla Johns John and Laurel Kasang

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. King

Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program Julie and Scott Moller Monarrez Family

Cordell and Bernice Reed

Ken Ramirez

Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Ruffolo John and Alice Sabl

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Scharf

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Schwandt Scuba Emporium

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Semple, Jr. Joseph and Antonia Siprut

Merle Reskin

Michael, Renee, Alana and Caroline Slade

David and Judith L. Sensibar

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stoettner

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Salvino Joyce M. Simon and Douglas E. Emde Donna Sitkiewicz and Kevin Martin Maureen and E.B. Smith The Yerrick Family

Barbara J. and Brian J. Stockton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stuart, Jr. Underwauder Productions Dr. Lori R. Vallelunga

Dr. Deborah E. Weber and Dr. Norman Chapman

show stopper

Mr. and Mrs. William Zigterman

Jennifer G. Baryl

partner in play


Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block IV

Drs. Linda and Michael Bresolin Brock Family Foundation Mr. Timothy G. Carroll

Combs Family Foundation

Stephen and Maria Conlon

Tony Crowe and Melanie Wojtulewicz

Dave and Katie Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Anderson

Kal and Tina Anglewicz and Family Charles and Rebecca Asfour

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bard Ms. Lara M. Barouski and Mr. Doug J. Dussman

Mrs. Kristen Chun and Mr. Richard Chun Ms. Lorel M. Collis

Amy and Joel Cowen Meghan Curran Julie Carter

Michelle and Christopher DeMent Mr. William D. Drehkoff and Ms. Kate Protextor Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Duck Dennis Dunn

Therese and Jim Fauerbach The Fedesna Family

Patricia and William Feller Alana and Ciara Fennessy

Roger Germann, Jr. and Laura Zaremba Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gerrick

Dr. Rifat Gorener and Vildan Gorener Matthew and Rosa Habiger Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Heath

Mary Ann and Robert Hennessy Janet L. Hessing

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hollingsworth Dr. Maria R. Hrycelak Susan and Tex Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hutchinson Mrs. Robert C. Hyndman Thayer and Chris Jabin

Jonathan and Kate Jackson

Jeffrey and Cynthia Jones and Family Mrs. Judy J. Jones: Grandchildren Hannah L., Mackenzie A., Olivia R. and Ethan C. John D. Kann Family

Dr. Darius Keblinskas and Dr. Claudia Hawkins Leslie Kelley III Family

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Kelly The Kennedy Family

Debra Kerr and Steven D. Thompson


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kerulis

Paul and Linda Thistlethwaite

Mr. and Mrs. William Mack

Joshua P. Kolar

Steve and Megan Tooker

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Medhurst

Sean and Sarah Khan Mr. David Kreisa

Mrs. Mary E. Lane

Dr. Casey Thomas

Melissa and Bill Tortorici

The Masterson Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Jay Trees

Ms. Shirley A. Myers and Mr. Eric R. Degnan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Shad Peterson

Mrs. Frank O. Wetmore II

Harold and Susan Rider

Jennifer and Robert Van Valkenburg

Roly and Jackie Orama and Family

The Wallenstein Family

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Petriekis Elizabeth M. Ruane

Ms. Deidre C. McCoy

Jane Whitehead and Randy Hogancamp

Steven A. Melnyk

Dr. and Mrs. Roland W. Winterfield

Gideon P. Searle

Mr. Joseph Nixon

Mrs. George B. Young

Ron Nuce and Vince Salvati

Mrs. Lisa Zepeda

Dr. and Mrs. Jay U. Patel

wave maker

Allen LaPointe

Ms. Susan Luciu

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Mako The Marek Family

Robert and Judy Marth Cheryl Mell

Kevin Willis

Ms. Opal M. Nealy

Ms. Linda S. Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nordlund

Barbara Zenner

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Paoletti Rich and Corinne Peters

Dr. Caryn Poll and Dr. Adam Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raimondi Mr. Gustavo Ramirez

Drs. Davendra and Japhia Ramkumar Nancy and Warren Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Reynoso River North Sales & Service Ann Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradford Schwalm Jeanine M. Sheehan Mr. John A. Sivright Barbara A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bert O. Sullivan, Jr. Ms. Nancy Sullivan

Ms. Bessie Trigourea


UBS PAC Charity Match Program

Eric Broxterman

Dr. Catherine L. Webb

Mr. Nathaniel P. Clapp

campaign supporter

Ms. Dolores M. Boering

Ms. Cecelia Ungari

Ms. Rachel Cantor and Mr. Anup Malani

Shane and Vicki Wietbrock

The Crows – John, Pam, Ryan and Lauren

Anonymous (2)

The DeBrocco Family

Ms. Debran Rowland and Mr. Luke Hanley

Larry and Cindy DeBrock

The Schmeltz Family

Thomas and Elizabeth Foos

Robert Sahadevan and Lisa Huff

Karen and Frank Schneider

Mr. Michael F. Dennison Susan and Brian Fargo

Nancy Anschel

Mr. Peter Barrett

Mr. Dolan E. Beckel

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Boe Kelly FitzSimons

Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Hughes

Bryan Schuetze, Anna Kunz and Nola

Niko Friehs, Tomas Friehs and Bella Friehs

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Segal

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hartman

Ms. Jean A. Klingenstein

Eileen Semeniuk

Ms. Kristen Hertel and Mr. Muneer Satter

Robert and Judy Marth

Declan Hughes

The Jim Robinett Family

Mr. and Mrs. Allan P. Scholl

Iglewski Family Foundation

Mrs. William L. Searle

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Graham

Mr. John S. Keating, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Milan B. Sekulic

The Hernandez Family

Dan Kobayashi and Kobotech

Ms. Alison Shapiro and Mr. Scott D. Stoolmaker

Mr. Mark E. Hoppe

Mr. and Mrs. W. Patrick Shropshire Mr. and Mrs. David and Amy Silverman

Jill M. Hutchison

Heather A. Smith

Ms. Therese King

Andrew F. and Celia M. Sinclair The Solot Family Foundation

Richard A. and Annette M. Steinke Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stelter

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stemwedel

Angela Kargela

The Keay Family

Donna LaPietra and Bill Kurtis Ms. Cathy Lazaroff

Roger and Linda Lewis and Family Rita Lozada and Family

Bailey D. O’Connell

Toral Patel and Neil Parekh Ms. Emma D. Salustro

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Shehorn Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M. Smith

Madelyn Fullilove Thompson David D. Trace

Tamer Tullgren

Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler Al and Susan Zick


friend of the oceanarium

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Godfrey

John and Etta McKenna

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Graves

Lee Dash Miglin

The Andrusyk Family

Mr. John R. Grenaway

Jessica Bernal and Family

Janet A. Grogan

Dr. Linda Brady

Dolores K. Hanna

Amy Katherine Radick

Mr. and Mrs. David Buck

Mrs. Augustine S. Hart, Jr.

Jeanne and Capt. John Rothchild

Ms. Carlie Chavers and Mr. Carlos Gomez

Mrs. Ann J. Holmes

Nancy Schumm

Jackie and Phillip Chiaviello

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Johnson, Jr.

Ms. Loretta Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cook

Ms. Maggie Kurcz

David and Elyce Ventura

Isaac M. Liberman

Ms. Amy Weidner

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Mayer, Jr.

Linda R. Wilson

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Betty K. Goldberg

Kevin D. Mehta

David Myszkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Derk Osenberg

Ms. Susan C. Barton

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Griem

Dr. Ilze K. Berzins

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hammond III

Mrs. Amy D. Brody

Brigita Harris

Gareth and Laurel Reeves

John E. Buranosky

Ms. Julie M. Hawkins

Nanette Schonberg

John and Susan Holtrup

Jethroe and Sally Smith

Mr. Hugh S. Chung

Mr. Bill Klingenstein

Elizabeth K. Twede Trust

James and Kathleen Durkin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lee

Leo and Margie Veseling

Ms. Christine Luby

Mr. Roger White

Ms. Elizabeth Edwards Kristina K. Findlay Karen Furnweger

Chris, Connie, Amanda & Sarah Gillock

Mr. and Mrs. Grant G. McCullagh, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. James Otis, Jr. Tynnetta Qaiyim

legacy and estate gifts legacy donors

We gratefully recognize the following donors who have made gifts to Shedd’s endowment funds through outright contributions, grants and estate gifts. Their enduring commitment will help to ensure Shedd’s future for many generations.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Fried

Mr. Sidney L. Port

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Gansberg

David and Grace Y. Rose

Bruce M. Ganek

Ms. Barbara J. Green Jane H. Gurney

Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust Mr. Arthur G. Hailand Jr. Estate of Esther Hurst Merrill H. Knotts

Mr. Charles W. Lake Jr.

Paul H. and Theo H. Leffmann

Anonymous (2)

Otto W. Lehmann Foundation

Mr. George W. Blossom III

Josephine P. and John J. Louis Foundation

A. Watson Armour III

Carol Ann Chamerski Vera C. Chapman

Mr. Thomas C. Clark

Vivian E. and Ross I. Conner Gladys A. Eckfeldt Helen M. Freund

Mrs. John W. Leslie

Ann and Robert H. Lurie Foundation The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Marie L. Miske

Dr. Irene Neuhauser Gustus Mrs. Eric Oldberg

Ms. Helen A. Porten Valerie A. Rusek

Mrs. Gerda Schild

Lydia and John S. Schweppe Mary R. Shedd

Joseph Jeffrey Shedd Helen Shedd Keith Rose L. Shure

Ms. Elizabeth Stein Mr. Edgar W. Trout

Mr. Thomas E. Usher

Rose and Robert Wagner

Mr. Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Mrs. Carmen W. Walsh

Anne and Morrison Waud Mr. Charles H. Wilson Joyce A. Zawila  

nautilus, matching and estate gifts

matching gift programs We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the corporations and foundations that made contributions to Shedd through their matching gift programs between January 1 and December 31, 2013.

nautilus society The following individuals have made provisions for Shedd in their estate plans. We gratefully acknowledge their thoughtful support in ensuring our future. Anonymous (5)

Penny* and Ted A. Beattie Mr. Dolan E. Beckel

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block III

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Condren Amy and Joel Cowen

Mrs. Sandra K. Crown

Paula and David Epstein Mr. Carl B. Fausey

Mary and Bruce Feay

Mr. and Mrs.* Stanley M. Freehling Ms. Betty K. Goldberg

Joyce and Timothy Greening Mr. Richard Halvorsen

Wallace and Audrey Head George and Susan Heisler Mr. Thomas E. Holechko


Allstate Foundation Aon The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation


Ms. Jo Ann Noble

Bank of America Foundation

Rich and Corinne Peters

BMO Harris

Ms. Catherine F. Quinlan

Caterpillar Foundation

Mr. Peter Shedd Reed

Discover Financial Services

Ms. Anita J. Rogers

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Scott

FM Global Foundation

Rose L. Shure

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stucker

Google Matching Gifts Program

Mr. Gerard A. Swick

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Mrs. Valerie L. Vance

KeyBank Foundation

Rose and Robert Wagner

Kirkland & Ellis

Zigterman Family Trust

Merck & Co. Inc


PNC and The PNC Foundation

Mr. Tony Natale

AT&T Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pawlick

Baxter International Inc.

Kristin M. Pollock

CA Technologies

Mr. and Mrs. John Shedd Reed Jr.

C.B. Fleet Company, Inc.

Merle Reskin

Dover Corporation

Ms. Kristine L. Rull

Exelon Corporation

Shaw Family Supporting Organization

GE Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sparacio

Goldman Sachs & Company

Emily J. Su and Wayne Soong

IBM Matching Grants Program

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thomas

Intuit Foundation

Mr. Walter Voelker

Kimberly Clark Foundation

Kent, Stacey* and Margaret Weimer

McDonald’s Corporation

Judy Johanson

estate gifts

Ms. Jill Kainu

Barbara Bloom Kreml

Shedd Aquarium honors the memory of the following people who provided generous support through their estate plans between January 1 and December 31, 2013.

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Livengood

Carol Ann Chamerski

Mr.* and Mrs. Richard L. Joutras Mr. Stuart Kane

Mr. Leonard Kouba

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt Jr. Mike and Marcie Love Ms. Mary J. Metag

Arch Insurance Group Inc.

Ms. Helen A. Porten Mrs. Gerda Schild 

Mizuho Matching Gift Program Texas Instruments Foundation The Fetzer Institute

The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts TransUnion

TTX Company


2013 Financials

At Shedd, we manage our resources prudently and responsibly to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of the aquarium for future generations. Audited financial

statements and Form 990 are available for review at Thank you for your ongoing generosity.


Earned revenue


Charitable giving


Chicago Park District



Conservation education


Animal care


Conservation science & research


Guest and ancillary services


Management and general




2013 At a Glance



Illinois students attended free

anniversary for green sea turtle Nickel

136,349 students attended free

top-attended cultural attraction in Chicago

27 buckets of native seeds collected


1 penguin


volunteers donated 128,000 hours


website visits

269 full-time employees

21 beach cleanups


blog posts

1,000 native flowers and grasses planted


daylong Great Lakes Action Days restoration activities


Shed d Aquarium member hou seholds

15 field research programs to conserve wildlife and habitats around the world

At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference. The John G. Shedd Aquarium, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, is owned and managed by the Shedd Aquarium Society. Programs and operations receive community support through members, donors, corporations, foundations and government agencies. The aquarium recognizes the leadership and generosity of the members of its governing Board of Trustees, Aquarium Council, Auxiliary Society and Corporate Connections program. The aquarium gratefully acknowledges the sustaining contributions of the Chicago Park District and the State of Illinois. Shedd Aquarium is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Premier Corporate Partners

Shedd Aquarium 2013 Annual Report  
Shedd Aquarium 2013 Annual Report