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Editor's note As the first signs of spring emerge, I am more than ready to shake off the long winter (and past two years tbh), and dive into a new season and a new attitude. As I do that, I have been wondering, how much of each situation and outcome do we, and can we, control? As entrepreneurs, we have already made a decision that we want to have control over our work life, by starting a business. Some days it may not feel like you are in control (ammiright?) but for better or worse, you are the one driving the bus. But where in your life are you not taking control, and by failing to do so, allowing whatever the default is, to create less than ideal circumstances for you? We get busy and have limited focus. We can't keep a sharp eye on all things at all times. But maybe it's time to re-evaluate if there are areas that are important to us, where we have stepped away from the wheel, and how we get back in the driver's seat. This month we are looking at taking control of your self image and confidence with self care, taking control of your joy with mindfulness, and of course, taking control of your business with some fantastic articles to help you build consciously. Let's get to it!

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What's Inside Shine On! Creating confidence through self care.

Create Growth Accelerate your growth driven by data

Build a Brand Creating a brand you love what you need to know.

Built to Serve Your website is not just a marketing tool.

Mentor for Every Stage the mentor you need changes as you grow.

Happy Heart Living in the moment and creating gratitude.

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More than any other time in history, we have had to show up face forward in the online world. We aren’t accustomed to seeing ourselves looking back at us, while we conduct business through methods like Zoom. When you attended a conference or meeting in person pre-pandemic, you usually didn’t see your reflection again once you left home. The new way of virtual meetings is not likely to be going anywhere soon. 3

A report from the Harvard Business Review suggests that 90 percent of organizations will continue some form of remote work as we emerge from restrictions. We are bombarded with filtered and edited images everywhere, which can feel like it’s showing us all the things we are not. The underlying message is, we have to change ourselves to become more acceptable, which can cause insecurity and an erosion of confidence.


The Truth

Photo credit: Monika Broz

Photo credit: Storycatcher Photography

In reality, much of what is marketed to us isn’t even how the model actually looks.

Chronic lack of self pampering or preparation isn’t always due to lack of time or skill, but sometimes tied to how we prioritize ourselves. Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s an investment.

What if I told you that you don’t have to change how you look with invasive measures, and that changing the perception of how we look, and using some fresh techniques in how we show up, is key to our empowerment?

My walk has a different gait, my shoulders may sit a little more square, and my head may be held a little taller, when I take time to celebrate my beauty, and put some effort into how I show up for the day.

The truth is, we do not have to put ourselves together in a certain way to please others. I am all for you being the boss of you. If you don't want to wear makeup, or put a lot of effort into what you’re wearing, then that is absolutely what you should do.

Does my value increase when I wear makeup ? Heck no!

As a Makeup Artist

Makeup is a tool that goes deeper than aesthetics. It can be a super power to help us change our state of mind, which in turn impacts our energy and focus, and determines the outcomes we get.

Over the last 24 years one of the most common questions I’ve had is, “Do you wear makeup everyday?” Most of the times I’ve been asked this, I’ve been told that they assumed, as a makeup artist, I would feel a ton of pressure to get dressed up to be seen in public, and the short answer is No, I do not. I have no problem heading to Costco in stretchy pants and a bare face.

Does the level of my energy change in a positive way? Almost always yes.

Power of Preparation

Think about when you know you have done amazing research, or preparation for an important project or meeting, and the confidence that gives you. That confident mental state helps you keep the focus on your goal, and the task at hand. This is the power of preparation, we get to control our focus in a resourceful way. 4

Change the focus As Tony Robbins says, "where focus goes - energy flows". When we take care of the things that help us feel great, we are no longer distracted or self focused with insecurity. We have energy to put into the goal that is in front of us. The most impactful way to change our state, according to Tony, is by using a Triad. Our language , our focus, and our physiology, meaning what we do with our body. Photo credit: Storycatcher Photography

In that way I see makeup as a secret weapon for us - so perhaps with a few key products well placed, we won’t cringe when we turn the camera on for our next virtual meeting.

Your own triad If you don’t know where to start with your makeup for Zoom, think of your face as a triad. Eyes, cheeks and lips. Depending on the quality of your camera, you may need to use a bit more products than would be your day look for it to show up, just make sure it’s well blended. Use a tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion, fill in your brows, and use a little eyeliner and mascara. You can use your lipstick dabbed and blended on your cheeks as a beautiful blush alternative that would look amazing with your lips, voila, camera ready !

"How you look, directly impacts how you feel and perform your role in your business, your life and the world. How you feel impacts how people perceive you. " - Jenny

Power of personal care During my 4 week program, Ignite Beauty, we practice some usable makeup techniques, and mindset practices, that participants found impacted all areas of their life. They had breakthroughs at work, in personal relationships, and an overall increase in confidence and energy. This is the power of personal care. I encourage you to carve out some extra moments for yourself, and see where your breakthroughs will come.

MEET JENNY MCKINNEY, FOUNDER OF JENNY MCKINNEY ARTISTRY & IGNITE BEAUTY IGNITE BEAUTY is a live, 4 week, virtual program created with you in mind. If you're done with feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to your beauty routine, look no further. This is the program for you to elevate your confidence and glorify your unique beauty. You can get on the waitlist and find out more at: Photo credit: Lia Crowe


Does your charitable or non-profit organization serve women in need? We offer free training and support for new women entrepreneurs in need. Applications are accepted only through our partner organizations. Apply to partner with us, and help women from your group build a better future for themselves and their families.

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Have you ever thought about what sets one business apart from another? What propels some businesses to the top? While many would suggest that it's marketing, sales, or perhaps customer service, often the key factor to growth is their use of data. Data is the fastest way to grow and scale. It provides insights that allow you to strategically make decisions based on facts, not just feelings. When collected and analyzed appropriately, data will tell the story of what is truly happening in your business. It helps you stop wasting time on projects with little benefit, find new opportunities for growth, and ultimately boost your revenue. When you’re using data to make decisions, you’re setting yourself up for success in lots of ways. You’ll be able to optimize your efforts and move your business forward in the right direction (for longterm growth!). Here is a 3-step framework that will help you start using data to grow and scale your business Step 1: Audit and analyze Business owners are inundated with distractions and are pulled in many directions in today’s world. You need to spend a little time analyzing the numbers and tracking the trends over time. Where are the numbers up, and where are they down? Ask yourself the following questions: Where would you want to pull data from? Focus on metrics that align with your business objectives in the areas of marketing, operations and financials. What story is the data telling us? Review it to discover trends. Which metrics do you want to go up and which ones do we want to go down? Taking the time to audit and analyze is the fastest way to see where your current strategies aren’t working and where you may have opportunities to scale. 7

Step 2: Look at the bottom line Let’s face it, we are all in business today to make a profit (this is a business after all, not a hobby). Tie the analysis of the data back to your bottom line. Ask yourself the following questions: Does this data help me increase profit (Remember, revenue minus expenses equals profit) Does this data help save the CEO’s time? Is this metric directly connected to revenue generation, or does it just look good (i.e. a vanity metric)? If you answer “no” to all of these questions, the metric in question likely isn’t worth monitoring. Focus on important metrics, so you can create one source of truth regarding the health and state of the business. Step 3: Bring Clarity It is hard to take action and make important decisions in your business when you do not have clarity. Having data available to you in a visual dashboard allows you to be rock solid on where you are currently, and where you are going. Similar to the dashboard in your car, you will get a quick bird's eye view on the health of your business. Ask yourself these questions: What problematic areas does this data reveal? How does this data help me find solutions? Does this data reveal any hidden opportunities for growth?

With data, you can pinpoint problematic areas, understand issues in terms of the bigger picture, and implement strategies to improve those areas without having to guess. Let’s look at a hypothetical example to help make this clearer. Sally was overwhelmed with maintaining a presence on every social media channel. She wondered if hiring another team member to assist would be the right choice. Looking at her data made it clear to Sally what her next step should be. She found that most of her sales and conversions came from Facebook. The other channels (Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) hardly affected her revenue at all. Sally decided to continue putting time and energy into what was working (Facebook), and pause the efforts on other platforms. Had Sally not taken the time to consider this data, she would have wasted even more money on another team member! If you’re ready to experience the next level of business growth, data is the key. If you’re not currently taking advantage of all that data has to offer, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to streamline, improve, and grow.

MEET DONNA DUBE, OPERATIONS EXPERT Donna Dube is the founder of Productivity Plus and provides operational excellence to 6-figure entrepreneurs through an ongoing strategic partnership. Donna helps the CEO reach their full potential, without the burnout and stress that comes with managing a growing and scaling business. She believes that ease and efficiency in small business comes directly from making data-driven business decisions. As Donna likes to say, data helps you stop leaks, find opportunities and boost your revenue. Know your numbers, grow your business! Get your FREE download with "10 KPIs You Can Measure Today ." at

You don’t have to be afraid of working with data! Do you want some guidance on where to get started? Start by discovering the 10 KPIs that you can start measuring now - so that you can focus on what matters most. 8


When I opened my first business, a design agency, I didn’t think much about my brand. I had a logo of course (I was a designer, after all), but I didn’t think much about what lies beneath the logo until I started getting feedback from clients. I started hearing the words people used to describe me. They were good words, like “integrity” and “upscale”, but they were terms not found anywhere on my website or marketing materials. These were other people’s words. This taught me an important lesson about brands: your brand exists, whether you realize it or not.


Everyone you do business with makes a judgment about you, good or bad. If you’re in business as a solopreneur, it’s likely based on your own personality and your quality of work. Jeff Bezos, the founder of, defines your brand as “what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. It’s how you make people feel. It’s what your company stands for: your values, the quality of your product, and the customer experience. Without a clearly defined brand, everyone (customers and staff), will define your brand for you – and differently than you probably would yourself.

The components of a strong brand: Purpose Your core business values, driven by your business’ vision and mission statements, are the heart of your brand. It’s why you do what you do. 71% of consumers like to buy from companies aligned with their values*, so how you position your brand can impact sales.

Promise Your brand holds a promise: Whether you know it or not, every time you make a sale you have implied a promise to the buyer: “I will give you the outcome you want, in exchange for the price of the product.” Whether they’re paying to learn a new skill or have their hair styled, they expect you to meet their expectations. Making sure the promised outcome is achieved will cement your promise in their mind.

Knowing how your company is different from your competitors will help you separate yourself from the pack, and strengthen your brand. McDonald’s and Starbucks both sell coffee, but their different brand personalities attract different audiences. Your brand has energy

Personality Your brand evokes emotion We don’t buy on logic as much as we like to think we do. We justify our purchase with logic, but we buy on emotion. So when a customer makes an emotional connection with your brand, that strengthens the connection they have with you, and helps sales. Your brand personality determines your customers It’s also how you position your company in the competitive landscape.

Your brand puts off a vibe; it might be laid back (like Home Depot), or adventurous (like Jeep). As a founder, your brand’s energy is often is reflective of your own personality. Be aware of your energy, and harness it for your business.

Platforms The platforms are the touchpoints of your brand. It’s your logo and website, but also your voicemail message, your staff, the tone of voice you use in your emails, and marketing. *


When developing a new brand (or a re-brand) start in the centre of the diagram above, and work your way out. Begin with your core purpose, then move outwards to your promise, and personality, to make your brand cohesive.

MEET JANICE HOSTAGER, MARKETING STRATEGY CONSULTANT Janice Hostager is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to help grow their businesses. After spending more than 25 years working in marketing, for a variety of multi million dollar brands, nonprofits and new startups, Janice knows what truly drives conversions, can nurture leads and can create solid brands. She has developed a marketing framework called the Trail to the Sale™ She enjoys working with entrepreneurs and loves the passion that she finds in her clients. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and hanging out with her two adult children. Janice holds a BA in Communications and Art from Augsburg University, and has done graduate studies in Business Communications at University of St. Thomas. She and her husband, Todd, live in Austin, TX. Are you ready to start building your brand? Download my free branding worksheet at 11

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BUILT TO SERVE A good website is more than marketing. It's good customer service.


You may already know that a polished website is a big asset for your business. It’s a fantastic way to present yourself as a legitimate, trustworthy business and, when done right, your website is also a fantastic marketing tool.

Your website can also play a major part in your customer service and experience: Creating a simple, easy to use website, is setting your future customers up for success. They’ll be able to easily navigate your site to learn about your offer, answer their questions, and ultimately close the sale. This is done by using website best practices, and leaning into your customer’s expectations for how a website should work, so you can cut out any confusing or frustrating, clicking around, as they try to operate your site. You can also make an effort to clearly, and obviously, share all of the pertinent details about your offer on your website. Harness the power of a Frequently Asked Questions section, on your sales page, to shortcut any potential queries your shoppers may have, as they consider your offer.

Not only is this a great strategy to improve your conversions, but it’s a wonderful way to meet your potential customers, where they are at, when they land on your website. They may not be quite ready to whip out their credit cards, but rather want to answer some questions to reassure themselves that yours is the right solution for them.

So, by creating a great experience on your website, you'll be making a great impression on those future customers.

And finally, you can use trusted, user-friendly software to process payments, so you’ll never leave customers wondering if their information is safe.

Thinking of your website as a resource for your potential customers, will set you apart from a lot of your competitors and position you as the obvious choice to those shopping around, since you’ll be making the shopping experience so seamless for them.

All of which is a huge win for you, since you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time answering customer support questions, and creating a seamless purchasing experience for your customers, that ultimately leads to easier return purchases!

Make a great first impression with your website: Beyond all of the practical benefits of creating an easy to use website, you are also making a wonderful first impression on your customers with your professional, polished website. Any frustration those potential customers feel when using your website, subconsciously translate to your business.

They’ll then go into their interaction with your product or service with those good feelings, which always makes for a much smoother start to your, hopefully long, relationship with this new super-fan.

Another great benefit of this way of approaching your website, is that all of your efforts creating valuable content, will pay off more easily with your free resources eagerly enjoyed (and maybe even shared!), and those interested visitors to your website, will be primed to join your email list and/or your paid offers. So bottom-line, a easy to use, well functioning website is good for your customers, which, in turn, is good for your business!



MEET MICHELLE PONTVERT Michelle Pontvert is a branding and website designer with 15 years of design experience, specializing in working with women on a mission to grow their service-based businesses, and spend more time with their families. She believes that women shouldn’t have to choose between their passion and their family, so she’s here to empower you with a website that works hard for your business, whether you need a custom masterpiece, a helping hand refreshing your existing site, or easy to use resources to confidently create your site yourself. For more helpful website tips and resources, head to 15

A MENTOR FOR EVERY STAGE Entrepreneurship can often feel isolating and lonely; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. My mentors, both past and present, provided support and helped me navigate through many challenges along the way. Each mentor offered unique types of support and perspective at each stage of starting and growing my company. As you navigate the world of entrepreneurship, here is some food for thought on how to take the lonely out of the journey using mentorship.


Before You Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Mentors to Help Find Your Passion & Spark Entrepreneurial Spirit As you may have experienced yourself, the road to entrepreneurship begins before you’ve even had your first business idea, or well before the term “entrepreneur” feels right. My journey to entrepreneurship began with a transformative mentorship experience, while I was in another career altogether. Despite a diverse career up to that point with lots of learning and different roles, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was aiming for in my career. Which is why this may debatably be one of the most crucial times to find a mentor. 16

At this stage, a mentor can help you gain clarity on the work you feel most passionate about, and help you explore options to connect that passion to your career or life in general. From talking with other founders, it is often at this stage that many realize they want to pursue entrepreneurship. A mentor can help light the spark, that ignites the flame that you already had inside you.

The Beginning of Your Entrepreneurial Journey Mentors To Deepen Your Confidence & Provide Guidance For Your Business MVP As you begin to fan the flames of that entrepreneurial spark, you may find yourself riddled with self-doubt and/or a lack of clarity. Combat your imposter syndrome by finding a mentor who continues to light that fire, unwaveringly instills confidence in you, and propels you towards the path of launching your business or idea. During this time, you can benefit from a mentor who has experienced crafting and refining business plans, and having to work through those same internal doubts along the way. You can also benefit from someone who, although maybe hasn’t done it for their own business, has had to create plans and gain buy-in from their peers or stakeholders. In both cases this mentor can help you identify your blindspots, offer critical feedback, and challenge you constructively, while building you up.

Mentors To Offer Support During The Start-up Phase Leading up to the launch of your business, and in the early stages, where you’re drinking from a firehydrant of ‘to-dos’, mentorship can help keep you accountable and stay true to your vision. We’re often faced with many unknowns about ourselves and/or the business, new things to learn, and the need to make quick decisions that often require us to tap into our instincts, and resist the urge to be “perfect”. As you begin the bootstrapping work of starting your business, mentors support your confidence, resiliency, and ability to adapt and learn as you go. They also help you build connections to support your ability to execute in key functional aspects, such as hiring, fundraising, financial management, strategic planning, and more.

In The Depths of Your Entrepreneurial Journey Mentors to Help Scale and Stabilize Your Business As you navigate perhaps this more technical, and differently challenging part of your entrepreneurial journey when you’re working towards sustained growth and expansion, you may find yourself needing to find a mentor who understands the nuanced challenges of your business (or industry). In this stage, entrepreneurs often find themselves having a hard time maintaining mentorship relationships. Yet it is here where we often need it most. 17

Mentor/mentee relationships do not have to be formal or traditional, meaning a one-to-one relationship with a more seasoned entrepreneur, to have impact. Leverage your existing network and available resources to make the most of the time you have. Seek to learn from informal “mentorship moments” with anyone you surround yourself with. Take advantage of peer groups to learn from, and engage with peers who have experienced similar business challenges to yourself; learn through their perspectives, wins, and failures. In some cases, and if you still have a great relationship with them, the mentor who helped you realize you wanted entrepreneurship can still support you here as well, particularly if they’ve been in the trenches as you have.


Becoming A Mentor Yourself As you continue your entrepreneurial journey, you may find yourself thinking less as a mentee and perhaps becoming a mentor yourself. Remember that learning from a mentor is a powerful tool at any stage in our careers. Sharing your experiences and learnings as a mentor is equally as powerful. This provides an opportunity to impart wisdom, in the same way that others have done for you. Sharing these experiences with your mentee can not only help others learn and evolve in their careers, but is also a chance to reflect on your journey to success, how you have overcome challenges, and what you may have done differently. Sharing your career journey can open you up to new learnings about yourself, and encourage you to celebrate accomplishments so far. A mentor once said to me - “Human beings are put on earth to find purpose, and serve others. In fact, you’ll live longer than others if you do, and engaging in mentorship is part of that," - and I couldn't agree more.

MEET CHANTAL BRINE, FOUNDER OF ENPOINT Chantal Brine is a builder — of people and businesses — a believer in experiential learning, a proponent for mentorship, and an active advocate for women. As founder and CEO of EnPoint, Chantal and her team help clients create and maintain effective mentorship programs using their easy-to-use, customizable and fully automated platform. A sought-after speaker, she often talks about the importance of living an authentic life, and on the impact of mentorship in advancing one's career. FInd out more at:




HOW OFTEN DO YOU THINK “I WISH MY LIFE WAS DIFFERENT"? The saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side' is very common. How true is it though? The truth in that statement depends on your mindset. We are fortunate in that we get to CHOOSE to create an extraordinary life. We get to CHOOSE to look at the negative or the positive. We also get to CHOOSE every moment of our lives, including how we act, think, and feel. A few years ago, I moved to Thailand to volunteer and teach English. While I was there, I received a book called True Love by Thich Nhat Hanh, where he teaches us meditation in order to acknowledge things. In his book there is a line that teaches: "Breathing in - I am aware of my heart, breathing out - I am grateful for my heart."

A few days after reading that line for the first time, we were at an elephant village, walking our elephants to a river. As we were walking, I noticed myself worrying about all of life's stresses and I was sad, missing my cat, who had recently passed away back home. As I walked along, feeling down and a bit sorry for myself, I remembered that line from the book and I stopped my racing mind and said to myself, "I'm walking an elephant, and I am happy.", "I'm WALKING an ELEPHANT, and I am happy." Of course, I am happy!! I am walking AN ELEPHANT! (Like seriously, how cool?!) This was my first real moment of living in the now, and it's a practice I return to over and over again. Even in the best moments in life, it is easy to get stuck in our own head and miss out on what's going on around us. At that moment, with the elephant, I chose how I wanted to feel. I took control of my thoughts and actions.

Now it's your turn. I want you to close your eyes and think of a memory where you felt completely in the moment. A time when the world was on your side and you felt pure joy. Perhaps it was hearing "I love you" for the first time, running a marathon, the birth of your child, buying your house. Any moment that was incredibly joyful is a great choice. Now keep your eyes closed and soak up that feeling of genuine happiness and pure joy. How amazing does that feel? Okay, you can open your eyes now. That is a "happy heart", and you have the power to create that feeling wherever you are. Every time you pull yourself back to the present and choose to fully experience the joy in the moment, you will create another powerful anchor you can tap in to, time and time again.


On average, each feeling we have as humans lasts 90 seconds. If you allow an emotion to exist for 90 seconds, without judging it, it will disappear. We choose our own happiness. We control our feelings. All we have to do is go back to any moment that gives you that "happy heart", like we just did. Celebrate every win big or small. Those who celebrate the small victories and simple pleasures, win the game over and over again, while creating that "happy heart". My favorite way to create the "happy heart" feeling is gratitude. Gratitude for myself, and for others. We always have something to be grateful for. Think about all the incredible people that have supported you in your journey. Today I ask you to be grateful. Be grateful for every little thing, and everyone in your life. Celebrate big and small achievements. Create your own happy heart! Embrace your calm and colorful moments.

MEET JESSICA BRITTANI - FOUNDER OF CALM AND COLORFUL As an International Mindset Mentor for teens, parents and families, and Calm and Colorful Founder, Jessica Brittani, empowers youth and their families with the confidence to love and accept themselves unconditionally, feel comfortable in their skin, and make courageous decisions that lead to independent, positive, and intentional choices. Jessica supports families by helping them build and strengthen relationships within themselves and with each other. She travels full-time, spreading her work everywhere she goes. You may find Jessica leading in-person retreats, working in the classroom - bringing mindfulness to schools, or at book signings for her interactive coloring books that teach coping skills. Jessica Brittani believes learning the tools to live a Calm & Colorful life should start young! Find out more about the programs at 21

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