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It's back to business and back to routines and I, for one, couldn't be more excited I love summer, but I REALLY love kicking it into high gear for the fall and the New Year

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What's Inside ISSUE 10 Secret To Healing Better Boundaries Self Care Made Simple Plot Twist! Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Complicated. Contact/Submissions hello@SHEcorporated com SHEcorporatedMagazine com Beat The Burnout Ditch Stress at Dinner

Any money spent on ads results in clients Your website is generating clients Any email campaigns result in clients


Make the client the hero of your business. Starting with your marketing message, and later, throughout their journey with your brand, create hero moments for them things that feel like little victories. To scale and grow your business, you don’t need millions in turnover. All you need is to intentionally design, what they see, feel, hear and think about your brand

A lot of the business owners I meet are not marketers and consider marketing to be a necessary evil in their everyday operations. Many over-think and over complicate it, resulting in an unnecessary drain on resources.

To make sure your marketing is working, this is all you need to check:



Make it easy for people to buy from you with clear, direct calls to action, placed strategically throughout your website.

Start with a simple marketing message. Create a one liner or elevator pitch that allows you to explain what you do easily. Whether in a Zoom breakout room or at your local Country Club, having a one liner that resonates with people can pique curiosity and interest.

A one-liner succinctly articulates: Websites made simple. Within three seconds of landing on your website, can your ideal clients answer: 1 2 3 If your site passes that test, here are some additional tips to get your website generating clients:

Create a simple sales funnel. Sales funnels are not as complicated as people think or make them. They’re about building relationships and inviting people to engage with you.

Qualifying your audience by calling out who your lead generator is for saves resources and will make your ads perform better For example, 7 best kept marketing secrets for coaches. When your ideal clients give you their email address, for the fantastic freebie you’ve shared with them, enter them into an email sales campaign, helping them even more by solving additional problems.

the problem your dream clients have the product or solution you provide what their lives or businesses look like after working with you What do you do? How can they get it? How will it make their lives better?

Less is more! People don’t read websites They scan them Use headers like in magazines to set people up to know what they’re about to read

Overcome objections. Not enough time, it’s too expensive, I’m not sure it’s for me, I have to check with x, are the most common objections for absolutely everything! You know the one you hear most in your business, so overcome that objection in an email

Start with a lead generator, such as a PDF document like a checklist, cheat sheet, whitepaper or case study. Or instead host an event, webinar or workshop. The idea behind the lead generator is that in exchange for a free value, people will give you their email address


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Deirdre Martin is a business mentor specializing in brand, marketing, sales, and customer experience. She is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, keynote speaker, business award winner, and bestselling business author. Connect with Deirdre Website : https://deirdremartinconsulting ie and Linkedin deirdremartincustomerexperience/ the same as mentoring a form of therapy only for poor performers Create a paradigm shift. There are many myths and misconceptions in every industry For example, some people think coaching is: Identify the most common one you hear, and enlighten your audience in an email

Ask for the sale. You’re in business to make money Without your business making money, you can’t show up to help, serve and make a difference in the world Ask for the sale so you can keep doing what you love Sales funnels are a way to help your ideal clients get to know, like, and trust you without being pushy. They’ll work while you’re getting some R&R, and they can generate a significant return on investment. Not everyone who signs up for your lead generator will be ready to buy immediately. That’s ok. Nurture them, even when they don’t go ahead with you. Create a nurture email i iti i b d dibl rt mind rvice by 5 Pick one platform.

Determine the most common place your ideal clients hang out and show up there. Don’t make your life more complicated by trying to be on ALL the platforms. Choose one. Master it. Engage frequently. Show up consistently. It’s your business You get to decide how easy you make it! And believe me when I say, marketing doesn’t have to be complicated

We offer free training and support for new women entrepreneurs in need. Applications are accepted only through our partner organizations. Apply to partner with us, and help women from your group build a better future for themselves and their families Does your charitable or non-profit organization serve women in need? Find out more at

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health, you will feel more connected to yourself and your business, and will be better able to make decisions from a place of wisdom

This includes reading, learning new things, and engaging in thoughtful conversations. When you take care of your intellectual health, you will feel more curious and engaged with the world, and will be better able to come up with creative solutions to problems.

To help with making self care a regular practice, it is as simple as including at least one of the five pillars of self care into your daily routine, including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social. Let's look at each one in turn. Physical self-care means taking care of your body This includes getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep Taking care of your physical health will make you feel better and more energetic, and will help you to be more productive in your work.


Self care is so important for business owners and entrepreneurs, yet it is often pushed aside in favor of work However, self care is essential for maintaining your health and well being When you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of your business

Emotional self care means taking care of your mental and emotional health. This includes managing stress, practicing self-compassion, and setting boundaries. When you take care of your emotional health, you will feel calmer and more capable of dealing with the challenges of running a business Spiritual self care means taking care of your soul. This includes meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature. When you take care of your spiritual

Social self-care means taking care of your relationships This includes spending time with loved ones, being active in your community, and networking When you take care of your social health, you will feel more connected to others and more supported in your work.

Intellectual self care means taking care of your mind


"When you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of your business."


There are many ways to incorporate self-care into your life. Here are a few tips for making self-care a regular practice: Schedule it. Set aside time each day or week for self care Just like you would any other appointment Go through your planner and block off time for you to use exclusively for filling your cup Make it a priority. Don't let other things get in the way of your self care. This is time for you. Self care rarely happens unless you are intentional about it. To care for everyone and everything else on your to do list, you have to be at your best self, so put yourself at the top. Find what works for you. There is no one size fits all approach to self care. Find what works for you and stick with it. This is where having an open mind helps. Be persistent and curious. Be consistent. Self-care is not a one-time thing. It's something you should do regularly. Life can easily interfere with practicing daily self care, so it’s best to make it a habit to check in with yourself and ask yourself, “What do I need today to feel recharged and like my best self?” Make it enjoyable. Self care should be something you enjoy If it's not, you're less likely to stick with it Choose activities that make you feel good and be sure to mix things up so you don't get bored.

Through her Moms Without Capes movement, Onnie is empowering women to slow down, recognize their worth, and break through the limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Visit to learn more.

If you're a mom who feels like you're constantly running on empty, you're not alone. Onnie Michalsky is a mom of six, and a licensed therapist, who understands the challenges of being a woman in today's world. She's also a life and wellness coach, and she's on a mission to help moms escape the do it all mentality, and find their way back to themselves.


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Self-care is essential for business owners. It helps them stay healthy, sane, and focused. When you take care of yourself, you're able to put your best foot forward in your business So, make it a priority and find what works for you

What is the common denominator of those that reach their desired outcome?


Many people may come in to see me with the same health condition or diagnosis, however, not everyone heals at the same rate This is much the same as in your business There are many people in the same profession, and not everyone has the same business outcome

The biggest internal factor in success and healing is if someone is an “ as long as” or “whatever it takes” person. An “ as long as” person will do things if it doesn’t cost too much money, doesn’t take a long time, they don’t have to give up eating junk food, they don’t need to exercise, etc. They tend to have many excuses for why they can’t do something.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve learned many lessons that translate into knowledge about a topic, that at first glance might seem completely unrelated. But business has many parallels to healing, and although they seem like two separate conversations, there is a wisdom you can tap into to help you on your healing journey. The doctor determines the diagnosis, you decide the prognosis.

A “whatever it takes” person makes their healing, or their business, their priority, and doesn’t let anything get in their way until they reach their goal These people tend to overcome their healing challenges fastest

Healing and business can feel lonely at times.

Ask yourself the following questions to help gain clarity on what you should do: You were born with an internal guidance system, your intuition. Follow it.

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Dr. Amanda is a chiropractor who focuses on Neuro Optimization. Her tools and strategies aim to help people regulate and optimize their nervous systems

Learn more: https://optimizemyhealing com/

In both cases, you need to intentionally create a supportive community around you. Connect with others who have walked the same path, and who may be a little further ahead You do not have to do everything on your own Follow your intuition. Doctors may be authorities on disease, but they are not experts on you. You know your body best. Find the right team to guide you, and then make decisions from within. If something doesn’t feel right, stop, take time to re evaluate and see if it is the best solution for you You can always consult other people

Is this going to bring me closer to my goals or desires? Is this what’s best for my business? Is this what’s best for me? Is this what’s best for my family?

One’s healing journey usually involves changing their eating habits, cutting down on alcohol and taking more time for themselves to rest Your current friends or family members may not understand what you’re going through, unless they have been there before. This is the same type of experience you may have had starting your business.

Healing and business are not linear. Often, people think that the healing journey is a straight line, meaning that they keep getting better and better. This is not always the case. While this does occur if you have a bruise or paper cut, when you're healing from a chronic long term illness, healing usually resembles a roller coaster ride

This is also true for running your own business There are ups, downs, and twists and turns. The journey is not for the faint of heart. This is especially true when you’re first starting out. There will be many factors that you had not counted on. Simply remember that it’s all a part of the process.

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Women entrepreneurs often have difficulty setting boundaries in their business, which leads to burnout, inability to reach their goals, and resentment. There are five essentials to having healthy boundaries in your business. It all starts with Clarifying Your Values. If you’re not clear what’s important to you, you don’t know where to set boundaries. Next you need to Alter Your Mindset. When it comes to establishing business boundaries, this includes debunking your subconscious scripts, and disrupting your old patterns of thinking. In doing boundary work, you must learn to Keep the Focus on Yourself There are four ways in which I encourage my clients to do this, which I’ll expand on below Developing Empowered Communication is imperative for setting boundaries, especially for those who own their businesses! And lastly, you’ve got to Show Up for Yourself You learn to do this by living in alignment with your values, leveraging your new mindset, focusing on yourself, and directly communicating with others. Essential Element Three: Learning to Keep the Focus on Yourself While all five essentials are important, in this article, I am going to focus on the third essential element of BETTER BOUNDARIES CREATING BOUNDARIES TO BENEFIT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS

establishing boundaries in your business keeping the focus on yourself. There are four parts to this: 1) Looking at what you want or need 2) Minding your own business 3). Understanding your part in things 4). Engaging in consistent self care For women, focusing on ourselves is especially hard because we’re socialized to take care of others first. In fact, we’re often told that it’s “selfish” to focus on ourselves It’s actually selfless When we fill our cups first, we give to the world from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing to care for others, but it can be taken too far. We’re so used to focusing on others and what they want, we often lose sight of what we want. This is magnified for those of us in service oriented businesses.

When you’re making decisions about how to spend your time and energy, or which course of action to take, start by asking yourself, “What do *I* really want or need in this situation?” You’re still going to ask what’s best for others, but start with you. So many of us completely neglect our wants and needs, and then we get burnt out, and we’re no good to anyone! Another thing we often do (especially in service businesses) is that we don’t “mind our own business.” I cannot tell you how many women entrepreneurs I’ve worked with who are overly concerned about their clients’ welfare, to the detriment of their own business! They’re afraid to charge their clients more when the scope of work expands.


OF HIGHER POWER COACHING AND CONSULTING Barb is a boundaries coach, speaker, writer, and the Founder and CEO of Higher Power Coaching and Consulting, LLC and host of the podcast, "Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery."

Or they’re afraid to raise their prices when they realize they’re not making enough to support their own business. The focus is on their clients (and sometimes their competitors), rather than on their own business. You’re in charge of your business, not theirs! If you’re burnt out, or the business is not growing in the way you hoped it would, take a look at yourself What’s your part in your burnout? What’s your part in the lack of growth in your business? That doesn’t mean you don’t consider external factors, but you must look at the thing you can actually change you!


Lastly, if you’re in business for the long haul, you have got to learn to take really good care of yourself, consistently. This means engaging in activities that fuel you, and reducing the activities that drain you

In 2015 at the age of 52, after decades of therapy and tons of self help work in a variety of areas, Barb found herself in 12 step recovery She’s been in two such fellowships since then, and has changed deeply and profoundly as a result As a former addict and people pleasing rescuer, she empowers people to live their lives on purpose, by coaching them to build boundary systems in their personal and professional lives.

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She felt she couldn't go on. She was frustrated by everything. No one seemed to care, and she didn't know what to do. It felt like she was drowning under the weight of it all. The headache was becoming more frequent and she was losing focus on the tasks at hand. She often thought she should have it checked out by a doctor, but she never seemed to have the time So many mothers in business have a similar story How many times have you put your own needs, health and well being to the side, to take care of your family, your work or others? We often feel like we need to glide across the pond of life looking unflustered, while we are vehemently kicking our legs underneath the surface to make things work. The result usually is BURNOUT and poor health. Sometimes, unfortunately, we seek help when it is too late, and some significant damage has been done.

Taking a 2 5 minute break every hour is a good start. You can then increase that to every 30 minutes, as time goes on. The goal of this break is for you to consciously take deep breaths and notice how the breath moves within you. The benefits of this practice are many, including making more oxygen available to the tissues of the body, therefore ensuring their appropriate function, and calming the mind

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It's important to recognize the early signs of overwhelm and take steps to prevent it from progressing. There are 3 simple things that you can do today to help avoid burnout and protect your health. They are the BREAK, TAKE, MAKE triad. Break for a breath. We all know how important it is to take a breath Whenever you are working with your full concentration or even under pressure, it can be similar to holding your breath

Make a journal entry regularly. When you do the first 2 components of the triad, you will notice your body communicating with you. This comes through as discomfort, sounds, tension, pressure, etc. These are important to make a note of and reflect on to increase your self awareness. By increasing your self awareness, you will be able to recognize subtle signs, and know when to call for help These 3 steps will reduce the stress that builds up in your body on a daily basis These practices are not only helpful but they are fun to do Incorporate them into your day and enjoy the benefits


Take a stretch and move. The typical working day for an office job, or for many entrepreneurs, involves many hours in one particular posture, which is often sitting down in front of an electronic device It has been found that sitting for long hours is linked to poor health and stress The human body is made of body fluids that are in constant motion However, efficient movement of these fluids is facilitated by the movement of the muscles That is why exercise is very important Even if you have to sit through much of your workday, a simple step to improve the situation would be to ensure you take a regular stretch, followed by movement (this could be a walk, jog, run or dance).

Dr. Dunni is the award winning Mum Empowerment coach, family doctor, international speaker, bestselling author, host on the Well being 4 Mothers Show and CEO of Druwa Academy. She empowers mothers to break free from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in their multiple roles, while enhancing their overall well being, using courses, coaching, and membership programs to share practical ways to avoid ill health and promote holistic well being She was awarded top 500 Global Influential Leaders by Brainz Magazine and top 50 Courageous Women She also received the Global Woman Rising Star Award. She has been featured in Brainz Magazine, Courageous Woman Magazine, Business Woman Today, Global Woman Magazine, and Thrive Global.

It has been found that sitting for long hours is linked to ill health and stress. The human body is made of body fluids that are in constant motion IG Facebook LinkedIn https://www linkedin com/in/drdunni

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Get your copy for FREE! yours at:

Just like having an organized desk and office helps reduce the frustrations of looking for the memo that needed immediate attention, let’s eliminate the “where the heck did I put the minced garlic” frustration when it comes to finding things in your kitchen.

You’ve put in a long workday, now you’re ready to put your feet up and relax. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like at the end of your workday your “other job” is just beginning. Smack. Reality hits you in the face, as you realize you have no answer to the ever vexing questions, “What’s for dinner?” and “Does my family really need to eat dinner EVERY night?”

Use your business skills to master dinner?


You’ve got your professional routine in order. Now it’s time to get your dinner routine in order. No need to panic. This article is the first in a series on Dinnertime Sanity Saving Secrets. Time to declutter. Let’s start with clutter. We all know your kitchen should be a relaxing haven, but the reality is that it’s easy to let clutter build up.

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Here’s how: Start With One Area At A Time. Trying to declutter the entire kitchen can quickly become overwhelming. So, to make it easier, start by sorting out just one area at a time.


Organize Your Utensils. We tend to gather too many utensils and gadgets over the years This makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for, when they’re all thrown in together. Place your daily utensils into their own drawer. You can easily pick up cutlery and utensil dividers, which can help to keep them nice and neat in the drawer. Once you’ve sorted out the essentials, it’s time to separate and store away the non essentials They can either be kept in a separate drawer or cabinet, or in a jug or container on the countertop, if there’s no other room available.

Organize Your Kitchen Counters.

Time to assess exactly what needs to stay and go Throw away any rubbish you come across, and organize what’s left into groups of items Do you have any appliances on the counters which you rarely use? If so, free up space and store the appliances away If you don’t have any s o w You could start with the cabinets, drawers, or even the refrigerator. Splitting it down into more manageable tasks, can actually help you get it done quicker. You won’t find it as overwhelming, and you’ll feel great as you tick off different tasks along the way You could even spread it out over a few days to make it easier it doesn’t have to be done all at the same time.

Organize Items By Frequency Of Use. It’s really useful to organize items in terms of how frequently they’re used. The things you use on a daily basis, such as cooking utensils, for example, should be easy to reach. Store plates and cutlery that you use regularly, on lower shelves in a cabinet, moving special occasion dining ware to an upper shelf. You’ll also find it easier to group similar items together. Set storage areas for specific purposes, such as all bakeware is kept in one area, and pots and pans are kept in another Speaking of pots and pans, be sure to keep them as close to the stove as you can

Linda’s cooking skills were so bad, her own family banned her from cooking when she was a teen. Happily, her skills have dramatically improved. She now has over 1000 cookbooks, is a graduate of Rouxbe Cooking School and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has countless cooking courses from the International Culinary Center and Natural Gourmet Institute under her belt As owner of Balaboosta’s Secret, she helps entrepreneurial moms with meal planning, prep, and cooking lessons, as well as coaches them on how to serve dinners with side dishes of games and clever conversations. Whether you’re a novice cook or looking to add some oomph to your dinner routine, Linda’s all about making ordinary weeknight meals extraordinary with speed, ease, yum and lots of fun. Hook up with her for some 1:1 or group virtual coaching. Your inner dinner demons will thank you.


Organize Your Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer. This can be an entire course in itself! For the purposes of this article, here are the basics. First, toss any food that is expired. Next, look for food items that have been open for a while and may be stale. Open cereals and spices lose flavor over time Just say goodbye to them Arrange what’s left in categories (e g baking, canned food, grains, spices, marinades, etc ) Have all bottles and containers upright with their labels visible Of course, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We all know it takes more than an organized office to be a successful entrepreneur. Oh, if it were that easy!

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Likewise, starting with an organized kitchen is just the first step to regaining your dinnertime sanity. Stay tuned for more of the secret in the series


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