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Editor's note I am incredibly excited and humbled to bring you the first edition of SHEcorporated Magazine, and the stories of so many incredible women founders. This magazine was created to celebrate YOU. We are here to share your stories, create community, and inspire each other to excel in every area of life. I look forward to the coming year, the hundreds of stories we will have the opportunity to share, and the impact this magazine will have on thousands of women around the world. I sincerely thank you for joining in, and taking this journey with us. I also invite you to share your stories with us, by applying to be a contributor for future issues. Let's raise a glass to new beginnings, and to your fellow women founders, out there changing the world, every single day.

Kristy Carruthers EDITOR-IN-CHIEF



What's Inside Get Seen Queen Skyrocket your visibility and credibility for free with PR

Fit Founder How to "fit in" fitness, no matter how busy you are

Networking Pro 7 tips to make it painless

Founder Style Polished style without breaking the budget

Staples 01 Editor's Note 18 Marketing Tips 20 Coming Attractions

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Photo: Gloria Chou PR

GLORIA CHOU As a former TV producer and U.S. Diplomat, Gloria has spent her entire career using various media to elevate and inspire. She has found that when she asks founders, who are doing incredible things, why they aren’t telling their story to a wider audience, they say that they just “aren’t ready yet."



As someone who has worked extensively with early-stage founders, and has had their stories featured in top-tier outlets such as the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal BEFORE they were even funded or launched, Gloria has discovered that this is the #1 limiting belief that stands between where entrepreneurs at any stage are now, and where they would like to go.













PR is short for "public relations" and refers to any strategic communication from an organization to the public. When used properly, PR can skyrocket your visibility and your sales, improve your website SEO, and create new opportunities for you and your business. Pitching for these earned media opportunities can lead to: News and press Speaking engagements In-store product placement Grants, awards and recognition Podcast and TV interviews Collaborations Gift guide or product guide features







Why would media want to hear

from me?

As much as we live in an instagram/influencer world, journalists are not dead. People trust credible news sources, and the opinions of real journalists more than the “influencer of the week”. Journalists are on the hunt daily for stories from real people just like you. They want the insider knowledge and first hand experience that you have. They don’t want to go through a PR middle man to get a genuine story, because you know your story better than anyone else.

Why should I invest time in PR?

PR isn’t just for bragging rights. It increases your credibility, authority, and visibility, which all improve your reputation. This is also beneficial for marketing, sales conversions, consumer trust, and any type of pitching. They say it takes 25 touchpoints from when someone first encounters you, until they are ready to trust you and buy from you. I see PR as reducing those touchpoints down to just 2-3 touchpoints. At the end of the day, just getting eyeballs on your brand/product is not enough, and you need credibility and authority to build a successful brand.

How can I pitch

to journalists and

earn media


From never having agency experience or industry contacts, Gloria cold called hundreds of newsrooms to create her very own CPR framework to help small businesses pitch. This method has been used to get even the smallest, most early stage founder into top tier outlets such as Forbes, Vogue, TIME, Fast Company and more. To date, she’s helped small businesses gain a combined 1 BILLION organic views without sponsored content. To make your pitch effective and get a response, it needs to have 3 elements.


1. Credibility

3. Relevance

Your previous experience and why you are in a position to pitch this angle/story. This can be a single sentence. “I am a bootstrapped founder who has experienced “X” firsthand”. We want to focus on the main body of the pitch, not “me me me”. So keep this part brief! No previous media experience necessary.

This is the most important part of your pitch, because if it's not relevant to what readers are going through or care about, it will not lead to a story. Ask yourself why your pitch matters now (and not 5 years ago).

2. Point of View

For example, if you are in a heavily regulated industry like finance, law, or healthcare, maybe there is a new policy or regulation you can speak on or help people make sense of. If you are in eCommerce, it might be something around the holiday shopping trends, back to school, etc.

Your specific/unique insights and opinions on an industry trend or topic, because remember: experts have a point of view. This might be 3 ways your industry is changing, tips/tricks to solve a problem, trends or insights, or something that is unexpected. An example would be if you were a skincare expert/founder, to provide 3 little known but effective skincare ingredients to combat winter eczema. Make sure it's not too obvious and adds to to the conversation. Be specific.

What policy, seasonal, societal, or other changes are going on affecting your industry?

There are always timely angles to tie your pitch to, so give this part the attention it deserves.






Pitch to publications, podcasts, TV programs and any other media where your target audience might be. Don't discount smaller media outlets, industry publications, or local outlets, as these are often a great stepping stone to larger outlets.









The internet is your best friend. Install Google News alerts to keep track of all the stories being published with your industry keywords, and you can copy and paste the writer’s name to start your own media list. You can also follow hashtags on Twitter and Linkedin to find journalists writing about a specific industry. HARO is also a great tool to answer journalists’ inquiries. This does take time and energy. If you want to get updated and detailed media lists for every industry, so that all you have to do is press send, go to to join Gloria’s PR program for small businesses!

MEET YOUR UNOFFICIAL HYPE WOMAN, GLORIA CHOU Gloria Chou helps small businesses go from unknown to being SEEN, HEARD, and VALUED without ever paying for ads or agencies. Gloria’s community centers around amazing WOC, who are early stage, bootstrapped founders, committed to taking back control of their story and their media relationships.


"FITTING IN" FITNESS As a fitness entrepreneur and

CEO, you’d think getting a

workout in would be easy,


I thought so too. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and as an entrepreneur for the last 25. I grew up in a family of athletes. I, myself, was a competitive swimmer. Activity was learned at a young age. So it’s probably tough to imagine that as a life long fitness enthusiast, I have had trouble prioritizing fitness. Well, I have. Really. Making time for fitness is challenging when you are running any business. When I began, I worked in numerous gyms, corporate fitness, in medical settings and eventually managed a chain of health clubs. I was surrounded by opportunity, quite literally! Most days, I found a window of time to work it in to my schedule. I would come in before my shift started, or take my lunch break to get a workout in. Management didn’t lend itself well to a routine schedule, so I could never plan on getting something in at the end of the day. Once I made the leap to creating my own business, my schedule was different. Time is money, and I told myself that if I was to make this dream work, I needed a certain number of hours booked with paying clients, which meant my own workout would take a back seat.


Photo: CU Fitness Inc..

For a while, I found the breaks in my day between clients to do something for me, a quick strength training session at a gym I knew, a class, or a quick circuit I could make up, using my go-to strategies. As I grew, and eventually had a larger scale business, I learned that working in short bouts of time was critical, and necessary, for my mental health and productivity, as well as a stress release. I found that I could maintain my fitness AND feel great, and all of that showed up in my day to day business meetings with clients, and the rest of my team. In short, I realized I could design exactly how I wanted it to look. Bottom line, being active and maintaining a good level of fitness is not just a luxury or something on your wish list, it is ESSENTIAL for success as an entrepreneur, and in life.


Here are some of my favorite ‘fitness hacks’ for achieving a consistent workout or activity in your schedule: First, schedule your workout or activity like an appointment (one that would be difficult to reschedule.) Mark that time as if it was your most important client, in your calendar. Start with 15-20 minutes, and grow from there. Make it non-negotiable. Then WORK IT IN throughout your day! The human body is created to move, so do that. Park your car at least a 5 minute walk from where you are going when you are out, and take the stairs whenever possible. Carry your grocery bags to your car when you can, and avoid using electric doors or a cart. It all counts! Take a walk whenever you can. Take 10 minutes at the start of your day, at lunch, or the end of your day, and get your circulation going.

Work in body weight exercises like squats, push ups, lunges, ab crunches, bridges and planks. You don’t need any equipment or a gym membership to do them. You can do these exercises at your office, or at home when you wake up. Do 8-10 reps of each one back to back, and you have a quick total body circuit that you can do in 5-10 minutes. Finally, get up from your desk at least once per hour. Walk around your office, to the rest room or water fountain or just have a stretch break. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you if need be. All of these easy hacks not only add up to tremendous benefit physically for you, but give you a mental release and feeling of satisfaction. When you feel good and maintain your energy levels, it shows up in your business, and in the rest of your life too. As the CEO of your company, YOU are the face of your business. So be the best FIT version of yourself!

MEET YOUR FOUNDER FITNESS PRO, ALISON KATSCHKOWSKY Alison helps to serve entrepreneurs in the fitness and health space to innovate and grow their offerings. Alison owns her own fitness business, CU Fitness, Inc., and enjoys writing for several health and fitness publications, and is currently writing a book. She is the founder of her unique new signature 6 step FIT LIFE System and online workout club: ‘BODY MOXIE’. You can find her at As a busy entrepreneur, she feels a calling to help serve her clients through customized fitness and self care programs online, and holds destination fitness retreat experiences in various locations. Tune in for her podcast ‘The Ultimate Journey of Self Care’ across most platforms.

Self-care is an area we tend to

discount – we believe doing things

for ourselves that require time and

commitment are luxuries and

indulgences, which are considered

excessive, when it’s the ONE THING

that can change the game for us in

every aspect of our lives.


HATE NETWORKING? We KNOW we need to build a network to build a business. We can see that the most successful business people are usually also those that are constantly connecting and expanding their networks. A strong network creates a constant flow of ideas, collaboration opportunities, and support.


But dang if we don’t dislike actually doing it. For the lucky few, networking comes naturally, and they thrive on getting to know new people, nurturing relationships, and being that person that always seems to know everyone. Then there’s the rest of us.








Almost half the population is believed to be to be introverted, and for those of us that identify with those characteristics, networking is a painful activity, ranking somewhere between an upset stomach and a root canal, depending on the crowd. So, for those of us that aren't naturally the life of the party, here are 7 tips to help you feel comfortable, and make the most of your time at in-person and online networking opportunities: 1. Decide on your purpose. The very first step in networking is deciding what you’re looking to gain from your network. Is it more customers, advisors, or perhaps contracts? The purpose of your network will determine what type of contacts you are looking to make, and therefore where you will go to find them. 2. Make a plan⁠ for the event. ⁠ Once you have determined what event you will attend, you need to make a plan. Often our first mistake is just showing up at the event, without any idea of what we are going to do. Decide ahead of time, why are you there, and what do you want to accomplish before you leave?⁠ ⁠ 3. Get some advance info⁠. ⁠ Ask around to find out what events your peers have attended. What they thought? How did it go? The more intel you have ahead of time, the more comfortable and effective you are going to be at the event.⁠ ⁠


4. Remember it's not just you⁠. ⁠ A lot of people are uncomfortable at networking events. It's reassuring to know that it's not just you. Likely about half of the people in the room feel exactly like you do.⁠ ⁠ 5. Be prepared⁠. ⁠ Take your business cards⁠, carry a pen,⁠ and have your elevator pitch prepared and practiced, so you aren't stuck or stumbling, when people ask what you do.⁠ ⁠ 6. Lead with value⁠. ⁠ Networking is about making personal connections and building relationships that are mutually beneficial. So, start by finding some value you can give to the other person. If you are at an online event, share an article they may find interesting, provide them with a referral, or find something else that has no immediate benefit to you. This will build trust.



⁠7. Have a "next step"⁠. ⁠ You are there to make connections, not just to chat. So, when you leave a conversation, ask for their permission to contact them, and suggest a goal or timeline for the next meeting or touch point. ⁠ ⁠ For example "I'm so glad we ran into each other tonight, I really enjoyed speaking with you. Is it okay if I send you an email next week with the details of that service we were talking about?"⁠ If that feels too direct, you can offer to send them a link to that article you were talking about, the contact details for that person you thought they should connect with, or something else that gives you a reason to stay in touch. ⁠ Finally, the strategy you can keep in your pocket and use any time, anywhere. Ask questions. People love to talk about themselves, and you learn more from listening anyway. When you are nervous, it's easier to ask questions and listen, than to talk. So ask a question, and then just listen and look for opportunities.⁠


Does your charitable or non-profit organization serve women in need? We offer free training and support for new women entrepreneurs in need. Applications are accepted only through our partner organizations. Apply to partner with us, and help women from your group build a better future for themselves and their families.

Contact us at

TIME TO TRAVEL? The borders are opening, conferences are getting rescheduled, and every woman we know could use some time away. Is now the right time to book that business trip?


I have been traveling for

business throughout most of

my adult life.

For a full decade, before I had children, I lived and worked on a ship, and spent 10 months of each year working away from home. I knew I enjoyed travel, but until 2020 I had no idea how much I needed it. Those business trips were not only a chance to catch up with old friends and colleagues, meet clients, and learn new skills, they were an opportunity to spend some time alone, with my thoughts, without noise or distraction. I didn't realize how critical it was for my productivity, creativity and mental health to have that time to focus, without being pulled away to another task, and then another, and another. So although those trips were not exactly "spa days" (okay some might have been spa days) they had the same result. I came back refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to tackle any challenge in front of me. So, like so many of us, I am eager to get my next trip booked, but what do we need to do differently now, to travel safely and smoothly?

Here are some tips on planning that business trip right now. Make sure your bookings are refundable or flexible. If you had anything booked when COVID hit the first time you know why this is so important. Keep checking for updates. This goes for any events you may be attending, countries you are visiting, flights and hotels. Check and recheck it all regularly. The situation changes rapidly and the status in the area you live in, may be completely different from the one you are traveling to. Keep up to date, so you can stay on top of any changes you may need to make. Check the requirement for the airline, the country, and also the city you are visiting. Many travelers to Europe have recently found that their vaccine certificate from their home country will get them into Europe, but the city they are visiting has different requirements for proof of vaccination. They have found themselves unable to get into bars and restaurants without a certificate, which is not available to travelers. Make sure you check the exit and entry regulations for each country you will pass through, as you will likely need to take rapid tests at some point, if your journey is international.

Pack your own supplies. Pack a mask, sanitizer, and a solid supply of snacks. Again, conditions and rules change quickly, so you need to be prepared. Be ready for delays. When you book your flights, it's a good idea to leave longer than normal time for your layovers and border crossings, to avoid having to reschedule missed flights if you hit delays. Pack everything you need for the first 48 hours in your carry on. If you do hit delays or last minute changes ,your luggage may not make it with you to your final destination. So be prepared and have everything you need on hand. Finally, when you get there, have a martini and a facial for me and for the other women that haven't made it back on the road yet.

By Kristy Carruthers Editor SHEcorporated Magazine

FOUNDER STYLE An old adage says, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” And as the face of your business that first impression matters. Your clients and potential clients make a quick opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, and your style.


Most women we know have a closet full of clothes, but we struggle to find polished outfits to wear. But before you head out to buy a completely new wardrobe, using items already in your closet, you may be able to create some killer outfits that give you the polished and professional edge you need for success.









To get started, let’s talk about the items you probably already have, that can be the base for your stand-out style. As you review your wardrobe, look for fabrics that are more polished, such as linen, wool, suede, and keep the casual fabrics for weekends. Think about colors in two ways; use neutral colors to anchor your outfit, but also consider colors that flatter your skin tone, and are easily paired with your favorite neutrals.



Neutral-toned pants or skirts:

You can start many outfits with a pair of trousers, dressy joggers, or a skirt in a neutral tone such as black, gray, taupe or brown.

Timeless button-down shirt:

The best example of a timeless button-down is a crisp white blouse that pairs with everything. But look deeper in your closet for a blouse or buttondown in another shade, that you can pair with the pants or skirts you have, for a classic look. You may even have a sleeveless button-down that can be used as a layer under a blazer.


Layering tank or tee:

In a solid color, nearly any layering tank or tshirt can be paired with pants to get your killer outfit started. Be sure you choose tanks or tees in excellent condition, and keep in mind, a v-neck is often more flattering.

Pullover sweater or casual cardigan:

Another option for a top is a pullover sweater with a sophisticated feel, and fabrics that look lux, like wool or bamboo. Make a casual cardigan feel office-ready by wearing it with the perfect trousers, and a white blouse.

Wear anywhere dress:

Don’t forget the power of a versatile dress in a solid color. You can wear the dress alone or top it with a sweater or blazer, for another look. A basic black dress is a classic look for a reason.

Statement blazer:

Nothing finishes a professional look like a jacket. If you have a black blazer, wear it. But if you have a blazer that reflects your personality, that’s even better. For example, a faux leather blazer in a traditional style, a jacket in your signature color, or a blazer with embellishments, like special buttons, all look great.


NOW MAKE IT YOUR OWN When you’ve scavenged your closet for the apparel that you plan to use to create some killer outfits, you’ll want to make the look your own. The key is to infuse the outfit your personality, your uniqueness, and your vibe. Here are a few ideas on how you can kick the basics up a notch to make you (and your business) memorable. Fit and flatter your body - it probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, just in case. If it doesn’t fit (and yes that means both too small and too big), it shouldn’t be worn. Distinctive shoes - One of my favorite ways to make an outfit my own, is with shoes. I’m always on the hunt for shoes that not everyone is wearing. An otherwise ho-hum outfit becomes a standout when you add a red shoe, or a leopard pump, or even a black shoe with a large metallic buckle.

MEET YOUR EXECUTIVE STYLE COACH, CHAR GUST: After 30+ years working in the software development industry, Char now focuses on what had always been her “fun job” before. She helps busy career women create a polished and professional wardrobe so they can get dressed effortlessly in 10 minutes, and offers apparel and accessories at Style with Char Studio. Her Formula for Dressing Effortlessly e-book can be downloaded for free at

Finishing touches - Accessories always make the outfit. You can use accessories to add color, glamour, personality or your preferred vibe. Add your favorite statement jewelry, tie on a cozy wrap or a silk scarf, or belt your top, for a fresh look. Best foundation - Don’t underestimate the power of the right undergarments to help an outfit fit well, hang correctly, and often to just look better. You can now find comfortable smoothing slips and camis.




We've got 7 low cost solutions.


3. Maximize your online marketing⁠⁠. Okay so your budget is

TIGHT, and you need to keep

marketing without spending

the big bucks, right?⁠ ⁠

Here are 7 low cost ways to build your sales.⁠⁠

1. Conduct a survey⁠⁠. The first step in developing a marketing plan, is to understand who your target customers are, and what they want from your company. There are free and low cost survey tools online that will make it easy to gather and analyze the results. 2. Take special care of your existing customers⁠⁠. It’s typically five times as expensive to make a sale to a new customer, as it is to an existing one. Things like small gifts, handwritten cards, follow up calls, and special invitations or sneak previews, are great low cost options.⁠⁠


You can build relationships with prospective customers by offering them high-quality content on your site, such as blogs, how-to articles, videos and a newsletter.⁠⁠ 4. Use all your real estate⁠⁠. Your building, surrounding land, vehicles, or sidewalk are great places to put up signs and banners. ⁠Take advantage of all the space that you have by adding your branding and your message. 5. Work on public relations⁠⁠. PR is free and extremely effective. It's also one of the fastest ways to make massive gains in your audience, so it pays to spend the time to pitch your story to the media.

6. Turn employees into ambassadors⁠⁠. Your employees are part of the community and have all sorts of contacts that could help you. How about inviting employees and their extended families to a fun event at your business? Or engage them in a referral program?⁠⁠ 7. Give back⁠⁠. By sponsoring a sports team or participating in a charity drive, you’re not only doing your part for the community, but also generating goodwill with customers and prospects.⁠⁠ While these are low cost strategies, they are powerful for any company, and even with a healthy budget, they should be part of your overall plan.


Find your fellow female founders?


Join our dedicated community at for resources, community, support and opportunity.

Hosted by: Kristy Carruthers