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Editor's note

Happy New Year!

This is it! A fresh new start, and the first month of working toward all those incredible goals you set for yourself this year.

I don't do New Years resolutions, but I do create a lot of new goals each year, and lay out the plans to get there.

If you have giant goals this year, here's the secret to getting there... Reverse engineering.

Take that end-of-year target you set for yourself, and then break down what you need to do each month to achieve it. Then break down what actions you need to take to achieve those monthly numbers.

It's a great way to work through the actual strategy required to bring those ideas into reality. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

This year, make it more than a wish. Make it your reality.

Kristy Carruthers

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As business owners we should be familiar with the importance of building relationships and networking After all, it takes know-like-trust to close a sale. And even when we think about social media, all the gurus repeat it like a broken record: don't post and ghost; connect! It's called "social" for a reason. Yet, when sales are concerned, human interaction is not as obvious as some make it seem, especially online. Add money exchange to the equation and conversations can get awkward really fast.

Throughout the 6 years of my entrepreneurial journey, since starting with network marketing and pivoting to my own coaching company, the way business relationships are formed and nurtured has shifted quite a bit. Remember the "Hey, girl" days? When anyone could slide into your DM's and pretend to be your friend to sell and it actually worked? Fast forward 10 years, and our reality post-pandemic is that we crave connection and more meaningful relationships, whether online or inperson. Yet not all advice is good advice for building rapport. We are so different from each other after all. Telling an introvert to be less antisocial won't help. Much like telling an extrovert to become a better listener will probably go in one ear and out the other.

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"Telling an introvert to be less antisocial won't help. Much like telling an extrovert to become a better listener will probably go in one ear and out the other."
- Marta Spirk

After studying and working extensively with the Enneagram, a comprehensive personality framework, I've developed a 3-type personality system that has helped me and my clients understand ourselves and our community so much better, it has actually made networking more enjoyable - and effective You can take the quiz at www martaspirk com/quiz to find out your type Here are each of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to networking, along with some helpful networking tips:

If you're a Feeler: you are mostly an ambivert and empath, you are naturally caring and can connect easily with others when leaning into listening. Networking can be pleasurable for you, if you step out and share more about yourself to even it out. Don't be afraid to speak; your wisdom will be welcomed!

If you're a Thinker: you are mostly an introvert and have great attention to detail, you are naturally observant and exteriorizing it will come off as extremely thoughtful. Similarly to Feelers, the best advice for you is to share

What's on your mind - especially when it comes to your observations about others. You can give the best compliments and recognition because you actually pay attention. That makes networking go so much more smoothly!

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If you're a Doer: you are mostly an extrovert and call attention to yourself effortlessly, you are naturally magnetic. People are drawn to you, and your presence, when you walk into any room, and this vibe comes through, even on your social media. The best advice for you is to lean into vulnerability; let your guard down and let people in. Allow Feelers and Thinkers to reflect what they see and give them a chance to share about themselves!

Self-awareness is really the first step to true connection Once you become aware of your

motivations and behavioral patterns, it is easier to identify it in others and meet them where they are at. Whether you are a Feeler, Thinker, Doer or a combination of all three, next time you start a conversation with someone, take some time to detach from the outcome and instead of focusing on the sale, get curious about them and their personality. At the end of the day, being more interested than interesting, will always go a long way.



Marta Spirk was born and raised in Brazil to an entrepreneur dad and a pastor mom She later earned a bachelor's and master's degrees in English After the surprise and blessing of triplets in 2016, Marta found a passion for encouraging and empowering women, as she learned to encourage and empower herself through the challenges of adult (and triplet) life.

She now helps thousands of women entrepreneurs learn to boost confidence and visibility to grow their business, by looking at their most valuable resource: THEMSELVES!

Find more information and a free trial of Marta's premier membership for women entrepreneurs at FreeGiftFromMarta com

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The definition of a “mompreneur” is a female business owner who is balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur

I have my own definition: a superhero (of any gender) who is raising the next generation while serving others through their business.

Traditional business and marketing strategies, though, don’t necessarily take into consideration the need to balance everything it takes to run your business with your other priorities of raising your Littles Here are 5 tips to help grow your business - even if you only have naptime to work.

Make your offers work for you

Just because other entrepreneurs structure their offers a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s acceptable (in fact, I highly encourage it) for you to prioritize your strengths and your schedule For example, if hosting an hour-long live Q&A session each week is stressful, then think outside of the box, and find a way that does work for you.

Don’t be afraid to adopt an attitude of asynchronicity. You can still create a meaningful and impactful experience for your clients without having to be “live” with them 24/7.

Focus on the big gains

When choosing which tasks to focus your precious time and energy on, prioritize those things that will get you the most gain. If you find that networking on social media only gets you a small handful of leads each week, try other lead generation strategies, like participating in bundles or freebie swaps with other entrepreneurs.

Pay attention to the data - what is the return on your time/energy/money investment for your main tasks? Don’t get caught up doing menial busywork that isn’t netting big results Give yourself permission to drop the things that aren’t helping you make big gains.

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What are some of the little things that annoy you on a daily basis? They might even be seemingly insignificant things that you don’t even realize are adding to your frustration level and depleting your energy. Maybe it’s never having your favorite chapstick on hand in your office, or having to wash and prep vegetables (personally, one of my least favorite tasks )

Once you are aware of these little things, how can you start to eliminate them - or at least make them easier? You could buy an extra chapstick just for your office, or pre-prepped veggies, for example.

Focus on the MVP

And by MVP, I mean your minimally viable product. Whenever you’re creating something new, whether it’s refreshing your website or launching a new product or service, try not to get caught up in making it “perfect.” Perfection is unattainable - what seems perfect to you now probably won’t seem perfect six months from now

Instead, focus on what problem it solves and what key features you need to solve that problem. Once you have those features in place, launch it! You can then get real-world feedback and improve upon it from there.

Be Authentic

The secret to success isn’t a well-crafted content strategy or a shiny new course or program - it’s being able to be authentically you. You can have the best

marketing plan in the world, but if you don’t have confidence in yourself and what you are offering, then you’ll never achieve the kind of success you’re striving for

When all is said and done, the most important thing to remember is this: you can do anything… but you can’t do everything all at once. Remember to show yourself a bit of grace, and focus on your next right step, and you’ll quickly find yourself on the path to success.


Olivia is a Business and Marketing Success Coach, specializing in helping busy mompreneurs streamline their business and marketing strategies so they can hit that 6+ figure mark (even if they only have naptime to work in!).

She is also a certified life coach, international bestselling author, co-host of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, and co-founder of the Like a Mother Movement.

Websites: www thebluebellgroup com www likeamothermovement com

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Being in our feminine flow is something that has been trampled on and made fun of over the years Sometimes it may feel like we don't even know what it means to be feminine anymore!

When I was a struggling entrepreneur for seven years, I was operating in my masculine energy, which caused me to essentially be stuck, and metaphorically bang my head against a wall Being in a masculine flow was not my natural state

It wasn't until I learned how to be in a receiving energy flow that allowed me to naturally ATTRACT the things I wanted to me, rather than trying to MAKE things happen for me.

I think, for most of us, we are programmed by society to operate in our masculine energy, but this is actually catastrophic for us as women and those who identify

as women. The main things we need in order to thrive are: safety, security, feeling grounded and stability When we don't feel these things, this is where we start to go into our masculine energy And the results of that can be catastrophic.


So here are some ways we can operate in our feminine flow in our business, to naturally attract more of what we want, so we can thrive!

Creating content that’s helpful, and showcases our own personality.

For me, I notice my best results when it comes to views, and attracting more clients, are when I showcase my own original ideas as a content creator If you’re not creating content on social media, get started now and be consistent with your posts! Create content you’re passionate about, and show your followers a good amount of your life outside of just business stuff. They want to connect with the person behind the business.

Knowing our values and our standards. I’ve learned this is particularly important in business. Those who don’t have values or standards in their business tend to be run over by clients, and they feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Setting proper boundaries in place, and knowing what’s acceptable in your life, and what’s not, is really helpful. For example: If a client is unbelievably rude to your staff member, and then they try to come back for services, don’t let them!

Trusting the Universe to give us what we need

For me, this was particularly difficult I had many trust issues, and now to top it all off I have to trust the Universe? But, it’s so true When we put trust into the Universe, we are in receiving mode and ready to receive and attract all of the things we want in our lives

Instead of operating from a place of lack (especially if this is what you’re used to in your life) we then put it in the Universe’s hands (or God’s hands, for some) and we say, “I’m going to align my actions with what I want, and I’m going to trust that you’re going to guide me to the right places, people, and events.” You won’t believe the huge shifts that happen in your life when you do this.

Self forgiveness

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for mistakes we made, opportunities we missed, and regrets we have. I encourage you to find ways to forgive yourself, and let that old energy go that is no longer serving you It’s time to put up energetic boundaries with things that no longer serve us It’s time to let go and be free!


Nicole Cameron is a psychic medium and manifestation coach. She has been helping women to succeed in manifesting the life they want, by manifesting specific and measurable outcomes. Nicole is an entrepreneur, and enjoys helping other women succeed in life. Nicole is building her own empire, and wants to help other women build theirs too!

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...Those who don’t have values or standards in their business tend to be run over by clients ... " - Nicole Cameron


What's Your Story?

We have all said it to someone or been told ourselves, 'What an amazing story. You must write a book!'

And perhaps it's true that we all have a book inside of us

But the first question to ask yourself - will you write it? And secondly - how will you sell it?

For many the answers are filled with questions. How?

Who's going to publish it?

Who's going to read it?

And 49 similar queries

Resonate, Sell and Last.

Whether you believe that everyone, including you has a story in them or not, consider these essential 3 factors

Your book needs to:

Resonate with your readers. A book that is packed with knowledge, value and meaning.

Sell and keep selling because the contents offer something that stands out uniquely and has a page turning quality about it

And, a book that has longevity It carries a message that is long lasting.

The Big Five V. Self-Publishing

The publishing world has changed significantly over the last 6 - 8 years, with more independent publishers emerging and less traditional companies accepting manuscripts.

In fact, only 5 traditional companies remain; (Penguin Random House, Hachette Book Group, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan) making it almost impossible (never say impossible) to have your manuscript accepted by one of the above companies.

Now here comes the good news Self-publishing has reached centre stage and this is why

1. A self-published author retains the rights and control over all aspects of publication. Including, cover design, layout and the ISBN number.

2 The self-published author will enjoy a bigger royalty percentage per book than with either independent or traditional publishers.

This immediately dismisses many a myth about selfpublishing that often prevents an author writing her book

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Write a book that will resonate, sell and last.

But the most critical element for any budding author is learning how to develop the awareness, acceptance, and action needed to establish a marketing mindset, from almost the beginning of the writing roller coaster ride.

For me, as a book writing coach, it is always an integral part of my programs and classes. This means, in practise, that you will be talking, discussing, announcing, making videos, posts, blogs and morerevealing the tasty snippets, the gems and treasures of your upcoming book, and even the killer title!

The accountability from doing just that will set you a writer that is. The feedback will be enlightening.

The interest will create pre-book sales. The new connections may become team players for your book launch, TED Talk, paid speaking gig or podcast.

You will never know what other outcomes, results, and opportunities will appear, until you start this extraordinary visibility campaign.

Confidence, Courage and Creativity

We are surrounded by the modern syndromes of procrastination, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs. But when you start writing your book and take on professional guidance (a mentor, writing coach, an editor) have accountability and support, you begin to install a strong core of what I call the 3 Big Cs. Confidence, courage and creativity.

Confidence to ask, say, and write what is inside of you and what is of importance to you. Courage to get up and take action on it - start writing! Creativity to keep going - when the going gets tough!

Because writing is cathartic, and the secret of success is your mindset.


Georgia Varjas is a multi-book author, speaker and book writing coach, who empowers and encourages her clients to step up and stand out, so that they can be heard, understood, and ultimately believed, through the written and spoken word. Her work focuses on showing you how to write and publish a book to provide you with your legacy, your marketing tool - or both Her two latest books are: Rule It! How To Step Up & Stand Out On Video, Stage & Page published in March 2020 It is the follow-up book to The Rule Breakers Guide published in July 2019

Georgia is uniquely positioned as a book writing coach bringing energy, confidence, and wisdom, which stems from her 25-year career as a musician, producer, performance poet, playwright and author, in the showbiz world. She has received publicity in leading media outlets such as BBC Radio, Glamour, and Thrive Global as well as online sites and magazines including Finance Monthly, Honest Mums, Female First, Soul & Spirit, and Working Mums.

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Your website is the face of your business online It’s often the first impression people have of you.

It’s where people get to know your business, learn about your services, and decide if YOU are the person/business to help them

It’s important your website reflects the caliber of your business. It should not only look professional, but more importantly, it should be your best employee, and grow your business on autopilot everyday

There are a few simple things you can do to uplevel your website and turn it into a highly effective tool that works FOR you (and not against you)

Answer these 3 questions BEFORE building your website.

Knowing the purpose of your website before you build it will help you be clear in your wording, and focused on your audience’s needs.

WHO is your audience? Who is your product/service for?

WHAT specific problem do you solve? How do you help people?

What do you want people to DO when they get to your website?

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For a website that looks great and builds trust… be consistent!

Choose your color palette (usually this will be the same as your logo) and stick with it!

Use no more than 2 fonts

Every page should look similar to the other pages.

Follow basic design techniques.

Use white space, spread out your elements and sections

Make your pages scannable by using headlines, subheadings, bolded words and bulleted items Keep your paragraphs SHORT and easy to read

Use your website to grow your email list.

Not everyone who comes to your website is ready to schedule an appointment or buy from you. Every website should include a way to collect email addresses so you can follow up, show your expertise, offer value, and gain trust

Have a lead magnet on your website! This is where you give visitors something of value they can sign up for and you get their email address.

Use those email addresses each week to send out valuable information, tips, strategies, coupon codes, etc. This is where you nurture that list of people to later become buyers.

Be sure to send out emails regularly so you stay top of people’s minds

Put your lead magnet in several places on your website!

Have ample opportunities to collect email addresses from your website visitors. Your email list is gold, so be sure you are growing it regularly! Here are seven places you can link to your lead magnet:

A button in the header menu of your website: the top right corner where people are used to looking A bar across the top of your website A section right on the homepage

In the footer, put an image of your lead magnet and link to the landing page This way it shows up on every page!

In the sidebar on every blog post

Every blog post should have a link to your lead magnet. Put it right in the middle of the article, so people see it as they are reading

A pop-up that shows up either after about 5 seconds (give people a chance to look at your site first) or on “exit intent” (one that comes up as the person is about to exit your site)

Follow key strategies for higher conversions:

Tell people exactly what they should do to work with you. Give them steps to take and keep it really simple. Here’s an example:


Make contacting you easy to find and easy to do. For example, put in links so when someone clicks on a button, it automatically calls you, emails you, or allows them to schedule an appointment to meet with you.

Repeat your call to action, often! Don’t just put it on your website one time and expect people to do it, call them to action several times on each page of your website

Follow basic website layout strategies.

Your web pages should each have a specific goal Be sure they are laid out in a way that is clear, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. Make the layout intuitive and simple. People are used to things in certain places and expect to see specific pages (ie, header at the top with navigation menu, footer at the bottom, About page, Services page, Contact page)

What does all of this look like in real life? Here are some basic page layout examples you can use.

Finally, when you’re ready to go live… PROOFREAD your site and double check ALL LINKS to make sure they are working correctly!

If your website visitors click a link that doesn’t go anywhere, they usually won’t bother trying to figure it out, they will just leave your site frustrated… and that is NOT what you want!

Building a website that works well for your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. With a few simple strategies, you can have a website that shows the world your awesomeness, and converts visitors into paying customers!

"If your website visitors click a link that doesn’t go anywhere, they usually won’t bother trying to figure it out, they will just leave your site frustrated " - April Hiatt


April is a professional website designer and trainer. She works specifically with coaches, therapists and service-based businesses to build highly effective websites that work FOR your business 24/7.

She takes the frustration and overwhelm out of the entire website building process, so you have a website that looks amazing, converts visitors and becomes your greatest business asset.

Learn more at:


If you are like most high achievers I work with, the chances are you are a great problem solver, an analytical thinker, and absolutely love working through something until you find the answer!

However, you might also realize that some of the problems you are trying to work through, are not going away, no matter how much you focus on them

You see, here is the thing, as Einstein said, 'You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.'- Albert Einstein

You too, might find yourself making the two most common mistakes most people make when trying to solve a problem.

1. Looking at the problem from the wrong place.

Imagine for a moment you are looking out of the window of a ground floor flat What do you see? The street you live in, perhaps a car or two, few people walking by, and the building that is right in front of you, and that’s about it. Everything will look so big, even overwhelming, you might think. If you keep looking out from the same window, then you will continue to see the same view (see below).

Now imagine, you go on top of that building. Right to the top, say 50th floor. Now what do you see? The sky, a lot more buildings close and far, few streets ahead. The cars, the people and anything else on the ground will now seem so much smaller, and everything else that looked so big before will be tiny and insignificant

You are now realising how this is easily done and how this could be your main downfall, are you not?

2. Trying to fix the symptoms instead of the problem (I am sure you will relate to this)

Most people try and fix the problem by treating the symptoms Take for example, if you have a headache, you take a pill, and it goes away The next day, you have another headache, you take another pill, and it goes away

By the third day you finally start to wonder, ‘why do I keep getting headaches?’ and start noticing the circumstances/patterns that are repeated before you have the headache.

It is then, and only then, that the headaches stop coming back, because you found the reason for having the headache and dealt with the cause (solved the right problem)

Simple and obvious, right?

Listen, the same applies to your inner peace and happiness.

You will not find peace and happiness on the inside, by constantly looking for them outside of you, based on your circumstances, because the circumstances will always change

18 SHEcorporatedMagazinecom

Likewise, you will not find fulfilment by constantly going from one job title / project / achievement to another, whilst deep down believing you are not worthy of it!

So, it is also obvious by now, that to solve the worthiness problem, some things need to change!

Because what got you here, won't get you there!

You might be thinking: ‘Change isn’t easy' (Compared to what?)

Looking deeper into yourself, Digging into what’s not working in your life and why Thinking about what you truly want Isn’t easy!

You might argue it’ll be a struggle, as it requires selfdiscipline, consistency and self-integrity.

You see, everything is relative. Would you rather push through the challenge (for a short time) of looking deeper into yourself and becoming aware of what is holding you back…?


Keep struggling and living in overwhelm with every changing condition (not qualified enough, not ready yet, too old to go for what I want…) and circumstances (new job, new boss, grumpy kids )?

Both can be hard… and only you get to choose which hard you are willing to live with!

Yes, the change will take time and it will (for a short time) need you to :

BE a different person than you have been; THINK differently to you have done before and DO the things that may well be uncomfortable for a while...

BUT it will be worth it in the end. ‘How do I do that?’ I hear you ask…

Here are three things you can do today: Get clear on what you want and WHY you want it.

If you are thinking, ‘I don’t know what I want’ then that’s a good thing, because this means you are crystal clear on what you DON’T want! So, stay on this question a little longer!

19 SHEcorporatedMagazinecom

Get clear on what is MOST important to you

Regardless of what everyone else thinks or says to you. Because when you are clear on this, making decisions will be so much easier.

Challenge your beliefs and let go of the ones that no longer serve you

You see, just because you believe something, it doesn’t mean it is true Most things you believe are thoughts, opinions and habits of others (mainly your parents’) you accepted as truths without questioning. So, sit and challenge your beliefs and think if they are actually true.

As a result, you will start to

See possibilities and stop fighting for your limitations

Live in true abundance - of love, joy, calmness, inner peace, money, friends and anything else your heart desires.

Create an impact and finally find the fulfilment you have been seeking.

Now, go climb to the top of the highest building you can find and look around you as far as you can see.

Look inside of you from this point and everything outside (that you cannot control) will seem so much smaller and insignificant! Enjoy!


She dedicated her life to helping time-poor high achieving professional women bring balance, purpose and joy back into their lives and be present to what is most important to them She knows what it feels like to live in Chaos, and to have finally found Serenity.

She spent 18+ years as a corporate professional in an FMCG setting. She has over 12 years of experience in training, coaching and developing people She now combines this with her NLP and Life Coaching Training with top transformational coaches in the World to create transformations in professional women

In the past 4 years, she has been able to help high achieving professional women re-ignite the passion and purpose in their life, so they have more time and energy to do what brings them joy and finally find the fulfillment they have been seeking

She is dedicated to teaching every woman in her circle to step into their power and live a purposeful life, not because someone else approves it, but because it makes them happy.

She helps her clients to do this in an intimate 1:1 setting by teaching them to learn and Master the Serenity Principles for Life using her unique and proven Method - Serenity MethodTM

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