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Editor's note Summer is in full swing here, and like much of North America, it's melty hot here in Kelowna. I find myself feeling guilty for not being outside enjoying the warm sun while it's here, but then I do pop outside to water the flower boxes, and remember why I was hiding in the A/C in the first place. Even though we've got several weeks of summer left, my mind is already turning to back to school for the kids, and returning to a more productive time in my business, and refocusing my goals to end the year strong. One of my goals for this fall, is to help you get ready for the best 2023 of your life! In order to do that, we have rebuilt and redesigned some incredibly exciting programs that I can't wait to share with you next month! My mission is to make sure that no woman settles for a "good enough" business or an "okay" life. So we are bringing back our membership for women entrepreneurs, renamed "My Passion Project Life" and are focused on building your BIGGEST JOY FILLED LIFE. You aren't here to play small, you deserve EVERYTHING you want from this life, and we've built this program, and community, to help you get it. We have business growth strategies, done for you marketing tools, excercises to integrate your passion into your business, live events to tap into your creativity, and you get to do all of it with an awesome group of women entrepreneurs who just "get" you. I can't tell you more than that for now, but trust me, it's awesome, and you want to be part of it! So, watch for it on our social media and in an email next month, so you don't miss out! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!

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What's Inside Silence Your Inner Mean Girl and claim success in business and life

What's Your Story? Building your brand

Accountant, Bookkeeper, or CFO: What’s the difference?

You Are Gifted Find your unique gifts

Success Mind Hacks It's a mind game

Brand Boosting Style Align your personal style



Nobody but me will ever meet her, but I know her better than anyone.

"You'll never get more success than this."

She's my inner mean girl, and it's up to me to turn down the volume on her untruths and assumptions so I can be free.

It's such a loud voice - but I'm the only one that can hear it. "Of course she said no - she isn't going to pay that price, and you won't find anyone else who will either." 3

"That client only gave you a good testimonial because she felt sorry for you."

"Another business coach with a podcast. That's original. What are you going to say that hasn't already been said?"

The inner mean girl is my affectionate term for our ego (I just think it’s more fun to name her after a classic movie), and it comes up whenever we go to do something scary, new or different.

Let’s choose love instead.

Enter being an entrepreneur, and all of a sudden you are doing scary, new and different things on the daily. Your ego is going to try and keep you safe. She’s there to protect you, which is great in some cases; however, taking risks is quite literally how we grow and impact the people we want to reach.

When we don’t choose love for ourselves, we act out of fear. Listening to your inner mean girl is a way that you might be acting out of fear - believing that anything she says about your business, or your success, is true.

Bad news: she’s a part of you (but she’s not actually you), and she holds all of your experiences, stories, thoughts and feelings. She will trigger them at any time, and it’s up to you to separate yourself from these stories - which are mostly not truths. You’ve likely been able to piece together some thoughts that come from the inner mean girl, and you’ve possibly even Googled it, or talked about it with someone else. “Just don’t listen to your inner critic. Tell them to shut up.” While these are phrases likely coming from someone in your life that means well, our inner mean girl seems to rise to the challenge when we threaten her.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

When isn’t the more loving (and helpful) thought that you are meant to be exactly where you are, right now? Especially when there’s confusion, frustration, or disappointment - the challenge is to grow from it. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, in this journey of being my own boss, is that my “bad” feelings are some of the most general in the world. When I lead by walking next to my clients and say, “me too, let’s get there together,” it’s so much more powerful than “follow me.” The reason is because I chose to love where I am, at every step in the journey the peaks and valleys that we are all familiar with as business owners. I’m teaching my audience to love theirs too - not because I tell them, but because I show them. 4

I love that the inner mean girl gives us an opportunity to really dig into where the pressure is, and how to lift it. The inner mean girl gives us an opportunity to treat ourselves better, and understand our clients better, too. So the next time I hear my inner mean girl telling me about how unoriginal it is for me to have a podcast, I tell her to sit down. I heard her, but I don’t have any facts to back that up. And if I let her win, I lose - but so do the clients I’m meant to impact.

SHE’S A PART OF YOU (BUT SHE’S NOT ACTUALLY YOU), AND SHE HOLDS ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCES, STORIES, THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. - ALLISON NELSON MEET ALLISON NELSON, BUSINESS COACH FOR SOLOPRENEURS Allison Nelson is the business coach for solopreneurs looking to take action in growing their online service-based business. She weaves her past experience in marketing, counseling, and education into her passion for helping female entrepreneurs build organic marketing strategies that take their side hustle to consistent income. Allison believes that with the right blend of strategy and mindset, women don't have to wait until their kids are older or they have more time to grow the business of their dreams and take care of their family. In her spare time, Allison loves reading books with a good cup of coffee, playing princess tea party with her five year old, and organizing (and reorganizing) every room in her house. You can find Allison at


Does your charitable or non-profit organization serve women in need? We offer free training and support for new women entrepreneurs in need. Applications are accepted only through our partner organizations. Apply to partner with us, and help women from your group build a better future for themselves and their families.

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Imagine that each of us is starring in our own reality show. Is your company a part of the show, or just a commercial? When you develop a brand story that focuses on your customer's reality, you cultivate trust, and establish yourself as the ideal solution to their problem. However, if your marketing focuses on your business and what it offers, it's just a commercial; and there aren't many commercial enthusiasts in the world.

Why Brand Storytelling Matters Brand stories quickly convey to our customers who we are, what we can do for them, and why they should care. It's your elevator pitch, and the foundation of your business. Are you willing to give up the spotlight? If you do, your opportunities for success are endless.

I began my quest to develop a new brand story. The goal was to incorporate my new client-focused brand story into every page on my website. I applied it to every service I offered and revamped my marketing campaign. It was the key that changed everything.

How To Become A Badass Brand Storyteller Learning how to adapt your company's story to resonate with your reader will change the course of your business. Here is a method to help you discover yours.

You heard that right, you need to be ready to give up the spotlight. Like many entrepreneurs do, I developed my brand voice to establish my authority and feature my services. Yet, once I discovered Brand Storytelling, I questioned my approach. I wanted to be in the show, not the commercials!


Build Your Case Help your reader visualize the success they'll experience with your company by identifying 4-7 examples of what that will look like. Now describe 4-7 failures that your solution helps them avoid. Brand Storytelling For The Win Redirecting your company's story will undoubtedly lead to growth and better client relationships. You'll notice faster conversions and more activity in your sales funnel. Brand storytelling is how to reach the next chapter of your success story. Time to start writing!

Give Your Hero A Voice Start by identifying your hero, and the main problem that your offer solves. Take it one step further and ask yourself what their underlying need is, and to really get to the nitty-gritty, ask yourself why these two problems are just plain wrong. Every great story needs a villain, so make sure to include one. Take a Nespresso coffee machine. The villain of their hero's story is coffee machines that make lousy coffee. Their external problem is that they want better-tasting coffee. Still, their internal problem is that they want their coffee machine to make them feel sophisticated. The philosophical problem? They shouldn't have to be a barista to make gourmet coffee at home.


Empathize and Guide Speak to their underlying needs to position yourself as a trusted guide, that they want to follow on their sales journey. Add authority to your empathy statement by sharing your Unique Selling Proposition.

Lead The Way Now that your future client is ready to walk with you, lead them to your solution with 3-4 clear and actionable steps. For motivation, explore 3-4 positive results of taking those steps. 9


“DO I NEED AN ACCOUNTANT, A BOOKKEEPER, OR CFO?” This is one of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask me. Let’s consider the differences, so you can figure out where your business is, and what your needs might be.

The Bookkeeper A bookkeeper can be anyone from Aunt Millie, who’s been “doing the books in your company for 20 years,” to a professional, outsourced, certified bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers aren’t required to have a two- or fouryear accounting degree, but they must understand the basics of the accounting equation, and what at least two of the three main financial reports reflect -- the Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet. The bookkeeper’s job is to pay every vendor, invoice every client, collect every dollar, book every business transaction in your financial records, and create your Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet, as mentioned above. They tend to be less integrated with the overall business. They record transactions based on a fixed 10

process and then pass a download of those transactions to a tax accountant at year-end. The tax accountant then files the tax returns. The critical piece that a bookkeeper doesn’t, and shouldn’t be expected to perform, is management accounting. Management accounting is the function that translates bookkeeping data into higher level information that can be used to drive business decisions. Sometimes smaller companies don’t have an accountant in the organization, to extract the key information from the monthly closing process, that will help the business leader understand, and adjust, the business levers that drive the organization. If there’s no internal accounting function within an organization, or it’s not outsourced, this critical analysis is often overlooked.

The Accountant An internal accountant is the team member who usually performs management accounting. They book some entries to the books of record, and generate the monthly financial reports. From there, the responsibility levels vary from simply distributing reports, to performing complex financial analysis, depending on the organization’s needs and the accountant’s experience and capabilities. In larger organizations, this is what finance groups and internal accountants usually do; they capture the bookkeeping information and turn it into meaningful management reporting. BUT – even small businesses deserve to have this level of business reporting available, even if they don’t have a full accounting department…or even an accountant. And it’s not always as costly as you may think to have someone set up a process to extract this value for you.

The CFO A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) combines the story and numbers of the business into a compelling deliverable. A CFO might use that story to attract a client, explain something to a banker, talk to an auditor, or lay out a growth plan. You need a CFO if you need someone to extract meaning from your numbers, strategize with you, and communicate those strategies on your behalf. An example would be when your business is at the point of needing to secure outside funding for growth. The CFO would make sure that your reporting and bookkeeping are correct, well-controlled, reliable, and consistent, so that you could proceed confidently in deciding the best source of funding. Once that is determined, the CFO would prepare all materials necessary to tell your story, and attend and support your presentation to that funding source. A Chief Financial Officer is the interface between the books and the strategy.


Which Finance Role Do You Need? The right level of finance support for your business depends on the size of your company, its complexity, and your goals for the future. Do you need someone to record your expenses, or do you need help securing a round of funding? Take a look at the questions you need answered, or the service you need supported, to start figuring out your next step with your business finances. You can think of these finance roles in terms of writing a book: The bookkeeper puts the words on the page; the accountant organizes the words and groups them into chapters; the CFO crafts the story and ensures alignment with company strategy. Which stage is your business in?



The dynamic opposite of every green-eyeshade accountant you’ve ever imagined, Pam is the author of “Your First CFO: The Accounting Cure for Small Business Owners”; a best-seller that makes finance fun and accessible for entrepreneurs; she is also the entertaining and informative host of the “Cash Flow” Podcast on iTunes; and founder of the novel new Profit Concierge™ experience for entrepreneurs. With Profit Concierge™, Pam weaves together all of the components – bookkeeping, accounting, forecasting, cash flow - into one seamless and totally new Finance Experience for entrepreneurs, clearing away the muck, and allowing them to focus on their goals with full peace of mind. Connect with Pam at:



As an entrepreneur, one of the greatest challenges I’ve faced is to access the inherent, unique gifts that I possess. It’s those very gifts that allow us to bring forth our unique vision and ideas into the world, to impact and transform the lives of others. One of the reasons why we lose access to these gifts, is because we get distracted by thoughts, feelings, and events of the past, as well as projecting those very things into our future. It prevents us from being fully present to what is in front of us here, in this present moment. Early on in my coaching career, I became exposed to the powerful framework of the Enneagram, which addresses this specific challenge in customized ways. Commonly, the Enneagram is known as personality typology that speaks to nine specific motivations and gifts each of us come with. Just as important, if not more, it speaks to nine ways we commonly lose access to presence, and by that token, access to our gifts. It’s these 9 patterns of distraction that cause us to react and protect ourselves in ways that are often counterproductive to what we seek.

Type 1: The Moralist Gifts: I am principled, in alignment with my values, and tap into the sacredness of life, both in myself and others. Distracted: I can be extremely critical (especially of myself), rigid and unbending. Type 2: The Helper Gifts: I am caring, loving, and responsive; I intuitively sense the needs of others without neglecting my own. Distracted: I try to “make connections” happen to feel loved and fill the needs of others, often neglecting my own. Type 3: The Achiever Gifts: I am driven, authentic, and charming; I recognize my value comes from being connected to my deeper self. Distracted: I can become competitive, comparative and succumb to workaholism in order to be “successful”. Type 4: The Individualist

Whether you know your Enneagram Type (or not), all of us have these gifts to a certain degree, so see what resonates with you as we explore the gifts we can access when are in presence, and how we show up when we are distracted from them:


Gifts: I am a seeker of depth, beauty, and intimacy. I see beyond the surface and tap into the essence that lies within. Distraction: I can get lost in my emotions, feel easily misunderstood, and self-absorbed.

Type 5: The Investigator Gifts: I am curious, perceptive, and open-minded. Extremely observant, I have tremendous foresight. Distraction: I can become extremely cerebral, detached, and reclusive. Type 6: The Loyalist Gifts: I am alert, courageous and can tap into my sense of inner knowing and guidance. I am a team player who empowers and lifts others up. Distraction: I lose trust in myself, start doubting myself and others, and can start to micromanage my environments. Type 7: The Enthusiast Gifts: I am optimistic, lighthearted, and versatile. I experience a sense of inner freedom and deep gratitude. Distraction: I am excessive, constantly active, and find it difficult to commit or focus. Type 8: The Challenger Gifts: I am strong, determined and tap into my sense of aliveness. I am naturally protective of others. Distracted: I create a “sense of strength” by dominating others and ensuring everyone knows how tough I am, regardless of the situation. Type 9: The Peace Seeker Gifts: I am calm, balanced, and seek to see the unity and wholeness of everyone and everything. I see all sides to a situation. Distracted: I’m overwhelmed by others and make myself small, thinking my voice doesn’t matter in a world of chaos and disengage from life.

Path Back to Presence: Regardless of whichever of the above Type/Types you resonated with, the path back to presence is the same. It begins with re-connecting back to our body, as opposed to living in our thoughts or feelings. Here is a short exercise you can do at any time to reconnect: Feel your feet on the ground. Breathe deeply and notice the shifts it creates in your body. Start to notice sensations in your body (i.e. heat/cold, numbness/electricity, etc.). Stay here; you’ll notice your heart soften and mind starting to quieten.

MEET VRINDAVAN (VRIN) RAO - COACH & MEDITATION TEACHER Vrin is an Enneagram Coach and Meditation Teacher. She specializes in working with individuals and teams who are looking to identify and uncover their unconscious ego patterns, so that they can respond with intention and wisdom, instead of reacting to circumstances and people. If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram for yourself and/or your team, Vrin offers specialized Enneagram Consultations, workshops and ongoing coaching. The consultation is a 1:1 opportunity to dive deeper into understanding your core motivations, better understand your unique gifts, and learn how to work with your pattern of distraction. You can reach out to her at: or connect with her on Instagram:


Get your copy for FREE!

Get yours at:

HACKING YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS As a business owner you will, at times, hit a glass ceiling. Are you ready to look up and smash through using the power of your mind? If you’re like me, you are brave, bold, and a lover of risk. That’s why you are running your own business. Once upon a time, I thought the reason I wasn’t reaching my financial goals was because I needed a new strategy. Surely, when I found the right ONE strategy, business would skyrocket. It was only once I’d exhausted them ALL, that I began to see there was something else holding me, and my business, back. That ‘thing’ turned out to be so simple, and within my control, that I can’t believe I was in my mid-40s before I knew this. Here’s the secret: YOU ARE THINKING YOUR THOUGHTS Yep! Simple self awareness. Now you might already be more consciously aware than I was back then. But for me, this changed everything.

‘Oh yeah! I am thinking my thoughts. No one else is. So that means I can think what I like.’ It is so simple, so obvious. Yet, if this is true, why aren’t we all wildly successful, happy, and making lots of money? As I became more ‘consciously aware’ of my thinking, I realized how loud my negative self-talk was at times. Some days I had that entrepreneurial invincibility I could tap into; ‘I’m on fire! I can do this.’ But other days it all felt too hard. I felt vulnerable and tearful. This swinging back and forth between ‘maybe I can do this’ to ‘I CAN’T DO THIS!’ was exhausting and demoralizing. The great news is, once you are conscious and selfaware, you can hack your own mind with relative ease. It isn’t what you think in your conscious mind that really shifts the dial. It is becoming aware of your subconscious programming. That is where the magic, and your freedom, hangs out. We have between 60-90,000 thoughts a day. 90-95% of these are automated. 16

That means the decisions you make, the actions you take, or avoid, and the results that you get, come directly from what you believe to be true in your subconscious mind. Most of these thoughts were hardwired in during the first 7 years of your life! So, you could say the CEO of your business is your 7-year-old self! Our brains have a negativity bias, so we are walking around with this kind of narrative: ‘I can’t do this. It is too hard. I’m not going to make it work, so why bother. I might as well quit whilst I’m ahead because I’m going to fail anyway.’ As Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you believe you can or you can’t. You’re right.’ So, with this ‘automation’ running how successful are you going to be? To get you started so you can automate in ‘I CAN DO THIS’, rather than rely on daily positive affirmations, here are 3 simple steps. STEP 1 - YOUR FIRST THOUGHT OF THE DAY MATTERS You want to become consciously intentional with your first thoughts when you wake up, as this sets the emotional and energetic tone for your day. First become aware if you are in the negative or positive frame of mind when you wake up. Then set your alarm, or put a note to read first thing, with a reminder to tune into gratitude for the day. Build this habit daily. STEP 2 - FEEL YOUR THOUGHTS Practice using your body as a signal to get to the thought behind it. Because it is the thought that triggers the emotion which is felt in our body. This then cascades down to impact our decisions, actions, and results.

STEP 3 - CROSS EXAMINE YOUR THOUGHTS Once you catch an ANT (automatic negative thought) you want to consciously choose whether you believe it or not. You’re an intelligent businesswoman who is here to make money and impact. What do you need to THINK to be able to fulfill your vision? If you catch the thought, ‘Maybe I’m not meant to be a successful entrepreneur’ (this was one of my Queen ANTS!) then you can ask yourself whether that is true or not. My answer was ‘Of course I am. I AM an entrepreneur because I will never quit on my vision.’ By locking in this thought as my identity I made decisions from that more empowered place. Over this next week, be intentional with hanging out with your negative neural networks. Get them down on paper. Catch them. Expose them as a lie. Then reframe them to a belief you consciously choose. Doing so will change your life, your business, and smash that glass ceiling.

Where do you feel that sense of dread when you have to pay bills? Or the anxiety when you are about to take an important sales call? Next time you feel a strong emotion in your body, ask yourself ‘what is the thought here?’

MEET JULIA BLACK - MASTER NEUROCOACH Julia Black is the creator of Lights On® and a social entrepreneur passionate about learning and human potential. She runs a leadership training company for mothers to become inspirational leaders of their families, so they can make a positive contribution to the world, by doing what they love. She lives in rural Somerset and is a mother of two teenagers. Learn more at: 17



ALIGNING PERSONAL STYLE FOR EXTRAORDINARY BRAND PRESENCE Personal style is about more than which blouse you wear to your afternoon Zoom meeting. As a business owner, the line between your own image and your business brand is thin, and in many cases, nonexistent. You are your brand. Allow me to repeat that: You are your brand. Everything you do, say, write, and wear, represents your business. You have tremendous opportunity to be your company’s billboard and greatest ambassador. Consistency breeds credibility, and a personal style that’s in alignment with your business, fosters trust in the community to whom you market. It’s not hard to accomplish, but does require awareness and intentional choices.

Non-verbal Messaging Does the message you send with your presence and your bio photo reflect your brand’s personality? Your brand’s “vibe” can guide selections of photos for your website and marketing materials. People do business with those that they know, like, and trust. Let your market see your face in your business collaterals. Featuring your photo on your website’s “About” page lets visitors know there’s a person behind the brand. Do you provide a creative product to clients? Show them an animated, energetic, or spirited personality in your photos. Conversely, if your business provides a nurturing or healing service, then images with a gentle, calming personality best support your communications. No matter the message, wear your smile. Smiling bio photos lead to perceptions of both competency and friendliness.

Color Power When in harmony with your natural features, color has an incredible ability to add vibrance and energy to your presence. A professional color evaluation will guide you to the color palette that can visually take years off your appearance, projecting an engaged demeanor. From that curated collection of colors, choose hues that mirror or complement your business brand’s colors. A color’s psychological significance is another tool to reinforce your brand’s essence. If you want to portray authority and intelligence with your appearance, choose navy blue (powder blue won’t cut it). Is a cheerful, youthful feeling your goal? Yellow can raise spirits -your own as well as those you interact with.


Camera Friendly Whether or not your business puts you in front of a camera on a regular basis, it’s difficult to escape a webcam in this age of virtual meetings. Even if you think you didn’t get the “style gene,” here are 3 ways to style yourself for the camera like a pro: Skip the leopard-print blouse. Prints and patterns make a photo environment distracting to the eye. When you’re face-to-face with another in a physical space, animated voice, gestures, and expressions help keep the attention on you and your message. It’s harder to look past highimpact visual elements when the back-and-forth of normal conversation is absent. Keep it solid. Silence your dressing. In real life, a jangly bracelet or rustling fabric diverts attention away from you and your verbal message. In front of the camera, visuallydominant accessories, unique design elements, and shiny buttons and trims have the same effect. Keep it quiet. Learn a new language. (Or perfect the one that’s native.) When dressing for the camera, speak the same language as your listener. In website and marketing photos, your listeners are your potential customers and clients. What do they identify with? Is it a subdued and low-key approach to work? Then deliver that. Do they value an upbeat spirited edge to work ideas? Then there’s your language. Keep it fluent.

Prints, loud colors, and bold accessories have the potential to distract the observer's eye. Use carefully and strategically.

Your brand tells the world what your business does. You tell the world who your business is. Allow your personal appearance to communicate that with intention and confidence.

PATTY BUCCELLATO, AICI, CIP - STYLE REBOOT COACH Since 1993 Style-Reboot Coach, Patty Buccellato, has shown the way for hundreds of women leaders and business owners to discover their hidden style mastery. Contrary to popular belief, surveys show nearly half of all women hate to shop for clothing. Talented and successful women who are among that 50% call upon Patty for rescue. For them, she busts fashion myths, purveys wardrobe hacks, and teaches how to identify the style that changes success trajectories. Patty is expert at bringing her clients out of the closet with a personal style that suits their body, psyche, and circumstances. The result: her clients find permission to break up with ”blah” and unleash their natural magnetism.


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