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Transcritical CO2 VARISPEED 6—10 HP

Transcritical CO2 4—50 HP

Subcritical CO2 0.75—30 HP

If you’re designing a cascade system for your cold storage warehouse or supermarket, look no further than BITZER for NH3 and CO2 compressors. Our OS.A series screws and broad range of subcritical and transcritical CO 2 reciprocating compressors offer an unbeatable combination. Do the math: 0 ODP + 1 GWP = Compliance. Find out more about our products at BITZER US, Inc. // +1 (770) 718 2900 //

Accelerate America #27, August 2017  

The Facilitator: Source Refrigeration’s pivotal role in the transition to natural refrigerants