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CULTURE OF COOPERATION One of the most interesting aspects of Woolworths’ transcritical project was its participants’ willingness to cooperate with the competition. Ferlin challenged every stakeholder to be open to cooperating with competitors in order to lift up the entire industry. “Before Retail FM engaged the potential local rack manufacturers,” said Ferlin, “I challenged both of them with a concept which was unfamiliar to them. “I said to one, ‘In the event that you are successful, are you willing to allow your competitor, the alternative rack supplier, to become familiar with your successful installation?’ I asked the same question to the other one. To my surprise and gratification, they were both on board with this concept.” Merry added in agreement: “I think other installation contractors, who do work for Woolworths – we’d certainly be open to letting those guys through [to become familiar with the project].” As stated in Woolworths 2020 Corporate Responsibility Strategy, Colebee is just a pilot store, with the company poised to roll out ten CO 2 -only stores in Australia by 2020. “The conversation with internal stakeholders is still ongoing,” said Ferlin. “But there is enthusiasm within the engineering department to not just make this a one-off, but the start of a new journey.”

From left, Shaun Merry, Retail FM; Dario Ferlin, Woolworths

Ferlin’s conviction is firm, and no doubt necessary, in order to continue driving Woolworths – and the rest of the industry – forward towards an HFC-free reality. “It is not necessarily the easiest path,” Ferlin acknowledged. “Not necessarily the path most travel by. But I believe in the long-term interests of the viability of CO 2 transcritical. “We are facing a reality now where HFCs are going to be phased out. So, we, as an industry, have to start taking measures towards that HFC-free environment. We need to start investing in upskilling the industry now. “I believe this is what we’re doing here.” DY

SYSTEM SPECS Woolworths’ transcritical CO 2 system at its store in Colebee, New South Wales, Australia, has the following characteristics:

Transcritical rack, Colebee store

»» Number of display cases: 60 »» Medium-temperature load: 85.3 TR (300 kW) »» Low-temperature load: 11.4 TR (40 kW) »» Two booster transcritical systems with parallel compression »» Showcases: Hussmann »» Compressor racks: Bitzer Australia »» High-pressure expansion valves: Danfoss »» Flash-gas bypass valves: Danfoss »» Gas cooler: Alfa Laval »» Cold room evaporators: Buffalo Trident »» Stepper electronic expansion valves: CAREL »» Controllers: Emerson »» Installation contractor: Retail FM

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