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AUSTRALIA'S FIRST TRANSCRITICAL CO2 EJECTOR Marking a new direction in Australia’s HVAC&R sector, Ritchies IGA has installed the nation's first transcritical CO 2 system with an ejector. The store, which fully integrates heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, demonstrates confidence in the potential of transcritical CO 2 for Australia’s climate. Accelerate Australia & NZ speaks to lead consultant Dave Redden of Refrigeration Innovations to learn more.

― By Devin Yoshimoto


April, Australia's first transcritical CO 2 system to utilise an ejector was installed at a newly rebuilt Ritchies IGA supermarket in Beechworth, Victoria.

The system encompasses the store's entire heating and cooling needs – including air conditioning and heating during the summer and winter seasons – and is one of a number of stores the retailer is looking to open with fully integrated transcritical CO 2 systems this year.

INSTALLATION DETAILS: Store name: Ritchies IGA Beechworth Store location: 24 Loch Street, Beechworth, Victoria 3747 Store size: 1,900 m2 floor area

Dave Redden, principal at local refrigeration consultancy Refrigeration Innovations, has had a long relationship with the folks at Ritchies. For both parties, the move to natural refrigerants was under discussion for a long time, including close monitoring of CO 2 technology and overseas trips, which finally led to this first installation in April.

System commissioning date: April 2018

"Ritchies already decided some time ago that all new greenfield sites and major refurbishments would be with CO 2 transcritical systems," says Redden.

Low-temperature load: 20.4 kW

Transcritical CO 2 rack: SCM Frigo Medium-temperature load: 173.7 kW Parallel compression and A/C load: 104.5 kW

Full control system and Multi Ejector: Danfoss Installation contractor: MB Refrigeration

"As we were looking at different options for different [transcritical CO 2 systems], we decided that the Beechworth store would be the first one. We also decided that we would use the Danfoss gas ejector system since it would get us across the line for warm-climate refrigeration."

Project Management: TRG

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