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how to play FOUR

written and illustrated by




at least


ball, & a court, a bouncy

arranged like so:

3’ x 8’

2 designate THE


the fourth square is considered the best and is known as

king’s corner.

3 ONE stands in each square with the extra players beside box 1.


starts with

ball. the

4 THE players proceed to the ball into each other’s squares


catching it,

letting it bounce more than once in your square

or missing the court

5 IF

breaks these rules, he/she is

rest the

move up in the ranks and a steps

box 1. into

This book was designed by Sarah Healy for the class entitled Word and Image I at Washington University in St. Louis in the fall semester of 2012. It was printed on 28lb Hammermill Paper. Images are all original.

Four Square  

An informational booklet designed to teach anyone how to be a fierce competitor in the game of Four Square.

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