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Sugarhouse Greetings is pleased to offer 12 new greeting cards based on author and artist Nancy Tillman’s best selling children's books. Nancy has written 14 books to date, including her most popular, On The Night You Were Born. These greeted cards are beautifully written with a child in mind, but age is not important … it’s all in the sentiment … You are loved.

When dogs go to heaven they’re welcomed by name, and angels know every dog’s favorite game. Inside: In memory of your beloved friend, always in your heart.

NT116 Favorite Game

When cats go to heaven they purr and they nap in their own ray of sun in their favorite lap. Inside: In memory of your beloved friend, always in your heart.

NT117 Favorite Lap

Wishing you a most magical day… Inside: …and hoping it’s special in every way. Happy Birthday!

NT118 Magical Day

Remember whenever a day goes all wrong, to somebody else you will always be strong. Inside: I believe in you.

NT119 Be Strong

Ring a ding, let’s dance and sing! Inside: Woo hoo! It’s your birthday!

NT120 Ring a Ding

Greeting cards $8.70 per half dozen May all your birthday dreams take flight! Inside: Happy Birthday!

NT121 Take Flight

We’re all doing a happy dance… Inside: …just for you! Happy Birthday

NT122 Happy Dance

You are loved.

Of all the things in the world most true… Inside: I will always believe in you.

You’re here for a reason, it’s totally true. You’re part of a world that is counting on you. Inside: I’m so glad I can count you as my friend.

NT123 Most True

When angels whisper in animal ears, it is your voice that each animal hears. Inside: In memory of your beloved friend.

NT125 Angels Whisper

NT124 Counting on You

My dearest wish for your birthday… Inside: …is that you are always surrounded by those you love.

NT126 Dearest Wish

Sug arhouse G reet ing s

Me and you. You and me. Inside: We fit together perfectly.

NT127 Jump for Joy

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Sugarhouse Greetings, Nancy Tillman Collection  

Sugarhouse Greetings, Nancy Tillman Collection  

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