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I grew up on a New Hampshire dairy and maple farm and my family always had a huge fruit and vegetable garden. My mom, “Grammy” to her nine grandchildren, canned, froze and found all sorts of delicious ways to capture the bounty of that garden. A favorite of the entire family is her raspberry jam, know affectionately in the family as “Gram Jam”. My dad has a huge raspberry patch, yielding huge, delicious red raspberries, some in the summer, but particularly in the early fall. There is nothing like a cool September morning with dew on the ground and walking around the edges of the raspberry patch and picking a few handfuls of raspberries to eat. Between the early morning chores on the dairy farm and heading out to harvest the fall corn, “Grampy” would head out and pick a few buckets of raspberries. And then Grammy’s magic took over and jars upon jars of raspberry jam would be created. Raspberry jam to go on toast and butter in the morning. Raspberry jam to go on endless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And jars of raspberry jam to send home with each family member. Gram Jam is a big deal in our family. It represents our past, our heritage and in some part, who we are as a family. Simple, hardworking and appreciative of what nature has to provide. And each jar brings a fond memory of the couple that have worked so hard their entire lives to provide for their family and to the continued magic that comes from Grammy’s kitchen. We hope we have captured a bit of that magic in our new jam line.

Raspberry, Blackberry and Maple Fig Jam, simple ingredients, all sourced in the USA, in a delicious recipe that you can enjoy and share. RASPBERRY Sku No. FHF75 40


MAPLE FIG Sku No. FHF75 64 Unit $ 5 Case ( 6 )


We are so excited to have partnered with ORANGE COUNT Y DISTILLERY and their awarding winning products to bring you Rye Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Just enough added flavor to make things interesting. (may contain up to 2% alcohol) Sku No. FHF 7 5 26 Unit $ 10 Case ( 6 )

$ 60

A 16 oz. bottle featuring three designs - maple bandana, summer cane and blanket plaid. Each case of 6 contains two of each style. Sku No. F H F 7601 Unit $ 10 Case ( 6 )

$ 60

8 . 5 O Z ~ Unit $ 10 Case (6 ) $ 6 0

Introducing a total of 9 scents available in two styles!

1 3 O Z ~ Unit $ 1 1 . 5 0 Case ( 6 ) $ 6 9




8.5 OZ

8.5 OZ

8 .5 O Z

Sku No. F H F 765 6

Sku No. F H F 76 49

Sku No. FHF 7663

13 OZ

13 OZ

13 O Z

Sku No. F H F 768 7

Sku No. F H F 76 9 4

Sku No. FHF 7670




8.5 OZ

8.5 OZ

8 .5 O Z

Sku No. F H F 7625

Sku No. F H F 7 2 6 7

Sku No. FHF 7 250

13 OZ

13 OZ

13 O Z

Sku No. F H F 7 748

Sku No. F H F 7 7 5 5

Sku No. FHF 7 7 31




8.5 OZ

8.5 OZ

8 .5 O Z

Sku No. F H F 763 2

Sku No. F H F 7 2 74

Sku No. F HF7 28 1

13 OZ

13 OZ

13 O Z

Sku No. F H F 7 700

Sku No. F H F 7 7 24

Sku No. F HF7 7 17

Introducing three new & fresh FRUIT scents.

Three perfect FLORAL scents to bring the beauty of spring and summer indoors.

Bring the OCEAN home with our three sea inspired scents.



Sku No. F H F 761 8

Sku No. F H F 742 7

Unit $ 5

Case ( 6 )


Unit $ 1 5

Case ( 6 )

$ 90



1 cup flour â…” cup cold milk â…” cup sparkling water, cold 3 large eggs 3 tbsp butter, melted 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp sugar Berries for topping Finding Home maple syrup for topping

10-12 crepes

Cooking time: 40 minutes


01. In a large mixing bowl whisk eggs with sugar, stir in the milk and sparkling water. In a different bowl combine flour with baking soda and add in the egg mixture. Whisk batter until smooth. Add the melted butter into the batter and mix well. Put the batter into the fridge for 10-15 minutes. 02. Preheat the crepe or any other pan to medium heat, grease

the pan with butter. Scoop for about Âź ladle of batter and fry for 1 minute from each side.

03. Serve crepes with mixed berries and maple syrup.


Minimum orders are $125 and ordered in full case packs. We request that you carry at least three fragrances of our candle line. If ordering from our specialty food collection we request you order more than one offering. ORDERS AND SHIPPING

Orders can be placed directly through email at wholesale@, by calling 845-355-4335, or faxed to 845-355-4435. If you work with a sales rep/group in your region, please contact them directly for orders. Orders generally ship within 3 to 5 business days. Please allow extra time immediately following a trade show. We will do our best to ship all orders complete. However, if an item is backordered, we will ship the order and follow with an additional shipment of the remaining item(s). PAYMENT

All orders require a credit card for shipping. Your card will not be charged until the order is shipped. All shipping charges will be added to the invoice.


Food and candles samples are available at half price. One sample can be ordered for each style per invoice. Orders over $1000 can order samples free of charge. STORAGE, DISPL AY AND CARE OF PRODUCTS

Maple syrup can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months. Once opened, maple syrup and mustards should be refrigerated. Maple candy should be stored at room temperature. Candles should be stored between 60 and 85 degrees and you should try to avoid storing or displaying candles in direct sunlight. CANDLE CARE AND SAFET Y Burn within sight – Keep away from things that catch fire – Keep away from children – Trim wick 1/8” each time candle is lit – Keep wax pool free of debris – Stop burning candle when ½” unmelted wax remains – Burn on a suitable surface – Avoid drafty areas.

Our cocktail cards have been updated and are now only $5.00. Sku No. F H F 7 3 42 Unit $ 5 Case ( 6 )

Introducing our new vessel for our 10 oz. boxed candles.

$ 30


Spring & Summer are the seasons to get outside, open the windows and invite in the people you enjoy the most. Light the barbecue, go on a picnic, eat outside and enjoy the sunshine. We love spring & summer and we feel so fortunate to make products that can be part of these seasons. Light a candle, add maple to a recipe and gather in your home.

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Finding Home Farms, Spring / Summer 2019 Supplement  

Finding Home Farms, Spring / Summer 2019 Supplement  

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