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Letterpress folded cards · 3 ½” x 4 7/8 ” size · Blank Inside Available in singles · Protective sleeve with matching envelope Printed in Scotland on FSC-Certified cover paper

$2.50 letterpress single

Cycling happy birthday [LC101]

Summer market [LC104]

Birthday ball

Playing in the rain




Sleeping in the garden

[LC105] | 202-697-6776 |




Full-color cards · 4 ¼” x 5 ½” size · Blank Inside Protective sleeve with matching envelope Holiday cards (200 series) also available in boxed set of 8 Made in USA on FSC-Certified cover paper


$2.25 single

Fisherman birthday

Ballet birthday

Girl party

Guy party

Cat party

Dog party

Floating on sea

Birthday cat hat

Camping bday

Bonfire birthday

Bookcase birthday



Mermaid birthday [C129]







[C131] | 202-697-6776 |




Mosaic birthday

Greek goddess

Sloth birthday

Of mouse and cake


Synchronized swimmers

Ice skater birthday

Swimming mermaid

Ice cream truck

Lovely birthday

Happy birthday you fox 1

Happy birthday you fox 2















Pirate birthday [C136]

Race horse birthday [C140]




Ice cream girl

Girl on llama

Birthday party walk

Yell happy birthday!

Here’s to you!

Happy birthday you star




The princess and the pea

Friends drinking tea

Mexican birthday

Another year, another cat




Birthday cakes [C119]







Unicorn birthday [C120] | 202-697-6776 |



children’s birthday

$2.25 single

Panda on bike

Piggy on bike

Fox on bike

Mouse on bike

Crocodile on bike

Bear on bike

Badger on bike

Monkey on bike

Raccoon on bike

Animals on bikes








[C188] | 202-697-6776 |





$2.25 for Cxxx (color single) / $2.50 for LCFxxx (foil single)

You make me smile

I’m your sunshine

When you’re smiling

Hello dog

Let’s hang out

Friends forever






Hello cat [C304]


love & valentine’s day

Train couple [C401]

I’ll be your valentine [C405]

Scarf couple [C402]

I’m bananas for you [C406]

Couple with flowers

Secret admirer

Falling for you

See the stars





$2.25 single

Kitty valentine [C410]

Happily ever after [C411]

Wedding Congrats [LCF401] *gold foil* $2.50


Lovely new baby [C701]

Baby on clothesline - pink [C702]

Baby on clothesline - blue [C703] | 202-697-6776 |

Basket baby [C704]


$2.25 Cxxx (color single) / $2.50 LCFxxx (foil single)

Unicorn baby [C705]

thank you

You’re super [C601]

Thank you cats [C606] Boxed: [CB606]

You’re the bomb [C602]

You’re a gem

Thank you wild flowers [C607] Boxed: [CB607]


You’re super 2 [C604]

Thanks a bunch [C605]

Thank you house plants [C608] Boxed: [CB608]

Colored balls thank you [C609] Boxed: [CB609]

Thank you pink flowers [C610] Boxed: [CB610]

World of Thanks [LCF601] *gold foil* $2.50

10 | 202-697-6776 |


Girl with flowers [C501]

$2.25 single

I’m so sorry you’re sick [C502]

Lavender sympathy [C506]

I’m here for you [C503]


Sunshine & showers




Thinking of you flowers

As long as you need

I’m sorry pink

You are in my thoughts


Get well soon honey [C526]


Congrats - runner [C811]

Congrats - jumper [C812]

Graduation jump [C813]

Congrats fireworks [C814]

everyday & other occasions

$2.25 single

London loves you

London market

Paris vous aime

Happy new home

Warm your house

Little red






New York loves you [C904]


goodbye/miss you/good luck

Bon voyage [C940]


So sad [C941]

Miss you [C942] | 202-697-6776 |

Lighthouse missing you [C943]

$2.25 single

Plane bon voyage [C944]

Good luck cheer

Good luck pinata




Girl & pumpkin [C201]



Full moon halloween

Holiday skating girl

Holiday skating man



Christmas stocking [C208]



Joy to the world [C209] Boxed: [CB209]


Happy turkey day [C270]

Man with presents [C206]

Let it snow! [C210]

Thanksgiving dinner [C271]

The nativity [C207]

Holiday fireplace [C211]

Nativity stable [C212]

Christmas market food [C217]

New year’s hogmanay [C264] Boxed: [CB264]

You’re rad, dad [C242]


Nativity angel

Nativity shepherds


Nativity wisemen


Winter village scene [C218]

Christmas market gifts



Peace on earth [LCF221]

Joy wreath [LCF222]

*copper foil*

*copper foil*



Another trip around Mother’s day queen bee Mother’s day reading [C231] [C232] the sun

Mother’s day safari [C233]

[C265] Boxed: [CB265]

Father’s day - music trio [C243]

Father’s day - mountains [C244] | 202-697-6776 |

Father’s day - on a bench [C245]

Happy mighty father’s

Chinese new year kids

Happy easter

Easter bunnies





assorted boxed sets

Nativity Card Set - box of 8 cards (4 designs x 2 cards) [CB212]

Christmas Market Card Set - box of 8 cards (2 designs x 4 cards) [CB216]

Peace & Joy Card Set - box of 8 cards (2 designs x 4 cards) [FCB221]

16 | 202-697-6776 |


Fox lady

Gold or silver colored polished enamel with glossy finish 1 1/4� Rubber clutch backing Pinned to designed backing paper $5 per pin





Book lover


Grumpy cat






[EP107] | 202-697-6776 |





Exclaim thank you! [NC101]


Letterpress flat note cards · 4 ¼” x 5 ½” size Boxed set of Eight (8): $7 Printed in Scotland on FSC-Certified cover paper

Thank you & flowers [NC102]

Beautiful faces [NC103]

Letterpress calling cards · 2 ¼” x 3 9/16” card size & 2 ¼” x ½” x 3 15/16” box size Letterpress box of twenty-four (24) cards (8 designs x 3 cards): $7 Printed in Scotland on FSC-Certified cover paper

Pencil Joy Wholesale Terms & Pricing* Type Item

Single Full-color & Foil Cards

Size per item # of designs per box

A2 (4.25 x 5.5”)

Starting Wholesale Price

sku C = $2.25

Minimum Volume discount?


sku LCF =$2.50 (foil) 6 cards Eligible

Greeting Cards Box of 8 Full-color & Foil Cards

A2 (4.25 x 5.5”)

Same or multiple designs sku CB = $8

sku FCB = $9 (foil) 3 boxes

Single Letterpress greeting cards

4bar (3.5 x 4 7/8”)


sku LC = $2.50


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6 cards


Notecards Box of 8 Letterpress Notecards

Calling Cards Enamel Pins* Joy Card Enamel Pins Boxed Set of 24 Cards

1 design x 8 cards

3 designs x 8 cards

3 boxes

3 boxes

A2 (4.25 x 5.5”)

Sku NC = $7


2.25 x 3 9/16”



sku JOY = $7 sku EC = $5 (per pin)


4 pins per style Eligible

Shipping: A shipping/handling fee is added after the order is taken. Currently, we generally ship within 4-6 business days after the time of order, if not sooner, but turnaround time may vary based on certain conditions including seasonal effects. International shipping available. Payment: A pre-payment with credit card or Paypal is requested prior to shipping. Net 30 terms are available if you have established credit.

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Pencil Joy, Summer / Fall 2018  
Pencil Joy, Summer / Fall 2018