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Holy Child Ministries California Casa Cornelia Law Center (San Diego) Cornelia Connelly School of the Holy Child (Anaheim) Mayfield Junior School of the Holy Child Jesus (Pasadena) Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus (Pasadena) South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (Los Angeles)

District of Columbia Washington Middle School for Girls

Illinois St. Martin de Porres High School (Waukegan)

Maryland Connelly School of the Holy Child (Potomac)

New Jersey Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child (Summit)

New York Cornelia Connelly Center (New York City) Cristo Rey New York High School (New York City) Holy Child Academy (Old Westbury) School of the Holy Child (Rye) UNANIMA International (NGO, United Nations)

Pennsylvania African Sisters Education Collaborative (Philadelphia) Holy Child Academy (Drexel Hill) Hope Partnership for Education (Philadelphia) Providence Center (Philadelphia) Rosemont College (Rosemont) Rosemont School of the Holy Child (Rosemont)

Chile Centro Cornelia Connelly (Santiago)

Dominican Republic Holy Child Elementary School, Fe y AlegrĂ­a (Santo Domingo) Our Lady of Good Counsel Dispensary, Fe y AlegrĂ­a (Santo Domingo)

A “ ctions Not Words.” -Cornelia Connelly

For Cornelia Connelly, a person’s faith was as much about action, as it was about prayer and reflection. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when she founded the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ) in 1846, action was at its heart. For more than 160 years as the Society and its works have grown in diversity, action has remained at the core. Today, that action empowers more than 10,000 people to reach their full potential through the SHCJ’s innovative educational, legal, and social services (see list at left). Holy Child Network of Schools & Rosemont College Founded by the SHCJ, Rosemont College and the 10 independent schools in the Holy Child Network of Schools educate close to 5,000 students annually. Holy Child schools work for Christian principles of justice, peace, and compassion in every facet of life (Goal 4, Holy Child Network of Schools). Holy Child students are educated to act and serve the world around them in any and every way possible. Service projects are numerous with Holy Child students often working in partnership with the SHCJ to support the Sisters’ responses to today’s unmet needs. meeting today’s unmet needs During the past 20 years, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus has initiated new works in response to the unmet needs of our time. Through these ministries, God’s most vulnerable are lifted up and empowered to become all that they are called to be. Unique models create dynamic and effective programs that LIGHT THE WAY out of poverty for more than 5,000 individuals annually. The stories of transformation are inspiring.

Holy Child Network of Schools NATIONWIDE Founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, the Holy Child Network of Schools is an association of 10 independent Catholic schools. The schools are committed to the Goals of Holy Child schools which articulate the educational philosophy of Cornelia Connelly, the Society’s Foundress, and the mission and spirit of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Across the country, principles such as leading with love, actively engaging children in their learning, and treating every person with reverence, dignity, and respect continue to guide each Holy Child school. The schools in the Holy Child Network of Schools educate more than 3,500 children annually.

Rosemont College ROSEMONT, PA With the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1920, women gained the right to vote, changing the landscape of the United States. Just one year later, the Sisters of the Holy Child responded to the growing need of higher education for women by opening Rosemont College. For close to 90 years, the College was dedicated to educating women. In 2009, the College became coeducational and enrolls close to 1,000 students today.

“You are all children of the light and children of the day ... so give encouragement to each other, and keep strengthening each other, as you do already.” 1 Thessalonians 5.3 & 5.11


Casa Cornelia Law Center SAN DIEGO, CA

Lighting the way for Luis Darkness pervaded Luis’ life, both literally and figuratively. The 30-year old married father of two lost his sight after sustaining injuries during a San Salvadorian earthquake. Unable to cope, his wife abandoned the family. Luis not only cared for his daughters, but established a successful business. His success made him vulnerable to violent gangs who tormented him. After identifying his attackers, Luis feared for his life when he discovered police were involved in the conspiracy. He abandoned his business, left his daughters with relatives, and fled to the U.S. seeking asylum. Luis’ dream of escaping persecution in his homeland and reuniting with his daughters was realized through the efforts of Casa Cornelia Law Center. Luis was granted asylum in the U.S. and his two girls, the light of his life, have joined him. Luis and his daughters dream of brighter days ahead.

About Casa Cornelia Law Center Begun by the Sisters of the Holy Child in 1993, the Casa Cornelia Law Center (CCLC) is a public interest law firm providing pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations. CCLC assists more than 600 individuals every year. The organization also seeks to educate the public on the impact of immigration law and policy for the public good.

“Light shines in the darkness and darkness could not overpower it.” John 1.4-5

Luis with the CCLC attorney who handled his case.


Cornelia Connelly Center NEW YORK, NY

Lighting the way for Alexandra Alexandra arrived at the Cornelia Connelly Center in the fall of 1993. She was a member of the school's first class of sixth graders—a group of girls whose families knew that the public school system was not meeting their daughters’ needs. And so these families decided to entrust their daughters’ futures to a new school in the neighborhood that promised better things. Alexandra graduated from the Cornelia Connelly Center in 1995, ready to soar. She attended high school, college, and graduate school, receiving a master’s degree in accounting. Today, she is a Senior Tax Analyst at Coach, Inc. and remains connected to her Holy Child family by serving on the Cornelia Connelly Center’s Finance Committee and helping to organize alumnae events.

About Cornelia Connelly Center Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus in 1993, the Cornelia Connelly Center (CCC) provides fifth through eighthgrade girls from low-income families with a solid and wellrounded education. While it costs $16,000 per year to educate each student, tuition is set at just $550 per student. The remainder of the cost is raised through the development efforts of the school and financial support from the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. CCC educates close to 150 students every year through its middle school and graduate support program.

“John came as a witness, to bear witness to the light so that everyone might believe through him.” John 1.7-8

Alexandra (standing in front in black) with staff members at the Cornelia Connelly Center.


Cristo Rey New York High School NEW YORK, NY

Lighting the way for Jessica Fortunate to attend the Cornelia Connelly Center as a middle school student, Jessica enrolled in Cristo Rey New York High School (CRNYHS). Given her family’s financial situation, a college education could have been outside Jessica’s reach, but she was lucky. All students at CRNYHS participate in the Corporate Work Study Program, which offsets the cost of their tuition. Jessica was placed with a local company, and worked one day a week, while attending CRNYHS the other four. Through the program she learned the value of hard work, acquired new skills, and was able to show her employer her talents. Her employer, so impressed with her abilities, awarded her a $5,000 college scholarship. Jessica now attends Mercy College and hopes to own her own business.

About Cristo Rey New York High School CRNYHS is a collaborative project of lay men and women, and representatives of three religious congregations: the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, the De La Salle Christian Brothers, and the Jesuits. Like its 25 sister schools in the Cristo Rey Network, CRNYHS offers students from low-income families a quality education and real-life work experience that are designed to prepare them for college and successful careers thereafter. The school was founded in 2004 and serves more than 350 students each year. “He was not the light, he was to bear witness to the light.” John 1.8

Jessica receives her diploma as she graduates from Cristo Rey New York High School.


Holy Child Elementary School & Our Lady of Good Counsel Dispensary, Fe y Alegría SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Lighting the way for Antony Imagine life as a toddler who cannot hear or speak. That was Antony’s reality. At age four, he came to the Holy Child Montessori preschool in the Haitian migrant worker camp where he lives. Profoundly deaf and unable to speak, Antony was keenly observant with excellent concentration skills and an electrifying smile. He showed so much potential. Staff advocated for his needs, convincing a local hospital to donate hearing aids. Unfortunately, even with hearing aids he could not interpret what he heard and had difficulty integrating into the classroom. To facilitate Antony’s involvement in his education, staff consulted a specialist who recommended that Antony be assigned a classroom support aid. Sarah Hutchinson, a lay volunteer from the U.S. who spent a year serving at the Sisters' mission site in the Dominican Republic, worked one-on-one with Antony. He is thriving, learning, speaking, and brightening his preschool with his 100-watt smile!

About Fe y Alegría The SHCJ began their mission site in Batey Lecheria in 1995. Batey Lecheria lacks the most basic of necessities such as running water and indoor plumbing. Today, 250 children are served through the school and more than 3,000 are served at the medical clinic the Sisters have founded. “The Word was the real light that gives light to everyone.” John 1.9

Though deaf, Antony is thriving thanks to the Holy Child Elementary School in the Dominican Republic.


Hope Partnership for Education PHILADELPHIA, PA

Lighting the way for Kyle When Kyle first arrived at Hope as a fifth grader, he fought with peers, refused to follow instructions, and was frequently asked to leave the classroom. Due to his unrelenting pattern of disruptive behavior, he was expelled from the school, but was eventually readmitted and given a second chance. Family Connections Counselor Kate Forest worked with Kyle's mother to ensure he received the counseling services that would help him to improve his coping skills and become more mature. Kyle's transformation is music to the ears of his friends at Hope. He is enrolled at the Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter High School. A gifted musician, he loves playing the guitar. He also volunteers at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

About Hope Partnership for Education In a greatly underserved area of North Philadelphia, the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy joined together to open Hope Partnership for Education, a much needed educational center with a middle school for fifth through eighth graders as its anchor. The educational program at Hope is intense with a longer school day, small classes where personal attention is paramount, and an extended school year, but the results are exciting and the children are flourishing. More than 105 students and their families are served annually.

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.� John 9.5

With Hope’s help, Kyle is thriving today.


Providence Center PHILADELPHIA, PA

Lighting the way for Duahajri Arriving from the Dominican Republic in 2005 with her husband and two small children, Duahajri spoke no English. In search of a better life and employment, the family eventually settled in Philadelphia where her husband now works in construction and the children are enrolled in a parish school. Duahajri was intent on mastering English and acquiring marketable skills, which would allow her to find a job. Her dream took flight when she was directed to Providence Center in Philadelphia. She tested into an upper level English class and continues to improve her language skills. She also enrolled in a computer literacy class where students learn about various computer programs as they practice their English in typing class. Dauhajri is confident that her newly acquired skills will be valuable in her job search. The family looks forward to purchasing a house and supporting relatives in their homeland.

About Providence Center When St. Edward’s Parish in North Philadelphia closed, the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus feared that the closing would contribute to the poverty-related ills of the neighborhood. As a result, the Sisters founded Providence Center, which provides afterschool homework help, summer programs, English as a Second Language classes, family retreats, a women’s prayer group, and retreats to more than 300 people annually. “Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.” Psalm 4.6

With Providence Center’s help, Duajajri has learned English and mastered computer skills that are vital in her job search.


St. Martin de Porres High School WAUKEGAN, IL

Lighting the way for Klarizsa “My entire life I’ve watched people struggle–in my neighborhood, in my schools, and even in my own home,” shares Klarizsa Padilla. Klarizsa’s parents, who came to the U.S. from Mexico, work hard to provide their eight children with the opportunities they never had. Attending St. Martin de Porres High School is one of those opportunities for Klarizsa. “My family lives amidst society’s low expectations. We’re expected to repeat cycles of poor homes, bad schools, and strained family relations. I want my siblings to know that with persistence and hard work, against all odds, they can earn success.” This summer, Klarizsa studied in pre-college programs at Georgetown University and at MIT. Last summer, she studied at Stanford University. “I’ve grown up in a less privileged community amidst financial and academic challenges, but it’s made me realize the value of a college education. I’m honored to be one of the many fortunate students attending St. Martin,” she says.

About St. Martin de Porres High School St. Martin de Porres’ rigorous college prep education provides a viable means for low-income students from the Waukegan and North Chicago area to break the cycle of poverty. One of the 25 high schools in the Cristo Rey Network, St. Martin utilizes the network’s innovative Corporate Work Study Program, a jobsharing program that allows students to fund part of their tuition. “I am the light of the world; anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark but will have the light of life.” John 8.12

Klarizsa has blossomed with the opportunities available to her as a student at St. Martin de Porres.


South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project LOS ANGELES, CA

Lighting the way for Andrea Before coming to the South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (LAMP), Andrea did not speak English fluently, would yell at her daughters in frustration, and struggled to develop strong relationships. Today, that’s all changed. With the help of LAMP’s Family Literacy Program, Andrea learned English and has grown as a parent. “I’ve learned how to speak to my daughters, I don’t have to yell, and I’ve learned to resolve issues,” says Andrea. She also now reads to her daughters on a regular basis, something she rarely did before starting the Family Literacy program. “I’ve grown a lot at South Central LAMP and built relationships with my peers in a way I never have before.”

About South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project In partnership with seven religious congregations, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus founded LAMP to support families living in Los Angeles County, where it is reported that half of the country's 60,000 gang members reside. In addition, the unemployment rate is an astounding 15% and half of the households report yearly incomes below the poverty level. LAMP offers parent education and English language instruction, parent-and-child together classes, and family advocacy services. Childcare is provided free of charge for parents while they are taking classes at LAMP. LAMP serves more than 200 people every year.

“Wisdom is a reflection of the eternal light, untarnished mirror of God’s active power and image of God’s goodness.” Wisdom 7.26

The impact LAMP has had on Andrea and her daughters has been life-changing.


Washington Middle School for Girls WASHINGTON, DC

Lighting the way for Stephanie A hard worker and talented dancer with college aspirations, Stephanie was ecstatic when she was awarded a full scholarship to a Midwest liberal arts college. Unfortunately, her family did not share her enthusiasm and could not offer the emotional support and technical guidance so critical to her transition to college. Her dream turned to reality with the Graduate Support Program of the Washington Middle School for Girls, which assumed the role of surrogate parent, providing the advice, encouragement, and guidance that eased her transition from the inner city of Washington D.C. to a college in the rural Midwest. Stephanie is thriving!

About Washington Middle School for Girls Working in partnership with the Religious of Jesus and Mary and the National Council of Negro Women, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus opened the Washington Middle School for Girls (WMSG) in 1998. The school provides a caring and safe environment for more than 200 young girls who are living in an underserved urban area and are at risk of leaving school prematurely.

“Whoever does the truth comes out into the light so that what he is doing may plainly appear as done in God.� John 3.22

At the Washington Middle School for Girls, Stephanie learned to pursue her dreams with passion and self-confidence.


“O God, give us a love full of action.” t by trai Por

–Cornelia Connelly


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Lighting the Way  

For more than 150 years, the Sisters of the Holy Child have been lighting the way for thousands of individuals through education, legal, and...

Lighting the Way  

For more than 150 years, the Sisters of the Holy Child have been lighting the way for thousands of individuals through education, legal, and...

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