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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus


Trinity River Campus FORT WORTH, TEXAS 300 TRINITY CAMPUS CIRCLE FORT WORTH, TX (817) 515-8223

Located on the Trinity River in downtown Fort Worth, the TRC campus is Tarrant County’s newest and brightest addition!

EDCEP 851 Multicultural Advising . Academic Advising Syllabus . TRUST Group . Photo of Trinity River Campus. Courtesy TCC website

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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

ACADEMIC ADVISING SYLLABUS Introduction: Welcome to Tarrant County College at Trinity River!


Welcome Letter

Meet Your Advisors

Definition of Advising

Multicultural Advising Statement

Expectations + Responsibilities

How to Prepare

Learning Outcomes

Texas Success Initiative

Advising Calendar

Advising Resources

Multicultural Student Groups + Events



In this Academic Advising syllabus you will find valuable information for your time at TCCTRC. Whether you’re a first generation student, a new freshman out of a high school, or a returning student, you’ll find everything you need right here. You’ll learn all about advising, how to prepare for your first appointment, what you’ll learn and the skills you will gain at TRC, and our commitment to celebrating the diversity our campus has to offer. You’ll also find helpful contact information, websites, a list of multicultural student organizations and events, as well as many other resources. Again, welcome to TCC-TRC. We’re glad you’re here!

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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

WELCOME Dear Students, We would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning Latino students on the Trinity River Campus. We hope you will have a rewarding and successful academic year. As an advising staff, we want to ensure that you know how to locate all the many resources that are available to you. One of the most important things you can do while you are on this campus is build a relationship with the Academic Advisors who are willing to help you through college every step of the way. It is our goal to help you set up an academic plan that is personal to you and your interests. Here at TRC we understand your cultural backgrounds are an important part of your lives and we want to make sure you feel comfortable enough on this campus to share those important things with us. In the process of reaching your academic and personal goals, you will learn a lot about yourself, improve your goals, and develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. The knowledge you gain from all of our available resources will improve the lifelong decisions you have and are about to make. As Academic Advisors, we will help you discover your strengths and skills so you are able to make the most out of your college experience. We will help you clearly identify a major that is intriguing to you and your ultimate goals so you feel you are making good use of your time on this campus. We look forward to seeing you and hope you are just as thrilled for this upcoming year. Best wishes, The Advising Staff at Trinity River Campus

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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Katherine Annis Missouri State University- Bachelor of Entertainment Management and Psychology My name is Katherine Annis. I am an academic advisor at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois, and I attended Missouri State University for my Bachelor's in Entertainment Management and Psychology. My vision for advising multicultural and Hispanic firstgeneration students is to provide them with the opportunity to succeed. Advisors need to realize that these students may need more encouragement or information than traditional students because of their unique backgrounds. My hope is that retention rates for these students will go up due to helpful campus resources and more support from the college environment.

Shay Dodson Kansas State University- Bachelor of Fine Arts Welcome to the Trinity River Campus! I am excited to assist you on your path to collegiate success. I worked in higher education administration for three years in the Office of Admissions at Kansas State University, and have also served on the Committee for Diversity Initiatives. As a fellow Texan, promoting diversity awareness and advocating for underrepresented students is incredibly important to me. TRC has a diverse and talented Latino/a population and I know your time is valuable. As your advisor, my goal is to provide a safe space for you to develop, discuss concerns, manage your time, establish great study habits, chart your academic progress through graduation, and answer any questions you may have along the way. I look forward to working with you!

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MEET YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISORS Janneil Frederick Kansas State University- Pre-Law, Women’s Studies, Secondary Major in American Ethnic Studies I came to Texas from Kansas State, and it is my pleasure to now be on your campus. I have previously done research on retention within the minority community as well as first-generation Latino students. In the past I have worked with students who are on academic probation. One of my goals for first-generation Latino students is to help prepare you to be successful in college, while being in a setting that may be foreign to you. I want to help you find a group of students that you can relate with to help you feel accepted and know you fit in on our campus. With multicultural advising I will be able to introduce you to resources, support teams and mentors that will benefit you and help you through your educational path.

Aron Johnson Virginia Tech- B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management with a minor in Business Hello advisees! I am originally from Annapolis, Maryland, but have luckily found my way to the Trinity River Campus and the great state of Texas. I had wonderful experience with advisors during my undergraduate years, and I understand how important it can be in regard to your success in college. I look forward to offering that to each of you as your advisor. What a wonderful adventure this will be!

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Drew McIntyre Dixie State College of Utah- B.S. Communication- Mass Communication Emphasis I’m excited to be here at the Trinity River Campus. I am originally from Tooele, Utah and recently moved to Texas to be a part of this great team. I am aware that students come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of needs that must be addressed as they attend higher education institutions. Multicultural students may experience difficulties unique to their student population and therefore need specialized attention and support. As your advisor I am aware of the challenges you may be facing and I want to help you successfully gain knowledge about this great institution, and ultimately set you on the right path for graduation.

Sonnie Moritz University of Illinois- B.S. Liberal Studies/Graduate Certificate in Project Management Hello students. Before making my way to the wonderful campus at the Trinity River Campus, I worked at Grundy Grade School in Morton, Illinois as a Computer Lab Aide and Webmaster. This campus is very diverse and my goal for first-generation Latino students is to help make their transition into college as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I embrace and welcome you with open arms!

Whitney Roberts Dixie State College of Utah- B.S Communication- Mass Communication Emphasis Hello students. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to be on such an excitingly diverse campus. I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Before coming to Texas I worked as an Advisor at Dixie State College where I worked with a small number of multicultural and Latino

MEET YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISORS students. I definitely see the need for specific advising techniques when working with first-generation students. College is an exciting time and I don’t want you to be nervous about this journey. It is my goal to help you feel welcome and a part of this campus. This institution holds many multicultural activities to make sure you feel completely at home on our campus. I look forward to working with all of you soon!

Kelly Strickland University of North Texas- B.A. Dance As an advisor here at the Trinity River Campus I work with new incoming students as well as high school students in our various transitional programs. My goal is to assist students with their transition to TRC by offering options and showing them ways they can engage with their studies, succeed academically, and connect with resources available at the college and in the community. I love working at TRC because we contribute so much to our campus and surrounding communities with various outreach programs. I look forward to serving this diverse community of students for many years to come!

Janet Young Columbia College- B.S. Business Management in Cultural Organization I joined the Trinity River Campus staff in 1998. I am originally from New Jersey and settled in California where I pursued my education and career. I have served on a variety of Student Success committees that inspired me to enrich the college experience for students. I am committed to providing the best possible academic services for students. It is my goal to advocate for students and make available resources and learning techniques for academic success.

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

WHAT IS ACADEMIC ADVISING? Academic Advising is a relationship between the advisor and the advisee that is built on trust and respect, and one that allows the advisor to help guide the advisee through their college career. Advisors here at Trinity River Campus are here to offer you more than assistance with registering for classes, we are here to help you find your passion, to find the groups and activities on campus that excite you, and to of course help you meet and exceed your academic goals. The advisors know that every student is different, and we look forward to getting to know you so that we can together discover what makes you tick. The advisors and the advisees act as active partners in this process, and we will work together to manage your time here at Trinity River Campus in the best way possible. We know how exciting, overwhelming, and possibly stressful college can be, and we look forward to working with you when you arrive!

MULTICULTURAL ADVISING STATEMENT Multicultural Diversity is sought out as a goal to achieve by every institution of Higher Education. At Tarrant County College-Trinity River Campus, success for all of our students is promoted, and achieved by the different resources our advisors provide for our students. The 7 Hallmarks of TRC-at TCC: • An unshakeable Focus on Student Success • Service and Community Engagement • Strong and Open Communication • Personal and Professional Growth • Multicultural Competence and Language Acquisition • Interdisciplinary Collaboration • Wellness With the student and advisor working together, here at TRC we believe that developing a strong, trusting relationship between student and advisor, students will conquer all of the goals that they set forth.

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

EXPECTATIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Advisor’s Responsibilities • Treat you with respect and listen carefully to your questions and concerns. • Support you with your educational goals and guide you on your way through your degree program. • Provide a supportive environment for you to express your concerns and share your interests and goals. • Inform you of important policies, including (but not limited to) withdrawal and refund deadlines. • Refer you to appropriate resources, such as counseling services, career services, etc. • Assist you in developing and following an academic plan, including registering for appropriate courses. • Assist you in researching potential transfer schools and/or universities and creating a transfer plan. • Ensure you have a solid understanding of the General Education Core Curriculum and knowledge of degree requirements for transfer degrees, non-transfer degrees, bachelor’s, etc. • Assist you with utilizing online resources such as the Trinity River website. • Direct you to the corresponding program coordinator for your degree or certificate. • Assist you in evaluating your progress and inform you of the necessary steps towards graduation. • Maintain your confidentiality and be knowledgeable of the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Student’s Responsibilities • Have your Financial Aid application in process ( • Complete a TSI compliant college placement test, or if you believe you may be exempt, have your qualifying SAT, ACT, TAAS, or TAKS scores available. • Register prior to the start of the semester for optimum course selection. • Know your availability for scheduling purposes. • Familiarize yourself with our course offerings and have an idea of which courses you plan to enroll in. • Be prepared for your advising session by bringing a photo I.D., a copy of your current schedule, transcripts, and any other important documents. • Have official copies of your high school and any college or university transcripts sent to Trinity River for evaluation. • Keep scheduled advising appointments or call/email to cancel if necessary. • Notify your advisor of any significant changes in your educational plan. • Utilize online resources to review your program evaluation. • Regularly check your school email account. • Research college policies, procedures, and program requirements. • Respect your advisor during advisement sessions by being proactive and receptive to information.

Lewis and Clark Community College. (2012). Expectations and Responsibilities for Advisors and Advisees.

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST ADVISING APPOINTMENT Welcome to Trinity River Campus, a campus of Tarrant County College! We are very pleased to have you attending. Whether you are a new first time college student, new transfer student, or returning student, this time in your academic career is very important in order for you to take an active role in your academic planning. Be proactive and prepared for your first advising session. You may be undecided, changing majors or beginning to explore your major or career choices. Advisors can assist, recommend, and guide you to beneficial material that will help you tremendously in your academic and career decisions (Steele, 2003). They will also discuss non-academic issues and refer you to support services such as financial assistance, organizations, and student counseling (Gordon, Habley, & Grites, 2008, p. 98-99). Your first step is to develop a relationship with your advisor. They will help you develop an individualized plan that outlines required courses and the timeframe for completing them. Your Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements will also be explained at this time. You will also work together to choose the correct classes and develop a schedule that is designed to ensure your overall success ("Texas Success Initiative (TSI)", n.d.). Your advisor can also provide assistance in areas such as tutoring and mentoring, as well as personal, academic and/or career advising.

1. Have specific questions ready to ask your advisor. 2. Review all significant materials such as General Education requirements, your major program requirements, and your transcript. Bring a copy of your transcript if you are a current or transfer student. 3. Become familiar with printed or online materials about the college, majors and courses. 4. Bring a list of courses that are of interest and any requirements you need to complete. If there is an individual class you have questions about, bring the class syllabus and any finished assignments. 5. Allow enough time for the session. 6. Take notes during the meeting and follow up on the notes after the meeting. This is to help you retain the information and advice and use it wisely (Gordon et al., 2008). Your advising session is a multifaceted endeavor that brings together your personal, professional, and academic interests. The more you are involved in the advisor/advisee relationship; the better equipped you will be to evaluate what academic majors and careers are for you.

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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: S.T.E.E.R. TOWARD SUCCESS! The evaluation of student performance in general education courses helps us determine what our students already know and need to know in order to succeed. Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assist us to identify what is being learned and makes possible to recommend how to improve the curriculum for student academic success. Trinity River College students will gain knowledge and competence in the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Communication Skills Critical Thinking Skills Empirical and Quantitative Skills Personal Responsibility Social Responsibility Teamwork

SUCCESS • Students will know how to cultivate their Educational degree plan. • Students will establish degree level resources that will assist with exploring majors. • Students will expand their academic planning through time management techniques. TEAMWORK • Students will gain an understanding of the Latin American Code of Conduct. • Students will obtain an acquaintance with Latin American cultures and societies. • Students will acknowledge and practice regular academic advising session. EDUCATION • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the TSI requirements.

• Students will be able to register using WebAdvisor. • Students will be competent in critical and creative thinking and evaluate information. ENVIRONMENT • Students will create a cross-cultural atmosphere from their own experiences. • Students will discover career-related interests, values, and abilities that shape their goals. • Students will promote community involvement through educational insight.

• • • •

RESPONSIBILITY Students will have the ability to formulate ethical decisions. Students will follow deadlines according to the Academic Calendar. Students will understand the requirements towards their degree plans. Students will recognize the registration process through campus policies and procedures.

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

TEXAS SUCCESS INITIATIVE (TSI) The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a government mandated program that strives to improve the chances of success for students in higher education. The program requires that all new undergraduate students meet certain levels of college readiness in mathematics, reading, and writing. In order to meet the requirements students must complete one of or a combination of the following options: • Take a TSI approved assessment test and receive advising/ course placement based on results • Enroll in and complete non-credit developmental courses in reading, writing, and mathematics • Qualify for a TSI exemption or waiver

• Visit the TCC website or your academic advisor to see if you qualify for a waiver Please visit the TCC website for more information about the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) TSI En Español:

TSI APPROVED ASSESSMENT TESTS • ACCUPLACER & THEA - offered at TCC • ASSET & COMPASS tests are offered through ACT or other higher education institutions EXEMPTIONS • Students who meet qualifying standards on the SAT, ACT, TAAS, or TAKS test may be eligible for an exemption. Visit the TCC website or your academic advisor to see if you qualify for an exemption WAIVERS • Students pursuing a certificate of 42 hours or less may qualify for a “Certificate Waiver” • Students that are not pursuing a degree or certificate may qualify for a “Casual Student” waiver

Orientation and Enrollment Check-In

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Academic Advising Calendar

Aug 17

Opening BBQ for Multicultural Students

Oct 22-26

Multicultural & Diversity Week

Aug 20

Classwork Starts

Nov 9

Last day for a Complete Withdrawal

Aug 24

Last Day to Add a Class

Nov 12

Spring Registration open to Seniors (90+ credits)

Sep 3

Labor Day - No School

Nov 13

Career Exploration Day

Sep 10

Pell Grant Census

Nov 13

Spring Registration open to Juniors (60+ credits)

Sep 11

Courses dropped for non-payment

Nov 14

Spring Registration open to Sophomores (30+

Sep 12

Multicultural & Diversity Forum Speaker


Sep 14

Last Day to Add/Audit

Nov 15

Sep 28

Fall Graduation Application Deadline

Nov 21-23 Thanksgiving/Holiday Break

Oct 10

Mid-Term Grades Due

Nov 28

Multicultural & Diversity Forum Speaker

Oct 11-12

Mid-Semester Break

Dec 7

Classwork Ends

Oct 15

Last Day to Drop Individual Class

Dec 10-14 Final Exams

Spring Registration open to All Students

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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Advising Resources + Contact information Academic Advising Office TRTR Building, Rm 1408A 817-515-4ADV (4238) (phone) 817-515-0709 (fax) Testing Office TRTR Building, Rm 1430D 817-515-1066 (phone) Disabilities Services Office TRTR Building, Rm 1421B 817-515-1295 (phone) 682-200-1616 (video phone) Registrar’s Office TRTR Building, Rm 1016B 817-515-4REG (4734) (phone) Financial Aid Office TRTR Building, Rm 1032A 817-515-4AID (4243) (phone) 817-515-0705 (fax) Business Services Office TRTR Building, Rm 1030 817-515-4PAY (4729) (phone) 817-515-0702 (fax)

Student Activities Office TRTR Building, Rm 2004A 817-515-1190 (phone) Campus Police TRTR Building, Rm 3702A 817-515-1911 (phone) Campus Copy Center TREF Building, Rm 1203B

NOTES Your Advisor: --------------------------------------------------------------------Your Appointment Date/Time: -----------------------------------

Costs & Payments Find out where, when, and how to pay for courses. Financial Aid Find deadlines, how and where to fill out the FAFSA, and other Financial Aid resources.

Campus Maps Website En Español Trinity River Campus Main Page My TCC Links to TCC Computing Systems for Registration, Email, and Student Info

Ask Toro Ask questions or search for information

My Notes: -------------------------------

Ayuda financiera Buscar plazos, cómo y dónde llenar la FAFSA, y otros recursos de ayuda financiera.


Student IDs and Parking Permits Information on where to obtain student ID’s and parking permits.


Bookstores and Textbooks - Trinity River Campus Find information about textbook rental, online textbook purchases, shop for apparel and more.



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Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Websites for Academic Services and Educational Programs

Academic Advisement Offices Meet with an academic advisor for degree planning, course selection, and any other needs you may have. Consultoría y orientación académica Estudiantes nuevos y actuales que desean planear su futuro académico y profesional pueden recibir ayuda en cada sitio académico del TCC NGSA - New Student Group Advisement Students who are new to college must attend a New Student Group Advisement session. You will not be able to register for classes until you have met this requirement. Find more info here!

La iniciativa de éxito de Texas (TSI) Testing Walk-in testing hours: M-Th, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m Fri. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Click the Testing link for details about the ACCUPLACER. Exámene Encuentre información acerca de las pruebas hora Programs and Courses Not sure what you want to study? Take a look at the variety of courses and programs available!

Student Orientation New student orientations are offered during “Welcome Week” at the Trinity River Campus

Programas y Cursos No está seguro de lo que quieres estudiar? Echa un vistazo a la variedad de cursos y programas disponibles!

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Find out if you have met your TSI requirements. Visit your advising office or the website.

Trinity River East Campus Interested in a career in Health Care? The Trinity River East Campus houses the Health Care Professions Programs.

Weekend College You can earn a degree or work on transferable core curriculum on the weekends! Contact the Trinity River Weekend College office. 817-515-1401 Cursos de fin de semana Usted puede obtener un título o para trabajar en plan de estudios básico transferirse a los fines de semana! Transitional Programs Learn about transitional programs for high school students, students new to the U.S. Education system, and many other community members. View the program page to find a contact at the Trinity River Campus Career & Employment Services Develop job search skills and find possible employment opportunities. Labs & Tutoring The Trinity River Campus offers tutoring services and labs in several

academic areas. Visit their website for locations and office hours. Disability Support Trinity River Campus: 817-515-1295 (Video Phone: 682-200-1616) Veterans & Military Visit the Trinity River Campus Registrars office to learn about VA benefits and the GI Bill. Continuing Education Trinity River Campus Career Programs Educación continua Los programas de educación continua proporcionan oportunidades de enriquecimiento personal o profesional al público a través de cursos, seminarios y talleres. English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses offered through the Continuing Education department for students who want to improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills. For students wanting to earn a degree please see ESOL program.

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Multicultural Student Organizations + Campus Groups A Positive Today (APT) African American Student Organization Alpha Beta Gamma (Radiography) Alpha Phi Omega American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) American Drafting Association Anime Club Art Encounter Club Astronomy Club Black Legacy Student Organization BMW (Becoming Motivated Women) Broadcasting Association Business Professionals of America Chapter of the Math Association of America (MAA) Chess Club Child Advocacy Group Christian Student Ministries CĂ­rculo de Amigos (Circle of Friends) College Democrats College Republicans Computer Science Society Computer User Group (CUG) Creative Arts Club Criminal Justice Club

Culinary/Hospitality Student Organization Culture in Action Dance Club Delta Epsilon Chi Delta Psi Omega (Drama Club) El Grupo Encore/Glee Club Future Business Leaders Association Future Business Professionals Future Educators of America Future Professionals of Science and Medicine German Club International Asian Student Organization International Student Organization Invisible Children Jazz Group Latino Student Union Legal Assistant Resource (LASER) NEC Association of Potters/ Sculptors (NECAPS) New Horizons Northeast Art Association (NEAA) Northwest Dance Company Northwest Signers Opera Club

Optimist Club Optimist International Organization for Human Awareness Organization for Human Awareness (OFHA) Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) Organization of Latin Americans PALS (Self Advocate Group) Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Phi Tau Chapter Plato's Cave Press Club Psychology Club (Virtual) PTA Masters of Motion (Physical Therapy) Respiratory Care Student Club Robotics Club Sierra Student Coalition Sigma Kappa Delta Sigma Tau Club (Surgical Technology) Society of Physics Students (SPS) Socratic Club (Philosophy) Spectrum Speech and Debate Club (Forensics)

Student Advisory Board Student Advisory Council Student Ambassador Association Student Campus Ambassadors Student Computer User's Group Student Dietetic Organization Student Environmental Awareness Club (SEA) Student Government Association Student Paralegal Association Student Veterans Club Students who Are Parents Studies of the American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA) TAMACS Texas Assoc. of Mexican American College Students Texas Nursing Student Association The Student Political Awareness Club (SPAC) Union for Cultural Diversity (UCD) Veterans Association Women in New Roles Network Women of Science

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

Questions? E-mail an advisor at* or give us a call at 817-515-4238. We look forward to hearing from you! Good luck and best wishes for a productive semester.

CAVEATS This advising syllabus was designed as a guideline to assist multicultural students at Trinity River Campus. The recommendations and materials provided within this document are subject to change and must only be considered suggestions. Students should meet with advising personnel regularly in order to be notified of any changes affecting them, but ultimate responsibility falls on each student. Trinity River Campus and advisors employed by this institution are not liable for inaccurate information, lost time, or money.

Tarrant County College . Trinity River Campus . Academic Advising Syllabus

REFERENCES Gordon, V. N., Habley, W. R., & Grites, T. J. (2008). Advising As Teaching and Learning. In Academic advising: A comprehensive handbook. (2nd ed.). (pg. 98-99). San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass. Ask Toro. (2012) Image No 7086493, Image No 7865605. [Digital images]. (2009-2010). Retrieved April 19, 2012 from Lewis and Clark Community College. (2012). Expectations and Responsibilities for Advisors and Advisees. NACADA. (2005). NACADA statement of core values of academic advising. Retrieved from the NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources Web site: Steele, G. (2003). A research-based approach to working with undecided students: A case study illustration. NACADA Journal, 23 (1 & 2), 12-20. Students walking on campus. [Digital image]. (2010). Retrieved April 19, 2012 from Tarrant County College. (2012). Retrieved from April 19-24, 2012. Tarrant County College. (2011, April 8). Retrieved April 19, 2012, from Institutional_Student_Learning_Outcomes.html Tarrant County College. n.d. Retrieved April 19, 2012 from Tarrant County College Bookstore. (2012) TCC Library. (2012) TCC TRC campus, TRC enrollment check-in. TRC students. Toro. [Digital images]. (2012). Retrieved April 19-24, 2012 from http:// Texas Success Initiative (TSI). (n.d.). Retrieved April 20, 2012, from

CREDITS EDCEP 851 Multicultural Advising Kansas State University Academic Advising Syllabus _________________ Katherine Annis Expectations + responsibilities Shay Dodson Introduction, design + layout, editing, organization Janneil Frederick Multicultural Advising Statement Aron Johnson Definition of Advising Drew McIntyre References + Caveats Sonnie Moritz Table of Contents + How to prepare for your advising session Whitney Roberts Letter to students, Calendar, + Advisor Biographies Kelly Strickland Texas Success Initiative, Advising Resources, Websites + Contacts Janet Young Student Learning Outcomes

EDCEP 851 MULTICULTURAL ADVISING Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs Doris Wright Carroll, Ph.D. Associate Professor Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas USA Permission to use EDCEP 851 Team Syllabus Class Project We, the undersigned, as members of the TRUST group in Dr. Carroll’s EDCEP Spring 2012 851 class, give our permission for you to use this team’s multicultural advising syllabus team project for two purposes. (1) Distribute as sample model for future EDCEP 851 classes for one calendar year. (2) Distribute to Trinity River College Vice-President for Student Services, Mr. Adrian Rodriguez in recognition for his assistance in providing institutional data for this project. The multicultural advising syllabi used in future classes will list name of the class team and all its participating members. We grant Dr. Carroll permission to use the EDCEP 851 team advising syllabus for the purposes specified above. Our names as presented below indicate our consent to use the syllabus for the purposes thus specified. Names Shay N. Dodson 4/24/12 Aron B. Johnson 4/24/12 Janet Young 4/24/12 Kelly Strickland 4/25/12 Katherine Annis 4/25/12 Janneil Frederick 4/26/12 Sonnie Moritz 4/26/12 Whitney Roberts 4/26/12 Drew McIntyre 4/26/12 Effective through May 31, 2013. Copyright 2012. Doris Wright Carroll, Ph.D., Associate Professor Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas USA Revised 4/24/2012 dwc

TRC Academic Advising Syllabus  

EDCEP 852 Multicultural Advising group advising syllabus project. Trust Group collaboration. Design, layout, editing, organization, and intr...

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