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CSCI 403: Internet Studies Internship Documentation

Spring 2014

Shayne Smith

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What is Uniting Creatives?

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Employer & Collaborators



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CSCI 403 Internship Contract




CSCI 403 Internship Schedule

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Original Uniting Creatives Websites




Collaboration: Google Drive




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WordPress Dashboard



Conclusion 46-57 Operations Manual 58


What is Uniting Creatives? At Uniting Creatives, we are collaborating on many levels to get current, relevant knowledge that improves lives. It is a place where we can share our work, promote our projects and make a difference that matters. If you have a penny and I have a penny and we exchange, what do we have? A penny. If you have an idea, and I have an idea, and we exchange, what do we have? Two ideas each and maybe more. We are both better off and enriched as a result. That is the simple concept behind Uniting Creatives. We are here to share our collective intelligence, our wisdom and our products honorably and in a spirit of love and conscious intention so that we all can benefit and help us adapt faster and more effectively to a radically changing world, that has gone high tech.

“As an inherently resourceful person, over the years I often wished that there was a place where people who had great ideas for the future could share them in such a way that others could jump in to have fun getting it done! My dream has come true – this is the place. It has been fun to build a site where your voice can be heard and your best work can shine, you have a safe way to do business on behalf of the whole, and you can be compensated in some way that the whole world can know and benefit by it!” – Joy Gilfilen, Founder & CEO of Uniting Creatives

Uniting Creatives Mission:

Uniting Creatives Purpose:

Uniting Creatives is changing the world by providing a venue where trailblazing people from around the world can share life-enhancing ideas, resources and solutions to inspire, inform and engage our community in transformative action for the benefit of our whole world.

We provide an intentional change social collaboration, multimedia platform that supports high quality enterprise that helps bring diverse leaders from all ends of society and all disciplines together to mastermind, collaborate and produce mutually beneficial opportunities for themselves and others.

Website URL:



Employer & Collaborators I was employed by Joy Gilfilen, Founder & CEO of Uniting Creatives, for a Web Development Internship for I also collaborated directly with Kelsi Gauger, a fellow student of CSCI 403 specializing in marketing and web development. Joy Gilfilen

Founder & CEO As a successful business woman for over 30 years, Joy developed an aptitude for seeing through chaos to find solutions. Joy thrives on unraveling “impossible situations” and on turning complex problems into extraordinary opportunities for productive change. She has done it in different communities, in businesses, industries, and in families – over 40 different times.

Other Collaborators: Emily Pierce, Web Development Intern Irene Morgan, Founder of Restorative Community Coalition

Kelsi Gauger

Web Development Intern Kelsi Gauger is currently a student at Western Washington University, planning on graduating December 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and a Web Content Development Certification. She has some experience in HTML, CSS and PHP coding, but her true passion will eventually lead her to promotions in the film industry. Kelsi used her experiences to help with the development of the website.

Adam Rishel, Administrator Anthony Harniss, Community Development Volunteer Kenny Powers, Community Development Volunteer Steve Whytman, Optimal Potentials Coach



CSCI 403 Internship Contract April 13, 2014 (Note: The contract and schedule has been updated since this initial date.) Intern: Shayne Smith Faculty Supervisor: Martin Granier Internship Supervisor: Joy Gilfilin Internship Partner: Kelsi Gauger This contract defines and establishes the duties and responsibilities of Shayne Smith (“Intern”) and her Faculty Supervisor. The Faculty Supervisor designated an Internship Supervisor, under whom the Intern will work directly. The Faculty Supervisor also appointed an Internship Partner, whom the Intern will work with to complete the internship. Intern Terms The Intern will work 10 hours a week for eight weeks for a total of 80 hours. During that time, the Intern will: – Work with Joy Gilfilin (“Internship Supervisor”) and Kelsi Gauger (“Internship Partner”) to establish a foundation of the online technology needed to complete Joy’s overall goal of rethinking business as Uniting Creatives. – Make have a cohesive look to Joy’s other website by using the same WordPress theme. – Developed an organized and agreed-upon site map for the navigation. – Input, simplify and visually clean up the content. – Integrate and test all WordPress plug-ins, including membership, forums, business directory, image slider, etc. – At the end of the agreed upon time, the Intern will turn in their work documented and organized in a spiral-bound booklet that will be due June 6, 2014 by 1pm. Student will not receive payment for this unpaid internship. The Intern will work the following schedule (see next page). Faculty Supervisor Terms – The Faculty Supervisor will meet with the Intern on a need basis in order to explain responsibilities and evaluate the Intern’s progress. These meetings will be scheduled through e-mail. – The Faculty Supervisor’s course website will describe and explain the grading criteria to the Intern. – The Faculty Supervisor will assess the Intern’s performance at the end of the quarter in a written and oral evaluation and will award the student a letter grade after documentation is turned in. Contract Expiration Date: June 6, 2014 ___________________________________ (Intern’s Signature)



___________________________________ (Faculty Supervisor’s Signature)

CSCI 403 Internship Schedule Date




Tue, April 8


Joy, Kelsi, Shayne

Introduce each other and discuss the project.

Thu, April 10


Martin, Kelsi, Shayne

Go over what was discussed with Joy.

Fri, April 11


Joy, Emily, Kelsi, Shayne

Establish how we will be working together on the project and develop a schedule.

Mon, April 14

by 5pm


Contract and Schedule Due

April 12 - May 7


Kelsi, Shayne

Log old content from previous Uniting Creatives websites; start making the new .org website.

Wed, May 7

by 12pm


Midterm Report Due

Thu, April 17


Joy, Emily, Kelsi, Shayne, Adam, Anthony

Weekly meeting: meet rest of the team; plan to collect old website content; establish Google Drive.

Thu, April 24


Joy, Emily, Kelsi, Shayne, Adam, Anthony

Weekly meeting: discuss/agree upon the site map, instruct Joy on how to use Google Drive.

Thu, May 1


Joy, Emily, Kelsi, Shayne, Adam

Weekly meeting: confirm final site map, work on inputting content into static pages.

Thu, May 8


Joy, Emily, Kelsi, Shayne, Adam

Weekly meeting: work on inputting more content into pages, this was Emily’s last day.

May 9 - June 3


Kelsi, Shayne

Finish making the website; establish the website as a foundation; test all plugins for functionality.

Thu, May 15


Joy, Kelsi, Shayne, Kenny

Weekly meeting: work on inputting more content into pages, resolve slow server conflicts.

Tue, May 27


Joy, Kelsi, Shayne

Weekly meeting: work on inputting more content into pages, make membership payment levels.

Thu, May 29


Joy, Kelsi, Shayne

Weekly meeting: work on inputting last bit of content into pages, test plugins, write instructions.

Fri, June 6

by 1pm


Documentation Due

Finals Week


Martin, Shayne

Final Individual Meeting



Original Uniting Creatives Websites (.com redirects here)

PROS: – Content for “Mission & Purpose” and “FAQ” pages. – Collection of articles for “Journal” page. – Content for “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy”. – Content for “Business Members” page. – Calendar plugin for Events “Calendar” page. – Forum, activity, groups, and members plugin. – Marketplace, including bookstore and courses. – Content for “Benefits” and “Register” pages. – Content for “Mindset & Aspirations” page.

PROS: – Content for “Mission & Purpose” page. – “Careers of the Future” section will be an article. – Some content for “Journal” page. – Some content for “Business Members” page. – Content for “Cultural Creatives” page, including questionnaire. – Content for “Our Team & Collaborators” page.

PROS: – Content for “Projects” page, including “Four Pillars Development”, “Restorative Community Action Plan”, and “Real World Café Radio”.

CONS: – Content for “Cultural Creatives” was weak.



CONS: – Calendar plugin for events wasn’t working. – No forum. – Inconsistent navigation.

CONS: – Content for “Mission & Purpose” was too long. – No articles for “Journal” page. – Lots of filler text and placeholder imagery throughout the site, including homepage. – No “Cultural Creatives” info. – No calendar for events. – No forum.

Collaboration: Google Drive

Folder: Uniting Creatives - Kelsi & Shayne

Folder: UC Website

As a partnership for this internship, we needed a place to collaborate and share documents relating to our job so that we were in the loop in terms of certain things like logins, schedules, deadlines correspondences, meeting notes, etc. I created the folder and shared it with Kelsi and I mostly updated it myself, but it proved to be a great resource for us to document our progress from the beginning and also have the login information in one spot.

On Google Drive we had a larger team-shared folder called UC Website. This held documents that needed complete collaboration. It’s shared with Joy, Kelsi, Emily, Adam, Anthony, Uniting Creatives Admin, and myself. I came up with the idea to use Google Drive because it has proven to be a great resource for content and website development in the past. I have used it for developing the Western Sustainability website ( in the past and it worked out really well.

This folder was private with just Kelsi and I because it only attributed to our own need of organization for our CSCI 403 class, the group (Joy, Emily, Adam, Anthony, etc.) did not need to see this folder.

Within this folder are a Site Map document, Content Development excel sheet (which was never used), a sub-folder for Old Content (to log the content of past UC websites), and a sub-folder for UC Web Development (created by Emily to log plugin/theme info).



Collaboration: Google Drive


Sub-Folder: Old Content

Sub-Folder: UC Web Development

This sub-folder of Old Content was crucial to the beginning of the website development. I created it in order to log all of the content from the old websites (.us, .biz, and .info) so that we can make sure (1) the old content is backed up and (2) we can use the old content to create new content for the new website.

The UC Web Development sub-folder was created by Emily to log information about credentials, plugins, tutorial videos, and theme files. Since she was the intern who created the RestoreALife Center website with a theme that Joy liked, she was able to collaborate with us on the new Uniting Creatives website by cloning the theme.

After I finished logging the old content, I had joy download a compressed zip file of all of the documents as Microsoft Word docs. This let us make sure she had a backup on her own computer so she can feel comfortable in the future to remove the old sites from the internet.

Emily was a big help in the first half of our project. Even though Kelsi and I were able to learn WordPress pretty easily by ourselves, she taught us a few important things about plugins and themes.


Collaboration: Google Drive

Sub-Folder: Old Content > Examples of Logging Old Content Above shows two examples of documents stored within the sub-folder Old Content. There were fourteen total documents within this sub-folder, all organized based on the page the content is coming from. Within each document, they’re organized the same way as well with a large table broken into columns for .us, .biz and .info. In some cases, there was no content on the page the document indicates. In order to be thorough in the content for the new website, we had Joy go through each one of them to highlight content she wanted, strikethrough content she didn’t want on the new site, and make comments on parts of the old content. She understood that we have experience in writing concise website content and we knew how to make the content look good. We explained to her that there shouldn’t be long blocks of text on websites and the more visual a webpage can be, the better. After Joy went through the old content, we had a better understanding for what she wanted on the new website.



Site Map Site Map The next step, after going through the old websites, was to compose a new site map. We went through about four iterations of the site map, and finally ended up on the site map below. We debated many things like having a “Home” link in the navigation (we thought it was appropriate because the target audience is an older generation who might not know to click on the logo to go to the homepage), having Real World Cafe Radio be it’s own page (originally it was under projects, but Joy wanted that project to be prominent), and many other smaller decisions were made (like what we should name each page, where they should go in the hierarchy, and if the main links should go to it’s own page or the first page in the sub navigation).



WordPress Dashboard WordPress Dashboard Working with the WordPress Dashboard was a learning curve but it proved to be very user friendly. Most of its editing regions were very WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I have previous experience with other content management systems like Dreamweaver, CushyCMS, and Joomla – but I was very excited to get my hands on a real website. This internship gave me great experience with WordPress. The first step was getting Kelsi and I accounts as administrators so that we had freedom to work on the back-end of the website. There were multiple options of editing parts of the website in the left navigation, and the more we played around and clicked through the sections, the more we were able to understand how and where to update website content.



Avada WordPress Theme

Avada WordPress Theme Avada is marketed as the #1 selling WordPress theme of all time. “With over 65,000 Users and counting, Avada is the most complete and trusted WordPress theme on the market.” Avada was used on the RestoreALife Center website made by Emily, and Joy liked it so much that she wanted that theme and overall look on all of her websites to create cohesion between them. We also used Avada Child, a child theme to Avada. This theme proved to be user friendly – we were able to adjust multiple options within the theme. Under the Appearance menu in the WordPress Dashboard, we were able to customize the theme, add/edit/remove widgets, alter the menu, go through multiple theme options, edit the sidebars, and even use the editor to edit the actual PHP and CSS code of the theme. Initially, we used the Menus page to create the navigation and used the Theme Options page to adjust necessary things like the favicon, header, footer, etc. One troubleshooting task we needed to do initially was fix the logo in the header. On my retina-screen MacBook, I wasn’t able to see the logo, while those on PCs could see it. I learned that I needed to upload the logo in 2x the size for retina displays to see the logo. We found a lot of great resources for using Avada, including this website with a complete list of Avada shortcodes:



Avada WordPress Theme Avada Editor


Since Avada is such an excellent theme and has a lot of WYSIWYG options and customization methods, we did not need to work with the code in the Editor as much.

Theme Name: Avada Child

The main Editor we used was the main Stylesheet for the Avada Child theme. This was where we put our immediate CSS styles that we used to manipulate the content on the website. For example, on the “Mission & Vision” page, there was an unnecessary amount of white space at the bottom of the “reading-boxcontainer”. My solution was to give it a negative margin-bottom, and this pulled the whitespace up to a visually appropriate amount. The code for the Avada Child theme Stylesheet is on the right.

Description: Child theme for Avada Author: Uniting Creatives Admin Template: Avada */ @import url(“../Avada/style.css”); .header-v2 #header { border-bottom: none; } .one_half { margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 20px; } .one_fourth { margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 20px; }

#main { padding: 5px 10px 5px; } .clearfix { margin: 5px 15px 5px 15px; } .reading-box-container { margin-bottom:-70px; } .title { margin-bottom:18px; } p.collaborators { font-family: “Antic Slab”, Arial, Helvetica, sans- serif !important; font-size: 16px; } #Real_World { padding-bottom: 10px; }



Homepage Homepage The homepage was worked on during the last week of the internship, even though the slider captions and links were decided on during the site map brainstorming time. This wait allowed for Joy to find quality imagery for the homepage slider. She did have issues with giving us imagery to use, but we worked with what we got from her. The main image with the mountain was a stock photo she bought the rights to. The image slider is controlled by a plugin called “Revolution Slider”. Each slide is customizable and clickable. Even the whole slideshow is customizable and you can have more than one slideshow in your website. The homepage also has two sections for immediate information. We chose to have them be call-to-actions, where a user can either become a member or join the conversation. The icons on the top of these boxes are a part of Avada, and I had to research the shortcode attributes for the appropriate icons for each box. The footer (shown on the left) is controlled by Widgets (in the Appearance panel of the Dashboard). See the “Operations Manual” on page 57 to learn how the footer is edited.



Projects Projects The projects page is one of three total pages in the navigation that have a separate page for the main link in the navigation bar (most pages redirect to the first item in the sub-menu). The reason we had this page have its own main page was because we didn’t want to feature one project over another. The page needed an overview page with a list of all projects and progress indicators for the projects. The pie-chart indicators on the left animate when a user scrolls down to them. This animation is done through CSS3, and is a shortcode from Avada. They are easily changed by altering the value and percentage in the code: [counters_circle] [counter_circle filledcolor=”blue” unfilledcolor=”white” size=”150” speed=”5000” value=”54”]54%[/counter_ circle] [/counters_circle] The other two pages in Projects – “Four Pillars Development” and “Restorative Community Action Plan” – have static content and images aligned on the right side of the page, coded as such: <img src=” wp-content/uploads/2014/05/fourpillars.jpg” alt=”four pillars” align=”right” style=”paddingleft:10px; padding-bottom:10px” />



Why Join Us? Why Join Us? This section has multiple pages within it. The first page is all about the benefits of becoming a member. This page is content listing the benefits. The second page is “Registration”. This page has sections for free registration and member login, paid membership options, and a table outlining the benefits you receive with each membership level. I coded the table using HTML, which allowed for a visually-pleasing outline for the specific benefits one would receive with each level. The other content is controlled by plugins. The free registration/login at the top are controlled by BuddyPress, a social integration plugin for any WordPress website. The shortcode for each BuddyPress section are: [bbp-register] & [bbp-login] The paid membership levels are controlled by Paid Membership Pro, a simple plugin for paid memberships. The shortcode for this section is: [pmpro_levels] There are two pages in the “Why Join Us?” section that have “coming soon” indicators. Those are the trailblazers and sponsors section. Joy told us to not worry about these and that she will put in the content herself when she gets the lists.



Why Join Us? Why Join Us? The last two pages within the “Why Join Us?” section are “All Members” and “Business Members”. These pages are both controlled by plugins. On the “All Members” page, there’s actually no code inputted on the editor. The way content is showing up on this page is through Settings > BuddyPress > Pages. This shows the directories of where each part of BuddyPress shows up. Notice how the “Members” directory is associated with the page “Members”. This automatically generates a list of all members of Uniting Creatives. On this page, I also created a custom sidebar, to show a quick profile and log out link and a list of which users are online. On the “Business Members” page, the only code on the editor is: [title size=”2”]Local Connections[/title] [connections template=”card-bio”] This includes the title and a shortcode that refers to the Connections plugin, which controls the content on this page. There’s also an attribute that indicates which template we’re using to display the business members. The Connections plugin is simple to use, just as long as you have all of the information and images to put into the entries. I also created categories, so that there were distinct categories given to each connection. Some of the entries had bios, and I coded this in the “Biographical Info” section of the connections editor, using the accordion toggle (see page 50 of “Operations Manual” to see the code for this and how its used). This accordion toggle is used throughout the website to hide large blocks of content and keep important content “above the fold”.



Real World Café Radio Real World Café Radio This page was created and managed by Kelsi, but I will report how she worked on it. Basically, there is a main page for the Real World Café Radio and a subpage for the WJOY Radio Archives. When clicking on the page in the navigation, it takes to straight to the main page. Kelsi worked with Joy to get the audio files from her so that she was able to upload them to the website. Kelsi had to use the FTP server in BlueHost to upload these files, since they were so large in file size. Once she did that, she was able to see them in the Media Library and embed the audio files on the page.



Conversations Conversations In this section there are two pages for “Journal” and “Forum”. The “Journal” page has articles (or WordPress posts) about topics that are shared from Trailblazer members to the public. There are also permissions within the back-end to make some articles be only available to business, trailblazer, and/or sponsor members. Each article has an option for choosing a category, and including a featured image. This section is not complete, and Joy understands that. She wants to input the article content herself and create the categories on her own time. For now, there are three articles posted as placeholders. The “Forum” page only has this shortcode in the editor of the page: [bbp-forum-index] That is because the content is controlled by a forum plugin that works with BuddyPress called bbPress. In order to edit forms, one must use the Forums, Topics, and Replies sections on the left menu in the dashboard to add/ edit/remove forum sections. I included my custom sidebar in these pages too, to just show the profile link, log out link, and a list of who’s online. The forum is set up for any user, so free members can contribute to the conversation too. But there are special permissions for trailblazer members to make topics and make new forums. Even though members can still comment on Journal articles, the forum acts more as a conversational interaction between members.



Gallery Gallery Besides the embed videos which I put in, this page was managed by Kelsi. She was able to add photos to the gallery and include descriptions with Read More toggles for some of the longer descriptions. We ran into an issue with Joy not having enough photos for each picture gallery, so I created a quick image in Photoshop of a placeholder so that when Joy does go in and add photos herself, she will know to replace these placeholders. When the images are clicked on in the gallery, a lightbox opens and you can view the images larger. The YouTube videos are embedded using shortcode: [youtube id=”yMdNJSM2Uc4” width=”451” height=”301”] The photo galleries are coded like such: [three_fourth last=”yes”] [images lightbox=”yes”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”URL”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”URL”] [/images] [/three_fourth]



Events Events The “Calendar” page in the “Events” section used to have a default plugin for the calendar, which looked bad. So Kelsi researched better calendar plugins and found Ajax Event Calendar. This allowed for multiple categories and a way to display a event list of past and upcoming events. It was also easy to use, and Joy was able to learn how to add events easily. In the code editor for the “Calendar” page, I put in this: <div style=”width:70%; float:left;”>[calendar]</div> <div style=”width:30%; float:left; paddingtop:50px;”> <h2 align=”center”>Event List:</h2> <div style=”margin-left:-10px;”> [eventlist start=”2009-01-01” end=”+10 Years” limit=10 noresults=”No Events Available”] </div> </div> As you can see, the calendar is controlled by the shortcode [calendar]. I was able to find the documentation for the shortcode [eventlist] for the Ajax Event Calendar and with a few extra attributes I was able to customize it so that the event list showed all events between 2009-2019. Otherwise, the page would show a blank monthly calendar. The second page in the “Events” section was about the Vibrant Futures Conference. This content is just basic information about the past and upcoming VFC events.



About About The first page in this section is “Mission & Purpose”. The two statement boxes at the top of the page are coded as such: [tagline_box backgroundcolor=”white” shadow=”yes” shadowopacity=”1” border=”1px” bordercolor=”#e1e1e1” highlightposition=”left” title=”TITLE” description=”DESCRIPTION”][/tagline_box] The next page is “Mindset & Aspirations”, which also had a box with the main statement, but had a list to the right, coded like this: [checklist icon=”check” iconcolor=”white” circle=”yes”] <ul><li>LIST ITEM</li></ul> [/checklist] Below that is multiple sections that were originally very long but I condensed them so that they had “Read More” toggles. Another page in this section is “Cultural Creatives”. I worked on this page to make an iContact questionnaire coded into the page, and reduced it in a toggle. The other two pages – “Our Team & Collaborators” and “FAQ” – were both managed by Kelsi.



Shop Shop The shop is currently a work in progress, but for now it includes two DVDs, one that Joy created and the other that is sponsored by Uniting Creatives. I was able to find these DVDs on Amazon and I used a button I found on the Amazon website to indicate where to buy these products. Coming soon are workshops and courses that will be taught by the Uniting Creatives team. Joy did not have complete content for these two things, so we were never able to help her with putting them on the website. Here is the code (template style) I put into the Shop page to show the DVDs: [title size=”2”]Shop[/title] <em>Workshops and courses coming soon...</em> [one_half last=”no”] <a href=”AMAZON LINK”><img src=”IMG LINK” alt=”joy” width=”160” height=”229” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-774” /></a><strong>DVD TITLE</strong> <em>SENTENCE</em> DESCRIPTION <a href=”AMAZON LINK”><img src=”BUTTON LINK” alt=”buy” width=”176” height=”28” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-776” /></a> [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] <a href=”AMAZON LINK”><img src=”IMG LINK” alt=”choice” width=”160” height=”229” class=”alignleft sizefull wp-image-775” /></a><strong>DVD TITLE</strong> <em>SENTENCE</em> DESCRIPTION <a href=”AMAZON LINK”><img src=”BUTTON LINK” alt=”buy” width=”176” height=”28” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-776” /></a> [/one_half]



Meeting Notes Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Overall Goal: Rethink business using social media and an online experience. Joy’s views on the conflict in media: – There is a large effect of media on our lives and it manipulates us. We are addicted to the media and social media. She is concerned with the environment and social justice. – “People tend to have an emotional response to the way media is portrayed currently, making them be reactive. What should happen is rather than causing people to be reactive, they should be responsive.” She wants to flip this over with small businesses. Joy has administrative and business experience. Joy’s views on community: – She grew up on a farm in a small community, and sees communities as better than isolation. – She wants to use interactive media that focuses on healing communities that is fun and she can make money doing it. – She wants to bring in the human component to an online experience. Step 1: Technology Foundation (what we will be focusing on) – She has a few start up websites (run on WordPress) currently that need to be gelled together and their content needs to be synthesized (take out unnecessary content). – These websites need to be interactive and user-friendly. – Beef up, simplify and clean the content for all of the three websites:,, – For example, in the business directory on the content needs to be cleaned up and we may even need to call the businesses to get updated content. – Some cases content needs to be added or removed. – The (Irene’s project about flipping how we see crime/punishment) has a template that Joy likes, and wants the other 2 websites to mirror the same layout template. – She wants to integrate social media tactics and use email to build the audience. – The other tasks under “Technology Foundation” are authoring SEO Strategies and the development of an e-zine for contact management (she has a lot of contacts in many places like iContact and MIcrosoft Excel and wants to organize this contact database). Step 2: Digital Product Development (not in the scope of our project) – She wants to integrate media into an online experience — i.e. workshops, teleseminars (15 minute intervals with a 40 minute discussion). – Trailblazer writers (international) – Digital bookstore – Real World Cafe will be a downloadable radio/podcast show which will be transcribed and sold as products (digital products such as articles on the website, packaged content, campaigns) and promoted on social media to develop a “viral buzz” – Joy will be the producer or talent recruiter who finds writers, interviews them, and produces the content.



Meeting Notes Tuesday, April 8, 2014 (continued) Step 3: Fundraising (not in the scope of our project) – There will be events, conferences, trainings and crowd-sourcing campaigns going on. – The finances are managed with PayPal. Step 4: Social Media Strategies (potentially in the scope of our project) – Article Marketing, Blogging, Collaborative Blogging, and PR Movements. – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, etc. – Needs a social media marketing campaign made. Step 5: Events (not in the scope of our project) – Vibrant Futures Network is a larger conference run by Joy and Irene. Target Audience: – Trailblazers – Activists – Entrepreneurs – Cultural Creatives (see Paul Ray’s video: – Concerned with future generations, change current ways for them – Ecological sustainability is both essential and practical – Corporate media is a big distortion – Caring relationships are important – Financial and career success are overrated as priorities – For the future, we need more wisdom not wealth Other Notes: – It’ll be a good idea to screencap the old websites and the new ones to document that change. – Make sure to get a Letter of Recommendation from Joy at the end. – It would be ideal to create an Operational Manual near the end of this project so that the office can use it as a guide to continue the project when we’re done.



Meeting Notes Friday, April 11, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Meet Emily and share contact information as well as discuss skills/expertise relative to this project. 2. Go over the Overview of the project (see below). 3. Discuss the Action Steps (see below). Overview - Master Plan Objectives: Administration Systems: Office Technology, Telephones, Internal Communications, Project Management, Information Management, Content Control Website Development:,, (or, Test/Revise all Interactive Systems (WordPress Plug-Ins): WP Projects (Project Manager), Paid Memberships Pro (4 levels of Members: Users, Subscribers, Authors, Editors), Business Directory, Forums - BB Press/Buddy Press (used to create user profiles), Market Press (e-commerce) Systemize Social Media Systems (just for as a pilot social marketing plan): Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., Use Hootsuite to schedule out posts Customer Service Systems: iContact, Newsletters, Drip E-Mail Campaigns, Fundraising and Product Development Campaigns, Use Survey Monkey to survey users Action Steps: 1. Emily will clone to have the RestoreALife Center look and content. – Will set up and send out user requests for Members – Assign Kelsi and Shayne to be Administrators – We will need to look around the original Uniting Creatives content: – website original - most complete – has newer written content - has errors in how it works 2. Start with WordPress Tutorials Other Notes: – Emily was a previous CSCI 403 student who worked with Joy and Irene on the Restore A Life Center website.



Meeting Notes Thursday, April 17, 2014 Current Plan: 1. Collect old content from .biz and .info (Shayne worked on this at home from 6pm-10pm on April 18th) 2. Organized content into a site map to create the navigation 3. Create the new content (add / edit / remove / simplify) 4. Put new content and new navigation into .org WordPress site. 5. Set up Google Docs for content development. *Note: Remember to send your website links to Joy for examples! Order the Uniting Creatives websites were made: 1. 2. (.com redirects here) 3. 4. (one we’re working on) Thursday, April 24, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Discussed and agreed (sorta, still stuff to change) on the site map for 2. Explain to Joy how to use Google Docs and how to go into each document and either highlight things she wants to keep, strikethrough stuff she doesn’t need, and make comments within the document. Other Notes: – Joy has a meeting on Saturday with her project group for the waterfront project(?) And wants to be able to collaborate on the project on using Project Manager. – Joy wants a filtering system within “Journal” sort of like how TED Talk is set up so that people can choose the topics they’re interested in to read about. And have the articles have a main “topic” filter but underneath that also have a filter into things like “purpose” and “style”. – Our job before next Thursday’s meeting is to fix the navigation on the WordPress site, and start adding new content to the pages on .org.



Meeting Notes Thursday, May 1, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Confirm final site map 2. Work on inputting content into pages: Mindset & Aspirations, Collaborators, Gallery and FAQ 3. Decide on order of priority for which pages we want Joy to look at the old content for. Other Notes: – The Questionnaire for the Cultural Creatives page will be from iContact. – We now have access to the UC Dropbox account. Joy will use Dropbox and email to send us images to use for the website. (Joy attempted to use OneNote, but it failed to share properly.) Thursday, May 8, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Work on inputting more content into pages. 2. Make sure Joy is giving us enough content to put on the website. Assign tasks to Joy. Other Notes: – This was Emily’s last day working for Joy. Thursday, May 15, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Work on inputting more content into pages. 2. Attempt to fix conflicts with the slow server. (Called Bluehost, learned about the error log on the server and disabled some plugins temporarily to see if that fixed the slow bandwidth issue. Thought Project Manager was the main issue or BuddyPress + Community plugins, but the bandwidth was still slow.) 3. Work with Joy on how to get the rest of the content she has for the website. Other Notes: – Adam is on vacation. – Met Kenny, the new intern in charge of working on the social aspect to Uniting Creatives.



Meeting Notes Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Worked on the Memberships and how payment and user management will work. Set up payment through PayPal Express using the Paid Membership Pro plugin on WordPress. 2. Continued inputing content into the website. Other Notes: – Meeting was just with Kelsi and I. – Server is faster because Joy called Bluehost and got it fixed. She also installed two plugins for Captchas so that she wasn’t receiving any more spam members. Thursday, May 29, 2014 Meeting Agenda: 1. Tested membership logins and paid memberships. 2. Inputted final content into the website. 3. Wrote instructions for how to update the website after we leave. Emailed Joy our Operations Manual later that day. Other Notes: – This was our final meeting with Joy. – Received packet of information created by COMM 318 students who created a whole social media and email campaign for Uniting Creatives. – Met another student who will take over for developing the conversation-side to Uniting Creatives.



Emails (Note: All email addresses, physical addresses, attachments, usernames and passwords have been hidden from emails for the sake of privacy.) Sun 4/6/2014 6:24 PM SUBJECT: WWU CSCI Internship FROM: Kelsi Gauger TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Shayne Smith Hi Joy, I’m Kelsi, one of the interns that will be working with you, along with Shayne Smith. Her and I heard from Martin about meeting with you early this week. We are very much looking forward to it so I wanted to give you our schedules. Tuesday we are both free between 10AM and 4PM. If this day works for you just send me an email back with a preferred time and place and we will make it happen. ​Again, we are really looking forward to this experience. I’ll talk to you soon!

Thank you, Joy Tue 4/8/2014 6:18 PM SUBJECT: Uniting Creatives development team FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Kelsi Gauger; Shayne Smith; Emily Pierce Hi, Kelsi, Shayne and Emily... Please meet each other...and you will all get to meet inperson on Friday afternoon as we discussed.

-Kelsi Gauger

Then the next best available time for Emily was on Thursday at 8 am for the morning...and then subsequent Thursdays are best for her. So I am scheduling that through the end of May.

Mon 4/7/2014 4:14 PM SUBJECT: Re: WWU CSCI Internship FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Kelsi Gauger CC: Shayne Smith

This Friday, we will be establishing how we will be working together on the UnitingCreatives. com whole strategy to build and operate several different sites so they complement each other, but are niche specific. From a technical standpoint they will all be similar, but the content in each site will be different...

Excellent. Thank you so much for connecting with me. Will you come together or separately? I would love to meet up...why don’t we do it at 11 am tomorrow...Tuesday. My office has recently we are at *******. I look forward to seeing you then.


What are your phone numbers...? I would like to program them into my phone so I know it is you calling in case you get lost?


I have attached a diagram that illustrates the of the key steps (each column). Then underneath I took a stab at listing the kinds of tech support we will need at each we get further to the right the issue becomes content development. Here are the key websites you might want to review before Friday: (defaults to - a newer site that is incomplete.

Emails (this one has the skeleton/master that I like the best) (This one is very old...I haven’t updated it in years...and it needs a retrofit. Please skim through these, and check out whatever tutorials you want about WordPress...and this particular Theme is called: Theme Fusion. Emily, feel free to share with them the backend of the Vibrant Futures website if they want to get inside and look around at the various plugins that we will be using to develop out the websites. Hope this helps...and I will be here on Friday to get us all on course. I am really excited about this. Hugs, Joy Gilfilen Sun 4/13/2014 7:47 PM SUBJECT: unitingcreatives wp credentials FROM: Emily Pierce TO: Kelsi Gauger; Shayne Smith CC: Joy Gilfilen Hi Kelsi & Shayne (& Joy), I’m sorry it took me longer than expected to set up the clone site. My dog passed away yesterday evening, and I haven’t been able to concentrate on my work as I had intended. I’ve set up the site so that you can access it, set up your own user/admin accounts, and start exploring the site and what plugins we will be working with. I’m still working on transferring

all the same plugins and information, but should have everything set up later this evening. The project manager plugin is there and ready to use, so you if you’d like, you can start by creating a project for our collaboration on the site. And feel free to change and work with the plugins and dashboard tools, because this site will be part of your project. Here are the admin credentials for the site: URL: UN: ***** PW: ******** Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again for working with us on this project! Emily Mon 4/14/2014 7:21 PM SUBJECT: RE: unitingcreatives wp credentials FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Emily Pierce CC: Kelsi Gauger; Joy Gilfilen Hi Emily, Sorry to hear about your dog! Definitely take your time with this. Thank you for setting up the clone site. Kelsi and I have made admin accounts on there and have started to explore the site. I’m sure we will have a lot of questions for you about the interface and plugins by Thursday morning. You’re the best for continuing to work with Joy and with us on this project. It helps a lot having someone on board who has worked with Joy before and knows how these WordPress sites are set up. -Shayne



Emails Thu 4/17/2014 10:47 AM SUBJECT: Credentials List FROM: Emily Pierce TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger CC: Joy Gilfilen

click “Highlight” to choose the color. To strikethrough, select the text and click Format > “Strikethrough”. (See pictures below)

Hi Kalsi & Shayne, Here’s the document with all the webpages, accounts, and credentials for each site you’ll need access to. Let me know if you have any questions, or if any of the sites/passwords aren’t working. Thanks, Emily Mon 4/21/2014 6:00 PM SUBJECT: Uniting Creatives Website Content - Google Docs FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Emily Pierce; Kelsi Gauger Hi Joy, Kelsi and I have finished copying all of the old content from the three Uniting Creatives websites (.us, biz, .info) into Google Docs. Each of the webpages are in separate documents that we will be sending you a few links at at time for you to look through and edit. Please look through About, Membership, and Projects. This can be done by highlighting the content you what to keep and using strikethrough to indicate content you don’t want to keep. To highlight content, select the text and



Once you’ve done this, we will collaborate this coming Thursday on writing the new content. We will also be bringing in a potential site map. If you have any questions about this, let me know! Thanks, see you Thursday. -Shayne Tue 4/22/2014 11:55 AM SUBJECT: UC Website FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith I’ve shared an item with you.

Emails I am creating a Uniting Creatives Website Folder within which we can file all related Google Docs so that it is easy to find them. And I am sharing the file folder with all of you. Please drop anything you have already done for the Web development into these folders. I will do the same thing for the RCC site and for the Joy Gilfilen site, so we don’t get things confused. And for you Adam and Anthony, we will create a UC Administration Folder as well. This should synchronize everything. Folder: UC Website Tue 4/22/2014 4:05 PM SUBJECT: Re: UC Website FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Kelsi Gauger

Tue 4/22/2014 6:05 PM SUBJECT: Re: UC Website FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith CC: Kelsi Gauger Thank you so much, Shayne. That really helps. Learning how to do this in a way that works is a challenge for me/ Especially since I am holding so many pieces of information in mind at the same time with three companies all working together, even though each is separate. (I am systemizing three different kinds of companies so that I can streamline and cross check the whole process). That is why I have to have an integrated and duplicable-thinking type of system for organizing these documents. So I imagine that ultimately I will have a UCAbout document, the RCC About document, and the JG About Document. different people working with me on the content...but the model and the naming conventions are the same.

That sounds great, Joy. I have copied all of our UC files into that folder.

Will get to editing these I hope tomorrow. I look forward to our next meeting.

The new links we would like you to look through are About, Membership, and Projects.

Thanks, Joy

As you can see, these three documents are within a folder called “Old Content”. There’s multiple documents in that folder for each webpage, but we thought we’d give you three to look at to start. I also put two other files within the “UC Website” main folder: a spreadsheet called “Content Development” and a document called “Site Map” where Kelsi and I are beginning to develop a proposed site map which we will discuss all together on Thursday. I’m glad you are now able to see all of our working UC documents, but don’t be overwhelmed! We will try to keep it as organized as possible. Let me know if you have any questions before Thursday. -Shayne

Fri 4/25/2014 9:26 PM SUBJECT: [Uniting Creatives] New message on project: Web Development FROM: Emily Pierce TO: Anthony Harniss; Joy Gilfilen; Kelsi Gauger; Shayne Smith Message: The frontend of Project Manager has been set up! It will be located in the top half of the ‘Projects’ page on the UC site. It is the most updated version of PM, so you should be able to add messages, assign tasks, compile to-do lists, and everything else you are already able to do in the backend, in the frontend now too.



Emails Thu 4/1/2014 11:07 AM SUBJECT: Question About Plugins FROM: Kelsi Gauger TO: Emily Pierce Hey Emily, We’re trying to make it so when you click on the “Members” page you are directed to the users plugin that are currently displayed under “Membership” on the site. We just don’t know how to direct it. Is there a code to embed it or is there a step we are missing that should help us direct it straight there? Sorry if I’m not making any sense. If you need clarification on what I’m asking let me know. Thanks! -Kelsi Thu 4/1/2014 2:24 PM SUBJECT: Re: Question About Plugins FROM: Emily Pierce TO: Kelsi Gauger, Shayne Smith Sorry Kelsi, I won’t be by a computer until later tonight. But there is a way through the menu customization that you can add a link to a page as an individual menu item. I’ll send you some info on how to do it later. Fri 4/2/2014 10:31 AM SUBJECT: Re: Question About Plugins FROM: Emily Pierce TO: Kelsi Gauger, Shayne Smith Hi Kelsi & Shayne,



I changed the menu link for “members” so that it redirects to the “membership” page from the main menu. I took a screen-cap video showing how I did it, if you need it for future reference. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend, Emily Fri 5/2/2014 5:25 PM SUBJECT: Landing Page for FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Emily Pierce CC: Kelsi Gauger Hi Emily, Thank you for your email regarding redirects. Helpful video too! Joy called me earlier today after she Googled “Uniting Creatives” and was concerned with the content being public while we are building the website. So she thought it would be ideal if we created a landing page for that said something like “This website is under construction” until we are done with the website. But still have a login for us to be able to go in and build the website privately. Is there a simple way to do that for the website? You can either indicate how I can go in and add it or do it yourself if it’s a quick thing. Thanks for your help! -Shayne

Emails Sat, 5/3/2014 10:44 PM SUBJECT: Editing of content FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Kelsi Gauger, Shayne Smith I think I did a lot of editing for you and comments on the pages on Google docs. I am attaching some photos, and some are self-explanatory...some I will have to share what we can do with them. -Joy

Tue, 5/13/2014 10:44 PM SUBJECT: Uniting Creatives - Request for Content & Images FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Kelsi Gauger Hi Joy, I’ve been working on updating the Uniting Creatives website and have gotten to a point where I can’t continue due to the lack of content I have been given for some of the pages. Please respond back with some or all of this content before Thursday: Homepage: Photos for Image Slider These should be high quality, large images. I can Photoshop them to fit the slider, but if you give me a collection of maybe 5-10 photos you think can go on the homepage, that would be great. Projects: Content for Real World Café This can be a paragraph or two about the project or actual files of the radio shows. Whatever you want on this page. (Images would be nice too!) Membership: PayPal Registration Links These PayPal links (or buttons) need to have payment methods for each level of membership:

Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Unless you have another method of receiving payment. Community: List of Trailblazers & List of Sponsors This should be a complete list, with names, photos, bios, etc. Whatever you want to be included on this page. If you give me a list of sponsors, I can search for their logos and websites to include on this page. Conversations: Journal Article Categories This is a last priority, since I know it will take a while to figure out the categories first before I copy in the content. So unless you already have it done, we can work on the Categories together on Thursday. Gallery: Photos for Picture Galleries These photos can come from past events/conferences, but make sure you send me at least 3 photos per gallery. Events: Upcoming Events for the Calendar If you don’t have set-in-stone events for the future, just ignore this. I was just making sure we’re not missing something here. Shop: Content for the Shop Please send me any content that will go in the shop. By end of the day Thursday, I hope to have this page at least set up with Digital Access Pass, if that is the method you wish to use for this page. That’s it! All of the other pages are nearing completion and are ready to be reviewed. With the list of things above, I say tackle the easiest ones first and send those to me as soon as you can before Thursday, so Kelsi and I can work on them. Thank you, Joy! -Shayne



Emails Wed, 5/14/2014 10:17 AM SUBJECT: Re: Uniting Creatives - Request for Content & Images FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith CC: Kelsi Gauger

Wed, 5/14/2014 12:25 PM SUBJECT: Re: Home Page/ Images to use. FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith CC: Kelsi Gauger guys are awesome...I will do a bunch of this today. I have in fact just completed a whole pile of parts to get to you, for now I know what the content will look like and how to get people working in different sections so they can load content.

More Photos and Images - specifically for use in the marketplace with my Flipping the Joy Switch video for sale. You can look at for the copy for that item to sell.

In the meantime, might you be able to go in and launch the Buddy Press part of this, and check out the permissions and settings for how the social chatting functions work, how the groups work, and how the forums work? Ideally I would like to have people be able to come in and get signed up as Free Members in Buddy Press, so they can have a very, very simple profile...i.e. just register their name and maybe a photo and a brief description of what they they can comment on Forum topics? (This way we can filter out spammers at the free level.) I will be back at you shortly with more - in direct reply to all the above, or if more appropriate (bigger files) I am going to try to use the Project Manager to do all this stuff above and see if I can get it to work for us as a collaboration platform. Or, for the audios I will load into the FTP files manager if I can figure out how to do that. Also, do you have One Note and Dropbox synced with me...? I forgot whether or not you and Adam figured that out. I am dedicated to getting content to you this morning. I have no one else here tomorrow morning - Adam, Anthony and Emily are all out now, and I have the other folks focussed on their stuff. So I am working only with you two, and a new Executive Director who is going to have to learn all this stuff anyway, so he will be observing all that we are doing. It will be a crash course for him. I am thrilled that it is coming together. Joy



ChoicePoint is also a DVD available to sell. Will get you the hyperlinks for ordering and set up through payPal and through Amazon, etc. tomorrow. I want to be sure I am getting what you need exactly for that section. Wed, 5/14/2014 8:44 PM SUBJECT: Re: Uniting Creatives - Request for Content & Images FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith CC: Kelsi Gauger Today was simply crazy...but I got some stuff sent. Not what I hoped, but it is a start. I do hope you had time to learn the settings on Buddy Press; and how we can configure it relative to the free simple memberships, and how it would then upgrade to the Paid members with the purchase of the Conscious Business Directory package, and then it will move up to the other members as people have permissions for the main paid memberships. I will talk about all that tomorrow. I did try to go in and do the Project thing, but it would not load at all from the backend. It was like our whole site was completely bogged down. I will print out the memberships chart tonight and be sure it is all square, before we make up

Emails the Pay Pal buttons with the right fees and permissions.

That should help us.

We will need to create a form for the Conscious Business Directory Plug-in to work right.

I have also been told that we need to load two different spam type plug-ins on the site that are both supposed to be easy:

I have categories for the articles and would like to clarify them with you. Tomorrow we will do the direct transfer of all the audio files and see if we can load a couple of the audios into the gallery. It will be a full day. I will have an observer there who will be running the Forums and Buddy Press stuff, so he will watch over your shoulder as you develop and work that section out. I will come in early in the am and have a bunch of stuff ready for you to start loading and we can get into the working mechanism of things. Thu, 5/15/2014 5:59 PM SUBJECT: New codes FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger Hi, Shayne and Kelsi, We have a new FTP for the site that will ensure that nothing gets mixed up and will be more efficient according to the guy at BlueHost. Here is the information: FTP Account Name: ******* PW: *******

1) Captcha...for the main sign in/registration part of the site. 2) captcha on login ...for the point at which we editors go to log in. they are two different plug-ins but apparently seriously help with the spam/ bots. Thu, 5/15/2014 7:20 PM SUBJECT: Re: New codes FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Joy Gilfilen; Kelsi Gauger Thank you for the info, Joy. We’ll work on getting those captcha plugins on the site. I also got your phone message, sorry I missed your call. I was at work. When I listened to your message, I was a bit confused with your idea about BuddyPress and how we can make it easier to integrate the plugins, do you mind emailing me back and giving me more context around your idea? Thanks. Fri, 5/16/2014 1:23 PM SUBJECT: Re: New codes FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith I spent some time talking with one guy at Bluehost who is an “old dog” who’s been around awhile. He talked about the bandwidth of Buddy Press and the bandwidth of the project Manager. Based on what he had to say, I realize now that I may be asking too much of the whole big system. At this point we are already having problems with three people working the



Emails system. How the heck could it handle the loads of thousands if the operating system is that cumbersome? I believe that my vision is simply to complex to ask the system to integrate all the needs of the different plugins to do all that I want it to do at this point in time, and with out a large amount of extra coding. If it is bogging down will break down under high loads of use.

Sun, 5/18/2014 10:16 PM SUBJECT: Re: New codes FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Kelsi Gauger

So, I am adjusting my thinking and considering options for how to get the most, get you guys the best possible experience and serve the mission all at the same time. I want your opinion on the following choices:

Hi Joy,

Step 1: What if we simply complete all the major things we have in process right now on Uniting so that all the pages have content and people can see the master scope of the vision and design, listen to the radio shows, post basic articles and let people buy some basic stuff. It becomes the organizational hub for all the rest. Step 2: Let’s absolutely implement the highest and best uses of Buddy Press to do all that we can and would have done with all the other plug-ins and just work that thing out and see how big we can use it. Lets simply practice, set, change and do whatever we can to maximize it out. We will build groups, start discussions, get social media going and start driving a bunch of traffic. This would allow you and Kelsi time to develop and complete the site, and actually work it out with us and help us during the test drive. Then as I/we have time: Step 3: Then lets build a sister site that has the Business Directory, and the Marketplace. Perhaps use lets hyperlink from one site to another from the main site. So I am promoting the .org as our organizing and organizational site. And spinning off the other ones as we have time for the build out. That stops us from overloading on the operating system, leans that part down on each site...and works each plug in platform to its maximum. What do you think of that?



Sorry to hear that this bandwidth issue is bigger than we thought. Overall, that three-step plan sounds good. But, while talking to Kelsi, we both agree that we will only be able to complete Step 1 due to the lack of time left in our internships with you. By the end of our internships, our goal is to have be a full website. This means, all of the pages will have a good amount of well-written content on them – our goal since the beginning. We will not have time to set up the complete database and social system that you want in place. We know that is an important part of Uniting Creatives, but we want to build a good foundation for the website first before maximizing the use of the plug-ins (and less worry on bogging down the bandwidth). We can still have basic versions of plug-ins available on the site, but they won’t be 100% complete. I hope you understand our decision, and we know that completing this first step will still provide us with a good amount of experience as well as enough documentation for our college course. Also, please continue to CC and reply to Kelsi’s emails, as our correspondences are something we also document in our final course deliverable. Thank you, Joy. And when you have time this week, please continue to send us content for the website, via email and/or Dropbox. Mon, 5/19/2014 1:31 PM SUBJECT: Administrative actions taken/needed to be taken FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger

Emails 1) We are being hammered by the spammers/bots or whatever - and it is clearly a problem for us. So what I did this morning was: Activated Captcha and Captcha on Login. - I hope I configured them correctly. You guys can change them if they don’t work right. Activated Akismet and got the key: ********. This is it in case you have a problem with it. My special code is ******** and the username is ******** and ******** I don’t know if I did all this correctly...but maybe it will help us with the site. If I didn’t, please figure it out for us if you can. 2) I went in and deleted the extra Project Manager plug-ins so we could remove the slow problems related to this. 3) I Updated the Calendar and the Paid memberships they should now be 100% compatible with the 3.9.1 version of WordPress.

NOTE: Shayne, if there is a way to go into the actual database fo the users to delete all the ones that are not administrators, and you know how to do that, please do. Or delete all of them and remake users for you, me, Kelsi, Emily, Adam, Kenny, admin, and Editor. I don’t know exactly how to do this...or if it can be done, but it would save me alot of time deleting these guys at 20 people each. Or maybe...can you unload the Buddy Press and start over with a completely fresh install somehow? I have no idea. 8) I went in and updated the Real World Radio page. I added two sections. And in this case, I don’t mind if the page goes all the way down. So please remove the “click for more” thing, and let the radio show links show up on the lower part of the page. I do want them to show on this page, for this is what invites the activity and the links. 9) In the Real World Radio I did add a new section with a Richard Dugan radio interview. I have loaded that into Dropbox...and hope you can get it from there. Here is a screen shot of where I placed it, so I hope you can get it.

4) It appears that we had too many themes loaded, so I removed two of them and left the Avada and the Aveda Child themes and the 2014 one. All the rest I took out based on the recommendations of the BlueHost folks. It appears to be running much better, and I hope I did not mess up any of the content anywhere. If so, please go through and reset stuff. 5) I went in and typed a brief paragraph on every Gallery which might help you load images, Kelsi. 6) I also upgraded our hosting so that we are now on a solitary server with a single IP address. Apparently I did not have that before. They will be migrating all our sites over after 1 AM this you should have considerable increase in efficiency tomorrow. 7) I am going in to try to delete users that are bogus. I spent hours on Friday trying to remove them from the 6500 down to 5,000 or so (and as of this morning it went up to 8900 plus). That is why I added the Captcha stuff. I hope it works.

10) Please activate the Forum, the Groups Function and the rest of Buddy Press as soon as you think we can have Kenny and me working in it. I have some groups we want to create immediately. Will send more content shortly.



Emails Mon, 5/19/2014 3:25 PM SUBJECT: Fwd: About your account FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger In case you need it, these are the new benefits of an expanded service package from BlueHost. Please engage any of the things that make sense, Shayne. joy [Forwarded message by Bluehost - taken out for privacy.] Mon, 5/19/2014 3:56 PM SUBJECT: FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger I did get this .us site back up and running. So now you can go in and look at the other programs we were going to use the DAP and the Foxy Shop and the business directory plugins we had originally started with. You would be able to compare them to what we have. This is my original website with full stuff. I have it through June 9, as soon as we get whatever the content we needed moved, we can move this site out of there. ______________________________________ In the meantime, the site you could install the Project Manager and the Business Directory on would be That site is incomplete as it is; and we could also install the Aveda theme and the Child theme on it. If that works, then we could use it for the higher level memberships, and we can install the Foxy Cart or the other shopping cart on it for the marketplace that we have affiliates with. Thanks so much.



I will be on the road later this evening, so should be able to talk, but can’t access any information until later. Rather out of commission for a few days. Mon, 5/19/2014 4:05 PM SUBJECT: Here are some of the Buddy Press Groups that I would like you to launch FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger; Kenny Powers 1) Practice with a Private Web Design or WordPress Group for us: Invite all four of us, and then practice emailing and working out the Forum, the Group Functions, the sign ins and permissions by creating content and talking on the site. That would be really helpful - try the chat feature, loading up your pictures, etc. See what its full membership capacity is, and “work it out” for any bugs. 2) Try adding content to the groups that Kenny or you guys already created, and test writing back and forth, and see where the activity feeds can show up so that others see what is happening. make them public, but that people have to register to be able to comment. 3) Make another Authors group and invite all of us, plus Adam. Try creatiing this with an authors permissions and see how that works. If we can talk back and forth, add content and track our activities, that will be critically important. I am hoping that Buddy Press will allow us to do all this. Lets see if they allow any kind of a profile to be shown as well...even at the free or at a paid level. O.k.? That should be good. Mon, 5/19/2014 5:39 PM SUBJECT: Updated a Web document for you, Shayne in Dropbox FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger

Emails Dropbox document:

an SSL Seal Code to put into the back-end of the Paid Membership Pro plugin. -Shayne Tue, 5/27/2014 4:25 PM SUBJECT: Fwd: BLUEHOST ORDER COMPLETE FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith Is this what you need? the transaction code? Can you go into Bluehost and see if you get what you need to confirm all this? -Joy

Mon, 5/19/2014 6:47 PM SUBJECT: Take the legal docs off the FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith; Kelsi Gauger Or off the if they are there. They are the most recent a that time. Tue, 5/27/2014 11:00 AM SUBJECT: Paid Membership Pro SSL FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Kelsi Gauger Joy, I’ve set up the payment with PayPal but I’m missing one important thing to make it work: SSL. Please read the page for instructions on how to get this: documentation/initial-plugin-setup/ssl/ I believe you can get an SSL from GoDaddy. I will need

[Forwarded message by Bluehost - taken out for privacy.] Tue, 5/27/2014 4:26 PM SUBJECT: Re: BLUEHOST ORDER COMPLETE FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith Just so you know, they said I had the SSL certificate included with the site... so that is good. Thanks, Joy Tue, 5/27/2014 4:27 PM SUBJECT: Re: BLUEHOST ORDER COMPLETE FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Shayne Smith



Emails Here is more information if you need it for BlueHost. Thank you for your purchase To complete the installation of your SSL certificate: [Forwarded message by Bluehost - taken out for privacy.] Wed, 5/28/2014 3:38 PM SUBJECT: Link for gallery options FROM: Kelsi Gauger TO: Shayne Smith Hey, We probably won’t have time to do this but just in case it sounds like a fun thing to do last minute here’s the link to add captions to the photos and make the gallery look a little cooler. If I have time after writing the instructions for some pages I was going look into it. You can as well too if you’d like.

Please send to Joy and me when you’re done! Thanks! -Shayne Thu, 5/29/2014 1:27 PM SUBJECT: Operations Manual FROM: Kelsi Gauger TO: Joy Gilfilen CC: Shayne Smith Hi Joy,

Here is the final Operations Manual for Uniting Creatives. Hope this is helpful in the future to your new employees and interns. On behalf of Shayne and I, thank you again for the opportunity these past few months to work with you and your company. Good luck with everything! I know the site will do great things.

Oh, and let me know what instruction manuals you have done, if you’ve had time for any.



Kelsi Gauger


PS: I sent this to both of your emails to ensure that you receive the document it sooner rather than later.

Thu, 5/29/2014 11:10 AM SUBJECT: UC Instructions FROM: Shayne Smith TO: Kelsi Gauger Here’s the instructions I wrote so far. Go ahead and change wording and formatting to fit the


style of your instructions document.


Thu, 5/29/2014 1:27 PM SUBJECT: Re: Operations Manual FROM: Joy Gilfilen TO: Kelsi Gauger CC: Shayne Smith

Emails Thank you so much for this documentation. This is terrific, and very, very helpful. I skimmed through it already, and I deeply appreciate the depth of work you put into it. Both of you did extremely well for the Project. I was very pleased and honored to have your work with us here. If it would serve either of you to have a letter of recommendation for your field of endeavor, please let me know and I can write one for you; or feel free to use me as a referral for any employment request. I will gladly recommend you. Sincerely, Joy Gilfilen



Operations Manual Homepage ( How do I add a new photo to the Image Slider?* Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, near the bottom of the menu on the left, click on “Revolution Slider”. Step 2: Click on the blue “Edit Slides” button on the only available slider (this slider is the homepage slider). This will appear: Step 3: Click on the blue “New Slide” button on the bottom of the page. This will open up a dialogue box for selecting an image for the slide. If the image is not uploaded already, click on “Upload Files” on the top left. Then click “Select Files” and find the image within your Computer. Step 4: Make sure the photo you just uploaded is selected, then click Insert. Step 5: You have created a slide. Now you’ll be able to see it in the list of slides. Click on the green “Edit Slide” button on the left of the image you added. Step 6: Give the slide a Title. Make sure Enable Link is set to Enable. Add a link to Slide Link. Scroll down to “Slide Image and Layers”. To add a caption on the image, click on “Add Layer”. Then scroll down to “Layer General Parameters” - change the Style to “avada_big_white_text”, or “avada_big_black_text” if the image is mostly white. Type in the caption text. If you want the caption on the top left, change the alignment & position to X = 20 and Y = 15. If you want the caption on the top right, change the alignment & position to the box on the top right and the X = 20 and Y = 15. This will allow for all of your images on the slider to have the same caption style. Please be mindful of the image and the caption over it, to make sure the user can read it. Step 7: Test out your new slide in the browser, make sure it is showing up correctly and that the link works. *To edit already existing slides, click on the green “Edit Slide” button on the left of the image you want to edit. How do I change the two boxes of content below the Image Slider? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Home” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there are two “content_box” sections, one titled “Become A Member” and the other “Join The Conversation”. Each of them end with [/content box]. Study the code before you edit it. [content_box title=”Become A Member” icon=”group” image=”” link… [content_box title=”Join The Conversation” icon=”comments” image=”” link… Step 3: To change the words, simply edit the content. To change the title, simply change the “content_box title”. To change the “Learn More >” link on the box, change the “content_box link”. Projects ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Projects” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a “title” and then underneath is the content of the page. Simply change the words if needed. Step 3: If you want to change the three progress indicators below the words, simply change the percentage and value. As you can see, each indicator is within a “one_third” division, and within that, the code looks like this: [counters_circle]



Operations Manual [counter_circle filledcolor=”blue” unfilledcolor=”white” size=”150” speed=”5000” value=”72”]72%[/counter_circle] [/counters_circle] Where it says “72%”, change that to say what the progress of the project is at. Also, make sure that the “value” is set to the same percentage amount. Projects > Four Pillars Development ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Four Pillars Development” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a “title” and then underneath is the content of the page. [title size=”2”]Four Pillars Waterfront Redevelopment: Economic Stimulus and Civic Renovation[/title] Simply change the words if needed. Projects > Restorative Community Action Plan ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Restorative Community Action Plan” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a “title” and then underneath is the content of the page. Simply change the words if needed. Why Join Us? > Benefits ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Benefits” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a “title” and then underneath is the content of the page. Simply change the words if needed. Why Join Us? > Register ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Register” page. (DON’T click on the “– Register” page. That is a placeholder page for BuddyPress to work, ignore it!) Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a [one_half last=“no”] [/one_half] section and a [one_half last=“yes”] [/one_half] section. This indicates that the two sections are side-by-side and that the first one is not the last one, and the last one is the last one. The first half division has a title and below it is [bbp-register]. This is a short code referring to the BuddyPress plugin, DON’T edit it. And in the second section is the same thing but for the BuddyPress login. Step 3: After those two “one_half” divisions, is a title and then below it is [pmpro_levels]. This is a short code referring to the Paid Membership Pro plugin, DON’T edit it. Below that is the table for the benefits of your choice I recommend editing it in the “Visual” side. If you need drastic changes made, study the code on the “Text” side.



Operations Manual Why Join Us? > All Members ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, if click on the “Members” page you will see there is nothing on this page. That is because the content of this page is controlled/assigned by the BuddyPress Plugin. Please see “BuddyPress Plugin” for more information on how BuddyPress Pages are assigned. Why Join Us? > Business Members ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, if you click on the “Business Directory” page you will see a title then a short code: [connections template=“card-bio”] This is referring to the Connections plugin which controls the content for the Business Directory. Please see “Connections Plugin” for more information on how the Business Directory is set up and edited. Why Join Us? > Trailblazers ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Trailblazers” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a “title” and then underneath is the content of the page. Simply change the words if needed. Why Join Us? > Sponsors ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Sponsors” page. Step 2: Within the code you will see there is a “title” and then underneath is the content of the page. Simply change the words if needed. Real World Café Radio ( How do I upload audio files to the FTP server? Step 1: Open in your browser. Step 2: Login with the following credentials: Username: ****** Password: ******



Operations Manual Step 3: Scroll down to “File Management” and click on “File Manager.” The “File Manager Directory Selection” pop-up will appear. Under Document Root For, use the drop down list and select, then press “Go.” Step 4: Select the “Real World Café” folder. Step 5: For a new series of radio shows, create a new folder to store the audio files in for better organization. Step 6: Once the folder is created, or if the folder already exists, click on whichever one you want the audio files to be placed. Step 7: Click “Upload” Step 8: A separate tab will open. Click “Browse” and select the audio files from your computer to upload. Once a file is chosen, a little black rectangle will appear at the bottom left corner of the page displaying the progress of the upload. Step 9: Once the file is completed, reload the files in the “Real World Café” folder and the new files will soon appear. How do I embed the audio files on the webpage?

Step 1: Open and login with your administrator access. Step 2: Click on “Pages” in the left sidebar. Step 3: Search for “Real World Café Radio” and click “Edit.” Step 4: Choose where you would like the audio to be embedded on the page. Make sure to click on the space of where the file will be going either, in “Visual” or the “Text” view. Step 5: Select “Add Media” and a pop-up will appear. Step 6: In the left sidebar of the pop-up select “Add from Server.” Step 7: Depending on which folder was being used last, that will be what shows up first. To go back in the directory to choose the correct folder, click “Parent Folder” until you see the name of your folder or “Real World Café” and search from there. Step 8: Select the audio file you would like to embed and click “Import.” This will add the file to the WordPress Media Gallery. Step 9: Select “Insert Media” from the left sidebar. Select the audio file and click “Insert into Page.”

How do I change the length of the audio play bar from a full page to half of a page? Step 1: When the audio file is first embedded, the play bar will be the full length of the page. To make it smaller, insert this shortcode: [one_half last=”yes”] EMBEDDED AUDIO FILE [/one_half] Real World Café Radio >WJOY Radio Archives ( How do I edit this page? This page is to display the older radio shows that need to be archived onto one page. In order to avoid clutter, the “toggle” will be used.



Operations Manual Step 1: Because the radio shows will be added to “Real World Café Radio” first in their entirety, with an introduction paragraph, it will be easy to cut and paste the content to “WJOY Radio Archives.” Step 2: Paste the content onto “WJOY Radio Archives” on the bottom of the “Text” view, under the original content that is already on the page to ensure numerical order. Step 3: Once the content is here, you will want to add the “toggle” feature, meaning the content will be hidden until you click the link to display each radio series one at a time. Use the following code to create the toggle: <div class=”accordian” style=”margin-top: -10px;”> <div class=”faq-item “> <h5 class=”toggle” style=”padding-bottom: 8px;”> <a href=”#”><span class=”arrow”></span><span class=”toggle-title”><strong> Insert title of Radio Series Here: </strong> Insert the first few words of the introduction paragraph of the series to enable curiosity from the user, followed by “…” </span></a> </h5> <div class=”toggle-content post-content” style=”display: none;”> <p>…the rest of the introduction paragraph and the content inserted here. This is what will “toggle” down.</p> </div> </div> </div> Conversations > Journal ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, if click on the “Journal” page you will see there is nothing on this page. That is because the content on this page is controlled by article “Posts”. Step 2: Click on “Posts” on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard. Here you will see you can “Add New” posts, and edit and delete other posts accordingly. When you make a new post, make sure that you also add tags to the post and add it to a category. It is important that you establish Categories first BEFORE posting articles. Also, make sure to add a Featured Image to the article. You can make the content require a membership level to view it as well - the default is Free Members and public. Conversations > Forum ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, if click on the “Forum” page you will see there is only short code of [bbp-forum-index]. The content on the page is controlled by the bbPress plugin, and must be edited in the “Forums” tab on the left of the WordPress Dashboard. Step 2: Click on the “Forums” tab on the left of the WordPress Dashboard. Here you can add “New Forum” and edit and delete other forums accordingly. These forums are larger groups that hold Topics. Be sure to give the forums a description. Also, make sure that the “Sidebar” section at the bottom is assigned to “Forums Sidebar”. Step 3: Click on the “Topics” tab on the left of the WordPress Dashboard. This is where you can add “New Topic” and edit and delete other topics accordingly. When you make a new topic, DON’T FORGET to assign it to a Forum on the right. Also, make sure that the “Sidebar” section at the bottom is assigned to “Forums Sidebar”.



Operations Manual Step 4: Click on the “Replies” tab on the left of the WordPress Dashboard. This is where you can add edit the replies and comments people make on the forum topics. Step 5: You can also edit “Activity” and “Groups” on the left of the WordPress Dashboard. This goes along with Users and managing users. These are not specific things to the Forums but are broad user management tools. Gallery ( Here you will learn how to add new images to an already existing slider and how to add a new slider if you are wanting to showcase a different event. How do I create a new photo gallery? Step 1: Start off in the “Edit” view of the “Gallery” page. Step 2: For this part you can choose to be in the “Visual” or the “Test” view, whichever you prefer. Input this shortcode to create the “lightbox” slider and below is the “toggle” code: [one_fourth last=”no”] [title size=”4”]<strong> Header for the series of photos to be displayed </strong>[/title] This is where you can type a short description describing what the event was about. Because we need to save space, the “toggle” code will be used as well to separate this paragraph “...” <div class=”accordian” style=”margin-top: -20px;”> <div class=”faq-item “> <h5 class=”toggle”><a href=”#”><span class=”toggle-title”>Read More</span></a></h5> <div class=”toggle-content post-content” style=”display: none;”> <p>...this is the rest of the paragraph description that will be displayed when the “Read More” link is clicked.</p> </div> </div> </div> [/one_fourth] [three_fourth last=”yes”] [images lightbox=”yes”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”http://…...jpg”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”http://......jpg”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”http://......jpg”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”http://......jpg”] [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”http://......jpg”] [/images] [/three_fourth] The above code will give you your header, description paragraph, and room to insert 5 images. If you need more photos just copy and paste the “image link” code however many more times to fulfill the number of spaces needed for additional images.



Operations Manual How do I insert images into the slider gallery? Regardless of whether or not you created a new slider, or adding to an existing slider, this is the only piece of code you will need to edit: [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”http://......jpg”] In normal circumstances when adding a photo to you webpage, just using the “Add Media” feature will suffice, but in this case, the code that appears after inserting the photo will need to be edited slightly. Step 1: Make sure the cursor is in between the quotation marks to the left of the “image=” attribute of the short code: [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=””] Step 2: Select “Add Media” and the pop-up will appear. Step 3: If you haven’t already uploaded the photos to the WordPress Media gallery, do so now, or else just select the photo you want and click “Insert into page.” This will now appear inside of your shortcode represented by the underlining: [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”<a href=””><img src=” uploads/2014/04/socialmedia12.jpg” alt=”socialmedia1(2)” width=”720” height=”540” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-743” /></a> “] Step 4: We need to shorten the above code. Make it replicate this (notice what was removed, you only need the source of the image to appear ONCE): [image link=”#” linktarget=”_self” image=”” alt=”socialmedia1(2)” width=”720” height=”540” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-743”] Step 5: Now, to ensure that when the image is clicked and the photo appears larger in a lightbox pop-up window, we need to add the image to the “image link=” attribute of the code as well. Make sure the cursor is in between the quotation marks to the left of the “image link=” attribute of the short code. [image link=” “ linktarget=”_self” image=”” alt=”socialmedia1(2)” width=”720” height=”540” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-743”] Step 6: Select “Add Media” and the pop-up will appear. Step 7: Select the photo you want and click “Insert into page.” This will now appear inside of your shortcode represented by the underlining: [image link=”<a href=””><img src=” Screenshot-82.jpg” alt=”Screenshot-(82)” width=”700” height=”527” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-620” /></a> “ linktarget=”_self” image=” uploads/2014/04/socialmedia12.jpg” alt=”socialmedia1(2)” width=”720” height=”540” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-743”] Step 8: Just like before, we need to shorten this code. Make it replicate this (notice what was removed, you only need the source of the image to appear ONCE): [image link=” alt=”Screenshot-(82)” width=”700” height=”527” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-620” linktarget=”_self” image=”” alt=”socialmedia1(2)” width=”720” height=”540” class=”alignnone size-full wpimage-743”] Events > Calendar ( How do I add an event to the calendar? Step 1: Select “Calendar” from the left sidebar of the dashboard. This will appear: Step 2: Click on the day that you wish to assign the event and this pop-up form will appear for you to fill out: Step 3: Fill out the form and click “Save.”



Operations Manual Events > Vibrant Futures Conference ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: From the dashboard, select “Pages” on the left sidebar. Step 2: Scroll through the pages until you find “Vibrant Futures Conference 2013.” Step 3: Select “Edit” located directly underneath the title. Step 4: You will see the title short code: [title size=”2”]Vibrant Futures Conference[/title] The embedded image code: <img src=”” alt=”vfc2” width=”300” height=”346” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-472” align=”left” style=”marginright:15px;” /> And each conference with its title and a paragraph of information that looks something like this: <strong>Vibrant Futures Conference #3</strong> <em>Expected to be in October 2014</em> In pre-planning it is expected to be focused on Creating an Innovative, Living Cities Destination City, and building a ReVisionary Leadership Community! More to come on this conference. Facebook Event: <a href=””>Vibrant Futures Conference Series</a> Edit as you see fit. About > Mission & Purpose ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Mission & Purpose” page. Step 2: As you will see in the code, there’s multiple [one_half last=“no”] [/one_half] and [one_half last=“yes”] [/one_half] sections. Be careful not to remove these lines of code, as they control the columns and positions of the content on the page. “Our Mission” and “Our Purpose” are both in a “tagline_box”. Editable regions within these tagline boxes are the “title” and the “description”. Step 3: Below the two tagline boxes are a title and the rest of the page content. Simply change the words if needed. About > Mindset & Aspirations ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Mindset & Aspirations” page. Step 2: As you will see in the code, there’s multiple [one_half last=“no”] [/one_half] and [one_half last=“yes”] [/one_half] sections. Be careful not to remove these lines of code, as they control the columns and positions of the content on the page. As you will see in the code, it starts off with a tagline box just like in the “Mission & Purpose” page. Step 3: The next part of the code features a list of “Our Core Beliefs”. This styled within [checklist] [/checklist]. Edit the list in the “Visual” view in WordPress.



Operations Manual Step 4: Below the list is a title and multiple “Read More” toggles. These can be edited in the “Text” view in Wordpress. Refer to other pages for instructions on how to edit these “Read More” toggles. Step 5: At the bottom of the page are the “Authors”. There is a title and the rest of the page content. Simply change the words if needed. About > Cultural Creatives ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Cultural Creatives” page. Step 2: As you will see in the code, there’s a title and then a paragraph about the questionnaire. Next is a toggle for the quiz. The quiz is set up on your iContact account, log into iContact to view the responses. Step 3: Below the quiz is a title and then the rest of the page content. Simply change the words if needed. Step 4: At the bottom of the page are two “one_half” sections with “Read More” toggles. Simply change the words if needed. Again, you must view “Text” to edit the content within toggles. About > Our Team & Collaborators ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: From the dashboard, select “Pages” in the left sidebar. Step 2: Search through the pages until you find “Collaborators” and select “Edit” directly underneath it. Step 3: There are two titles on this page, Strategic Team and Collaborators. They are represented with this shortcode: [title size=”2”]Strategic Team[/title] [title size=”2”]Collaborators[/title] You can change them as you see fit. How do I add a new team member?



Step 1: The basic structure of 1 row containing 3 members is represented in the shortcode like this (three times): [one_third last=”no”] [person name=”<b>NAME</b>” picture=”http://...jpg” title=”POSITION TITLE” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_blank”] INSERT BIO [/person] [/one_third] Notice the above code for the third person contains the word “yes” near the beginning. [one_third last=”yes”]

Operations Manual This tells the computer that this is the last photo to appear in the single row. The other two members in the row contain “no” in that part. Step 2: Fill in the blanks such as the name, position title, and image. The image is inserted the same way as in the “Gallery.” You have to edit the it so the source link only appears once. See the “Gallery” instructions to ensure correct insertion. Step 3: Now you can activate the links for the team member’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Just insert their URLs inside the labeled quotation marks that, currently in the above example, contain a #. If the member does not have one of the 3 social media networks, just delete it from the code to avoid an empty link. About > FAQ ( How do I edit this page?

Step 1: From the dashboard, select “FAQs” within the left sidebar. This is directly linked to the “FAQs” page so all editing or additions will be done through this pinned application, not the actual page itself. Step 2: Click “Add New” located in the top left corner. Step 3: Enter the question in the Title textbox and the answer in the large textbox. Step 4: Click “Publish” located on the right sidebar of the page. It will appear within the list of other FAQs. If anything needs to be edited later, hover over the question and click “Edit.”

Shop ( How do I edit this page? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Pages, click on the “Shop” page. Step 2: As you will see in the code, there’s a title and two “one_half” sections. These include the DVDs for sale on Amazon. Simply change the words if needed. Plugin: Connections* (Controls the Business Members) How do I edit this plugin? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Connections on the left near the bottom, click on “Manage”. Step 2: This is where you can “Add New” and edit and delete other business members accordingly. Step 3: When you add a new business to the directory, Make sure to fill in as much as possible in the fields available. These are First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Title, Organization, Department, Image, Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Social Media IDs, Links, Biographical Info, etc. Make sure to ADD IT to categories. Also, you may need to change the “Publish” to “Organization” or “Family”. Refer to already posted businesses to see how they are set up. *All plugins are found in Plugins > “Installed Plugins” on the Dashboard of WordPress. We are only going to explain the most important ones in our instructions.



Operations Manual Plugin: Memberships (Controls paid members, membership levels, and payment system) How do I edit this plugin? Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Memberships on the left near the bottom, click on “Membership Levels”. Here you can edit, add new, or delete levels. Within the levels, you can add a name, description, confirmation message, billing details, and other settings. Step 2: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Memberships on the left near the bottom, click on “Page Settings”. This shows where each section of the Paid Membership Pro plugin is assigned to a specific page. Notice how the Account Page is assigned to “Register” and the rest are default Membership pages. Step 3: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Memberships on the left near the bottom, click on “Payment Settings”. This shows how your PayPal Express is set up. It’s working, so you do not need to mess with this. Plugin: BuddyPress (Controls users and social aspect of Uniting Creatives) Step 1: In the Dashboard of WordPress, in Settings on the left, click on “BuddyPress”. Here you can edit the settings of BuddyPress. Click on “Pages” on the top and this shows the assigned pages. Note that Members is assigned to the page “Members” while the rest of the pages are default BuddyPress pages. Click on “Settings on the top and this shows available BuddyPress settings. Navigation Menu How do I edit the navigation menu?

Step 1: From the dashboard, select “Appearance” in the left sidebar. Step 2: Below that in the left sidebar, select “Menu.” Step 3: To add an existing page to the menu you will be using the left sidebar seen in the above picture labeled “Pages.” Step 4: There is a list of all the existing pages. Click the checkbox of whichever page you would like to appear in the menu and then select “Add to Menu.” The page will now appear at the bottom of the “Menu Structure.” Step 5: Drag and drop the page to the desired location in relation to

the other pages listed in the “Menu Structure.” Step 6: You will notice that some pages are indented, such as the “Four Pillars Development” page, as seen in the above image. This means that the page is not a sub-page of the one above it, in this case, the “Projects.” Visually, on the website, it will appear like shown above. Step 7: Looking back at the “Menu Structure” you can click on the arrows of each page and a drop down will appear. Here you can change the label of the page that will appear in the navigation menu on the site.



Operations Manual Footer How do I edit the website footer?

will appear with the options to edit and click “Save” to finish it all up.

Step 1: From the dashboard, select “Appearance” in the left sidebar. Step 2: Below that in the left sidebar, select “Widgets.” The Footer has 4 sections. This is also seen in the first screenshot, but each section is labeled as Footer Widget 1, Footer Widget 2, etc. Step 3: To change any of these, just select which Footer section you are editing and a drop down

Settings How do I change the settings? Step 1: From the Dashboard, click on “Settings” in the left sidebar. Step 2: You will see a series of options for you to choose from as seen to the left. You can choose to edit the major settings within some of the more complex plugins such as BuddyPress, Forums, Akismet, etc. Step 3: The general settings give you options to change the pertinent things involved with the site itself such as the site’s name, tagline, and time it operates under.



Follow-Up What is left to be done on the website?

What other projects does Joy need assistance on?

The website, like agreed upon in the beginning, is a solid foundation for Joy to build upon. Initially, we knew we only had 80 hours to dedicate to this website project, and understood that we wouldn’t get to everything Joy talked about in the beginning. As seen on page 26 under “Meeting Notes”, Joy explained to us during the first meeting the steps she needs to take in order for goals to be completed and for Uniting Creatives and her other websites to be full and functional. I made sure to indicate to Joy that we would only have time to complete her first step, which is the technology foundation for Uniting Creatives.

I believe Joy needs a permanent employee to eventually take over as webmaster for her websites. She has hired multiple students as interns and volunteers, but they are temporary staff and always leave her projects eventually. I think rather than having new people come in and try to take over large-scale projects, she needs a full-time paid employee.

There are a few specific things within the website that we were not able to complete due to lack of time and/or lack of content/direction from Joy. These include: – Remove the old UC websites from the internet. – Collect more high quality imagery for the Homepage, Gallery, and website in general. – Write more concise and shorter paragraphs for the homepage. – Edit/revise the content on the Projects pages. – Add past projects to the Projects section, such as the Fairhaven project (most past projects are still in printed binders and are not in a digital form). – Email confirmations for newly registered members. – Permissions on certain parts of the website. – Trailblazer and Sponsor lists. – Way for businesses to post their own information on the Business Members page. – Controlled user management (with zero spam). – Social media and email campaign integration. – Real World Café Radio: launch bi-weekly podcast and member permissions to listen. – Journal page needs to be complete with categories and filled with articles from Trailblazers with a article filtering system. – Forum needs to be populated with more members on board and communicating. – Event Calendar populated with upcoming events. – Workshops, teleseminars and courses on the Shop page, with shopping cart payment system integrated into the website using a plugin.



Below is a list of websites and projects that I can see managed by another intern or employee for Joy and/or Irene: – – – – – Authoring SEO Strategies – Contact Database Management – Real World Café Radio (recorded, transcribed, promoted, and sold as packaged content) – Fundraising and Events – Continuation of Social Media Strategy made by COMM 318 students

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Through an internship, I created a WordPress website for Uniting Creatives – an online platform where trailblazing people from around the wo...