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Robert Shaw \fmic llirttlor. Or cht" and Chon.I hn1i1u1c,, \lcadow Urook Summer '67

Jamt"S Uvinc \1 1.nciatc Me.1dow Br Orcheura l'ianin,CI Trio Jomes l evine w to lhe Clevelo conducting 110 George Stell Foundotion Ap ductor. Since 1 olso held th• p vi1or ond con



Meadow Brook School ofMusic OAKLAND



The resul ts 1o<·ereamazing An acousiiully supe rb pa"ilion was built in a natural amphitheater 1i1e adjaccm to the Oakland camp us. The Dc1roi1 Symphony Orches1ra and iu co ndu cto r were enga~ and a Cull summ er 1rason o[. conccn program , 11uddcd with mternauonally renowned a rtut -pcrformrn was announttd . In lcu 1han five mo nths a simpl e wooded glen was transformed into Lhe home of wha1 hu now become one or the m«Mt, ign if'icant summer muiic fes1ivab o r the world


~~~1be:id a~:uhnC: f~~a~t!~~i~r~;°~n!~n!t signed uprculy for tho,c who ~k. refincmem in the art of mus_icalcd. rformance. Once again th e energ ies and tal cnt J or 1 11 1 ~~ ~~~ado':°~~r;:r~~~ror~:·si~ ~a~y o~;n~':::i~gL~~c fesuval, the Khoo!', fin1 Katon a uracted the aucnuon o f the muiic communi1y 1hroughout 1he roun1ry an d abroad. By the end of iu thud tcHon in 1967, the Khoo! had attn.c1rd nearly 1.500 s1udcnu from more 1han 40 Jtatc, and 10 foreiRn countries. The siudy and performance or maJOr choral, orchntral, and chamber works highliRh t_cd the _Khoo!', activi1in during the fin1 three yean. Each year m1crnat1onally famous pcrformcn and cntemblcs such H Roben Shaw, Sixtcn £hrling, Eugene h1omin, Isaa c Stern , Leonard R ose, and 1hc New York Pr o


:/:~!i'.!i :~


~: ~:,\:u~a:ec:,~~= c~nd~~~? ~nm; ~h appearances at 1he rcs1iva.l It hu been uid of the Khoo! in Lhe national prna lhat i1 is .irongly su~m-c of Bayreuth and Sah.burg The Khoo! opcn1cs concu rrrm ly with the Mtad ow Brook Festival, pro"iding a climate of p rofnsionali i m which permeates the CTitirc Khoo l. Students arr prr miucd free acccu to nearly all rchcaruls and concerts of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in the 2.158-trat Howard C . Baldwin Memorial Pavilion. The Khool't own Meadow Brook Orchntn. consisting of conduccon, 1cachcn, and upiring youn,i: instrumr111alisu from throughout the United Sutn and abroad, prc,cms its own tcric. o[ public concrru in 1he pavilion The two choru,a or the 1ehool and smaller chamber grouP' appear in 1hr pavil!on as well Chamber 1 0 1 1 &!~~aa~n'!!~ ~o%! ~ r~,!~r~~;a ~ ~ s~!:k';~~!~'tl;~ the Oakland Unurnity Art Gallery. This record i1 a telttlion or works rttordrd during the 1%7 co nrcru The Khool iJ open to musir nudrntt who hnr compkted their 00 !~:~~~a~r~h::~ ~r:R!~tu;::r:r~ef:a~:;~sk:!r: .,-adua1~ or undrrRfaduatr rredit can be earned. Schob,nhiJ>J arr available lO high tc hool .ind undcrJtraduatc nudcnu




DT W•hn


eon,.,._ Dnn

Joll.•A Ornn-,. A•te,1nl Dn,n H•~IC a-u . b« ~

for tnfon1111lon wntc Mndow Brook Schoolol Mu"c O.U,ncl



Jtt omr Ro.en \iolini1 1hr Clc-,t"Jand Piano Trio

Lynn llUTell C.rlli" The Ck,,eland




Jerome Ro1en i1 finl .,iolifti1t with the Cle..elond o ..... Clayton Kr•hbl•I !1 the con• di .. 1,0 . He nudied vk,lin dudor of lh• Clev•lond Or• with Jo1eph Gingold ond chellrO Choru1 where he compo1ition with Herbert El, 1erved 01 on ouidonl te Rob•rl Show prior to hi1 own In addition to focu1ty du1ie1, well <>Ith• Clev•lond .V.usk oppointm•nt to lhe po1t. School Settlement. H• con1h11trio of oulltonding mu• tinued hi1 1tudy al It,• Curtis 1icion1 prHented a 1erie1 of lnllitule of Mu1ic ond for Mr. Kr•hbiel i1 o groduot• he continued hi1 piono four 1ignificonl rKitoh of 11udie1 with Mme. lh•v inn• of th• University of Kon101 four yeou he studied with i.olo, duo ond trio lit•rotu r•, and mojored in conducting wh••• he also Hrv.d many 1.. on G,;,lomion. for thrn conductor, .,iolinl1t,ond •ey co..•ring rep•rtoi r• of th• y•or1 as Director of Choral under J•on Morel. y~rs he wo1 o m•mber of boo,d in1lrum•ntoli11 baroque through the con, 1 ::::.:~~\;dr~ Meadow llrook School of t•mporory period1. In 1965, h• joined the piono :c:~~e;~,~ :~v:t~~=•;t;~ _lo Co1al1 hi - ~:r~~:.,t:;e;o'! :a~=· ond conducting faculty al th• Roben Show Choral•. In Mu1ic fer two summ•r1. ('66 lik• oll th• mojor perfer. A1p•n. For Summer '67, Mr. 1966 he loured South Am••· ond. '67), he wo1 Mr. Sh<1w'1 Mr. Ro1•n wo1 appointed 01 c•rlmoll•r of th• Meodow moncH of th• school. rhe a Kulas foundation Appren- llrook Ord!Htro, o m...,ber l•vin• wo1 the Anodot• ico 01 o guHI clinician ond ~~~·~::d 0';" 11 ~:'~~ru::~ trio rKitol, w•r• rKorded lice Conductor of the Cleve- of the, Clevelomf Piono Trio, Conductor of th• M•odow for r•bro,;ock01t on Michig<>n land Orche1tro in 1959, ond ond o COOU, WI d>ombe, llrook OrchHlro, o member ~:~d0~;::nfr th• U. S. Stole ~~:.~a~~htl~=n~~=::f Stol• University's WKAR-FM hos 1erved Dr. Srell 01 o mu1ic:. of th• Clev•lond Piano Trio progr,;om, "Mor• Mu1lc From A1 o focuhy member of th• ductoo Work,hop. and o teacher of odvonced M•<>d.owlrook. " th~ry. Th• Cl•v•land Pio,.c, Trio wo1 •ngoged •xprenly to Hrve 01 o faculty •n••mbl• within the OrchHtrol lnni .

Lynn Horrell ii prirltif>OIeel• li1t wiln th• Clev•lond Or ch•1'ro ond o member of the foculty of the Clevland In, llittit• of Mu1ic:.H• 1tudied with L..v Aro,uo" of the Dallas Sympttony, leoriord •o.- 01 Jui11;o,d ond ot i.nded n,01lff donH with l'oblo Cosols ..d G,~r l'iotigor1ky. American Symphony 0,0\ff. H• 11on ow••d-winning cell1'G wiln l90901d Sfo.ow-11, 1 li1t ond ho1 oppeo red I,, rKitol1 ol Co,negie Holl, ""' · Ho,rrell WOI principol Town Holl, ol .V.ortborough, oll,1t of the Meodow lf,oak of !l.e A1pe,, ond Coool1 f•11iwol1; Ord>e1tro, a ,...,..b,er ond 01 i.oloitl wiln n,or,y Cleveland l'iono Trio, ond o orchHtro1 inducting the Mew d,or,,ber 1nu1iccood, dv,i,,g York l't!illorn,onlc,, t+.•Cleve- Summ•r ' 67 ol M•adow lond Orchnlro , ond the lroo~



1~! ~l~~::::tecr(a~;~r::

~h:o~~~!) ~~bt~!~~o~u:t!rr aa:d ~ of architttu, engineers, acouiuciam, conn ru c1io n crews, uni"erm y and civic o fficialJ, adH~rti,mg_ men, ~ mmunit y organi zat ions, and artnuc dirttton ncgo11atmg wnh an orchestra, co nduc1o n. and musicians.

, appointed OrchHlro n 196'1 by 1he Kulo1 nlice Con5, he ho1 I of 1uperlor of th• OrchH lra ram, od•

Th r Clr"rland Piano Trio lama I ninf". PiaPO Jtt(')fflC Rosen. Violin I \nn Harrcll.Crllo



The Meadow Brook Chorus

The Meadow Brook Orchestra

The Meadow Brook Story The idea Lo CM.abliih a ma1or mu i ic r~1iul a, an activi1y or Oakland Un i" cn _ily and 10 tcn-e t0utheu1rm Michiga n was co nceiv ed early m 1964. Almost 1mmed 1atcl y a mulmudc or forec1 wa, put in mot ion Such a garRa111uan task in 1hc face or

C l:tyton Kn :hb irl\\,istanl C.onducror \lcadow llrook Chorus and \fcadow l\rook \'outh Chonu

J erome RMCn. Concrrtmas1cr. Ck\rland. Ohio I inda l\riod, Pontiac. \li ch. Jorja Flttla11is, Detroit , \lich. \li chacl ll arri1, Indi anapolis, Ind . Wc11<h llellcr , Dctroi1. \lich . \l hin Hsieh , Parma . Ohio Cail Karpo\·ck, 5outhficld, Mich . Rohcrt l.uca1. ll ome1o<·ood,Ill . l' c tr r Martyn , fk:lrbom l11s., Micl1. \lichacl Mayrr, 5outhfirld, Mich . IA> \l~sic.k , Ferndale , \lich. Kenneth l'atti , Cleveland Hts .• Ohio Cordula Rosow. Cleveland lhs ., Ohio Siciliano, Ea1t Cle\cland. Ohio J~ph D. Striplin, Detroit. Mich . Leann Toth , Ro ya l Oak, \lich .

VIOLINS 11 Chri~tophcr l\arh ·r, Albia. Iowa \'i ola Bo,,,man, t:nid , Okla. Caro l Buon, Sa11:inaw.Mi ch. Richard Cal(\wrll. Ro,-al Oal., \lirh . Catherine (,ood~II. l>c1roi1, \lich \Ia n· llui,mit:a , (,f:lnd Ra pids, Mich . Ja n1uch11nr l .conard, Oklahoma City, Okla. Kath a r ine \lclnt011h , l.i, -oni:t. Mich . l\ar hara \lolinarc. Man1uene, Mich . Da1c ~clJOn. Omaha, ~cbr. I haddeu~ Penman , Ck,dand. Ohio ll ilda Rob inson. l.oui1\illr. Ky. I ania Rudcn1l:) , 'tt. Catharine,. Ontario RiK Schau, l'hilad elphia, Pa . Sar.1 Solan, llam111011d, In d . Linda Sperling, llun1ingto11 Woodi, \lich . Debor.ah rorlh, Rochcs tcr , Mich .

VIOLAS \ 'irginia Hlalo:rman. 1-"remonl. Ohio Anna Dalida, Detroit, \lich . t:~ esK:::~:~\ ·a~~~ ~,~·ic~~:?ch. Gloria Kkinman . Drlroit . Mich. Michael Ouwun!an, Detroil, Mich . Shelton, Pontiac, \lich . Clmstmr Sh<"pherd, \lleti Park , \lich Michael Ste1o<·ar1, l>c1roit, Mich. Roberta 7ul:rrnic.1,;, Des l'lainrt, Ill



L}nn H arrell. Principal. CIC\cland. Ohio $andra Ueirnfohr. St. J ~ph, Mich. D:nid C.owcn, OaJ.. Park. Ill. Andre Emelianoff, Cleveland, Ohio Lec W . FiKr, Jr., Denver. Colo. Karl Coler, Shalo:cr Hts .• Ohio James Lestoclo:, ))carhom, Mich. Paul Nadler . Chicago, Ill . Frederick Raimi, Southfield, \lich . Jkn Riley , \'p5ilanti, M ich.

Norman Raker. Milwaul:cc, Wisc. Tom lkl}er, Wcsi LaJ..c, Ohio llrncc Cowan. Ann 1\ rhor, Mi ch. Larry Guy, Belldontainc, Ohio


HASSOONS lohn C:OurtnC}·,Ann ArOOr. Mich. \fargaret Dudl<"y, Dctroil, \lich. Peggy Call, Detroit, Mich. Mauhcw Shubin, Flushi ng. 1- I ., N. \'.

RASSES Sandra llcrgman. Ann ArlM>r, Mich. Gino ll iondo. Dearborn lit ~. \li ch. Walt er l\landing, Jacl.wm ·illc. Fla. Chri1 llrown , Glen Ell r n, Ill . Norine Cortner. Detroit, Mich . l\arf) tichenn:111, Hcachwood, Ohio Ste\e Mc.KenLie, Waterford. ~li ch . Fredrick Schaufclc, Jr., Rocl:y Rh-er. Ohio

Scott Fisher. Findla, -. Ohio Jeanne Gelsion. Quin q, Ill. 1.orc n I lard. I..aJ..cFom l, Ill. l..ewi',l layter, Detroit, Mich. ·1 homas l-lowcll, Midl and, Mich. David Jaff e, Oal: l'ark, Ill.




Beanie. l'anna 1111., Ohio



William lling, ll irmingham, Mich. Richard J,"errcttc, nin11i11Rham, \(ich. J:unes Underwood, Garden Cil)·. Mich.

FLUTES .ind PICCOLO ~:Jial~r;;:~l~~~~~,:~rf17::1t~t~~~11 ncn"TI)· Gar1in. Detroit. Mich. Nancy llitt , Lawrence, Kans . ~:tncy Murra y, Wichita, Kans . OBOES and ENG LI SH HORN Robert Morg-an. C:armidiael, Calir. Douglas Munro, Ann ArlM>r, Mich. Su,.annc I homJOn, De1mit, \l ich. Michael Weldon, llloomfirld ll ill5, Mich. Richan\ Wommack, Wi11110n-.~ lem, N.C.

TROi\l UON F.S Jerry B:trneu. Warr en , Mi ch. rhom;1s Coant, ll aq><'r Woods, Mich. \lorton ll )SOII, Detroit. Mi ch. R oher ! Sadin, ~cw ll )dC !'ark, N. Y. TU HA Urucc llippl e, Detroit. Mich . T I\IPANI


Rt1J..\CIII lcndon, t"ort Lauderdale, Fla Rantl;ill lli cl.,. l>c1roi1, \lich. l'ctcr Kogan. New Rochell<', N. Y. I hom:ts Schneller, Royal Oak. Mich .

CELESTE \hrlia S1cphrn,on,

Huntingt on \\'d s .. \li ch.

f.\ clrn \ld cnon, Pon1iac . \lich. <:aria narn<"I, J.odi . Ohin Ooro1ln Herr y. Dciroil, Mich. Jean111c lle, oicr, F.dina, Minn. (u dith J\oc , F.a11Claire. "'isc. ~ell Br:1dford. Normal, \l a Patricia C:1111phcll.'iii. Clair. \li rh. Jo,«: Ch;11nhcT"1,Detroit. \firh Judilh !)01111:la'.•.lladdon ficld. ~- J \larguCTilc Flourno\·, \ft . Clemen,. \!i ch. \Ian ll arri\On, ¾lginaw, \lirh. Pe11elo1M' llart. Pontiac, \l ich. Nann lli1d chr:mdt , Uinnin11:ham, 1\(ich. F.thcl lwMalo:i, Jlon olulu, Hawaii Sister Jude C:udcnk:tur. C.onmrdia, Kans. Barbara Kclse\·, Newark, Del 1km King, Chicago. Ill . l\arhara Kr:iclin1t, Brandon, M:mitoh.t: \l argarcl I..amh. Dearborn, \lich. l' c 11nv Lcin1tcr. F.ndwcll. N . \', Ang ela Lui. ChiCllJtO,Ill. Chrilltinc McKa) . Trenton, \lich \f arilyn Mitchell, ntoom ficld Hill s. \lich . Vicki \fuller. C.orpus Christi, Tc,. lmh \lu,il. I loldregc. Nebr. 'lla~rel l'rttcngill. l'cni1m1la. Ohio Patricia Prunty, Dc1roit. \lich. \larjari c Rab1 on. \ledia, l'cnna. Virginia Rath ert. Colmnhia, Mo . Linda Recd, Pontiac , Mich. Patricia Richar<b. Shaker llts ...Ohio Sister \la!') ' Ruth Md "arl:tn d. l..ouinillc. K\ . Chef)'I Sa,agc, Wat erford, \fich . Carol Schaurrlc. Rod\· Rhrr, Ohio '\'ancy Schwichcrt. Caldwell, Idaho Nancy Sherman. llicks\illC, '.\'., Ruth Stewart, l lo11s1on.Tc, \irlir Str.amr. Dc:trhom , Mich . Jcan Tam:1wieclo:i, Lim a, Peru bonaldine \'ergeld1. Detroit, Mich. Lois Wagar, Saginaw. \l ich. f!,~~7:i~;~:::~;~~~~t;:

:)l~~f/< \~~~:l~h,

ALTOS !::.1~~lt~:,ci~l~.t~~:.6:1~~:~- ,~~ich. Sistcr Alexina Uaril. Gr.ind hland . Nebr." llrinl. , Grand R:i1>id1.\fid1 . Cla~ Callahan. Da )·ton. Ohio In grid Carl~n. Uim1inRha111, Mich. Vlrgin i:1 Caro, \lanisttt. \lich RelJ<'CCIChapman, Sp:irrn. \l kh. ~:~;~c~~1~r:_pi~~ ~:~ <fkmc rn , \lich . llall ) Cot111t'll.Spcncrnilk, Ontario \lar y I.n u Denni,, I.honia, \lich Ph,Uis I lhady, Portland , \lainr Conuann:- •~\ans . Clinton, N. \' \far, · Ann Fallabrl, .\nlm ott. l'rnna .

The Meadow Brook Youth Chorus Claudia 1"crguson , Dctroi_l. ~_lid1. Am:1nda l-or1cnbaugh, Bmnmgham. Mich. Sister Marie Cr.ace Gannon, Rhcr 1-ore!t, Ill. Jo}Ce Giese, Tolono, 111. Ruth Godoy, Santiago, Chile LouCclle Colden, Ba,·sid<', N. \'. \Ian- \nn Hohman. Siou"< F:ill,. S. D Charlc11c In,:::lc~.Eau Claire. Wisc. R3rhara Kibb, . Oak Pari.. \lich. \larioric Kkim an. RMton, \la.u Ruth Knoll, Oconomowoc, \\'isc. llrm J.ou Kocofler. Toledo. Ohio Jan J.e1cn1cr.Dctroi1.Mich. Si,1cr\larit'\'i11ccnt Llam1.011, Manila, Philippines Lorna Lockwood. Pontiac. \lich. C.1thy \lelhom . Toledo. Ohio \far• \nn \lelinchak. Charleroi, Penna \Ian \l oorc. Grc:H Falls. Mont. Ka1hlcrn '\'amowia. llolh . \lich . Siucr Terrance '\'chi. St. Jmcph. \lin n lklt} 01uan. \linnrapolis, Minn. Sharon Owen. Ro,al Oak. Mich. Rohin Rccce. Portl:tnd, Oregon Candace Re)n Olclll,~- \lu 1krgon. \l ich. Plnlli, Saw,er. C'.e<larJ,"alls. Iowa 1•aulc11e Shoup, OwO'.~. \fich_ \Ian Slowil.. \uhurn 1-11 1., \11th GailSIC'llid; .. l)r1mit.\lich. F:,:1 Stru<L.mMcr, \\ 'ausau. \\'i sc. Nanq I hclmdcr. lkulah. ~- D Nancy T witchell, Manlficlcl, Ohio \larion V:tnn, Detroit, \lich

TENORS \linkio \dam("\ , C.ara1;i,, \'etiemda l.c()n \n dcnon, Detroit. \li ch Kenneth Danes. Warren, \li ch John Callaghan , Rinninit:ham. \lich Charles C.arr, r:tc,el:md li ts .. Ohio 'itephn1 Denson. Delano. Calif 1.ohn l-'.\en'On , C'.cdar F:111,.IO"<:I fr.1111.(.arlocl.C,rttm1llr. \_ C. !Iowan.I (;ooc:bell. Detroit. \lich lohn (;<Xihh\. Gilmer. Tr-.: kur1 l l,1n'll.'11,Omah:i. '\rhr Ikard , Carrollton, (;a. L\man lk:ith. Ro\al Oak, \li ch. Rohcrt llcmphill. Springfield. Ohio Re, Hieb, Winfield, 111 Stephen llohson . \It . .''k,n.an1. \lich . 11 1 1 1 ~~:1~::~~s ";'...~· p~~11 ~·:;:~ Rodnr\ \filler. Warri(1r, \la l.arn \li1 chrll, J't_ Dodge. l o1o<a William \loon. Plra,ant Ridf!:C' , , _rich \ler\c \lu~1crt, Grand Rapids . \It ch



\lahlon Smith, Des Moines, Iowa Rober1 Talsma. (;rand Rapids, \lich. Richard Taylor, Grand Blanc, Mich. DnmiJ rim, Dc1ro1t, \ll(h. Da\id Ward. I remon. \lich.

Ptq"V Blale, F\ ·ansto~. Ill. Chru Blakrne\ . Ponuac. \fich C'.omrlia Dixon, Pontiac, \li ch


F:i:f;~~ itfit~~J~i:'1 ich Susan GorinR , Ro\,d Oak, Mich. Ch ristine llcnr l, Drtroil. \heh

R\SSES Waldo \raniui,. c.antiall:'(), Chile \101Tis \twood. Pt"rrv, '\' _Y . \lari o Baeza. San1ialf0. Chile ~nnnan Ball, Grand Rapids. \lich Jfa rold Rttl.t"II, I ima, Ohio C:co"Re lkrgluncl, l)a\·enport, low:a JO!l<'phRias. 'i:t\annah, Ga \nhur 8umganlnrr. Superior , Wi«:. Gordon flush. Clawson. \lich. l'hillip Cam_ Detroit. \li ch Rohen Drel, Santa \faria. Dlir )OM:Carrroo. \l ottlia. \fr,iro Keith Clark, ralo Ahn. Calir Jack CA>ldiron. Ft. Worth. Tei,:. n1omas Coleman, l-l11ntlng1on Beach , Cal lmqih Cool.. Rolhar, Penna. Ral1>h Dean. Cortland. Ohio Philli p Dodson. Rakrnr1rld. Ca\U (;rorgc Dmmmontl. Rahimore. \fd wa,ne Eich, Charlcswn. W. \'a (;er.1ld Fagan. London, On1ario C.knn Frcin<"r, lkll c.,.ille, 111 StMrn Hcmlr) , Daldwin. Wi'IC, Roher! llummcr, Girard. Ohio Richard Kamprath, Conronl, C..:1lir \lartin Keuler, Ck\·cland Iii,., Ohio \llan Kirl.patricl, Jack'(')n, \lich Wayne Ki,ell. FmmrHbll_rit:·.Iowa Crnld, l\ rocl.port, ' ' John \facKentic. l'aKO, Wash Robert \lauch, .\rm \rhor , \lich. J:imc, \lcEJro,. '\cwton. \liu. Roher! \l cCi\1. C.on"'·a,. Ark. Richard \Icier . lktniit. \(ich \Jl\ador Ocho:1. \lontCTTC\, \k,ico Or.maid ('RIC'lh), l\irmingham. \l:1 \la, l'rtrnon, .\11,rn1ou, Iowa I-rank PuRh, ntonmington. In d Jamt" Ramo,n . luhl ~L.. le, \li<hacl Rcil"trm. l'h1ladrlphia, l•cnna Daniel Rohin'lll!l. t:\an1u,n. Ill RJlph _'ic.hen·r, l 'nion 1.akr. \lich Juan \d111ll1,, lluet1os \1rN '. \~min a John "K'ahury, (.a,por1. ~. \


~;1~::~:-~I \rg<"nlin.i Ronahl Shire,·. Coff1U1Chri11i, Tc, ',immem1an. C.ald"<'r'_II. Idaho


1;:;,~l~I ~~!:1~·.\·~l~~o~~~::· \f, ch Leland reu. I akoma 1-'ar\.. \Id Keith Torlel,on, \lpcna , \li ch John Wcstlund. KansaJ City, Kan, l't"ff) White. l-,.t'nnt'tt. \lo. Lewis \\'il1".ln, Orton11llr. \l1ch. Klaus -Dieter Wolff . ~ Paulo, l\r.1Lil Larry Wyau, o~.ala. Fla.

t::~~,r:.~~~~l;~~~ti't~~!~~ ~'.:~!': l'tah Om(•r Re~. Chia.RO, Ill I homJ1 \htllhamm('r, (iatN \fills, 01110 Ronald 'iidcr. C.r.rntha m . l' nma \ll an Simp..:m. ~ginaw. \li ch



K:;;ai:!: ·. ~:~~nf;l~~i~~ich Pat \fcCrra. Dctroh, \lich \fcrttll . Huron, Ohio Citherine \l oorc, Birmingham, Mich \I ona Pate. Detroit. \lich Roseman.l'hrlps. _llinningham_. \fich Cy111hia Singer, \\ )·andonc,_ \heh Jean ~milh, 1.,-ndhunt. Ohio Debbie Talbot , lkmardll\lllr. '.\ J Carolyn Thomas. 1-"r:mklin, \fi ch

ALTOS Jane l\owrr, l~llcf ontr. Penna


t::1~c \laria t:wing, Drtroi1, \li ch Susan Graham. Draiton l'lains , \li ch 1

~~~tJ;'u ~,~~~i~~~~~~.'~~~~h. '\ancy Harroun . l'on1iac. \h eh '-:an cy l_leilncr,. Detroit, \li ch I.aura Kahn, hr111111g1on,\heh Lenore Koch. l'arma, Ohio Susan l~ny1, l'ontiac. Mich. Susan \far nklcin, \fou, '\'_ Oak. 1 1 ;::!i1~i:~1~;.~~~re. R08Cmary \(ullin . Detroit. \heh Roberta :\'ouingham, Warren , \li ch \'era 1'01apcuko. lk1roi1, \heh Pam Powley. Oak l'arl, \li ch. l.isa ~·urdy, Binnlngham, ~llch, Jennie \mi1h, t>rankhn, \heh Susan fhomas. Bloomfield Hills , Mich Lisa Tro)<'f,OrlOn\ille. \lic.h

k°:t~i~ f1

Da,id -\drn:-ntr. Binniniham. \fich Horace Rculcr. Detroit . \lich Da,r Brnncn, Dc1roi1. \fich \fi chacl Bilderback. Bloomfield Hilb, Mich Jim Clari.. 1..athnip Village , \tlch. Rudolph C.Olrman. Detroit. \fi ch Philip Crrtth. l-lcmps.trad. '.\i. Y Grrgorv Ganrn, Joliet , Ill Dan Gmnd:a. (;l'OIIC lie. \heh. Carl l ightlom. ron11ac. \heh Bob \larl.s . fluntinRlon Woods. \fich. Leman \lance. Royal Oak, \li ch \l:an \lcl'hail. Detroit , \heh !Ml \lil ligan, l'nion l.alo:r. \lich Joerph \lonfonr. ROIC\illC. \lich Bruer '\dler . £Mt l.an11ng. \heh. Fred O'Donnell, W)andour . \lieh Willie RobinJOn , Dr1ro11. \heh 8nck ~Iler, l'tica. \lich. Kurt Sau<'f, (:lr,dand. Ohio Cn.1g Sonkr, Bloomfield H1llt, \lich. Robrn 'inydrr , Ck\rland. Ohio Paul Thomas , l'nntiac. \lic.h R.\SSES

Ben1am1n Bagbi. '.\orltifirld. 111 \lar rn, Barnes. 8rookhn. '\ , Y. Frank lkll. Pontiac, \fich. \f1kc l\cnt, Ferndale. \lich Pat Clampitt. Dc1roi1. \lich Dan Cuhcr. fort Dodge. lo"' ·• (;co~ Da1ir. r()ronto, Onurio Rene de la Gana. Delano. Cahr


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Meadow brook album cover  
Meadow brook album cover