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Third issue: July – December 2011

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“Impacting lives for Christ”

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E live in an age where dishonesty and criminality are no longer seen as sin in our society. We live in a world where men and women routinely make decisions for selfish reasons and for personal gain. We now live at a time in earth’s history, when many members of our Church are gravely compromising principles outlined in the Word of God and Spirit Phillip Castell of Prophesy to ‘fit in’ with the mould and standard set by the world. Yes it is our belief, that we are living in the time referred to in scripture as ‘the time of the end’ and that we are witnessing the final chapters of earth’s history. Friends, you have heard it said many times before that ‘time is short and the hour late’. We repeat that sentiment one more time to bring to your consciousness the urgency of the time. There is an urgent need for a closer relationship with God and that time is adiese Jonas NOW. The time for personal Revival and Reformation is now! Can you imagine what would take place if the more than 60,000 Seventh-day Adventist members in East Jamaica Conference shared Jesus with at least one person everyday? We would have hastened the second advent of our Lord. There would be no need for large campaigns, because our lives would depict God’s unfailing love for way-ward humanity. As 2012 unfolds, let us remember that we have been given another opportunity to make it into the Kingdom of God. We cannot make it into glory if we take with us the heavy baggage from previous years. Many have made mistakes that have grave consequences. You might have slipped along the wayside or might have said unkind words to neighbours, family members and even brethren at church. Whatever your situation, you have been given one more opportunity to make wrongs RIGHT. We encourage you to make use of God’s boundless grace which has been extended one more time. We are living at a time in earth’s history when as children of God we should be Constant in Prayer. We must make time for Bible study and personal devotion and focus more of our energies on Heeding God’s Holy Word. By doing this we will be prepared to Tell the World about Jesus and His love and will join the thousands in our Church who will be passionate disciples and work to win others under the Vision One Million initiative. Let us purpose in our hearts that we will make 2012 a year unlike any other.. One in which we will Praise God NO MATTER THE SITUATION! One in which our lifestyles will reflect the message that we preach! One that will encourage our brothers and sisters along the Christian pathway to hold fast to the promises of God! Let us work together as we strive to make East Jamaica Conference the premiere Conference in Jamaica as we make our journey to the Kingdom of God. Have a blessed, prosperous and Spirit-led 2012!

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New Year’s Message from The President

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Amidst the joy of being able to see the dawn of a new year, we pause to pray for the families who are affected in one way or another by adverse circumstances. We are saddened by the heartbreaking news of the loss of loved ones and those who are suffering from ill health in the hospitals, at home or other institutions. Please be assured of our prayers and goodwill for you.

5K Health Run/Walk 2011 A Success. .......................................................................................................................Page 4 Team Oak Glades Sets high bar for 2012 EJC 5K Health Run/Walk ..........................................................................Page 4 Adventist Leader calls on Church & Nation to seek God. .......................................................................................Page 5 First District Dialogue a Success ........................................................................................................................ Page 6 ASI Inter American Division elects New President ..............................................................................................Page 7 Community Services Department assists Children ............................................................................................Page 7 Project Hope West Indies Series presented to Hope Channel ...........................................................................Page 8 Vision One Million launched in EJC ..............................................................................................................Page 8-9 Mrs. Redva Martin Ferril, New Principal of Kingsway School ........................................................................ .Page 9

We are grateful to our brothers and sisters, friends and our valued workers some of whom have made great sacrifice in supporting the work and mission of the church in East Jamaica. We pay tribute to all of you for your commitment to Christ and His church.

New Mr. and Miss EJC Ambassadors Sashed ............................................................................................... Page 10 Windell Montaque, Now Pastor of Rollington Town District ....................................................................... Page 11 Samuel Lewis installed as New Pastor of Andrews Memorial Church ......................................................... Page 12 ‘Single but not Available’ says Cotterell ................................................................................................Page 13-14 Adventists build House for Disabled Man.................................................................................................. Page 14 Adventist Kinder Prep Students share joy on Day of Kindness ................................................................... Page 15 Bad Man’s Vision transforms Him ............................................................................................................. Page 16 Washington Gardens SDA Church provides free lunches for Basic School ............................................Page 16-17 Sherman, Member of Grace Church Laid to rest ....................................................................................... Page 17 Women’s Ministries Director Now Ordained Elder at Mother Church ........................................................ Page 18 Photo Spread ......................................................................................................................................Page 19-22 Pastor James Gordon Bennett Laid to rest ...........................................................................................Page 23-24 EJC’s Trench Town Clinic, Treats Senior Citizens ........................................................................................ Page 25 Former Associate Publishing Ministries Director-EJC, Itheriel Dennis Laid to rest ................................Page 26-27 GC Women’s Ministries Director pushes ‘Grace at All Cost!’ ........................................................................ Page 28 Jamaican Adventists call on support to ‘End it Now’ .............................................................................Page 28-29 Adventist Church stands to gain from Risk Management Seminar ............................................................. Page 30 Historic Lay Evangelism and Symposium and Graduation held at North Street Church ..........................Page 31-32 Pathfinder Festival 2011 lauded a Success! ............................................................................................Page 32-33 God uses ‘Fire Man’ to point to Living Water.................................................................................................. Page 34 Preachers Shine at Camp Meeting 2011 ..................................................................................................Page 35- 36 Publishing Ministries Department shares in the Annual Colporteur Institute ............................................... Page 36 Leito shares God’s Transforming Grace with Elected Officers at Leaders’ Summit 2011..................................... Page 37 Good Samaritan Inn: A neighbour to the ‘neighbourless’ .................................................................................. Page 38 ASI East Chapter Hosts Prayer Breakfast with IAD President ............................................................................... Page 39 Adventist Health Volunteer Association and Health Ministries Directors’ Year End Awards and Dinner ..................Page39

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Pastor Adrian Cotterell - President, EJC


Y dear brothers and sisters, God has led us through a most challenging year. We are grateful for His leadership, His blessings, his provision and His protection. We move forward in 2012 with confidence in God, the assurances given in His words and the Christian Joy of His ever-abiding presence with us. In spite of all that transpired, God’s true church will triumph over setbacks and obstacles. Nothing can impede the onward march of this great advent movement. God is in charge. Jesus is at the helm. No weapon formed against us will prosper. This is a time of hope and great expectation for the work and mission of the church. We are energised, excited and empowered by Vision One Million-the evangelistic objective for 2012. Our hearts are warmed through revival, reformation and renewal. We prepare for the infilling of the Holy Spirit while we share the good news of the Coming Saviour and prepare others to meet Him in peace. As we reflect on the past and prepare for the future, there is absolutely nothing for us to fear unless we forget how God as led us in the past. Our God is faithful. Our eyes are on Jesus.

We have seen the planting of two new congregations and over 2000 new members added to the church in East Jamaica. God is leading His church gradually to accomplish His mission. the Good Samaritan Inn celebrated four years of invaluable service of compassion and care to the poor and the needy. Thanks to the Adventist-Laypersons Services and Industry (ASI) for adopting this ministry. We call upon our members, friends and other interested persons to support this ministry. We have expanded our service to the communities in providing meals for over six hundred persons four days each week. We have recently put in place a 30-bed facility to provide over-night accommodation for crisis situation. ASI was instrumental in making this facility available. We intend to have the Good Samaritan Medical Facility, training Centre and Foundation operational in this year. We also will expand the service to provide meals five days weekly.

The challenges envisioned for 2012 as a country is a glorious opportunity for the church to be involved in mission and demonstrate the love of Jesus in expressions of kindness for others. In spite of the financial challenge and the faltering economy, we must never compromise the mission entrusted to us by God Himself. Therefore, it is the best time to take the mission forward. I call upon everyone to be faithful to Jesus and express explicit trust in Him who has promised to abide with us continually making us more than conquerors. We have this great hope that burns within our hearts. It is the hope in the coming of our Lord. We believe it is nearer now than it has ever been. I encourage everyone especially our leaders to remain constant in prayer, heed the Word and live lives so that the world may know Jesus. Seek to improve every day in every way especially in the areas of love, spirituality and Christian service. On behalf of my fellow administrators, I wish you all a bright and prosperous new year. As we celebrate, let us be mindful of those who are suffering in one way or another and let us commit our lives to Jesus and to serve Him faithfully. God bless you.

The advent message also involves deep concern for the poor and needy. Vision One Million, the evangelistic initiative that involves every member winning one person to Christ also has a strong emphasis on community involvement. Our faith in Christ must lead us into active expression of care and concern for our poor sisters and brothers. January 2012 | Adventist beam


Adventist Leader calls on Church & Nation to Seek God

5K Health Run/Walk 2011 a Success By: adiese a. Jonas

Director of the Jamaica Union Conference,) as well as Elder Bancroft Barwise (the Treasurer of the Jamaica Union Conference.)

The routes proved little challenge for the 5K and the 1.5K contestants, as many could be seen taking long strides and bending corners with the hope to reach the Participants of the 5K EJC Health run/walk event cheering on 87 finish line in record time. year old participant Louise Payne Also interesting to note was the participant of 87 year HE Health Ministries Department of the East Jamaica hosted its eleventh staging old Sister Louise Payne from the Greenwich of the EJC Health Run/Walk event on town SDA Church who was decked out in her Sunday July 3, 2011 at the Kencot SDA Church. athletic wear, strategically taking her strides The event, which was originally scheduled for as she made her way to the finish line. Payne, Sunday June 5, was postponed due to poor an active and vibrant member of her church, weather conditions. Though re-scheduled, the showed many who were present at the Health event saw over 400 participants of varying age Run what perseverance was all about. Decked groups. Also at the event were Sister Lorraine with smiles, Payne feverishly broke out into her Vernal (the Women’s and Children’s Ministries demonstration of the ‘Quick March’ as she was


By: Phillip E.L. Castell

Ladies participating in the 5K walk event

cheered on by a large crowd which awaited her at the finish line. At the end of the event each participant was awarded with a certificate of participation, while special prizes were given to those who placed between first and third in their category. the Oak Glades Church was awarded the Champion Church Trophy as they copped majority of the medals.

Pastor Everett Brown addressing the Congregation at the Andrews Memorial SDA Church


s Jamaica celebrated its 49th year of independence and thousands of Jamaicans were participating in the festivities that climax the occasion, the Nation was admonished to seek God. The call came from Pastor Everett Brown, President of the Adventist Church in Jamaica, as he delivered the sermon for the “Day of Prayer for the Nation” service held on Independence Day, Saturday, August 6, 2011.

TEAM OAK GLADES SETS HIGH BAR FOR 2012 EJC 5K HEALTH RUN/WALK By: tracy-ann Barnes & Conray Forrester/EJC


N Sunday July 3, 2011, Team Oak Glades proved that they were the church to beat in order to receive the ‘Champion Church’ title at the 11th staging of the East Jamaica Conference’s 5K Health Run/Walk event. The Oak Glades church boasted the largest contingent of (L-r) Conray Forrester from oak Glades sDa members at the Kencot SDA competes against amor williams from omara church and clearly dominated road sDa a portion of members from team oak Glades the competition by copping a Glades Conray Forrester, beamed with joy as total of 9 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 4 bronze medals, the highest For Miska this event was very special to her, he explained how the Oak Glades Church has number of medals recorded in the history of a point she gleefully expressed when quizzed set a new standard for the event. According about her performance. “I was excited due to to Forrester, “all other churches would now the competition by any one church. the fact that I got champion girl for the EJC have to measure up to our standard. This was Though the 2011 event saw the implementation 1.5K run for two years straight,” she stated. reflected in the medal table,” he said, “where of new route for the Run and Walk categories, Kristoff Grant who participated in the event for the Oak Glades Church sprinted away with Team Oak Glades was not daunted by the the first time celebrated with his team as he first place, followed by the Florence Hill SDA awesome task before them. This was especially placed 1st in the 13-15 category of runners. He Church in second and the Lawrence Tavern evident for the children as Shemar Walters and expressed his delight in anticipation for next SDA Church with third.” the Oak Glades church will be now setting their eyes on the Miska Matthews were crowned the male and year’s event. 2012 prize as they hope to realize the title of female champions respectively, for the 1.5K Coordinator and Head Coach for Team Oak ‘Champion Church.’ category.


January 2012 | Adventist beam

Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force seated in worship

During his discourse, as he refer to Isaiah 55:611, the Adventist Church head lamented some of the ills in the country of his birth including the recent spate of beheadings of individuals by the hands of wicked men he said, “I am bold enough to say that like the rest of the world Jamaica is in a crisis and the people of God, His called out people you and I in more ways than one, are no better than the audience to which Isaiah wrote.” “We have, as a Christian community of faith, as individuals and as a nation, committed grave sins against one another and by extension we have all sinned against our God. The nation is sick and decaying at its very core and the Church is not immune to the disease that has engulfed

our country at this time. In the wider society and in the Church there is a concerted effort to put on a good show hoping to convince ourselves that all is well. All is not well, it’s just a show, a farce. All is not well with this The Andrews Memorial Choirgave a beautiful rendition nation and as a people of God But rather than casting away the wicked the all is not well between our soul and the murder or the oppressor, rather than giving up on us, God in his love is imploring us to saviour.” seek and call upon Him now. This is a call to The service was held at the repentance and intercessory prayer; and that Andrews Memorial Adventist is why today as a Church in Jamaica we are Church in Kingston was filled presenting ourselves and the nation before to capacity and included God acknowledging our sins, confessing our representatives of Government sins and those of the nation as a whole to God and the Jamaica Constabulary and seeking His forgiveness and pardon. God wants to renew His relationship with His church Force (JCF). in Jamaica and with the people of this Nation.” Prominent Minister of Government Hon. Pernel Charles was present at the church service. Introducing Pastor Everett Brown before he spoke was President of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell. There was also a good representation of the East Jamaica Conference departmental directors and church pastors at this solemn Member of Parliament Hon. Pernel Charles listens attentively assembly. Pastor Brown added “We must never lose sight the first Sabbath in the month of August is of the fact that when we verbally abuse and celebrated annually as the “Day of Prayer for destroy our brothers and sisters emotionally or the Nation” by the Seventh-day Adventist church physically it is an affront to God. It is evil, and in Jamaica. Isaiah calls it wickedness. January 2012 | Adventist beam


First District Dialogue a Success

Inter American Division Elects New President

By Phillip E.L. Castell


oarD members and select leaders of both the North Street and Arnold Road SDA Church, met with the Administrators of the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) for the first District Dialogue on the evening of Sabbath August 13, 2011. the meeting started at approximately 4:45pm in the church hall of the North Street SDA Church. Born out of the need to facilitate greater dialogue between churches and the Conference Administration, District Dialogue was conceptualized by president of East Jamaica Conference Pastor Adrian Cotterell, who shared how the idea came about with those who gathered at the inaugural meeting. “Several months ago”, said President Cotterell, “ a group of elders invited me to share with them, and we discussed a wide range of issues that were affecting the local congregation. After the discussion, we were able to have a better understanding of the situation.” “Several weeks later”, continued the president, “a group of elders asked me if they could meet me in my office along with their pastor to discuss some organizational business and when they came, we discussed, we talked and came to a common conclusion. It was then that it struck me, that there is a need for more of this discussion and dialogue in the local congregations so that we can discuss issues and understand each other better.” At the inaugural meeting, it was communicated that Pastor Glenville Carr would deal with issues relating to Evangelism and Mission , Pastor Devon Osbourne with Policies, Procedures and Protocol. Elder Waldon Wright with issues relating to Money and finances. Pastor Adrian Cotterell advised that he would deal with issues relating to the Churches Organizational Structure and how the church functioned.


January 2012 | Adventist beam

After the preliminary introduction by Pastor Enroy Ferguson, pastor of the North Street and Arnold Road Circuit of churches, Ministerial Director at EJC, Pastor Glenville Carr opened the dialogue with evangelism where he shared Vision 1 million with the church leaders. “ This will probably be the largest evangelistic mobilization in the history of Inter American Division”, said Pastor Carr as he tried to convey the magnitude of the of the work in this new evangelistic initiative. “Our target in East Jamaica Conference is to recruit , train and challenge 17,000 church members to become passionate disciples in outreach ministry in order to win 17,000 new members by 2014.” Vision 1 Million will officially be launched in East Jamaica Conference on September 3, 2011. Pastor Carr went on to advise those present that an urgent Evangelism Summit will be held at the Kencot SDA Church on August 24, 2011 at 2:00 pm where more details about this major evangelistic thrust will be given to the church. working relationship The dialogue continued when president Cotterell spoke about the structure of the church. “ We have a Representative form

of government , said pastor Cotterell, “ and no one man makes all decisions on our church.” “One of the wonders of the SDA church is its unity and any leader destroying unity must be removed”. Pastor Cotterell went on to say that the local elders are responsible for the nurturing of the pastor and seeing to his spiritual growth

By Nigel Coke

organization of our Church.” Dr. thomas, who is the current president of ASi-Jamaica Union Conference, will serve for the next two-year term. He succeeds Juan Rosa, a native of the Dominican Republic.

and that the elder and the pastor must be close just like how the local congregation and the Conference must be close. Protocol Secretary of EJC, Pastor Devon Osbourne, spoke about protocols and practices in the SDA church. He reminded the leaders that protocol is supported by the bible and gave reference as Romans 13:7 , 1 Peter 2:17. Said Pastor Osbourne, “ We are a structured church with certain guiding principles. “ Pastor Osbourne went on to speak about Protocol and Practices in the SDA church and gave examples of a few of the poor protocal practices that are ongoing in many Adventist church including inviting guest preachers to speak without the prior acknowledgement or confirmation by the church pastor. Elder Waldon Wright gave a presentation on Stewardship which highlighted the four (4) “t”’s of stewardship ie Time. Talent, Temple and Treasure. The presentation was effectively delivered and well received. After the presentations by the Administrators, the church leaders of the both the Arnold Road and North Street SDA Church were given the opportunity to ask questions and engage the Administrators in dialogue. First Elder of Arnold Road SDA Church, Elder George Grant and first Elder of North Street SDA Church, Elder Norris Crooks, were both present at the first District Dialogue. At the end of the District Dialogue members of both church were heard saying that they were pleased that the Administrotors made the decision to have this forum and that it will ultimately improve the communication flow between the Conference leadership and the church.

the Adventist Laypersons Services and Industries (ASi) Inter-American Division (IAD) has a new president. Dr. Marston thomas who is the immediate past Vice President was elected president during the staging of the 11th Convention of ASI-IAD held at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Hotel in St. Ann, Jamaica. “I am delighted to be asked to serve as president of the ASi in Inter-America,” said Dr. thomas. “This will be a tremendous responsibility, but with God all things are possible. A good team has been put together and I believe with our various gifts and strong faith in God, we will be able to give outstanding leadership to this important

Dr. thomas will be supported by the following officers: • Secretary – Pastor Leon Wellington, Vice President IAD • Treasurer – Ivelisse Herrera these will be supported by Vice Presidents: • Ricardo Casado – Dominican Republic (Spanish territory) • Rolando Garcia – Guatemala (Spanish territory) • Victor Johnson – Barbados (English territory) • Jean Holder – Guadeloupe (French territory)

Rohan Riley of the Cayman Islands and Lyndon Antwine of Tobago will serve as Public Relations Officer and Project Officer respectively. Pastors Melchor Ferreyra and Samuel telemaque, both Personal Ministries representative of the IAD are board members, along with all “the family Fun Fair will help some of our young as they prepare to return to school and this afternoon our Community Services Department is coming on board with assisting our young people with some items they will need to go back to school .” So said Pastor Adrian Cotterell, president of East Jamaica Conference, in his opening remarks prior to the start of the concert after most persons had consumed their meals.

Community Services Department Assists Children


By Phillip E.L. Castell


n Sunday August 28, 2011, the East Jamaica Conference Community Services Department and Community Services Federation came together to host the “Grand Family Fun Brunch” which was held at the V.H. Percy Centre on the grounds of the Kencot SDA Church. the “Family Fun Brunch” was organized with the objective of raising funds for Community Services and to assist children as they prepare for “ back to school” at the beginning of the new school year in September.

In highlighting the work of the church with the community, pastor Cotterell contued, “one of the things we should do to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just to pitch tent and preach at crusades, but we also must assist our people who are in need because this is one of the things that Jesus did.” More than 110 school bags (knapsacks) packed with books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens and rulers were distributed to children from the surrounding communities and across the East Jamaica Conference constituency. The items were presented to the children by Sis. Lorna Fowler, President - Community Services Federation in East Jamaica Conference. The gospel concert featured local church acts (

the ASi Secretary/treasurer of the Unions and the immediate past president Mr. Juan Rosa. “The convention in Jamaica has been a successful one due to the strong support of the local chapter,” said Pastor Leon Wellington, Secretary of ASI-IAD. “I am very happy to welcome our new president and his team and look forward to his leadership in expanding the impact and outreach of ASi in our region.” With only ten active Union Chapters of ASi in the Division, thomas added, “One of the goals of the team for the next two years will be to have active ASi presence in all 21 Unions of IAD.” The convention which started on Wednesday, August 17 ended on Sabbath, August 20, 2011. ASi is the business and professional affiliate of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide. the ethos of ASi-Inter-American Division is to assist in the development of the whole person by sharing Christ in the market Place.

mainly children) who performed choral speech, sang and performed sign language to those who are hearing impaired. The Master of Ceremonies role for the concert was shared between Pastor Carl Cunningham, Sabbath School / Personal Ministries / Community Services Director - EJC who did the first segment while Pastor Jovan Whyte was “MC” for the second half. Tickets to enter the event were sold for $499.00 for adults while children were charged $100.00 at the gate. Holders of tickets were treated to wide variety of delicious meal options including vegetarian dishes, ackee and saltfish, fried fish, bammy, festival, and an assortment of cooked food. Pastry options were in abundance and included cakes and puddings for those who wished to sample the baked products. Present at the function from the EJC Conference Office was Pastor Leonard Steele, Health Ministries Director-EJC. Pastor Devon Osbourne, Secretary- EJC, Pastor Glenville Carr, Ministerial and Family Life Director, -EJC with his wife Patricia, Women’s and Children Ministries Director and her husband, Sis. Claudette Genas and Communications Director, Elder Phillip Castell. January 2012 | Adventist beam





ight series covering the areas of gender issues, family life, youth, children, music, preaching, health and the church in the community, which were produced and recorded in Jamaica, were presented to Hope Channel.

The presentation took place on Aug. 20, 2011, during the 11th staging of the Inter-American Division’s Adventist Lay-persons Services and Industries (ASI-IAD) International Convention at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Hotel in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica. Pastor Derris Krause, development director at Hope Channel was delighted to receive the set of 118 programs that involved individuals and scenes from across the islands of Jamaica, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands and the Cayman Islands. “What the Northern Caribbean University media team has done is amazing,” said Krause. “The entire Hope Channel team looks forward to integrating these new programs which you have created into Hope Channel’s broadcast line up as quickly as possible. Hope Channel is honored to be your partner in ministry to advance the kingdom of God.”

story by: Nigel Coke/iaD

west indies series presented to

Pastor Leon wellington (left), vice president and Communication director for the church in inter-america presents the set of ‘Project Hope west indies’ of Hope Channel on aug. 19, 2011, during the asi-iaD international Convention held in ocho rios, st. ann

Pastor Leon Wellington, vice president and communication director of IAD presented the series to Krause and thanked the various teams for making the completion of the project possible. “I am very delighted to see the completion of this historic project,” said Pastor Wellington. “My hope is that the various messages encoded in each presentation will inspire the viewers, and lead to a greater commitment to Christ.”


The project which cost approximately US$163,000 was a joint effort of Hope Channel; the Inter-American Division (IAD); the Jamaica Union and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists which represents Adventists in the Islands of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Cayman. “It was our pleasure to be involved in this international project,” said Everett Wiles, acting managing director of NCU Media Group. “In spite of the challenges that we faced technically, it was a great learning experience for the team many of whom are students majoring in communication studies. We look forward to more projects of this nature and we look forward to the broadcast of these series.” Project Hope is a creative, cost-effective production done on a short-term basis, using many volunteers to assist in the production of more than 100 television programs in less than one month. So far more than 2,000 programs have been produced in places such as Africa, Australia, India, the Philippines, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

As part of the “Vision One Million” launch, members of the church were invited to make a commitment to work with at least one person with a view of giving bible studies and support to winning that person to the Lord. As part of the launch, members of the church were encouraged to make a commitment to the “Vision one Million” goals by signing pledge cards confirming their willingness to work with someone.

story By: Phillip E. L. Castell


ision One Million” was officially launched in East Jamaica Conference at the North Street SDA Church on Sabbath September 3, 2011. All Pastors, Interns, Personal Ministries Leaders, Sabbath School Superintendents and Adventist Youth Leaders were especially invited to the launch which is an initiative of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD). The “Vision One Million” initiative has as its objective the growth of the church in IAD by one million members by May 2014. Of this goal, Jamaica Union Conference’s objective is


January 2012 | Adventist beam

Dr. milton Gregory, secretary Jamu was the mid day speaker

to grow the church by seventy five thousand (75,000). In East Jamaica Conference, our goal from this amount is to find, engage and train seventeen thousand (17,000) members of the church to passionately share their faith and win at least one new member by May 2014. The “Vision one million” launch in East Jamaica Conference was spearheaded by

Church member signing pledge card

Without a doubt, this historic visit by General Conference President, Pastor Ted Wilson will be help to create an even greater impact for us in Jamaica as we begin to start the ground work for Vision One Million.

understand what God wants him/her to do. After he has done this he will now want to teach others to learn more about the love of Christ.”

Quoting from the scripture passage found in Matthew 28: 18 - 20, Dr. Gregory Clive Wiggan–The first of three persons baptized by Pastor Enroy Ferguson during the Official launch of Vision One Million held at the North Street SDA made the point that, “all Church on sabbath, september 3, 2011. of God’s children who are saved in God’s kingdom and who understand The morning’s worship service ended with a the mandate and mission of the church, will baptismal service where three precious souls out of love, be willing to go and make disciples were won for the Lord. of others.” In looking at who is a disciple of Christ, Pastor Gregory said, “ a disciple is one who is baptized, and who studies the word of God to

Mrs. Redva Martin-Ferril, New Principal of Kingsway School

Pastor Glenville Carr, Ministerial Secretary and Family Life Director of East Jamaica Conference.

Launched In EJC

Launched In EJC cont’d

Using the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodigal son, Pastor Gregory concluded that ,”one is lost when he is not where he is supposed to be or when he should be some place but is not there”. Answering the question of ‘who then is the lost when it comes on to human beings?’ the preacher confirmed, “all who have not believed on the Lord Jesus Christ to allow Him through the shedding of His blood on the cross to save them, they are lost.”

Speaker for the Divine Hour Service at the launch of “Vision One Million”, was Dr. Milton Gregory, Executive Secretary Jamaica Union Conference (JAMU) who commented that, “ the church in East Jamaica Conference is alive and well”. He announced that the General Conference President, Pastor Ted Wilson will be visiting Jamaica next year. This visit will coincide with the “Vision One Million” celebration in Jamaica Union Conference which is planned for February 4, 2012.

By: adiese a. Jonas

mrs. redva may Ferril- Newly appointed Principal of the Kingsway High and Prep schools


edva May Martin- Ferril is the newly appointed Principal of the Kingsway High and Prep Schools. Mrs. MartinFerril officially accepted the baton on tuesday September 6, 2011, from Mrs Claudette Genas who now serves as the Director of the Women’s and Children’s Ministries Departments at the East Jamaica Conference Headquarters. Redva May Martin the eighth of ten children and first daughter of Georg and Iris Martin was born in Port Antonio, Portland. A product of Seventhday Adventist Christian Education, Mrs. Ferril

received her wholistic Secondary Education from the Portland High School in Port Antonio in the early 70’s. In 1975 she got married to Hubert Ferril, a Lay Preacher and Literature Evangelist from St. thomas. the union produced two children- Hugh and Zoe. Ferril attended West Indies College in 1977 and in 1980 graduated with Honours as a certified Primary trained teacher. Her first teaching assignment as a newly trained Teacher was at the Winchester Primary School where she served for one year (1980 – 1981) teaching Grades 4, 5, and 6. Mrs. Ferril then moved on to Port Morant All –Age School where she taught numerous grades for seven years. She then furthered her Education at the St. Josephs Teachers’ College in 1986 where she upgraded her training to a Diploma in Primary Education.

Mrs. Ferril re-located to St. Catherine in 1988 and began teaching at the Gregory Park All Age School. After only two years of service, due to her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to the post of Senior teacher. In 1989 Mrs. Ferril attended the University of the West Indies Mona to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Primary Education. At the end of her first year, she was awarded the Victoria Mutual Scholarship for teachers. She graduated with Honours in 1991.

Upon returning to Gregory Park All Age and working for two additional years, she was promoted to Vice Principal in 1993. In 1995 Mrs. Ferril returned to the University of the West Indies to read for a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Administration. During this time she taught Mathematics and English at the Undergraduate School at the UWI. She also taught at the Hagley Park Prep School between 1997 – 1998). this was while she continued to extend herself at Gregory Park school by teaching Grades 3 to 9. Mrs. Ferril also acted as Principal of the Innswood High School between September 2008 to August 2010 and accomplished great successes! Presently she also serves as an Ordained Elder of the Waterford Seventh-day Adventist Church. She has served in several areas of her church, namely: as Pathfinder Counsellor and Director, Deaconess, Sabbath School Superintendent, Church Clerk, Education Director, Interest Coordinator, Women Ministries Director and more. She has a passion for the Word of God and Evangelism. Ferril, a Preacher at heart, is often invited by pastors to speak in their congregations. Her philosophy is, “Help somebody or your life is vain.” Her ultimate goal is to meet Jesus when He comes and to help others to meet Him too. January 2012 | Adventist beam


New Mr. and Miss EJC Ambassadors Sashed


FtER MONtHS OF PREPARATION which included reading the Bible, the Spirit of Prophesy and the History of the SeventhDay Adventist Church, the night came when those who would wear the sash of Mr. and Miss Junior, teen and Youth Ambassador for the East Jamaica Conference would be chosen.

By Phillip E. L. Castell

Sis. Kathleen Dunkley – Conceptualizer and coordinator of the East Jamaica Conference Ambassador Program speaking at the Ambassador Awards Ceremony at the Knutsford Court Hotel

On Sunday September 3, 2011, nine young persons from across the constituency out of the group of twenty nine finalists were sashed as Ambassadors for the Conference and by extension the church.

the names of the winners in the three categories are listed below:


Junior Ambassador

Conceptualizer and coordinator of the program, Sis. Kathleen Dunkley was more than delighted to see her group of young ambassadors proudly representing their church and giving a good account of themselves.


Jodi-Ann Simms

Grace Church

Xavier Anderson

Hagley Park SDA Church

First runner up

Sade Holness

Half-Way tree SDA Church

Nicholas Lobban

Washington Gardens SDA Church


Krislia Brooks

Morant Bay SDA Church

Keroy Graham

Morant Bay SDA Church



second runner up

Rasheeda Menzie

North Street SDA Church

Chevez Rhoden-Barr

Half-Way tree SDA Church

First runner up

Flavia Bradshaw-Beswick

Half Way tree SDA Church

Lopez Miller

North Street SDA Church


Krystal Gooden

North Street SDA Church

Chevaughn Griffiths

North Street SDA Church


Youth Ambassador


second runner up

Kimberly McDermott

Johnson town SDA Church

Andrew Myers

Penwood SDA Church

First runner up

Jannel Davidson

Penwood SDA Church

Akeem Armstrong

Penwood SDA Church


Annel Davidson

Penwood SDA Church

Rushawn Marshall

Stadium Community

In bringing words of greetings, president Cotterell gave words of commendation to Sis. Kathleen Dunkley for her attention and dedication to the Ambassador Program. Through her instrumentality, scholarships were secured from Northern Caribbean Univeristy (NCU) and University College of the Caribbean (UCC) for the winner of the Mr. and Miss Youth Ambassador.

the Installation Service was supported by the Publishing Ministries, Religious Liberty and Spirit of Prophecy Director of the East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Owen Thomas, as well as other Elders, Leaders and Members from the District of churches. The service was one of several which took place across the EJC Constituency.

By: adiese a. Jonas

the final sashing event was held at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston and was attended by more than two hundren persons which included parents of the children, representatives from the the church which the Ambassodor attend, teachers and coaches of the ambassadors, family members and well wishers. President of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell along with treasurer, Elder Waldon Wright and other departmental directors were also present for the event.

second runner up

Teen Ambassador

Windel Montaque, Now Pastor of Rollington Town District

Members of the Rollington Town district keenly listening to Pastor Montaque’s Inaugural Address Pastor Windel Montaque greets his new congregation at his Installation Service held at the Rollington town Church on Sabbath October 8, 2011


astor Windel Montaque was officially installed as the new pastor for the Rollington town District of Churches on Sabbath October 8, 2011. He was supported by his wife, children and members of his extended family during a special service held in the afternoon. Montaque’s appointment comes as a result of the urgent need to fill a gap created, after Dr. Eric Nathan (former Pastor of the Rollington Town District), was asked to serve at the Jamaica Union Conference, as the Family Ministries and trust Services Director.

that are a part of our era to reach the people of our time. We must be mindful that while our methods of evangelism can change, our principles and standards must always remain the same. We must present, the undiluted Gospel to people everywhere” said the newly Installed Pastor. He also expressed gratitude for the spiritual leadership provided by his predecessors: Pastors Eric Nathan, Howard Smith and Christopher Atkinson, and pledged to carry on the work of the church with Christ at the centre of his Ministry.

Pastor Windel Montaque and Wife preparing to receive a basket from Gina-Marie Maddix, affirming their welcome into the district.

In greeting the congregation, his first charge of duty was to remind them of the main roles and functions of the church.

Youth Ambassador Winners – Male (L – R ) Andrew Myers (3), Rushawn Marshall (1), Akeem Armstrong (2)

Junior Ambassador Winners – Male (L – R ) Xavier Anderson (2), Keroy Graham (1), Nicholas Lobban (3)

teen Ambassador Winners – Male (L – R ) Lopez Miller (2), Chevaughn Griffiths (1), Chevez Rhoden-Barr (3)

“There is no Honey Moon period for me” said the newly installed Pastor. “The church must be a community church! Each member has a responsibility to win souls for Christ. If the Church only caters for its members, it would have lost its mission!” He highlighted the importance of embracing new and exciting methods of evangelism. “The church must not be afraid to embrace certain types of change, we must utilize the methods

The Praise Team leads out in the singing of the Closing Hymn


January 2012 | Adventist beam

teen Ambassador Winners – Female (L – R ) Flavia Bradshaw-Beswick (2), Kristal Gooden (1), Rasheeda Menzie (3)

Junior Ambassador Winners – Female (L – R ) Jodi-Ann Simms (3), Krislia Brooks (1) , Sade Holness (2)

Youth Ambassador Winners – Female (L – R ) Jannel Davidson (2) , Annel Davidson (1), Kimberly McDermott (3)

January 2012 | Adventist beam


‘Single but Not Available’ says Cotterell

Samuel Lewis installed as new Pastor of Andrews Memorial Church

in communion with God, he must be diligent and committed. He must love the church and be willing  to treat the people well. We have found that pastor in the person of Samuel Lewis.  We have prayed about the matter and God has placed his hands on Samuel Lewis.”

By Phillip E.L. Castell

Pastor Samuel Lewis sits beside his wife Methlyn  at the front of the church, prior to their introduction at the Andrews Memorial Church on Sabbath October 8, 2011.   Sitting close by in the same bench is  Sis. Dorette  Osbourne, wife of  Pastor Devon Osbourne, Secretary, East Jamaica Conference.


astor Samuel Lewis was officially installed as the Church Pastor of   the Andrews Memorial Church   on   Saturday October 8, 2011 at a special Installation Service   at the church, to mark the occasion.  The service was supervised by Pastor Devon Osbourne, Secretary of the East Jamaica Conference.   Pastor Lewis and his wife Methlyn, were graciously welcomed into the family of the Andrews Church by Sis. Rhona Burgess, Church Clerk and Sis. Joan Reid, Family Life Director, who gave them corsages  and presented them with a gift basket. This cordial welcome and presentation of gift,  was coordinated  by First Elder of the Church, Elder Vermont Murray.    In his introduction of the new Pastor to the church, Secretary Osbourne shared the view that the Andrews Church was considered the premier Church in the Conference and therefore required  someone who had the spiritual maturity and experience to offer good leadership to the congregation.      “We don’t take the Andrews Church for granted, because it is the number one church in the Conference”, said Osbourne  in his introduction of Lewis at the sixty  seven (67) year old Andrews Church. “ In looking for a Pastor”, he continued, “ we have to make sure we look carefully. The pastor must be


January 2012 | Adventist beam


After the dedicatory prayer by Osbourne, Pastor Samuel Lewis was invited to address the waiting congregation for the first time as Church Pastor   by Pastor Charles Blythe,  Youth Ministries Director and Chaplaincy Coordinator, Jamaica Union

By Dyhann Buddoo-Fletcher/NJC

A Pastor Devon Osbourne leading out in the Installation Service of Pastor Samuel Lewis at the Andrews Memorial Church

In his address to the church which lasted less  than fifteen minutes, Lewis recognized the work of  his predecessors, Pastors Lorenzo King and Adrian Cotterell.  He also ably  articulated a five point vision for the church, which was clearly influenced by his training and experience in the area of  Family Life.

midst the sexual challenges faced by singles in the church, Pastor Adrian Cotterell, President of the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists implored hundreds of singles from across Jamaica, to spurn temptation and to follow Joseph’s example when he sent the message, ‘I am single but NOT available.’ The President was speaking at the Singles’ Convention held under the theme, ‘Single and Engaged’ held at the Northern Caribbean University Gymnatorium on Saturday, October 8, 2011. In expounding on the experience of Joseph in the book of Genesis chapter 39, Pastor Cotterell said, “Joseph a handsome single man was experiencing a fiery trial because he refused the sexual pressure of his boss’s wife.”

Pastor Adrian Cotterell, President of EJC invites the singles to take their stand at the altar in the NCU Gymnatorium, demonstrating their willingness to remain faithful to God

give him freedom, why spurn the opportunity?” “However, Joseph remembered God’s Ten Commandments and the one that says, ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery’. Joseph was aware that sexual provocation is the enemy’s chief weapon to destroy relationship with God and also with his fellow human being,” Pastor Cotterel said.

In his opening remarks, Pastor Lewis placed emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling his responsibillty as pastor of the church. “ When I reflect and analyse the weighty responsibility ahead of me,” said Lewis, “ I am humbled. I truly realize that I would be inadequate without the aid of the Holy Spirit.” The need for a Church Pastor  at the Andrews Memorial church was  created after the resignation of Pastor Lorenzo King  earlier in the year.  President of  East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell, assumed responsibility of Church Pastor in the interim  while the search for a suitable replacement was explored. 

In supporting the biblical precepts for singles, Dr. Grace Kelly, Chair of the department of Counselling and Psychology in her presentation ‘Singles and Spirituality,’ admonished that singles need to be spiritual and have a Divine connection with God in order to be sustained. Dr. Kelly argued that, “Our spirituality or spiritual experiences are not simply what happens to

Pastor Samuel Lewis addressing members of the Andrews Memorial Church for the first time on October 8, 2011

A graduate of Northern Caribbean University, Andrews University (MA. Religion) and Montemorelos University (Mexico), Pastor Samuel Lewis is a   Certified Family Life Educator,  and former Family Life Director and Ministerial Director of  East Jamaica Conference.  He and his wife Methlyn are married for twenty seven years  and are the proud parents of three children.

Pastor Samuel Lewis and wife Methlyn being presented with gift basket by a member of the church during the Installation Service

Praise Circle from North Jamaica Conference sings ‘The Blood Covers it All’ for the altar call at the end of Pastor Cotterell’s Message at the Single’s Convention held at NCU.

“With her words, Mrs. Potiphar tried to seduce the young man. She might have said, ‘I have spread my bed with tapestry and colourful Egyptian linen. I have perfumed my bed with spices and exotic fragrances. Come let us spend the night in ecstatic love making, my husband is not home. He is away on business and won’t come back for a month.’” “Joseph was experiencing a fiery trial,” said Cotterell. “Do you know what fiery means? It is something that is burning, scorching, blistering, sweltering, sizzling, and blazing hot. These are the words to describe the daily pressure Joseph endured.”

The President highlighted that though Joseph passed the test he did so at a risk of being judged even in the the 20th Century as being soft, shy, a waste, clueless, and foolish in missing out on such an opportunity. However, the preacher of righteousness highlighted,  “There was never a stronger temptation to an unblemished faithful Christian man recorded elsewhere.  The temptation came from his boss one whom he was expected to obey without delay.  It was to his own peril to disobey. It was to his own favour and goodwill to accept the gift.  She could protect him, she could promote him, she could pamper him, she could prosper him, she could honor him, she could

Dr. Grace Kelly addresses the audience of Singles at the Singles Convention held at the NCU Gymnatorium (Mandeville, Manchester- on Sabbath October 8, 2011

January 2012 | Adventist beam


us but rather what we do with what happens to us.” “Singles, it is ok to be happy while being single, but if you are not truly spiritually connected with God - the One that can empower you to understand that you are more than just what exist around you and what you have - you are in deep trouble. Because for some of us we experience lonely times and you wish you had someone whom you could whisper to and to whisper back in your ear and without a solid foundation and a really true spiritual connection

with God, you cannot withstand the challenges that come and there will be times you will have to sing, ‘Jesus take the wheel’,” said Dr. Kelly The day’s presentations also included North Jamaica Conference singles conducting the Sabbath School and the Family Ministries Director, Pastor Gary Buddoo-Fletcher, facilitated the Sabbath School lesson study. Pastor Michael Harvey, NCU Church pastor gave tips on Successful Singleness; Pastor Joel Haye, West Jamaica Conference Family Ministries Director and his wife Ruth presented

on Healthy Relationships and Managing Emotions; and Dr. Eric Nathan, Jamaica Union Conference Family Ministries Director spoke on Coping with Sexual Urges which immediately flowed into a panel discussion and a question and answer segment. the Singles’ Convention attracted singles from all five Conferences in Jamaica and the programme was spearheaded by the Central Jamaica Conference Family Ministries Department with Pastor Roy Dennis as the Director.

Adventists Build house for Disabled Man By: adiese a. Jonas

“I feel very happy, I feel very very good” exclaimed the beaming McKenzie, as he struggled to respond due to the nature of his slurred speech. McKenzie, a member of the Philadelphia Church for approximately three years, suffered from a rare virus as a child which left him unable to walk on his own. Though his mobility is limited, McKenzie can often be seen witnessing to the members of his community and participating in other church related activities.

Kenroy McKenzie, beneficiary of a newly constructed house by his church, expresses his gratitude



January 2012 | Adventist beam


ver 25 Students of the Seventhday Adventist operated Miramar Kinder/ Prep. School in the parish of St. thomas, shared joy and happiness with members of their community on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. The students, under the guidance and supervision of school Principal Mr. F. E. Bingham and Vice Principal Mrs. Suzette Douglas- Hird, left the confines of their school compound to touch the lives of the elderly and indigent as part of their “Day of Kindness” activities in the parish.

the trip to the St. thomas Infirmary also brought joy to the residents and intrigue to many of the children who seemed afraid of some of the elderly who were visibly delighted to see the young students. David roper (in wheel chair) receives a gift package from a student of miramar Kinder/Prep. school on october 12, 2011 as part of the “Day of Kindness” activities planned by the school.

Hidden behind tall green grass and lush vegetation, the cleared patch of land on which the small one room concrete house sat, probably never before was invaded by so many children at once. Unable to hold more than four persons at a time because of the lack of space, only Adene Johnson who presented the special gift, Dominic Saunders who prayed, Vice Principal Hird and one other student were able to see first hand Sandra’s reaction to this

a cross section of the completed house belonging to Brother Kenroy McKenzie

“We feel very satisfied as a conference and we are delighted to know that we could have made his life much more comfortable. This is what Jesus would have wanted us to do. We did it with unreservedly, with no strings attached,” said Pastor Carl Cunningham- the Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and Community Services Director Conference.

Pastor Carl Cunningham converses with Elder shulan Johnson about the next step in completing a portion of the home for Kenroy McKenzie

ENroY mCKENZiE now has a house to call his home, thanks to the members of the Seventh-day Adventist faith based organization of which he is a part. McKenzie, who has been living on his neighbour’s veranda in St. thomas for over four years, received the keys to his very first home on thursday October 20, 2011, during the annual ‘Week of Generosity’ initiative spearheaded by the Church.

After receiving her gift, Sandra was over joyed at the outpouring of love and her face lit up with a big grin. It was her way of saying “thank You” to the children who had left school to come and pray with her on this special visit.

By Phillip E. L. Castell

Armed only with a few bags containing gifts of toiletries and snacks which they brought from their homes , the children proved that it takes little to bring smiles of joy and happiness to those around us, especially to the elderly who

“Kenroy is unable to walk solely on his own and he’s also unable to read, but the interest he shows in church’s programmes is exceptional! He is usually the first person to get to service on a Sunday night, Wednesday night and even on a Sabbath. this man is unable to read, yet still he wants a Quarterly and he wants to find that section that we’re studying from on a Sabbath, so that he can be a part of the Worship experience too,” said Shulan Johnson, the First Elder of the Philadelphia Church. Despite McKenzie’s physical restrictions, he has been the leading ingathering taker for the Philadelphia Church for the past three years. Recognizing his outstanding efforts in evangelism and the numerous contributions he has made to his church, the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists took the decision to spearhead the construction of his house.

Adventist Kinder Prep. Students Share Joy on “ Day of Kindness”

sabbath school, Personal ministries and Community services Driector of EJC- Pastor Carl Cunningham (centre) hands Kenroy McKenzie the keys to his new home. also in the photo are: (L-r) sister Kathleen Dunkley (associate sabbath school, Personal ministries and Community services DirectorEJC), Pastor Holland thompson (Pastor of the morant Bay District and Elder ralph Clarke from the Philadelphia Church.)

Young Graham williams of miramar Kinder/ Prep. school holds the hands of mr. and mrs. Palmer and prays for them as part of the “Day of Kindness” activities held by the school on october 12, 2011

“I am very happy and feel privileged that you have come to visit Ms. Flemmings in particular and the other residents”, said Ms. Patricia Lewis, Assistant Matron of the Infirmary. “We appreciate it a lot and I am hoping that you will come back again or you will make it an annual event because it lifts the spirit of the residents. From time to time if you could just pop in to give a word of prayer, we will appreciate it.”

Children assemble at the door of sis. sandra’s House on “Day of Kindness “ october 12, 2011

true act of kindness. “ Sis. Sandra,” said Adene, “we are here to recognize the home you have. We are here to help you and protect you. Please take this little token of appreciation for today and let God guide you.” Former Basic school Principal and now resident of the St Thomas Infirmary, Ms. Flemmings, expresses appreciation for the act of love from the children of miramar Kinder/ Prep. school, on “ Day of Kindness” in st. thomas

For each of their specially selected community members, the children gave melodious renditions of the song “Shining for Jesus Deeds of Love Divine” then prayed before leaving them with a small gift package containing toiletries and snacks. Probably the visit that had the greatest impression on the minds of the children was the one to the home of Sandra, a member of the Morant Bay SDA Church who is mentally challenged and lives alone.

Here, they sang for teacher Flemmings, who years before, was a well respected principal of a basic school in the parish. She was now a resident of the Infirmary and the responsibility of the state along with the scores of other indigent and elderly residents who lived under the watchful eyes of their caretakers.

Among the residents of the infirmary who received gifts were Dudley Philips and James Sutton, members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Morant Bay.

are often forgotten. The two hour long trek through the community, saw the enthusiastic children visiting the homes of Mr. & Mrs. Palmer an elderly couple, Mr. David Roper a diabetic and arthritic shut-in from the White Horses SDA Church who is confined to a wheelchair, Sandra, a mentally challenged woman from the Morant Bay SDA Church who lives alone in a one room house, Ms. Flemmings, a former Basic School Principal who now resides in the St thomas Infirmary and Ms. English, a retired teacher of typing, Short Hand and Bible Knowledge who lives with her adapted mentally ill daughter, in an old house nearby the school.

“We are from the Miramar Kinder/Prep. School and we are here in the infirmary to share the love of Christ with you in a little way”, said Mrs. Suzette Hird, Vice Principal of the school, prior to the singing by the children.

adene Johnson of miramar Kinder/Prep. school hands a gift bag with toiletries to sis. sandra on “Day of Kindess” in st. thomas

the Miramar Kinder/Prep. School began operation three years ago on the grounds of the Morant Bay SDA Church on Miramar Drive, St. Thomas and currently has a student population of fifty three (53). January 2012 | Adventist beam


Bad Man’s Vision Transforms Him

Meric Walker when asked why this school was chosen for this act of kindness. “We have a program where we feed the elderly and we have been relating to some of the people who live on the street but rarely do we zoom in on the smaller children at this age level. These children will become the leaders of tomorrow and we want to ensure that they are not short-changed.”

By: adiese a. Jonas

What began as a vision for helping the elderly, blossomed into a life changing experience for Lloyd Ferguson, the Owner and Operator of Iera Shada Golden Age Home located in trench town, Kingston. Ferguson, whose past was deeply rooted in Political tribalism and Garrison tactics, has now dedicated his life to care for the aged. Approximately 25 years ago, Ferguson envisioned operating a centre for the Elderly in his community who were unable to care for themselves adequately. It was then that he took the decision to transform his home into an Inn, which would later operate seven days per week.

“This is my reason for living, this is what is keeping me alive” said the glowing Operator. “I know what it is like to be bad, I have lived that life already and have been tangled up in political ordeals, but as Shakespeare says, the world is a stage... people have their entrances and exits! I want to do something that will help people.” Ferguson, who has been exposed to crime since his childhood, is also a victim of two Gun Shot wounds his eyes. though he cannot see clearly at times, he struggles to provide financial assistance for the growing needs of the aged.

“thank God for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we always appreciate the help we get from them. The government don’t pay us any mind, politicians don’t pay us any mind, there’s no assistance from anywhere, but we know we can count on the Adventist Church down the road, the nurses from the clinic to help us and the other church down the road.” Ferguson beamed with enthusiasm as he expressed his gratitude to the Registered Nurses and Health Volunteers who paid the home a visit during the annual Week of Generosity Campaign hosted by the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Washington Gardens SDA Church Provides Free Lunches for Basic School

By Phillip E.L. Castell


students of Clarion Basic school saying “tHaNK You” for the free lunch provided by the wash-

Lloyd Ferguson, owner and operator of the iera shada Golden age Home in trench town Kingston, receives toiletries and food items from Nurse white (who assists the trench town Clinic) during the annual week of Generosity programme hosted by the EJC. other Nurses and Health Volunteers stand in the background observing the presentation.

he Washington Gardens SDA Church (WGSDAC) led by the Community Services Department, made good on its promise to provide free meals to the students of the Clarion Basic School on tuesday, October 11, 2011. the Feeding program for the children was organized to coincide with the “Week of Generosity” activities planned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica and inter-America Division.

ington Gardens sDa Church on october 11, 2011

the school Clarion Basic School has an average attendance of 75 students per day and is located at 13 Clarion Road, Marverly, Kingston 20.

adrianna Johnson, Community services leader of the wGsDa Church speak with children as they enjoy lunch provided free of cost by the church.

Community Services Leader of the Church, Sis. Adriana Johnson expressed joy for being able to mobilize her Community Services team to provide the meals for the students. “ I’m delighted to do this”, she said. “Its team work. God has been good to us. He has blessed us and we are happy to be here to share with the children of the Clarion Basic School”.

“The Church is feeding approximately 80 students at the Clarion Basic School today”, said Meric Walker, Pastor of the Washington Gardens Church, located at 41 Headley Avenue, Kingston 20 . “This is a continuation of what we always do but we are intensifying this today based on the Adventist Church island-wide emphasis of doing acts of kindness during “Week of Generosity” (October 8 – 15, 2011).

“This is so great. This has not happened to us for quite a while and we are grateful”, said Mrs. Elaine Coward-Barnes, one of the four teachers at the school which is in existence for more than forty five years.

Beverly Ellis from the washington Gardens sDa Church hands a lunch to a student of the Clarion Basic school on october 11, 2011 16 January 2012 | Adventist beam

“We have chosen the Clarion Basic School as our project this week because the Church have always been relating to the Adults”, said Pastor

By: Posha malcolm/EJC

Members often remember Sherman as one who was dedicated to the tasks at hand. “He had a smile that was radiant and infectious,” said one member of the church. “His spirit was cheerful and gentle. His character was Christ like – humble and full of compassion. He never spoke a harsh word. His speech was always seasoned with grace. thomas senior- Former Deacon of the Grace sDa Church poses for the camera

mrs. Elaine Coward-Barnes saying thanks to the Community services team from the wGsDa Church for their act of kindess

Pastor meric walker of the washington Gardens sDa Church interacts with two boys from the Clarion Basic school as they eat their cooked lunch provided by the Church

Sherman-Member of the Grace Church, laid to rest

Principal of the School Ms. Jennifer Smith, expressed gratitude to the Washington Gardens SDA Church for fulfilling its promise to the school. “ As you know, we are in an Inner City community and we are usually being made promises which are never fulfilled”, said Smith. “ I am really, really grateful to the Adventist Church for providing these cooked lunches. We welcome your assistance and we would appreciate if you can come on board to help the school in any way you can”.


EELiNGs of sadness filled the atmosphere at the Grace SDA Church, located on the grounds of the EJC, when members were told the shocking news of the death of Bro. Thomas Sherman Senior. Sherman former treasurer and Deacon of the Grace SDA Church died on Monday July 18, 2011, after being admitted to hospital for a short period. He was seventy one seventy one years old.

He was a remarkable Christian who will be missed by all. Our memories of him live on until that glorious resurrection morning when we hope to meet him again” she added.

Bro. Sherman was laid to rest on July 31, 2011 in the family plot at Lower Prospect, Burnt Ground, St. Elizabeth. He is survived by his wife, sons, daughters, grandchildren and other relatives and friends.

January 2012 | Adventist beam



Women's Ministries Director of EJC now Ordained Elder at ‘Mother Church’

By: adiese a. Jonas


omen’s Ministries Director of the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Sister Claudette A. Genas, was one of six persons to officially be welcomed into the Board of Elders at the North Street SDA Church on Sabbath October 1, 2011. Genas, who has been a member of the Church for approximately 33 years, gracefully accepted the responsibility placed in her stead to provide spiritual leadership to the congregants.

Master Guides march during March Pass on the grounds of the Kencot SDA Church

sabbath school, Personal ministries and Community services Director of the East Jamaica Conference- Pastor Carl Cunningham gives his main address at the ordination service for Elders held at the North street Church on sabbath october 1, 2011

Guest Speaker for the evening’s service, Pastor Carl Cunningham (Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and Community Services Director of the EJC) urged the newly ordained Elders to emulate Christ in their actions and speech. He was delighted to share his with the congregants the impact that this service had on him. “This ordination was a moment for me to visit my own calling as a shepherd,” said Cunningham. “This service has reminded me that I have a responsibility to lead others to Christ. It was a moment of personal recommitment to the ministry,” he further added. He encouraged the new leaders to take the High and Holy calling seriously. Also ordained were: Andrea Williams, Derrick Brooks, Dave Allen, Fitzgerald Gayle and Marlon Ellison.

Introduction of special guest speaker to Leaders’ Summit being done by Pastor Everett Brown, President, Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

President of the Adventist Church in Inter-American Division, Pastor Israel Leito takes the salute from Drill Major, Vernon Rhoden prior to the official start of Leaders’ Summit

Elder Bancroft Barwise, Treasurer, JAMU is part of the large congregation gathered at Leaders’ Summit 2011 at the Kencot SDA Church

Pastor Glen Samuels, Ministerial Secretary, Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists offering special prayer

Executive Secretary EJC, Pastor Devon Osbourne giving the welcome

The group HUMBLE with a fantastic rendition of the song ‘Dig a Little Deeper in the Store House of His Love’

the Kencot Youth Choir sings a beautiful rendition of ‘God Favours Me’

Greetings and introductions being given by Pastor Adrian Cotterell, President EJC

Pastor Israel Leito addressing members and leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Jamaica Conference on December 11, 2011 at the Kencot SDA Church

Treasurer EJC- Elder Waldon Wright at Leaders’ Summit 2011

Pastor Glenville Carr, Ministerial Secretary EJC, giving special instructions for the prayer session during Leaders’ Summit 2011

Elder Claudette Genas being greeted by Husband- Elder aston Genas. Elder andrea williams stands to her left.

“I am overwhelmed by the expectations of being a good shepherd leader, but the Holy Spirit has re-assured me, that with my hands in God’s hands, we will work together to achieve His Divine Plan.”

A section of the congregation at Leaders’ Summit at the Kencot SDA Church

(L-R) Elder Fitzgerald Gayle, Elder Marlon Ellison, Elder Andrea Williams, Elder Claudette Genas, Elder Dave Allen and Elder Derek Brooks.


January 2012 | Adventist beam

Pastor Israel Leito, President of the Church in Inter-American Division expresses gratitude for being invited to address the Church at Leaders’ Summit 2011

First Elder of the Kencot SDA Church, Dr. Paulette Stewart giving the prayer of Commitment

A member of the congregation asks a question of Pastor Israel Leito after his presentation at Leader’s Summit 2011

Pastor Israel Leito sharing invaluable information A gift of love from the heart - Pastor Israel Leito accepts a gift January 2012 | Adventist beam with the Church during his Leadership Seminar basket after his presentation at Leaders’ Summit 2011



FROM... Week of Generosity Activities


FROM... Youth Congressoree 2011

Leader or Pastors in Zone 3 and Pastor of the New Haven and Riverton Meadows Church, Pastor Errol Griffiths, scrapes old paint off a wall in preparation for painting at the Homestead Child Care Facility in Golden Spring during Week of Generosity, October 10, 2011 Sis. Melita Allen and Bro. Wilton Bailey paint the outside wall of the Homestead Child Care Facility in Golden Spring, October 10, 2011

Ms. Veronica Sewel-Morgan, Principal of the Charles ChinLoy Basic School (Second from Left) receives a Priority Magazine from Mrs. Rose Reynolds (left) of EJC . thirty (30) lunches were also delivered to the School courtesy of EJC. Pastor Carl Cunningham and Sis. Kathleen Dunkley look on

A gift of an HP Multifunction Printer being presented to the manager of the Homestead Child Care Facility in Golden Spring by Pastor Devon Osbourne on October 13 2011, during the Week of Generosity activities spearheaded by the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) of Seventh-day Adventists

Mrs. Winsome O’Connor, Vice Principal of the Tivoli Gardens High School receives 20 lunches from Pastor Carl Cunningham for needy students of the school on Thursday October 13, 2011 during Week of Generosity activities. Sis. Kathleen Dunkley and Herma Rose-Reynolds look on.

HIGHLIGHTS President Cotterell on opening night of Camp Meeting prior to introducing the two Camp Meeting 2011 guest speakers. The theme for the meetings was ‘Boundless Grace’


Pathfinders and Adventist Youths saying the pledge during the Sabbath morning service of Youth Congressoree held at the Karram Speid Auditorium, Merl Grove high School

A job well done - Freshly painted outside wall of the Homestead Child Care Facility in Golden Spring

Office Staff Members of East Jamaica Conference (EJC) and members of Zone 3 Churches pose with staff members of the Homestead Child Care Facility in Golden Spring in front of gift packages donated to the girls of the Child Care Facility by EJC

Heads are bowed in prayer as Pastor Holland Thompson prays for Kenroy McKenzie (seated), beneficiary of a new house constructed for him through assistance from the EJC.

Children of the Kings Early Childhood Basic School receiving lunches provided by EJC, during the Week of Generosity activities on October 13, 2011

Youth Director –EJC Pastor Hanson Drysdale addressing the congregation at Merl Grove Auditorium

Pastor Shane Francis appeals to the congregation during his sermon on Sabbath December 3, 2011 at Youth Congressoree

Sis. Christine Mundle from New Haven SDA Church receiving the Youth Director Award for 2011 from Youth Director-EJC, Pastor Hanson Drysdale

(R – L) President Adrian Cotterell and Secretary Devon Osbourne sit beside Elder Gary Francis, brother of guest preacher Pastor Shane Francis

A section of the audience enjoying the meal and having a good time

Sis. Claudette Brown from the Kencot SDA Church receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for her many years of service to Youth Ministries in EJC from Youth Director, Jamaica Union Conference, Pastor Carl Blythe

Sis. Carol Hunter of the Washington Gardens SDA Church, hands the Leadership in Youth Ministries Award for 2011 to Christopher Johnson of the Kencot SDA Church at Youth Awards Banquet 2011 at the Knutsford Court Hotel

Youth Ministries Awardees for 2011

FROM... Camp Meeting 2011

the group ASSURE giving the special musical item to the worship Service on Opening night, Wednesday , December 14, 2011

A view of a section of the congregation sitting at the front of the January 2012 | Adventist beam Kencot SDA Church during the Divine Service of Camp Meeting 2011

Elder Waldon Wright, TreasurerEJC does the offertory on Sabbath during the Divine hour

Pastor Shian O’Connor, Family Life Director, Cayman Island Conference was the Devotional Speaker in the mornings and Family Life Presenter at Camp Meeting 2011

Elder Bancroft Barwise, Treasurer Jamaica Union Conference was present at Camp Meeting 2011. He read the scripture reading during the Divine Service, December 17, 2011

the EJC Mass Choir gave the special musical item on Friday evening December 16, 2011

Sister Stacy Riley, wife of guest speaker Pastor Steve Riley, takes a photo of her husband while he preaches during the service

technical Director, Elder Errol Vaz capturing the Divine Service (Centre of photo) with his video camera. the event was streamed live over the internet on Friday night and on Sabbath

The EJC Ministerial Quartet of Pastor Holland Thompson, Pastor Owen Thomas, Pastor Linton Hamilton and Pastor Enroy Ferguson sing perfect harmony during the rendition of this song

Pastor Devon Osbourne, Executive Secretary –EJC giving the welcome and introduction during Divine Service on Sabbath December 17, 2011

Members of choir pay keen attention as Pastor Steve Riley delivers God’s message in “fine Style” during the final leg of Camp Meeting, Divine Service on Sabbath December 17, 2011

January 2012 | Adventist beam


H IGHLIGHTS FROM... The Official Opening of the Good Samaritan Inn Pastor Carl Cunningham Community Services Director & Good Samaritan Inn Committee Secretary giving the Chairman’s Remark at the Official Opening of the Inn

Pastor Devon Osbourne, Executive Secretary , EJC giving the welcome to the more than three hundred persons present at the Official opening of the Good Samaritan Inn on tuesday December 13, 2011

Dr. Patrick Rutherford, Administrator- Andrews Hospital sits beside Elder Gavin Lowe, Executive member ASI –EJC Chapter, Elder Cecil Foster, President ASI-EJC, Elder Marston thomas, President ASI-IAD

Elder Gavin Lowe speaks about the Good Samaritan Inn sustainability and the GSI Foundation

Pastor Leabert Williams, Pastor, Heroes Circle SDA Church & Good Samaritan Inn Chaplain gives the Scripture Reading. Beside him to his left, is Pastor Owen thomas, Publishing and Spirit of Prophesy Director, EJC

Member of Parliament, Rev. Ronald Thwaites lauds the work of the Adventist Church in the constituency

Elder Vermont Murray, Special Projects Manager, EJC gives an overview of the establishment of the Good Samaritan Inn and Operations



astor James Gordon Bennett was laid to rest on October 23, 2011 after a memorable thanksgiving Service at the Kencot SDA which was attended by the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church across Jamaica. Hundreds of persons from far and near, came to pay their last respects to the man who had given more than forty four years of his life in service to the Church.

members of the bereaved family of the late Pastor J.G. Bennett at his funeral at the Kencot sDa Church on sunday, october 23, 2011

Heading the group of persons sending tribute was His Excellency, the Most Honourable, Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica, who had worked with Pastor J. G. Bennett while he served in West Indies Union as treasurer. His Excellency, Sir Patrick Allen was unable to attend the service due to obligations of the State but he sent a message which was read by Pastor Cornel Jackson, pastor of the Kencot SDA Church.

Minister of Justice Mr. Delroy Chuck congratulating ASI and the East Jamaica Conference on the tremendous work they have done in establishing the GSI Inn over the past four years.

“Pastor Bennett’s service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church as Pastor, Conference President, Union Treasurer and Hospital Administrator was outstanding and conducted with dignity and grace”, read Pastor Jackson. “ His work was always appreciated and we thank God for him and for his selfless service to the church.”

Leaders of the Adventist Church and specially invited guests listen attentively to Mr. Delroy Chuck – Minister of Justice.

A view of the freshly painted Heroes Circle SDA Church at the official launch of the Good Samaritan Inn

Communication Director, Jamaica Union Conference, Elder Nigel Coke is captured sitting in the congregation between Pastor Everett BrownJAMU and Pastor Devon Osbourne, EJC

the casket containing the body of the late Pastor J.G. Bennett being carried through a Guard of Honour formed by Pastors at the start of the funeral on sunday october 23, 2011. Leading the casket are Pastor arlington woodburn, President, North East Jamaica Conference (second from left) and Pastor Leabert williams, Pastor in East Jamaica Conference (second from right).

A beaming ASI President – Elder Cecil Foster recounts how the Lord lead him a few years ago to begin feeding the homeless

A pleased Pastor Adrian Cotterell giving God thanks for how He has lead the work which now culminated in the official opening of the GSI on this day.

Pastor Everett Brown, Leader of the Adventist Church in Jamaica and Keynote speaker at the official opening of the Good Samaritan Inn on tuesday December 13, 2011

Cutting of Ribbon to the Gate to the Food Court – Elder Cecil Foster is set to cut the ribbon to the Food Court. Cutting of Ribbon to the GSI Main Gate. Mr. Ronald thwaites Beside him (L-R) is Elder Marston thomas, Elder January 2012 Adventist and others applaud as the ribbon to the| GSI main gate is cutbeam by Elethia Robinson, Pastor Everett Brown, Pastor Adrian Pastor Everett Brown. Cotterell.


In a service which lasted just over three hours, the life and work of the late James Gordon Bennett was remembered in glowing terms by the men and women whose lives he had touched during his eighty four (84) year lifespan. A section of the crowd sitting under a tent pays special attention to what is taking place despite the bright sunshine

Cutting of Ribbon to the Women’s Overnight Crisis Shelter – Pastor Adrian Cotterell, President EJC, cuts the ribbon to the Women’s Crisis Shelter. Looking on is Elder Vermont Murray and Pastor Everett Brown, President - JAMU

A view of one of the rooms with four beds at the Women’s Crisis Shelter, Good Samaritan Inn 2 – 4 Geffrard Place, Kingston 4

The tributes were many and came from the Presidents and their representatives of the five Conferences across the island, the Administration of the Andrews Memorial Hospital, the Interim President of Northern Caribbean University, the Retirees, his daughter Angela Dyjack and close friend Dr. Donna Brown.

Executive secretary of Jamaica union Conference, Pastor milton Gregory, giving greetings on behalf of President Everett Brown at the funeral of Pastor J.G. Bennett

January 2012 | Adventist beam


EJC’s - Trench Town Health Clinic, Treats Senior Citizens

In giving tribute, Pastor Milton Gregory, Executive Secretary and Health Ministries Director of Jamaica Union Conference, acted on behalf of President Everett Brown who was unavoidably absent due to prior engagements oversees. Referring to Bennett, Dr. Milton Gregory said, “Jamaica Union presently stands to loose from his analytical mind and the methodical way he approaches things . Pastor Bennett has given his entire life to the service of his Church and to his God. Jamaica Union today mourns his loss.”

By: adiese a. Jonas


ne dozen Senior Citizens from the Iera Shada Golden Age Home situated in the heart of the volatile Trench Town Community, benefited from free health checks, food items and toiletries, issued by members of the EJC Trench Town Health Clinic on Thursday October 13, 2011. This was in keeping with the annual Week of Generosity initiative spearheaded by the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Dr. meric Dale walker delivering the Homily at the thanksgiving service of the late Pastor J.G. Bennett

Pastor adrian Cotterell, President, East Jamaica Conference, giving tribute at the funeral of the late Pastor J.G. Bennett on sunday october 23, 2011

Pastor Adrian Cotterell, President of East Jamaica Conference, in his tribute to J.G. Bennett said, “His life was a model of the meaning, mandate and mission of the SDA Church. His commitment to Christ and the Work and Mission of the SDA Church was seen in his encouragement to pastors, his love for evangelism, his self sacrificing spirit and his Christ like compassion.” The service though lengthy was punctuated with songs of celebration from the Andrews Memorial Church Choir, the Meadowvale SDA Choir, a group from the Kencot SDA church, the North Street SDA Youth Choir, and other well rendered musical items. In accordance with the wishes of the deceased, Dr. Meric Dale Walker was given the task of presenting words of comfort and hope from the Scriptures to the congregation. In an engaging and thought provoking sermon, Pastor Walker used the book of Job to establish the mystery of our great God and Saviour . A God who is so great, we will never fully understand Him but who we must trust. “Job’s sadness”, said Walker, “ was transformed into gladness when Job discovered that God is mysterious and tremendous and all powerful. Job declared, though after my skin worms destroy my body, yet in my flesh, I shall see God and yes in his flesh, Pastor Bennett’s flesh, He shall see God again. I say to you that we can celebrate in our night time of grief because there comes the morning. “


January 2012 | Adventist beam

owner and operator of the iera shada Golden age Home- Lloyd Ferguson, receives toiletries and food items from Nurse iona white from the EJC trench town Health Clinic.

“On behalf of the Members of the Iera Shada Golden Age Home, I want to thank you for coming and sharing these items with us. We thank you for coming and assisting, we really appreciate it” said Ferguson, the owner and operator of the home which currently houses twelve Senior Citizens.

In his sermon, Dr. Walker openly thanked God for the life of the man he considered to be his friend. “ I praise God for the life of my friend and my mentor”, said Walker. “In his daytime we saw the value of his work, the dignity of his life, the sobriety of his stride. We saw the commitment of his service, the sincerity of his worship. We saw the passion of his preaching, the piety of his pleading, the wisdom of his leading, the profundity of his thoughts and the depths of his thinking. I thank God, I praise God, that in my lifetime, I knew him in his daytime and the legacy of values that I know embrace, are as a result of the influence of my friend Pastor J.G. Bennett”. the service began just minutes after the scheduled 11:00 am start time with all pastors present forming a Guard of Honour down the centre aisle of the Kencot Church through which the casket was lead. At the end of the service, a similar Guard of Honour was made by the pastors through which the casket, family members and friends exited the church. the final resting place was at the Dovecot Memorial Park in St. Catherine. Pastor Bennett leaves to mourn his loss , daughter Angela Dyjack; son, Walter Bennett, sister Maisie Bragman; brothers, Dudley Bennett, Frederick and Worthley Bennett, five grand children, nieces, nephews and other relatives.

94 Year old Euphemia senior, receives toiletries from Nurse Jenice Bennett during a visit from members of the EJC trench town Health Clinic on thursday october 13, 2011. in the background are (L-R Office Attendant- Marcia Young, Health Volunteer- Richard Jack, Registered Nurses Yolanda morris and iona white.)

“Thank you very much, I really appreciate these gifts” uttered Euphemia Senior, a 94 year old Member of the hostel. She along with several other senior citizens benefited from free health checks and gifts offered throughout the day. the Iera Shada Golden Age Home is the realization of a vision that Lloyd Ferguson (owner and operator) had over 25 years ago, to provide a home for the Elderly in and around the Trench Town environs. He was compelled to care for Senior Citizens who were unable to provide for themselves adequately.

Pastor Carl Cunningham addresses Senior Citizens during a visit to the Iera Shada Golden Age Home by members of the EJC trench town Health Clinic on thurdsay october 13, 2011.

Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and Community Services Director of the EJC- Pastor Carl Cunningham, was also on hand share his words of encouragement with the members of the home. “We are here to remind you that God loves you and cares for you! He has a plan that one day there’ll be no more sickness, no signs of aging and that even the elderly people will be able to run and be happy. That is what we can experience if we totally commit our lives to God” said Cunningham, as he encouraged them to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

January 2012 | Adventist beam


Former Associate Publishing Director - EJC, Itheriel Dennis Laid To Rest By Phillip E.L. Castell


ormEr Associate Publishing Director of East Jamaica Conference (EJC), Itheriel Dennis, was peacefully laid to rest in the Meadowrest Memorial Gardens after a lengthy but well organized thanksgiving Service at the New Haven SDA Church on October 30, 2011. Hundreds came to pay their last respects to a woman who had done much to champion the cause of Colporteur Ministry in East Jamaica Conference.

Executive Secretary - EJC, Pastor Devon Osbourne, expressed sincere condolences on behalf of President of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell, who was unavoidably absent due to previous important engagement outside of the island. “I can clinch my fist at death”, he said. “I want to challenge death today by saying, death, you have won the first round but Jesus Christ will win the battle. For the resurrection morning is coming and my Bible tells me that Jesus Christ is still the Resurrection and the life and those who die in Christ will live again.” Pastor Dudley Hosin, Publishing Director, Jamaica Union Conference (JAMU), expressed condolences on behalf of Union President, Pastor Everett Brown, the Administrators and Departmental Directors of JAMU and the Literature Evangelists and Colporteurs across Jamaica.

Pastor Leabert williams offering words of hope and encouragement during the Homily at the thanksgiving service for itheriel Dennis

no need to despair. Sister Dennis believed this and accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. She is only sleeping in Jesus”.

Pastor Owen Thomas, Publishing Director-EJC, giving Tribute on behalf of the Colporteurs of East Jamaica Conference

“Sis. Dennis was a mother, leader and friend. She was one who put even her life on the line for her Colporteurs”, said Pastor Owen thomas, Publishing Director-EJC, who gave tribute on behalf of the Colporteurs in East Jamaica Conference.

a section of the large congregation at the thanksgiving service for itheriel Dennis at the New Haven sDa Church on october 30, 2011

Based on the huge crowd that attended the funeral, it was evident that Itheriel made a positive impact on the people who knew her. In the just over ten years that she worked as the Associate Publishing Director at East Jamaica Conference, she made great strides in growing the Publishing work there. This point was supported by the glowing words which were given by those who gave tributes and reflections during the course of the thanksgiving Service.

The Homily was presented by Pastor Leabert Williams, who offered words of comfort and hope to the grieving friends and family members. His message revolved around several passages of scripture one of which is found in John 11:25, 26.

The funeral service was thoughtfully designed to allow tributes and reflections from various groups with which she was associated including the New Haven SDA Church Women’s Ministry, the EJC-Colporteurs, the East Jamaica Conference Office where she worked and her close friends, family and children.

The message was purposefully crafted to inspire hope in the promise of the resurrection of the redeemed. The preacher of the Gospel spoke with confidence as he delivered the message from the Lord.

“I can clinch my fist at death”, said Pastor Devon Osbourne as he expressed condolences on behalf of President Cotterell at the funeral on sunday oCtober 30, 2011

January 2012 | Adventist beam

“Sis. Dennis has fought a good fight, she kept the faith. She was committed, consecrated and knew Jesus. Though we are grieving, we can rejoice because we believe that one day soon, Jesus will return and we shall see her again.” the thanksgiving Service for the life of Itheriel Dennis lasted close to three and a half hours and was not short of songs and tributes which spoke eloquently of her Christian virtues and the love she had for her husband Roman and four children, Joan, Sharlene, Gail and Andre who all grew up in the church.

Remembered as a loving wife, mother and good Christian woman who was an example to her children and church family, Itheriel Dennis left positive impressions on the minds of those who came in contact with her. She was a humble yet gifted and influential Colporteur who used her talent to spread the word of God through the printed pages.


Pastor Dudley Hosin, Publishing ministry Director, Jamu, gives a tribute on behalf of Literature Evangelists across Jamaica at the thanksgiving service of the late itheriel Dennis on sunday october 30, 2011

Casket with the body of itheriel Dennis being taken through a Guard of Honour at the close of the thanksgiving service at the New Haven sDa Church on sunday october 30, 2011.

At the end of the service, a Guard of Honour was formed down the centre aisle by members of the Pleiades Pathfinder Club and choir members of the New Haven SDA Church. Itherial Dennis died leaving husband Roman Dennis, children Joan, Sharlene, Gail, Andre and step-son Antonio, one sister, four brothers and other relatives and friends. She is gone to take her rest until the great resurrection morning.

“There is going to be a day of rejoicing, death will be conquered, and we will see our loved ones again”, said Pastor Williams. “Do you believe this Church, do you believe ? If you do, there is

January 2012 | Adventist beam


GC Women’s Ministries Director pushes ‘Grace at All Cost!” By: adiese a. Jonas


VEr 400 women spanning the length and breadth of all five conferences across the Jamaican Field, altered their regular weekend schedules in a bid to converge at the annual joint Women’s Ministries Retreat held at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa in Ocho Rios, between Friday October 28 and Sunday October 30, 2011. Many reflected on God’s interminable love, as Sister HeatherDawn Small, Women’s Ministries Director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SDA), addressed a wide cross-section of Women during the opening ceremony held on Friday evening.

women’s ministries Director of the General Conference of seventh-day adventists- sister Heather-Dawn small, reminds the audience of the ‘cost’ of Grace during the opening ceremony of annual the women’s ministries retreat held at the sunset Jamaica Grande resort and spa.

Small, who addressed the audience under the caption ‘Grace at All Cost,’ was quick to

highlight that God’s love for mankind is so great that in spite of mere human imperfections God’s grace is made available to all. “the sacrifice of the Son of God is really a great mystery for us to understand, because when I think about it; why would God give his only son to save such a wretch as me? I don’t deserve it, I can’t earn it! There is nothing that I can do on this earth that will make me worthy of God’s grace,” said the poignant Small in her main address to the captivated audience.

She was quick to highlight that as God’s children, we must in turn extend the grace we have received to others. “Even when we think we can’t give it, we must give until it hurts. No matter the cost to ourselves, we must extend grace. With grace comes a cost,” said Small “not for the grace that God gives us, but for the grace that we must extend to others. When we think about being Christians, we’re talking about people who are following the life of Jesus, following the way he used to do things. Jesus was a grace giver

and as his children, he expects us to give what we receive.” Her timely message forms the backdrop of the ‘End it Now’ initiative, a programme spearheaded women’s ministries Director of the Jamaica union Conference- sister Lorraine Vernal brings greetings to the audience during the opening ceremony held on Friday october 28, 2011.

by the Women’s Ministries Department in collaboration with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) of the SDA World Church, in a bid to encourage communities all over the world to end violence against women.

Jamaican Adventists Call for Support to

‘enditnow’ By: Nigel Coke

a little girl sits with her placard calling for and end to violence against women and children during the launch of end it now in ocho rios, st. ann on saturday, october 29, 2011.

“I am happy that we are here today and we are joining hands with all the other groups – the government and other faith-based members -- and we are saying we are tired of it,” said Mrs. Lorraine Vernal, Women’s and Children’s Ministries Director of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (JAMU). “You may say what can I do? You came out today, you are standing, you are listening, you may be watching via the internet. When you hear violence perpetrating next door, don’t say ‘Informer we will dead”, say something, you can do it anonymously. We need to end it now!” The march by the banner-bearing group clad in purple tops and led by the Pathfinders Marching Band took place on Saturday, October 29, 2011. It was part of a Women’s weekend retreat organized by the central region of the Adventist Church and supported by the other regions of JAMU.


ith shouts of “End it now! End it now!” hundreds of Adventist women, children (and some men) from across Jamaica marched through the town of Ocho Rios and rallied the call for support to an end to violence against women and children. End it now is a global campaign to raise awareness and advocate for the end of violence against women and girls around the world. It aims to mobilize Adventists around the world and invites other community groups to join in to resolve this worldwide issue. Cont’d on page ►


January 2012 | Adventist beam

◄◄◄ The East Jamaica Conference Contingency stand in solidarity with the women’s ministries Director of the world Church- sister Heather-Dawn small (Centre), along with the women’s ministries Director of the Jamaica union Conference- sister Lorraine Vernal (3rd from right.)

Hundreds of banner-bearing adventist women march through the town of ocho rios, st. ann, Jamaica with shouts of “enditnow, enditnow” on saturday, october 29, 2011, as part of a women’s retreat held in Parish. The march ended at the Buckfield Park where a rally took place.

“Prevention is always the best way,” said Attorney-at-Law Lori-Anne Montaque, who did a short presentation on Legal Issues and Abuse. “There are enough laws now on our books to protect women and children against abuse; however, I have seen far too many of them (children and women) come to court on matters of sexual abuse and it sometimes takes months of counseling before they can speak to the issues for which they are brought to court.” Seventh-day Adventists affirm the dignity and worth of each human being and decry all forms of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Ministries Director for theAdventist World Church, in her address to the gathering at Buckfield Park, called on Church members get involved. “We need to get involved,” said Mrs. Small. “If there is a march we need put on our purple shirts and get out there with our hand-held signs. We need to get in the communities, get signatures, and inform people of this particular issue. We cannot consider ourselves to be children of God and stand by quietly. We have done that for too long; and while we do that, women and children are dying. By our silence we only help the problem to grow.”

Vernal added, “We need to protect our children and through the Child Care and Welfare Act the duty is on each adult to protect every child. You don’t have to be his or her mother or father, the point is that we must protect our children, because in protecting our children we are protecting our future.”

Mrs. Vernal presented Mrs. Small with hundreds of supporting signatures to the Enditnow campaign. The World Church seeks to gather at least one million signatures to be sent to the United Nations (UN).

mrs. Loraine Vernal (with microphone), women’s and Children’s ministries Director of Jamaica union Conference appeals to those in her hearing to do something about violence against women and children.

“There is need for a resocialization of people,” Montaque added. “Abuse occurs when people have differences and various influences and frustration with life. I hope that through this launch and the awareness that it has brought, we will see some positive changes.” With the Government’s plans to organize events around the fight against violence against women and girls from November 25 to December 10, 2011, Mrs. Heather-Dawn Small, Women’s

“We have collected more than 600,000 signatures so far” said Mrs. Small. “We are taking it to the United Nations because the Adventist Church has never made a public stand on this issue and we believe it is time.” The campaign which extends to more than 200 countries and territories, was launched in October 2009 in a partnership between the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), a prominent humanitarian organization, and the Department of Women’s Ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

mrs. Heather Dawn small, women’s ministries Director of the adventist world Church appeals to members to get involve and do whatever is necessary to end violence against women and children during a rally at the Buckfield Park in Ocho Rios, St. Ann on Saturday, october 29, 2011.

January 2012 | Adventist beam



HE ADVENtISt CHURCH in East Jamaica Conference stands to save millions of dollars in insurance charges, injury claims and litigation costs in the future, if the information and knowledge received from the Adventist Risk Management Seminar held on Sunday November 13, 2011 are implemented in our churches, schools and institutions.

Adventist Church Stands to Gain From

Historic Lay Evangelism


Held at North Street SDA Church

Symposium and Graduation

Risk Management

By Phillip E.L. Castell

By Phillip E. L. Castell

“The church is constantly under attack from different angles and some of the ways these manifest themselves are in property damage, lawsuits, sexual assaults, sexual misconduct allegations and accidental injuries.” Elder waldon wright, treasurer, East Jamaica Conference, introduces adventist risk management representative mrs. Lorena Coba at the risk management seminar held on November 13, 2011.

the Adventist Risk Management Seminar was planned and organized by the Treasury Department of the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) under the leadership of Conference Treasurer, Elder Waldon Wright. The seminar was targeted to Risk Management Directors, treasurers, Principals and Bursars of Schools, First Elders and Pastors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in EJC and was held at the Altamont Court Hotel in New Kingston.

Mrs. Lorena Coba , Certified Insurance Service representative (Cisr) of adventist risk management inc. making her presentation at the adventist risk management seminar on sunday November 13, 2011.

“My main reason for being here is to teach us how to keep our property safe and our people safe”, said Mrs. Lorena Coba, Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) , from Adventist Risk Management Inc., an insurance company that handles all the insurance for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. 30

January 2012 | Adventist beam

the seminar had two objectives :(i) To show that Risk Management is necessary to protect the Church from risks in the accomplishment of its mission and objectives and (ii) To outline how our Church and school leaders can make our church organization safer. “Adventist Risk Management hears everything”, said Mrs. Coba as she made the point that despite the church being a Christian organization, there are persons who will intentionally seek to destroy property and even take life.

members of the EJC treasury Department pose with mrs. Lorena Coba at the end of the seminar. (L-r) michael Porteous, assistant treasurer, Claudette Genas, women’s & Children’s Director, ms. Kay scott, treasurer’s administrative assistant, mrs. Lorena Coba, adventist risk management representative, Elder waldon wright, treasurer, mrs. teslin Patterson, Cashier

ISTORY WAS CREATED in East Jamaica Conference (EJC) over the weekend of November 18 - 19, 2011, when seventy six (76) students graduated from the EJC School of Evangelism on the evening of November 19, 2011 at the North Street SDA Church.


the history of this church as my grandfather was part of the team that built it sometime back in the 1930’s. “ Speaking to the graduates, Pastor Folkenberg urged them to make the salvation of others their priority. “ Lay Evangelism is about asking God to change the priorities in your life”, he said. “It is making the salvation of somebody else more important than your own comfort”.

Speaking on the subject of sexual misconduct Mrs. Coba said “Churches are very vulnerable because we are a community of trust and there are many opportunities for sexual misconduct especially with the young and innocent children in or Church. We therefore have to be more aware and vigilant of what is happening in our environment and with the people with whom we work.”

“We hear everything that is ugly and dirty. We are in a Church with a mission, waiting for the coming of our Lord, but in this group, there are people with other agendas who will attack and destroy life and property Participants of the adventist risk management seminar pay keen attention to in our church. Adventist Risk presenter mrs. Lorena Coba as she shares important information at the Management seeks to reduce adventist risk management seminar on November 13, 2011 at the Knutsford Court Hotel. the exposure to this by teaching our people to be vigilant and The seminar was well organized and the to follow safety rules and guidelines which are delivery of the information professionally established for our benefit. “ made by Mrs. Lorena Coba who came across as competent and knowledgeable in the areas Covering a wide range of topics including of risk management and insurance Fire & Identifying Exposures, Risk Control, Casualty liability. Self Inspection, Determining Control Methods, Disaster Planning and Accident The value and relevance of the seminar Investigation, the seminar was well received information was greatly increased by the many by the more than one hundred and thirty experiences and incidents shared by Mrs. participants from the four zones covering the Coba as she showed how injury, death and entire East Jamaica Conference constituency. loss worth millions of dollars can be saved by observing Risk Management principles.

minutes sharing what he termed ‘secrets to evangelism success’ based on empirical data gathered over more than six years of research, with scores of Churches all over the world.

Former GC President and share Him Founder, Pastor robert Folkenberg points to the book which every member should have to document the names of persons who will be the subject of daily prayer and deliberate social activity in order to develop friendship prior to inviting them to church or evangelistic meetings

Pastor Carl m. Cunningham, Director for the EJC school of Evangelism and Director - sabbath school / Personal ministries Departments, EJC

The weekend of activities were spearheaded by the Sabbath School / Personal Ministries Department under the leadership of Pastor Carl Cunningham and was geared towards highlighting the threefold objectives of the Department which are saving the lost , nurturing and keeping the found and equipping and leading every member to win others to Christ. This objective was succinctly conveyed in the ‘Equipped & Revived... Now to Evangelize’ theme for the weekend.

speaker for the Friday Night Vesper service and President of the Lay Evangelistic association (LEa) in EJC, Elder Noel morgan, makes an emphatic point as he spoke on the opening night of the first Lay Evangelism symposium and Graduation at the North street sDa Church on November 18, 2011

the Vesper charge on Friday night was given by Elder Noel Morgan, President, EJC - Lay Evangelistic Association. His message was pointed and caused everyone to take a retrospective look at themselves. The passion with which he spoke conveyed his commitment and conviction to evangelism.

On Friday night, the Lay Evangelism Symposium began as planned at approximately 6:30 pm with Praise and Worship by singing Evangelist Claude Edwards. Former General Conference President and Founder of Share Him Ministries, Pastor Robert Folkenberg, who was specially invited to the week-end of activities, was specially recognized and welcomed by Pastor Cunningham.

“Every person that is born into the Church is born as a missionary”, said Morgan. Quoting Matthew 28: 18 - 20. Elder Morgan reiterated that “ Many in the Church believe that the work of evangelism is for the Pastor and the Bible Worker and we have a tendency to elevate evangelists, but God has a work for every member of the church to do and we have no choice in the matter”, said Noel Morgan.

“It is a joy and honour to be with you in the North Street Church”, said Folkenberg. “ I share in

On Sabbath November 19, 2011, ‘Share Him’ Founder, Pastor Robert Folkenberg spent fifty

“For the last six years we have been working all around the world with churches to find answers to the question, What can I say to a Pastor to help him grow his Church ?. My research have lead me to two things which will guarantee your church success in evangelism. First, before any evangelistic campaign or activity takes place, the pastor should have from his team members, a group of names of non Adventists who his team members have already worked with and are confident will attend the meetings no matter where they are held. The second thing is that the church should not spend any money to win these individuals.” the Divine Hour message on Sabbath was given by Pastor Everett Brown, President of Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. His message highlighted that the world was taken captive by sin and that the church has much work to do. “The time is now for us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ”, said Pastor Brown. “There is no other reason for this church to exist than to evangelize”. Preaching under the theme ‘Power to Witness... Power to Evangelize’, the Union President used scripture passages found in Joel 2: 38 - 31 and Acts 1: 4 - 11 to speak on the availability of power from the real source of power, the Holy Spirit. Cont’d on Page 32 ►► January 2012 | Adventist beam


Sharing a recent personal experience he had at home with a bulb he thought was not working, Pastor Brown drew a parallel with the bulb which was disconnected from the source of power, to the church which will not shine if it is disconnected from the Holy Spirit. “Nothing was wrong with the bulb, it’s just that it was disconnected from the source of power. Nothing is wrong with the church. Power is available to witness. The question is, Are you connected to the source of power ? “.

President of Jamaica union Conference, Pastor Everett Brown, reads from the Holy scriptures during his sermon presentation at the Lay Evangelism symposium on sabbath, November 19, 2011 at the North street sDa Church

the climax for the Lay Evangelism Symposium came in the afternoon of November 19, 2011, when seventy six (76) persons graduated from the EJC School of Evangelism . the school was officially launched on May 1, 2011 and was conceptualized to teach and train members of the church the fundamentals of Christian evangelism.

Giving the graduates the final charge before receiving their certificates, president of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell, chose as his topic ‘ The Omission from the Great Commission’. In an electrifying presentation, Cotterell asked, “ Where is the power of the church that was promised in the Bible. Where is the power of the Christian that should be evident in the lives that we live ?. The power is readily available from the Holy Spirit. What are we doing with the light we have ? We are no more than hypocrites if we live different lives from what we preach”.


January 2012 | Adventist beam

By adiese a. Jonas


MPOWERED THROUGH THE SPIRIT of Pathfindering,’ was theme that set the foundation for the 2011 Pathfinder Festival, spearheaded by the East Jamaica Conference of Seventhday Adventists. The event which took place on Sunday November 20 at the Kencot SDA Church, saw the involvement of over three hundred Pathfinders who eagerly participated in a range of activities, which tested their physical strength and their cognitive abilities.

President Cotterell went on to encourage the graduates and the church to follow the example of Jesus and pray without ceasing so that we can receive power from the source of strength. “Prayer must become part of us and become part of our spiritual DNA”, he said. “Prayer, fasting and bible study are the spiritual disciplines which are omitted from the great commission given in Matthew 28: 18 - 20 but which we dare not forget if we are to live succesful Christian lives. We simply cannot manage without them.”

Dr. Newton Cleghorne, Dean of the School of Religion from Northern Caribbean University was on hand to witness the graduation of the first batch of students from the EJC School of Evangelism where he played an important role as Guest Facilitator by lecturing some of the courses on Evangelism.

their friends,”

“So many things are happening in the Schools

lauded a Success!

adrian Cotterell, President of East Jamaica Conference as he gave the final charge to the graduates at the first EJC Lay Evangelism Graduation Ceremony at the North street sDa Church on November 19, 2011

In attendance from Jamaica Union Conference at the historic Lay Evangelism Symposium and Graduation was Pastor Glen O.Samuels, Ministerial Secretary and Director of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department.

Graduates from the East Jamaica Conference school of Evangelism marching into the sanctuary at the North street sDa Church for the historic Lay Evangelism Graduation service on November 19, 2011

EJC Pathfinder Festival 2011

tend to be like

said Brown.

A cross-section of the audience recites the Pathfinder pledge during the Opening ceremony of the 2011 Pathfinder Festival. (L-r: President of EJC- Pastor adrian Cotterell, Education Director of EJC/master Guide- Dr. Donna Brown, Youth ministries Director of EJC- Pastor Hanson Drysdale & Youth ministries Director of CJC- Pastor Howard Grant.)

Pastor Adrian Cotterell was also on hand to lend his support to the faith-based uniform group. “the Pathfinder Club is known for emulating high Christian standards and principles, and both its mission and mandate can be incorporated into the present evangelistic thrusts of the church which include: Constant in Prayer, Heeding the Word and That the World may know Him,” said Cotterell, as he reminded the Youth of the importance of being light bearers.

now, that our young people, our young Pathfinders are finding it very hard to stand up for...but I say to you, continue to hold on to your dignity, continue to think about the things that you were taught in church and hold to them, because God wants you to become Ambassadors for Him.”

Pastor Howard Grant, Youth ministries Director for the Central Jamaica Conference, inspects the waiting parade.

Youth Ministries Director of the East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Hanson Drysdale, who has direct portfolio for the Pathfinders’ Club, expressed his satisfaction with the day’s proceedings. “I think the day went pretty well” added the enthusiastic Drysdale, “that could be seen in the fact that the Pathfinders and Adventurers stayed until the programme was ended and we had several visitors as well who stayed the course. The most memorable part of the day’s activities was just to see the Pathfinders and Adventurers enjoying themselves with good, clean Pastor Hanson Drysdale, Youth ministries Director for the East Jamaica Conference, makes adjustments to a Pathfinder’s scarf during the inspection fun.”

Pastor Howard Grant, Youth Ministries Director for the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-

of the parade.

Youth ministries Director of the Jamaica union Conference of seventh-day adventists, Pastor Charles Blythe, addresses Pathfinders at their recently held Festival at the Kencot sDa Church on sunday November 20, 2011.

“I must congratulate the Youth Ministries Department of East Jamaica Conference, under the leadership of Pastor Hanson Drysdale for this wonderful initiative spearheaded. The Pathfinders’ Club is going places and by God’s grace, next year will be bigger and better as we hope to equip the Clubs with the necessary tools to function more efficiently,” said Pastor Charles Blythe, Youth Ministries Director of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

day Adventists expressed his delight in being associated with the venture as he brought greetings from his conference. “The Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is proud to join forces with the East Jamaica Conference in its launch of Pathfinder Festival 2011. We hope to continue to work together as we further the good news of salvation where ever we go,” said Grant. master Guide, Dr. Donna Brown presents the Key note address to Pathfinders during the Opening ceremony of the Pathfinder Festival event, held at the Kencot Chuch on sunday November 20, 2011.

Master Guide Dr. Donna Brown, Keynote Speaker for the Opening Ceremony, reminded the Pathfinders of the importance of standing true to their Christian Principles in spite of worldly distractions. “the Devil will be on your tracks, he will do everything for you to break honour to the name of God. there are many Pathfinders today, they go to school and they

Pathfinders and Master Guides from Zone One perform a Drill Display during the 2011 Pathfinder Festival event held on the Kencot Grounds.

a cross section of the parade performs the General salute on the grounds of the Kencot Church.

What has blossomed into the world-wide Pathfinder movement emerged from a small diverse group of youth-focused, God-loving, ministry-minded individuals approximately 90 years ago. Almost a century later, the East Jamaica Conference continues to keep the Spirit of Pathfindering alive, as we urge and equip our youth to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. January 2012 | Adventist beam


Preachers Shine at Camp Meeting 2011

God uses ‘Fire Man’ to point to Living Water By: adiese a. Jonas

Often nick-named the ‘Fire Man’ by his colleagues because of his sizzling and dynamic style of preaching, Shane Francis, Pastor of the Independence Boulevard Church in ChicagoUSA, left no stone unturned as he pointed the Youth of East Jamaica Conference (EJC) to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He was speaking during the Divine Service at the weekend long EJC Youth Congressoree programme held at the Karam Speid Auditorium, Merl Grove High School, on Sabbath December 3, 2011.

He highlighted the importance of being faithful to God. “It is then through this faithfulness, that the Lord will reward accordingly” he stated. “The devil” he added, “will set you up, just remember you serve a God who is able to do far abundantly more than what you ask or what you believe. If God takes you to another level then he will bring you through it.”

the EJC mass mass Choir sings the meditation song “rain Down” during Youth Congressoree 2011.

Pastor Francis was invited to be the Guest Speaker for the annual EJC Youth Congressoree weekend, an event spearheaded in order to unite and mobilize the Youth of the Church to share in an atmosphere of worship. Also in attendance were Conference Administrators, Directors, Members of Staff, visitors and members from churches all across the EJC Constituency.

Camp Meeting 2011 will long be remembered in East Jamaica Conference (EJC) as a time when God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, used Pastors Steve Riley of trinidad and Shian O’Connor of the Cayman Islands, to bring well needed messages of hope and grace to the EJC constituency during the period December 14 - 17, 2011. Both men of God provided quality ministry of the Word and gave excellent council to those who attended the four day Camp Meeting event on the grounds of the Kencot SDA Church. Pastor steve riley speaking on the topic ‘the Prodigal Father’ on the opening night of Camp meeting wednesday December 14, 2011 at the Kencot sDa Church.

Pastor Hanson Drysdale brings greetings to the members of the congregation during Divine service at the EJC Youth Congressoree 2011.

Pastor shane Francis makes a point during his sermon at the EJC Youth Congressoree programme (sabbath December 3, 2011), held at the Karam speid auditorium merl Grove High school.

‘Empowered by His Spirit’ was the caption for the weekend. Francis however used the theme as a launching pad to go a step further to urge the youth to demonstrate their faith in Christ by trusting in Him regardless of the circumstances. His timely message, entitled ‘Stand up and Stand Out’ caused many who attended to reexamine their relationship with Christ. “In these last days what the church needs are young people who will stand up for what they believe in. What the church needs today are young people who will say ‘I will not be bought or sold, I will not be taken for granted, I will not be trampled upon, I will not be taken lightly, I will not be kicked to the kerb, I will stand up


January 2012 | Adventist beam

Pastor Hanson Drysdale, Director for the Youth Ministries Department at the East Jamaica Conference was pleased with the day’s proceedings and acknowledged how inspired he was by the timely message. “ I was motivated,” stated the enthusiastic Drysdale. “I always love to hear young preachers expound the Word of God. Listening to Pastor Francis’ message has led me to a deeper search of the scriptures. There will always be times when the odds are against me and I have to know that when all else fails, Christ is still standing with me to make me stand out, in order to accomplish the mission he has asked me to do.” Area Coordinator in charge of the Pathfinder Leadership Awards, Carol Hunter also found solace and hope in the spoken Word. “It is one of those messages that will long remain with me. It was inspiring and I could not leave without the resolve that I am going to Stand up and Stand Out for Christ. Many times we read the story of the three Hebrew Boys, but on Sabbath that story became alive in my life. It was very practical, inspiring and motivational. It has encouraged me to do my best to Stand up and Stand out!”

devotional speaker and family life presenter at Camp Meeting 2011. His experience and expertise in family life, law and pastoral ministry was evident as he opened the word of God.

By Phillip E.L. Castell

for Jesus though the Heavens fall,’ said the energetic Francis.

Pastor adrian Cotterell welcoming members to Camp meeting 2011 and introducing camp meeting speakers to the congregation scores of Youth respond to the altar Call made by Pastor shane Francis at the EJC Youth Congressoree sabbath celebration (December 3, 2011) held at the Karam speid auditorium, merl Grove High school.

In his introduction on the opening night Wednesday December 14, President of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell said, “ Amidst the horn tooting, bell ringing and shouting of slogans all over the place, we have come aside here at the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist grounds to lift up the name of Jesus and to remind men and women that God’s Grace is indeed marvellous.” Cotterell’s remark about horn tooting and bell ringing was with reference to the nation’s keen interest and focus on the hotly contested general election campaign set for December 29, 2011.

the Group assure renders the acapella item “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord” during Divine service at the Youth Congressoree sabbath celebration held at the Karam speid auditorium, merl Grove High school on December 3, 2011.

The theme for the four day Camp Meeting event was ‘Boundless Grace’ and guest speaker Pastor Steve Riley, Associate Communication Director for the Southern Caribbean Conference in trinidad, under the influence of the Holy Spirit was clear as crystal in his messages as he described the extent to which God has gone to offer more than abundant grace and love to lost humanity.

On the opening night, Riley delivered an unforgettable message based on one of his favourite parables in the Bible. His delivery and interpretation of the story found in Luke 15 was dramatic and revolutionary to say the least. This passage of scripture, often referred to by everyone as the ‘Prodigal Son’, was dubbed ‘the Prodigal Father’ by the hallelujah shouting, foot stomping preacher, who explained that the real emphasis was not on the sons but on the father. “If the title of the parable as far as theologians and bible students are concerned, is to emphasise the point that Jesus wished to make to His hearers, then I beg to differ that the prodigal son is the best title for this story,” said Pastor Riley. “ I don’t consider this to be the emphasis of the story. In fact when Jesus related this parable, the emphasis of this story had nothing to do with any of the sons.” The gifted teacher and preacher of righteousness made his point crystal clear when he explained that the word ‘prodigal’ was not in the original text but that the word was introduced from the fact that the second son wasted his substance in the parable. He went on to give three meanings of the word ‘prodigal’ and substantiated that this word appropriately describes how God has lavished more than enough grace upon undeserved sinful humanity. Sharing the pulpit with Pastor Riley at Camp Meeting 2011 was Pastor Shian O’Connor, Family Life Director of the Cayman Island Conference and a good friend of President Cotterell. A trained lawyer, O’Connor was the

Family Life Director of the Cayman islands Conference, Pastor shian o’Connor was the Devotional speaker and Family Life Presenter at Camp meeting 2011.

Pastor Shian O’Connor’s handling of the topic ‘ the Anatomy of Forgiveness’ on thursday Morning, December 15, was eye opening and deep as he explored the question, ‘How often should one forgive the same person without looking stupid or being abused ?’.

Camp meeting Presenters - (L-r) Dr. V. Peterkin, NCu, Pastor Carl Cunningham, Director-sabbath school/ Personal ministries / Community services- EJC and Pastor shian o’Connor, Family Life Director, Cayman islands Conference

the combination of Pastor Shian O’Connor in the mornings and Pastor Steve Riley in the nights worked well for the meetings. The Camp Meeting delegates and those who took the time to attend during the day time, benefited greatly from the presentations made by Dr. V. Peterkin on ‘Dynamic School Leadership’, Pastor Carl Cunningham on ‘Incarnating Christ in Post Modern Jamaican Communities’ and Pastor Shian O’Connor on ‘Understanding the Difference’, ‘Before I say I Do’ and ‘Handling Arguments in Marriage’. January 2012 | Adventist beam


Leito shares God’s Transforming Grace with Elected Officers at LEADERS’ SUMMIT 2011 By: adiese a. Jonas


a view of a section of the congregation on sabbath December 17 at Divine service, Camp meeting 2011

Pastor steve riley speaking on the subject ‘ Living on Ground Zero’ on sabbath December 17, 2011

The attendance at Camp Meeting 2011 was noticeably better over the four days than the year before. From the opening night on Wednesday to the final day on Sabbath December 17, the attendance was noticeably increased at every meeting. the Kencot SDA Church was filled to capacity on Sabbath and some members had to settle for viewing the message from the closed circuit audio/ visual projection screen that was prepared over the V.H. Percy Center due to unavailable seating in the main church building.

Elder Waldon Wright, Treasurer -EJC highlighted that “Pastor Riley, even though a talented preacher, always gave honour and glory to God, never to himself. He has inspired me to dig deep into the Word of God where precious examples of his boundless grace abounds”

Without a doubt, Camp Meeting 2011 was a success in more ways than one. The feedback from most persons was similar to that echoed by Assistant Communication Director of EJC, Adiese Jonas who said, “ I loved the dynamic preaching of Pastor Steve Riley. He is truly a gifted preacher of righteousness and one who is in touch with heaven”.

RESIDENt of the Inter American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Israel Leito, addressed a crowd of newly elected officers at the annual Leaders’ Summit programme, held on Sunday December 11, 2011 at the Kencot SDA Church. Leaders’ Summit is a programme specially designed and spearheaded by the East Jamaica Conference to train and equip officers of the church, with the necessary tools to make them more efficient in the area of the Church capacities in which they have been called to serve.

“ I thank God for our devotional speaker this year. Pastor Shian O’Connor was clearly inspired by God to give us the messages he did in the devotional thoughts”, said Claudette Genas, Women’s and Children’s Ministries Director-EJC. “His family life presentations and incites were priceless. I know I will be a better wife as a result of his messages”.

a view of the congregation listening attentively to Pastor israel Leito at Leaders’ summit 2011

He then pointed Leaders to the fact that God is the ultimate definition of love. It is this love from the Father, that he urged members of the waiting congregation to replicate to others. He again minced no words as He painted the picture of God’s might and grandeur which is pre-eminently manifested when leaders wholeheartedly depend on Him. “It is through Christ’s omnipotence that we are becoming strong, it is through His omniscience that we have the assurance to live. It is through Him that we know that it will happen, because everything comes from Him,” said Leito as he pronounced each point.

“In all my years of ministry and listening to preachers, I have never heard the messages brought across in such a manner as we have had them this year”, said Pastor Devon Osbourne, Secretary-EJC. “ I have been blessed and I know that many persons have been brought into a closer relationship with God as a result of our Camp Meeting speakers this year”.

Publishing Ministries Department shares in the Annual Colporteur Institute By: Pastor owen thomas/EJC

the highlight of the field school and institute was a seminar conducted by Elder Bill Beckworth. Bill has served with distinction for 41 years as a literature evangelist, 23 of which he served as the Publishing Director for the Southern Union Conference located in the North American Division.

Currently Elder Beckworth is retired and has conducted Literature Evangelists training seminars in Hungary, Czech Republic, Baltic Union, South Pacific, Euro-Asia Division and Jamaica. This was his second visit to Jamaica to conduct training.

Speaking under the theme: “transforming Grace,” President Leito was careful to emphasize the tremendous Power of God’s Grace. “Whenever the manifestation of God’s grace comes to us,” said Leito, “we must not fail to recognize that this great God who owes us nothing, gives us everything! This is the same God that further encourages us to go and sin no more!”

Pastor Dudley Hosin, Publishing Director- Jamu


VEr 100 colporteurs from the East Jamaica Conference constituency, under the leadership of Pastor Dudley Hosin (Publishing Director for the Jamaica Union Conference -JAMU) converged at Camp Don, Robins Bay between October 19 and 23, 2011, in celebration of our annual colporteur 2012 | Adventist beam 36 January institute .

Pastor israel Leito, President inter-american Division of seventh-day adventists addressing the congregation at Leaders’ summit 2011 at the Kencot sDa Church

Elder Bill Beckworth, Publishing Director for the southern union Conference

some of the Colporteurs from EJC

“The power of His grace,” added Leito “transforms us. He is not only accepting us, but He treats us as if we were His real sons and daughters and that, we are! We are transformed by His grace, it is not a fearful construct...God’s grace is not to instill terror in us, His grace is for us to learn to love Him more!”

members of the group ‘Humble’ thrilled the large congregation with their harmonious rendition of the song

the Summit also included musical items the group Humble, as well as the dynamic Kencot SDA Youth Choir. Members of the constituency were also treated with a second presentation by President Leito on how to achieve effective Leadership. Elected Officers for 2012 were given the opportunity to meet with their Departmental Counterparts as plans for the coming year were outlined. January 2012 | Adventist beam


Good Samaritan Inn: A Neighbour to the ‘Neighbourless’ By: adiese a. Jonas


Hat used to be the old Stanley Motta building at 2-4 Geffrard Place in Kingston, has been transformed into a safe haven for hundreds of homeless persons perusing the streets of the downtown Kingston area. For approximately four years, members of the Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) eastern chapter, in conjunction with the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, have provided food for the hungered, donated hundreds of clothing to those in need and provided free health checks and tests to members in and around the adjoining areas of the Inn.

must answer...’Who is my neighbour?’ What has been our response as individuals, as a church, as corporate citizens? As a nation, what has been our response to the plight, the needs of our neighbours? Should we just walk away and do nothing? Should we leave that to others? “ questioned Brown. “I have heard individuals ask the question, ‘ What is the church doing? ‘ Well...this is what the church is doing; responding to the needs of the less fortunate in society. This is our God given responsibility!” said the emphatic Brown.

President of asi- EJC Chapter, Elder Cecil Foster addressing the more than three hundred persons present at the offical opening of the Good Samaritan at Geffrard Place on December 13, 2011

President of Jamaica union Conference of seventhday adventists, Pastor Everett Brown, giving the main address at the official opening of the Good Samaritan inn on December 13, 2011

On tuesday December 13, 2011, the East Jamaica Conference Administration, Members of Staff, ASI Members, as well as scores of congregants from several churches across the EJC Constituency gathered at the Inn to witness its official opening. the two-hour long ceremony, saw the presence of civic leaders as well as the specially invited Guest SpeakerPastor Everett Brown, President of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Brown, lauded the partnership of the ASI and the East Jamaica Conference, in making the concept of the Good Samaritan Inn, a reality. “this facility, the Good Samaritan Inn, was inspired by Jesus Christ”, said Brown. “The question that Jesus posed many years ago” he continued, “ is a question that members of my church, members of the broader Jamaican Society, leaders within the churches, leaders within corporate Jamaica and Political Leaders


January 2012 | Adventist beam

Cecil Foster, President of the ASI (East Jamaica Conference Chapter) in agreeing with Brown’s message, recounted the development of the Inn as well as his personal involvement. “I am very pleased today. Because I am standing on the exact spot where the Good Samaritan Inn began. I remember standing here three years ago and handing out meals to those who needed them. Had it not been for the grace of God, many of us would not be where we are today. I could have been the one in this position and for that I thank God and I owe my God and the people around me the absolute best that I can give.”

President- EJC, Pastor adrian Cotterell offering words of commendation to ASI at the Official Opening of the Good samaritan inn

Pastor Adrian Cotterell, president of the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, added his words of commendation to the members of ASI. “I extend hearty congratulations to ASI Eastern Chapter under the Leadership of Elder Cecil Foster. We are always at our greatest when we seek to help the poor. We are of service to God as well as our fellow men when we assist those who are in need,” said Cotterell. “Christ Service I believe” he added “is not found among the four walls of the temple. It is seen in the community helping people, providing clothes for the naked, food for the poor, shelter for the homeless and hope for the hopeless. Christianity that does not seek to uplift the plight of the downcast, the down trodden and the destitute has no Christ in it.”

ASI - East Chapter Hosts Prayer Breakfast With IAD President By Phillip E.L. Castell

Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) leaders and members in Jamaica held hands and prayed for the success of the Vision One Million Initiative and that God would use them to lift up Jesus in the marketplace, when they met with Inter-American President, Pastor Israel Leito and other Administrators of the Adventist Church in Jamaica, at the Pegasus Hotel on the morning of December 11, 2011. “ It is a pleasure for me this morning to identify with this prayer breakfast, organized by the East Jamaica Conference ASI and the administration of the East Jamaica Conference”

inter-american Division asi President, Elder marston thomas giving opening remarks at the asi Prayer Breakfast on on sunday December 11, 2011

said Pastor Everett Brown, President, Jamaica Union Conference and the person who introduced the guest speaker for the prayer

The ceremony also saw greetings from the Honourable Delroy Chuck, Deacon Ronald thwaites, special items in song by Pastor Jovan Whyte as well as the group Assure from the Stadium Community Church.

breakfast session, Pastor Israel Leito. Pastor Brown commended the ASI leadership for convening the prayer breakfast especially at this crucial and critical moment in the life of our nation and in the life of our church. Drawing on an important reference to gold in Psalm 119: 126 -127, Pastor Leito highlighted that as God’s people we should love God’s commandments more than pure gold.

After the ceremony, President Brown led the charge in cutting the ribbon which signified the official opening of the renovated facilities of the Inn. These include a 30 bed overnight facility, refurbished bathrooms, kitchen and wash rooms. Leaders Hold Hands and Pray- (L - r) Elder marston thomas, President asi - inter-american Division, Elder Cecil Foster, President asi - East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Everett Brown, President Jamaica union Conference, Pastor israel Leito, President inter-american Division, Pastor adrian Cotterell, President - East Jamaica Conference.

Adventist Health Volunteer Association & Health Ministries Directors Year End Awards & Dinner


Cutting of the ribbon to the main gate of the Good samaritan inn by Pastor Everett Brown. From (L - r) is Pastor adrian Cotterell, President EJC, Deacon ronald thwaites, mP, Elder Cecil Foster, President asi-EJC Chapter, Elder waldon wright, treasurer-EJC, Pastor Carl Cunningham, sabbath school/Personal ministries/ Community services Director EJC,

Guest speaker and inter-american Division President, Pastor israel Leito speaking to leaders and members of asi at the prayer breakfast held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on December 11, 2011.

N suNDaY December 18, 2011, members of the Adventist Health Volunteer Association along with Health professionals and Health Directors across EJC gathered at the V.H. Percy Centre for their Year End Awards and Dinner. the event was planned and coordinated by Pastor Leonard Steele, Health Ministries Director, EJC. The event was well supported by members of the AHVA members who came out in their numbers to receive well deserved thank you and awards from the Health Director. Special recognition and awards were given to the health team members from the Trench Town and

“What the Psalmist was saying in the passage is that we should love God’s commandments better than gold”, said Leito. “ If gold brings security, I should love God’s commands better than that. If gold brings prestige, I should love God’s commands better than any prestige that gold may bring.” Pastor Leito went on to commend the ASI members and invited them to remain faithful to God in their businesses. ◄◄ Sis. Iona White receiving her award for long and meritorious service from Health Director Pastor Leonard

Nurse Iona White and Office Attendant Marcia Young were recognized for 5 years and 9 years service at the trench town and North Street Clinic while Nurse Jenice Montaque-Bennett and Yolanda Morris-Ebanks received awards for 14 years and 15 years service to the clinics respectively.

North Street SDA Health Clinics that continue to provide faithful and valuable health services to members in the nearby and surrounding communities of both the Trench Town and North Street Seventh-day Adventist Churches. sis Doret Folkes from morant Bay sDa Church receiving her award from Pastor Leonard steele - Health Director - EJC

January 2012 | Adventist beam


East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 74 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 • Telephone #: 876-924-1061-3 • Fax: 876- 924-0263 Feel free to contact us via e-mail at or visit our website at

3rd Issue- Jul-Dec 2011  

3rd Issue- Jul-Dec 2011

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