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Conventional Guerilla And Web Marketing

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Marketing is a necessary activity for companies, regardless of size, because it ensures growth and longevity. The concept of marketing integrates a number of activities such as promotions, distribution, and sales which aid companies in establishing and keeping strong client relationships, and ensuring profitability. One reason why marketing is important is because it improves brand recall, meaning, it helps in motivating the buying public to choose your company instead of other providers when they are looking for certain goods or services.

If your company is placed higher in the mind of the buyer, it enjoys higher traffic which in turn is translated into better sales or profit. With marketing, businesses can improve endcustomer value and maximize stakeholder value as well. When a company is able to generate good net income in a year, it is better poised to expand.

In recent times, companies have become more inclined to adhere to the contemporary approach to marketing, which is geared towards determining new consumer desires, than to the traditional approach, which is more oriented towards production, product, and sales. This shift is brought about by several factors. For one, the concept of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) inherent to most traditional methods is becoming less and less potent considering the fact that consumers nowadays are exposed to a variety of brands which share the same features.

To begin with, the Unique Selling Proposition used in majority of traditional methods is no longer as applicable today since the buying public is already exposed to a wider variety of products sharing similar features and functions, thereby making a company's claim of uniqueness debatable. Buyers nowadays put more premium on value and utility than uniqueness. This perception, which marketers often refer to as Unique Perceived Benefit, is more readily and effectively transmitted by contemporary marketing methods. Furthermore, ATL advertising used in conventional marketing is often financially demanding and not consumer-centered. On the other hand, the below-the-line approach of contemporary methods allows companies to promote their products in a more personal manner and for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets.

Stadium Cups

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Guerilla marketing is effective because it uses unexpected, unconventional, and interactive campaigns. For instance, startup companies can utilize stadium cups to push ads right into the hands of potential customers. These custom stadium cups can be printed with your company's logo or brand name, or a catch phrase. What makes them more effective than traditional media, like brochures, is that the ad is pushed directly to the consumer, making it a more personal way of communicating the company's message.

Personalized stadium cups, especially those that sport creative designs, encourage customers to look at the ad as soon as they have received it. Because of this added functionality, they have a lower probability of being dismissed and thrown into the nearest garbage bin compared to conventional marketing leaflets. Hence, custom stadium cups are more cost-effective. In addition, the advertisement on the personalized stadium cups, especially those reusable ones, is more likely to be retained by the consumer because they are being consistently exposed to it. It not difficult to find suppliers for customized utility products such as napkins, stadium cups etc., is one such supplier of personalized stadium cups. The more frequently a potential customer looks at any given ad, the more likely he is to buy what the ad is offering. In addition to stadium cups, other products like packets of wet wipes can be used as promotional tools.

The efficacy of Internet marketing in contrast stems from the fact that it has impressive reach. Another advantage to web marketing is that the nature of the medium itself allows people to learn more about your offerings easily and buy them conveniently. This in turn will translate to you seeing results from your marketing efforts much sooner than you would have you delivered the message through traditional mediums. Internet marketing is also efficient because it enables companies to monitor how their marketing drives are performing conveniently, and fine-tune it as necessary to ensure substantial returns.

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Marketing: Integral Component To Business Growth And Success