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Conventional Guerilla And Web Marketing

Marketing Tips

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Marketing is an essential ingredient to business growth and success. It ties together several processes including advertising, distribution, and selling which help businesses build profitable and formidable customer relationships. Furthermore, marketing is important since it allows companies to place itself higher on the minds of consumers. If your company is placed higher in the mind of the buyer, it enjoys higher traffic which in turn is translated into better sales or profit. With marketing, businesses can improve end-customer value and maximize stakeholder value as well. If a business enterprise gains a substantial net gain at the end of a fiscal year, it is more prepared to tackle challenges ahead and have better opportunities for growth.

Today, companies are moving away from traditional marketing which is for the most part company-focused and product oriented, and into more contemporary forms, like online and guerilla marketing, which employ a more consumer-driven approach. There are several reasons as to why businesses today are moving away from the traditional marketing philosophy.

To begin with, the Unique Selling Proposition used in majority of traditional methods is no longer as applicable today since the buying public is already exposed to a wider variety of products sharing similar features and functions, thereby making a company's claim of uniqueness debatable. Buyers nowadays put more premium on value and utility than uniqueness. This perception, which marketers often refer to as Unique Perceived Benefit, is more readily and effectively transmitted by contemporary marketing methods. Secondly, above-the-line advertising employed in traditional marketing is expensive and impersonal. In contrast, the BTL model inherent to modern marketing methods enables businesses not only to establish a one-to-one relationship with consumers but also to get far better results than traditional advertising yet for a significantly lower cash outlay.

Guerilla marketing has a high degree of efficacy since it employs interesting, thoughtprovoking, and engaging campaigns. For example, small businesses can make use of stadium cups to move advertising copy directly into the hands of the consumers. Making use of custom stadium cups as a marketing tool is very effective because it adds functionality to the advertisement.

The utility of these promotional merchandises set them apart from other forms of media, and probably their greatest strength. Personalized stadium cups are effective in the sense that they get people to check out the advertising message upon receiving the merchandise. Unlike brochures which are crumpled and thrown away as soon as they are received, or TV adverts which people rarely get to see in full because of channel switching, custom stadium cups are tangible, and their recipients would think twice in throwing them out because they are useful. In that regard, using customized merchandise for promotional activities ensures that your valuable advertising capital is not wasted. On top of those, brand recall is ensured Marketing Tips

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because every time the consumer sips on his personalized stadium cup, he will remember your company. There are numerous suppliers of such customized throwaways,, for example, is one that specializes in customizing stadium cups. Aside from stadium cups, guerilla marketers can make use of other everyday items like tissue packs. The efficacy of Internet marketing in contrast stems from the fact that it has impressive reach. Another advantage to web marketing is that the nature of the medium itself allows people to learn more about your offerings easily and buy them conveniently. This in turn will translate to you seeing results from your marketing efforts much sooner than you would have you delivered the message through traditional mediums. Internet marketing is also efficient because it enables companies to monitor how their marketing drives are performing conveniently, and fine-tune it as necessary to ensure substantial returns.

Marketing Tips

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Marketing is an integral component to business management and development. It ties together several processes including advertising, distrib...

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