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My Little Pet

For Kindergarten/ Elementary

By: Shawntanay Johnson

In this book you will be looking at all kinds of different animals. The animals will be in all kinds of different colors, shapes and sizes. First take a look at some different colored animals. Some animals can be green. Some animals can be grey.

Some animals can be black.

Also, compare the animals to shapes that you know. Can you tell the difference between this horse, rabbit, and bear? What is it?

Some animals can be brown like this bear. Some animals can be round like a circle. Some animals can be in the shape of a box like a square.

Now you will hear a song about farm animals. How about we all sing along!

After hearing the farm animal song what does a duck say?! Fill it in on the line below. ___________________________________

Based off of this picture how many legs does a snake have? ________________ ďƒ&#x; write your answer here. Now we are going to click on the link above to watch a video about some animals that live in water. Write on the line an animal that you saw in the video that lives in water. ________ al_scrapbook.html After learning about animals that live in water lets click the link above and do the George’s Scrapbook Game! We will be playing a game with all types of different animals that have legs, feathers, and even wings!

What do some animals eat? click on this link and see if you can follow along with what different animals eat.

Animal Action Song This next link is another link to a song about how different animals move. We know not all animals have the same amount of legs. So let’s sing along to this song that talks about how different animals move! Let’s see if we can move like a snake!!

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Ebook 2 0 shawntanay johnson  
Ebook 2 0 shawntanay johnson