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Useful information about clip on hair extensions Want to add length or volume to your hair or even texture, then go in for the amazing technique of clip on hair extensions to transform your style in a jiffy. Clip on hair extensions are attached to the existing hair with the help of small clips that are sewn onto the wefts. This is one of the simplest methods in which one can transform their hairstyle in the shortest time possible and are very easy to remove too. Celebrities and others in show biz consider this a great choice; they have to constantly change their hairdos to suit the event or function and likewise the actors who have to sport a different look for each of the movies they are involved in depending on the role they are playing. Some useful things to learn about clip in hair extensions They are best suited to add length and volume to the hair. You can add texture to your hair too. Available on the net and pretty affordable too. Ease of application. Not difficult to maintain You can match it with your natural hair Clip in hair extensions made of human hair can be used several times whereas the synthetic variety can be used only once. Let us look at the various types of hairs available for clip on hair extensions Remy human hair has been accepted as the one with high quality with correct cuticles all facing the same direction just as in natural hair. This ensures silky hair that does not tangle easily. Non-Remy hair is lesser in price and is more available but in this the cuticles might be absent or are not in one direction and hence the hairs get tangled easily. Synthetic hairs are the cheapest but look artificial and tacky and do not last long. Types of wefts A number of wefts in varying widths make up a clip on hair extension set. The width is usually from one to eight inches with the wider ones used on the back and the narrow ones on the side. Length of the hair

Clip on hair extensions come in different lengths usually between twelve to twenty two inches and can be styled to merge with your natural hair. Weight of the hair A full set of clip on hair extensions will weigh somewhere between 60 and 160 gms depending on the amount of hair used. Choosing a supplier of clip in hair extensions Before purchasing make sure the supplier or company you have chosen has a good track record in terms of customer service. A little research conducted online will be able to help you in this endeavor and also acquaint yourself with their return policy. You should be able to return or exchange the set if it doesn’t suit you well or doesn’t match your hair color. For any special occasion that you wish to attend you can change your hairstyle to look more gorgeous with the help of clip on hair extensions. One could even buy or borrow the clip on hair extensions from salons who also offer styling by professional stylists.

Clip on hair extensions  

Want to add length or volume to your hair or even texture, then go in for the amazing technique of clip on hair extensions to transform your...

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