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Jacobs leads the Cal Band at the Berkeley Charter Gala. Photo: Kelley L. Cox

From skateboards to smartphones:

Alumnus of the Year Paul Jacobs Paul Jacobs ’84, M.S. ’86, Ph.D. ’89 was a techie as a toddler. “His grandfather came out to visit and wanted to watch the television,” recalls Jacobs’s father, Irwin, “but we had unplugged the TV to discourage that. So Paul crawled under the TV and re-plugged it in.” An entrepreneurial design geek as a teen, Jacobs and a friend set up an assembly operation to create skateboards, then sold them to local kids. Those early predilections took Jacobs down

first smartphone based on Palm OS®;

a path that, among numerous achievements,

inclusion of GPS capabilities in mobile

garnered him Berkeley’s 2017 Alumnus of

phones; and the system that enables

the Year Award. The executive chairman and

over-the-air downloading of apps. There’s

board chairman of Qualcomm Incorporated,

no doubt that his innovative thinking —

Jacobs spearheaded the company’s efforts

especially regarding the holistic intersection

to develop and commercialize mobile

of design and technology — began to

technology breakthroughs, including the

crystallize at Cal.


The Promise of Berkeley

Promise of Berkeley June 2017  

Promise of Berkeley June 2017

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