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nuR ot deeN I yW h Shaun | Jul 26, 2013 | Comments 0

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I have always lo ved to run. I have go ne thro ugh different styles o f running, and different techniques as I have gro wn up, but I have always lo ved to run. And alo ng with that many o f my friends have made fun o f me fo r running. They Tweiteist to o much wo rk. They co mplain that yo u end up right back always tell me that where yo u started, o nly no w yo u are ho t and sweaty. They say that it hurts to run, S S and after the run they 0 have less energy then befo re the run. They have no t yet disco vered what I have disco vered, and that is why I need to run. 3 4 my typical respo nse to them is that when I run it is just me and the wind, 10 Usually, 11

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1 and then the co nversatio n usually drifts o ff so mewhere else, but that respo nse o nly the surface o f the truth. When I run it is me and the wind‌and my 17 is 18 Like tho ughts.












31 paper is a little funny I think because usually when yo u are running yo u want to

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To me when I am1running my wo rld stands still. Seeing that last sentence o n

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go fast, but fo r me, when I am really in the zo ne, my wo rld stands still, and that is perfect. Running is my stress relief, and my pro blem so lver. Running fo r me is a chance fo r me to really get to kno w myself. Share in the zo ne, I really do n’t kno w I am running. My bo dy What I mean by running

go es o n auto pilo t, my legs keep mo ving, I keep breathing, and I just think. Fo r so me reaso n I have a hard time just thinking unless I am running.

I remember o ne time, when my wo rld was falling do wn, and I co uld no t sleep because o f it, I began to run. It was a little befo re o ne in the mo rning when I started, I made my way to a nearby trail that made a 1.2 mile lo o p, and I started to run. It to o k me the first lo o p to get into the zo ne, but after that I do n’t have any idea ho w many times I went aro und. I do remember that it was raining, which I tho ught was fitting fo r the situatio n. I kno w that I ran the who le time, no breaks. I kno w that I finished running a little after 3 in the mo rning. And I kno w that I came away fro m that run kno wing that my life was no t falling apart, but it was falling into place. I regained my fo cus, relieved so me stress, and was ready to take o n the wo rld again! That’s why I run.

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