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Employability Learning Network

Connecting you to evidence, expertise and excellence

What is the Employability Learning Network?

What does the Learning Network focus on?

Developed by the National Delivery Group, the Learning Network is a cross-government initiative supporting local employability partnerships, and wider partners to improve the way employability is delivered throughout Scotland. The Network gives practical help to organisations and individuals working throughout Scotland.

• supporting local learning and development with employability partners through partnership development, workshops and learning groups;

➲ The Network supports action that focuses on:

• capacity building around technical and project delivery techniques such as specific project management, management information systems and client assessment as well as research and evaluation; • developing and promoting a clear understanding of the factors which influence successful and sustained employment and progression;

The Network has been developed by the National Delivery Group, supported by the Scottish Government’s Workforce Plus team. The National Delivery Group individuals consist of employability partners from both local empolyability groups and national partners. It responds to the needs expressed by local authorities, their Community Planning partners, and wider partners with an interest in the employability agenda.

• developing new support tools where appropriate, to improve performance or overcome barriers;

➲ Offering a new way of helping you tackle employability, the Learning Network:

➲ S o that it meets your needs, the Network deals with problems that you, the members, identify. After discussions with a range of partners we expect initially to tackle questions like these:

• is responsive to your needs and helps you deal effectively with problems that you face; • enables you to learn in a way that suits you; • provides a dedicated manager, an allocated budget and access to a bank of experts, tools and good practice; and • provides its services free.


• providing a forum to collectively identify and share best practice; • supporting partners to gather their learning and practice into useable case studies for the Learning Network; and • promoting networking and joint working across local employability groups in Scotland.

• how can we foster and strengthen local strategic and operational partnerships? • how can we improve the effectiveness of employability activity? • how can we ensure that we react effectively to changing economic situations? • how can we improve monitoring and recording within employability services? • how can we ensure that clients have a seamless journey through employability and related support services? • how can we work with other local and national partners to develop more effective cross-sectoral approaches? • how can we work more effectively with others who are charged with tackling health and poverty issues? • how can we secure community benefits, especially training and job opportunities, from sustainable developments?

What does the Learning Network do? The Learning Network better connects a range of people from the public, private and voluntary sectors across Scotland who are involved in delivering upon the employability agenda. ➲ The Learning Network helps you to: • learn from other people and organisations facing the same problems through online networking and taking part in events, seminars, workshops, learning groups, peer-review sessions and project development programmes; • access good practice and evidence of what works including case studies; publications that record learning outcomes from previous programmes and events; and research from Scottish Government and other specialist networks or capacity building programmes; • work with a bank of experts who will provide advice and share their experience through master classes, meetings, seminars and workshops, or simply as a critical friend; • access resources such as toolkits, online learning programmes and ‘How To’ guides; and • identify any new research, tools and resources you need, which we can then commission on your behalf.

How does it work? ➲ A dedicated manager works closely with Network members to: • identify the problems the Learning Network should tackle; • collect good practice, evidence of what works and details of people and organisations who have experience in tackling these issues; • share what has worked, through our website, by organising events that showcase good practice, and managing interactive online networking; • support people to build their capacity through developing tailored programmes examining specific problems; • commission or develop new tools, resources and research where members think there is a gap; and • measure and improve the effectiveness of the Learning Network.

➲ To find out more about the Learning Network, to join or to get regular updates on what is happening, please contact: Joanne Farrow Employability Learning Network Development Manager The Scottish Government 5th floor, 5 Atlantic Quay 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow G2 8LU Tel:

0300 244 1337


07919 298125





Š Crown copyright 2009 This document is also available on the Scottish Government and the Employability in Scotland websites: RR Donnelley B61542 09/09 Illustrations by Andrew Baker ISBN: 978-0-7559-8129-8

Employability Learning Network  

Employability Learning Networks

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