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The Move It was June 8th, 1934; when William Nodic was outside with his Pa harvesting our small garden with his brother. It was 1934 and things were about to get devastating. But William thought that everything would just blow over in a couple of months. But that was where he was completely wrong.

William lived in a small clapboard house in Pantaloon, NY. He lived with his Ma Noni, his pa George, his brothers Patrick, James, and Nicholas, and his sisters Liana and Georgia. Everyone had to share a room because there were only 3 rooms.

When William was outside with his brother he saw that their garden was bare. when they came inside they asked Ma where Pa was and she said that he went out to the market to look to see if there were any seeds on sale for some new crops. “Okay.” said James “Boys!” said Ma “your father is not really at the market. He is at Aunt Lise’s house asking her if it is ok for us to stay there for a while because our house is being foreclosed.” “Is there anything we could do to help out like get a job or work for the neighbor.” “ The only job blacks can get would be working in a plantation.”

That day William and James went into town to look for a job. When William go there he found out that his ma was right no store was hiring. He was going to

have to ask the neighbors and hope that they would be kind and give them a job, but when they asked he said no. He said that they were going to steal his crops.

When they got home their parents were packing a few bags to bring to their aunt’s house so they went to their rooms and started to pack their own bags. They didn’t want to go to another house because they knew that they would miss their house that they have lived in all their lives. When they got to their aunt’s house they found out that living with their Aunt Lise was not really that different from living at home. Over the next six months James Patrick Nickolas and William all got a job working for their aunt’s neighbor Ryan to earn money so that they could move into a new house. By June 13, 1934 they bought a new house and were happy as they were in the old house.

Author’s Note The Great Depression started in 1929 when the stock market crashed. A stock is an instrument that signifies an ownership position (called equity) in a corporation, and represents a claim on its proportional share in the company. The Great Depression originated in the United States with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929, commonly known as Black Tuesday. During this time period many factories, banks and stores closed. The economy got so bad that most people packed up all their stuff and moved west to California or Oregon to find jobs as migrant workers. During the Great Depression many people lost their homes because they could not afford to pay for them anymore There were two presidents during the time of the Great Depression Herbert Hoover's term was from 1929 to 1932. His term ended when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected. In his first hundred days he proposed, and Congress enacted, a sweeping program to bring recovery to business and agriculture, relief to the unemployed and to those in danger of losing farms and homes, and reform, especially through the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Great Depression was a very hard time for kids as well as adults because they could not go to school because they could not afford it. Some kids that did go to school were taken out to work. There were many reasons that kids could not come to school such as not having transportation or because they couldn’t afford school books. The Great Depression was the largest economic depression in modern history. Many families were very creative to help get by almost everything was homemade the food, the games, the music there were even homemade portable dance floors. But traditional organized activities like rodeo and football were popular as well. -Shawna LeClair

Bibliography Nishi, Dennis. The Great Depression. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven, 2001. Print. This helped me find facts about how people lived during the Great Depression.

Freedman, Russell. Children of the Great Depression. New York: Clarion, 2005. Print. Children Of the Great Depression taught me about what families and houses looked like in the Great Depression. It taught me that a short steak would only cost 17 cents and a hog liver would cost 13 cents per pound. Nishi, Dennis. The Great Depression. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven, 2001. Print. This helped me find facts about how people lived during the Great Depression.

"SparkNotes: The Great Depression (1920창 1940)." SparkNotes: Today's Most Popular Study Guides. Web. 09 Feb. 2012. <>. Sparknotes helped me to learn about Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). On sparknotes I learned that FDR was president for 4 terms.

The Move  

William was living in the middle of the great depression when his house is foreclosed.

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