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Video or Webcast 1. We are creating this content to show users in a business setting how to search for, download, and install an app onto a mobile device. 2. Our audience is anyone who is interested in learning more about how to install applications onto their mobile device. 3. We want the content to help a user get comfortable with downloading and installing apps. 4. We are going to develop the content in class and create the video using screen captures from the iPod. It can be viewed on any device as long as there is Internet. 5. We are going to create and edit the video using Windows Live Movie Maker. We uploaded the video using YouTube. After taking a look at the comparison matrix, we decided that it would be our best option because it has the most options/features and is free. We wanted to use, but needed to be able to create a longer video without having to pay for it.

Cost Pros/Cons


Animoto Free Great! Very professional-looking videos! Only lets you create a 30-second video for free.

YouTube Free Works great for sharing files with groups of people. You just need an account to upload.



Six things that we incorporated in our video: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Knowing your equipment by experimenting with it. Be careful about music playing in the background. Consider perspective and framing. After you film each clip, immediately watch it to gauge its quality. Create a free account with a web-streaming service. Add into and exit credits and perhaps add a theme song. Free It’s a little more complicated than Animoto, but has more features and lets you create longer videos for free. 1GB of storage

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