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May 2014

The Cyclone Status honors seniors this month as they graduate and begin a new chapter in their lives. What is Dylan doing after graduation? Where will you find Erica next year? What are Cody’s goals and dreams? What will Ami’s major be? What will Chuck miss most? What advice does Kelsey have for the underclassmen? Look inside to find out!

The Seniors of Riverside

RHS Where We Ended Up By: Trent and Dylan We all thought we had rock solid plans coming out of high school. We were going to be cops, teachers, nurses... Well that didn’t happen. Caelan ended up in jail for inciting a riot at a political convention and Connor ended up owning a hookah shop in California. Mike, Kolby, Alex and Britain formed a boy band together named ”Clark Kent and the Tights.” Dylan, Ciara, Canon, Alesha all formed a bounty hunting posse while Josh avoids them due to being on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Latosha won a Grammy for her groundbreaking screamo performances while Gabi and Chandler became groupies. Drew and Jared became

professional stuntmen, driving cars in Fast and Furious 12. Nance became a polo player, making millions off of her small stature. Zach and Erica found their calling in tag team WWE wrestling. Peace tried to form world peace and Lynell crushed her hopes by becoming a ruthless dictator. Leah and Aubrey run for presidency in 2032, Leah wins and selects Aubrey as VP. Trenton becomes part of a government science experiment where he is mutated and dies. TraNae, Bree and Logston start an exotic gameshow titled ”Win, Lose or Die.” Rylie and Kelsey become worldwide renown authors of a critically acclaimed cookbook. Haylee

creates her own racing team and drag races performance cars for a living. Chuck becomes the next Kevin Bacon and Cody is the World’s Strongest Man. Sheldon stars in the next ”Bad Grandpa” while Kim directs it. Keira invents a new superfruit that she patents and grows. Lexi and Blayke invent the hybrid Nike Pump Stilleto and become millionaires. Ashley and Ami become the new coaches on Dance Moms while Kayla is an astronaut. We all had pretty normal plans coming out of school. We should have known with our crazy class that we weren’t going to come out of it that easily.



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