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Camillia’s Birthday Party

Today is Camillia’s first day of fourth grade! She packed her favourite pink backpack stuffed full of new school supplies!

She also brought treats for all of her friends!


sat beside the new girl in class and introduced herself.

Hi! My nam e is Camillia !

H My i! nam Cho e is !

Cupcakes in hand, Camillia ran to school as fast as she could! At school Camillia saw her best friends talking with a new girl on the playground. She didn’t look like anyone she had ever seen. She was different.


he children had picked seats and hung up all of their belongings. Camillia unloaded her brand new school supplies into her desk. Camillia’s friends all wanted the spot beside Camillia. She felt jealous that her four best friends would rather sit with Cho instead of her!

At lunch Camillia’s best friends, Marcy, Ashley, Nicole, and Lisa all unpacked their lunches and sat with Cho. As usual I had a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. My favourite! Cho was eating something weird... with fish! Yuck! Cho saw Camillia’s face and explained that she was eating sushi, something special and delicious in her culture. All of the girls thought it was really cool! Camillia was really starting to dislike Cho. Where did Camillia belong in all of this?


recess time Marcy, Ashley, Nicole, and Lisa were playing with Cho. They were all giggling, running around, and having a good time. All five of them saw Camillia and waved her over. She didn’t feel like playing with them because she felt betrayed. How could they want to play with Cho but not her!

Camillia stompped home in a huff! She slammed the door open and to her surprise she saw crafts supplies laid out on the kitchen table. How could she hsve forgotten! Camillia got right to work making up birthday invitations to her party this weekend. Camillia worked hard all night using ribbon, glitter, and coloured paper. She had all kinds of fun!

On the playground at recess Camillia handed out all of her invitationas and cupcakes. brrrrrring! brrrrrrrring! Camillia’s alarm clock clanged. She jolted awake and got ready at record speed! Camillia’s mom suprised her with a fresh batch of cupcakes to hand out at school with her invitations. Camillia ran to school as fast as her legs would carry her. The invitations were packed in a clear plastic bag ready to hand out. She is so excited!

Camillia handed out inviations and cupcakes to everyone in her class except for Cho. She felt really left out. Cho didn’t understand why.

Cho sulked in her seat after recess. Mrs.Penny, the fourth grade teacher noticed that Cho was upset. During silent reading she talked to Cho in the hallway. Cho explained that the entire class was invited to Camillia’s birthday party except for her! This made her feel different, like she wasn’t accepted and didn’t belong. Cho didn’t understand why!

Mrs.Penny was puzzled by this. She asked Camillia for her side of the story. Camillia felt like Cho was different and everyone liked her better, because of it. Cho was stealing her friends away and was making Camillia feel different! She didn’t want someone like that at her birthday party to spoil her day.

Mrs.Penny explained that Cho is Japanese, and that she is different. We’re all different but Cho’s is more visible. We’re all unique in our own way. We should accept each other for our differences because that’s what makes us

special. Camillia had never thought of this before and felt bad for giving Cho a hard time. The others were interested in her differences and she should be too. Camillia apologized to Cho and invited Cho to her birthday party. Cho grinned from ear to ear. It felt great!

Mrs.Penny used this as an educational oppertunity. She assigned every student in the class a country around the world and they were to research this countries culture. The students spent the rest of the week learning about cultures from around the world! Cho shared information about her culture to the class too. This helped Camillia understand Cho and gave her a great idea!

Today is Camillia’s party! All of her classmates came to celebrate and are having a great time. Camillia decided to do something special. She had a multicultural buffet for all of her friends to enjoy! This was the perfect way to end their week!

Camillia's Birthday Party  

A Childrens book that follows nine year old Camillia as she struggles to accept others for who they are.