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CURRICULUM VITAE Education 09/2011 - present 09/2009 - 09/2011

University of Bath BSc (Hons) Architecture Qingdao University A-Level Centre Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Physics (A) and Chemistry (A)


Shawn Qishuo Zhang

Year 3 architecture undergraduate. (RIBA Part 1)

Date of Birth: Nationality:

19/03/1991 Chinese

Programmes: Languages:

Experiences Architectural:

BAI Design Internatinal (RIBA Chartered Practice) June 2013 - Sept 2013 Architectural Assistant (Work Placement) SAKO Architects March 2013 - June 2013 Architectural Assistant (Work Placement) Shandong Provincial Architectural Design Institute Summer 2012 Architectural Assistant (Internship)


Sony Student Project Abroad (SSPA 2010) Summer 2010 Visiting Japan as one of 30 Chinese high school students.

Contact: Address:

Mobile: Email: Skype:

6 Westcliff Walk Hythe, Southampton SO45 6BY (+44) 75 2213 4692 zhangqishuo1991

Rhinoceros , 3Ds Max (Mental Ray Renderer), Photoshop, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, InDesign, Illustrator, Revit (Basic) English (fluent), Chinese Mandarin (native speaker)


Year 3


Centre for British Culture, Art and Studies

BAI Design

Bicton EaRTH Yoga Centre

Salford Meadows Bridge Pingxifu Sales Office Xianyang Sales Office

Year 2

Architecture Faculty, University of Bath Bath Visitor Centre SAKO Architects

Year 1

Commercial Building in Equatorial Guinea

Courtyard House

Shandong Huijin Financial Centre

Pret a Porter

Longjiang Media Park

Brief: To design a Centre of British Culture in Budapest, Hungary. The building will foster knowledge about the Britain by providing information on its culture, society and politics. This includes the exchange of art, films, music, talks, theatre and literature. Schedule of Accommodation: Reception and Information Auditorium British Pub Exhibition Space Library Language Centre Administration Hub


Academic Project Year 3, Winter 2013 Duration: 9 weeks

The design concept is ‘a sculpture in a city park’. As a centre for a foreign culture the building shape has a huge contrast with the context as a landmark building in the city. However the twisting shape is also related to the existing city grid. The rest of the site is designed as a ‘culture park’ with a sunken space which allows different cultural activities happen in it. The shape of the sunken space also aligns to the shape of the bulding and the city grid.





Sunken Plaza


british pub



Public & Private


language centre

Natural Ventilation

Environmental Design

General Stragegy

Lower Ground Level (Entrance) Plan PV Modual

Section A-A

Ground Source Heat Pump

Floor Structure

Detailed Section

Facade Structure

Roof - EPDM roofing - vapour barrier - 100mm insulation - screed to fall - 200mm reinforced concrete slab - suspended ceiling with lighting equipment - rooflight double glazing: 6mm toughened glass + 12mm cavity + 8mm laminated safety glass Facade - 450/375mm pre-cast hollow-core concrete stripes with vertical reinforcement - 450/250mm insulation blocks - wall ties Floor - 20mm timber floor finish - 70mm screed - DPM - 40mm acoustic insulation - 120mm reinforced concrete slab - suspended ceiling with lighting equipment

Vertical Reinforcement

Glass Wall / Balustrade - 6mm toughened glass / glass balustrade panel - galvanised steel angle with bolts

Pre-cast Hollow-core Concrete Elements


Academic Project Year 3, Autumn 2013 Duration: 5 weeks Brief: To Design an Iyengar Yoga Centre and Retreat Accommodation at Bicton EaRTH, East Devon. A small outdoor swimming pool is required as part of the recreational facility for the Centre. Schedule of Accommodation: Entrance/ Reception Yoga Studios Teachers’ Room Changing Room Library Ensuite Accommodation Rooms Self-catering Kitchen Common Area Outdoor Swimming Pool

Staris / Ramp: start of the journey

Bridge: a walkway from noisy to peaceful, with trees alongside to provide privacy

Gaps between accommodation blocks: transparent space to provide view corridor to the visitors.

Piles: on the ground level you will see the mixture of piles and tree trunks in beautiful shadows playing with rhythm.

Reception: entrance, waiting an information space for visitors.

Library: a quiet space for reading/ learning.

Courtyard: an outdoor space with timber deck, vedetation and pool.

Shoes taking-off: a transition space between public space and yoga teaching area.

Yoga Studio: natural pool, footpath and vegetation provide different layers of landscape outside the south facade. The gap between roof and walls provide better natural lighting.

Natural pool: provide clean water for the swimming pool and good view for the yoga studios.

Roof Plan

Ground Plan

First Floor Plan


Academic Project Year 2, Winter 2012 Duration: 9 weeks Brief: To design an architecture faculty for University of Bath. The new building should be able to accommodate for at least 300 students. The building should be part of a larger group of buildings that form ‘the campus’. Schedule of Accommodation: Studios Pin-up Space/ Crit Room 20 Offices Workshop Admin Office/ Staff Room Print Rooms Exhibition Space Cafe & Kitchen

The site is located at the east entrance of the University, the visitors will draw their first impression of the University from this building. Therefore the building should make a statement. The building consists of two blocks; one block is for studios and crit rooms while another block is for workshops and services. The two blocks are connected by an fully glazed space for vertical circulation with an entrance on the first floor to connect the building to the University Parade.





The main teaching block (studio and crit room) is turned an angle (9 degree) in order to open the university entrance also response to the geometry of the site. A concrete screen is added in the south front of this block for three reasons: - to act as a solar screen in order to avoid overheating and overlighting - to form the space for entrance hall of the ground entrance - to link the two grid system which intersected on the site

Section A-A



Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan

space for landscape

studio - working space

studio - social space

concrete screen void for lighting/stairs

6e building

bus stop


Academic Project Year 2, Autumn 2012 Duration: 5 weeks Brief: To design a visitor centre for the Royal Crescent in Bath. The building is a ‘gateway’ to this historic site, and is very clearly ‘site specific’. Its architectural language should be derived from or be a development of an explained understanding of the immediate building context and its organisation. Schedule of Accommodation: Display Area Small Lecture Theatre Shop Cafe & Kitchen Storage & Toilet

The building is designed with great consideration to the context in order to serve the historical site: - glazed display area and cafe provide more transparency for viewing. - create interior level changing in order to make the most of the sloping site. - use rough rubble with warm, honey colouring, make sure the building did not distract from the material palette of the city.

First Floor Plan 1. Cafe 2. Balcony 3. Kitchen 4. Storage 5. Toilet





3 5


Section A-A


4 B

Ground Floor Plan 1. Display 2. Lecture room 3. Shop 4. Storage

3 1



Section B-B

Section through the site

Parapet Roof - Coping - Damp-proof course - Zinc roofing - 100 mm insulation - Vapour barrier - Screed to fall - Concrete deck - White matt paint finish Cavity Wall - rubble stone cladding - 80mm cavity - 100mm insulation - Concrete walls - Wall ties - Weep holes Foundation and Ground Floor - Concrete deck - Dpm - 150mm rigid insulation - 80mm screed - Timber floor finish - Timber frame for steps in lecture theatre - HexDrain Brickslot First Floor - Timber floor finish - 50mm screed - Polyethylene separating layer - 50mm insulation - 200mm reinforced concrete slab * The roof system in the section is different with the final scheme as this section was completed before the final submission of the whole design project, and the design had been changed in the final modification.


Academic Project Year 1, Winter 2011 Duration: 6 weeks Brief: Newly moved in, the couple marks their commitment with a new house. The scheme will be a reflection of its owners. The given site takes the form of an L-shape. The new house will share a common courtyard with a neighbour. Schedule of Accommodation: 3 Bedrooms Living Room Dining Room & Kitchen Study Room Toilet

First Floor Plan: Studty room Balcony Toilet Kid’s room Master bedroom

The Site - The site has paired plots around a shared 6m*6m courtyard with a tree in it. - L-shaped site with the north facing the public road and the south having views of a landscaped park. Concept: Communication - encourage communications between people/ space. - integrate interior with exterior space; use green screen to blur the boundary between interior and the courtyard.

Ground Floor Plan: Kitchen & Dinnng Living room Toilet Guest’s room


Site 2

Academic Project Year 1, Winter 2011 Duration: 4 weeks Brief: To design a porter’s lodge that can be placed at the two entrances of the University of Bath. The building should accommodate 2 staff and a couple of visitors.

Site 1

Material for cladding (copper) and structural section (CHS) are assigned prior the designing stage. Campus Plan

This is the very first building the public would see of the Bath University. The structure consists of two U-shaped solid elements covered by copper cladding and a glass box inside them, giving people a sense of open and welcoming. The design makes use of the qualities of the copper cladding specified by contrasting the density of the copper with large areas of glazing, allowing a large amount of natural light into the interior.

Stage Involved: 0 Strategic Definition, 1 Preparation and Brief, 2 Concept Design Work Participated: Bridge Design, Landscape Design, 3D Modelling, Renderings, Architectural Drawings Brief: - To secure a high quality design for a new landmark pedestrian bridge connection to the meadows from the Crescent across the River Irwell to open up access to the Meadows and ensure that it becomes a well-used resource for the local community, while also attracting new visitors to the area. - To maximise the contribution of the Meadows site to the transformation profile of this part of Salford and set a benchmark for future development activity in the surrounding area.


Practical Project International Competition Summer 2013 @ BAI Design

Stage Involved: 0 Strategic Definition, 1 Preparation and Brief, 2 Concept Design 3 Developed Design Work Participated: Facade Design, Entrance Design, Landscape Design, 3D Modelling, Renderings Brief: The client wanted to change an existing retail building to a sales office. We were asked to design a new facade system with the surface area of 238m2 to improve the appearance of the existing old building and to promote the image of their company. We were also asked to design the surrounding landscape and a new building entrance in order to improve visitors’ general experience.


Practical Project Facade Regeneration Summer 2013 @ BAI Design

Existing Building

New Facade Rendering

Left: Roof Plan and Landscape Pattern Right: Section through the Building

Stage Involved: 0 Strategic Definition, 1 Preparation and Brief, 2 Concept Design Work Participated: Building Design, 3D Modelling, Renderings Brief: To design a retail office building in Xianyang City. The site is on a corner area which is lower than the adjacent streets. There is an existing singlestory building and a transmission pole sitting on the site and we were not authorised to remove them.

Existing Buildings


Practical Project Commercial Summer 2013 @ BAI Design


Final Design



Commercial Building in Equatorial Guinea Work Participated: Initial Research, Conception, Model Making, Architectural Drawings, Graphical Presentation

Ideas: - Environmentally friendly: use void and terrace to bring natural wind into the building.

Longjiang Media Industrial Park Work Participated: Facade Design, Landscape Design, Architectural drawings, Model Making

Ideas: - Facade: The idea came from ‘spring water coming out of underground, as a string of bubbles’. - Landscape: The landscape design continues the idea of the building facade.

Shandong Huijin Financial Centre

Work Participated: Model Making, Architectural Drawings

a d d r e s s : 6 Westcliff Walk Hythe, Southampton UK SO45 6BY m o b i l e : (+44) 75 2213 4692 e m a i l : s k y p e : zhangqishuo1991


Architecture Portfolio  

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