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assembled on cement slabs. Lustron homes first started going up in 1948. But when Strandlund’s plant in Columbus, Ohio, could not keep up with its projected production, the financiers foreclosed and operation ceased in 1950. The “Surf Blue” Lustron Home in Grand Ridge is a “Westchester Deluxe” model believed to have been built in 1950, said Karen Meagher, who bought the house with Starved Rock Country

her sister, last year. “We grew up five houses down from it and we always just loved it because it was so adorable,” she said. When it went up for sale last year the sisters discussed buying it. “We knew the previous two owners who had lived there until they passed away,” Meagher said. “We thought ‘If we don’t get this now we may never get a chance.’ So we put in a bid and got it.”

The sale price was just over $62,000. “On a whim we thought people might want to rent it, so we put it on Airbnb to see if we would get any nibbles and it’s been well received,” she said. First they did some fixing up. There was a new electrical

service installed and new carpeting throughout. The stainless steel sink was replaced with a more period-correct white enamel model. “One room had been painted pink,” Meagher said. “We just couldn’t deal with that so we painted it a nice neutral color.” Summer 2019 25

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