LaSalle County Visitor's Guide 2021

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S t. Louis Canyon

the best views in the entire park, where you can marvel at the Illinois River, or watch birds plunge for fish near the base of the Illinois Waterways Lock and Dam. STOP 3: St. Louis Canyon Just a few minutes to the west of the Visitors Center, off IL-178, you’ll find the parking lot for St. Louis Canyon. At the end of this 0.4-mile hike you’ll be treated to a beautiful box canyon, complete with a tall waterfall and hidden alcove that runs behind it. Even when falls aren’t in season, the canyon’s towering walls of intricate sandstone make for quite the sight. STOP 4: French Canyon One of the easiest hikes in the park(s), just so happens to lead to one of the most beautiful canyons! Located just 0.4-miles southeast of the Visitors Center, French Canyon offers a towering 45-foot tall waterfall during the rainy season, and beautifully eroded Saint Peters sandstone all year round. After a rainfall, admire the colorful streaks left on the canyon walls by the mineral-rich water.



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Most of Starved Rock’s beautiful sandstone canyons produce waterfalls after periods of heavy rainfall, but St. Louis, LaSalle, French, Wildcat, Ottawa, and Kaskaskia Canyons are considered to be among the best. St. Louis canyon boasts the only spring-fed waterfall in the park, resulting in much longer waterfalls, while LaSalle canyon (despite being much shorter than the other waterfalls) is the only one in the park you can walk behind while the waterfall is in action! The French canyon waterfall is conveniently located just a short 0.4 mile hike form the Visitor Center, while Wildcat is hands down the largest in the park, a gargantuan waterfall exceeding 70 feet in height.



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