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We Are Making Kane County Fit for Kids! Children born today may live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents and grandparents! Why? Too many of our children are overweight. Across Kane County, one out of five kids is overweight. In some Kane communities that number is an even more alarming one out of three! As these children get older, they are more likely to be stricken with diabetes, bone and joint problems, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Please join our campaign for longer, healthier lives for all of our children by Making Kane County Fit for Kids! Together, we will create parks, streets, neighborhoods and schools that are Fit for Kids — making them safe and ready for kids to walk, bike, and play. We will provide meals and snacks that are Fit for Kids by increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for all families through school and child care programs, farmers’ markets, community gardens, and neighborhood groceries — making healthy foods an available and desirable option. We will make our homes, faith communities, schools, recreation programs and workplaces Fit for Kids by promoting a culture of health and wellness every day, in ways both big and small. To find out more information, please visit the Fit for Kids Web site at

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KCC Medical Guide 2013