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National Crime Victims’ Rights Week April 7-13 SUBMITTED BY RUTH CARTER Executive Director, HOPE of Ogle County National Crime Victims’ Rights Week begins Sunday, April 7. We must work together to create hope for the future of crime victims’ services.  Our efforts cannot succeed without the contributions of local law enforcement, victim

advocates, prosecutors, probation and parole officers, child and family services, community leaders and members, educators, coaches, parents, and others. When victims feel understood and supported, they are more likely to seek services, which leads to a stronger and more resilient community.  Communities’ investment in

crime victims expands opportunities for victims to disclose their victimization, connect with services, and receive the support they need. To create a future where all victims are served and their voices heard, we must continue making victims services more accessible, welcoming, and culturally sensitive. 

HOPE of Ogle County: Services for adults, teens, children National Crime Victim’s Rights Week and Child Abuse Prevention Month offers an opportunity to provide the community with information about HOPE’s services to children who experience domestic violence in their home and who are the young victims of abuse from trusted people. Five million children are exposed to some form of family violence over their entire childhood (0-17 years).   Children who experience abuse are at higher risk to develop behavioral or emotional difficulties such as withdrawal, aggression, depression, anxiety, and various physical complaints.  Another major concern is that children in domestic abuse situations do not have tools to recognize red flags of unhealthy relationships.  Children living with domestic violence significantly alters a child’s DNA, aging them prematurely 7-10 years.   Children may also struggle with trust issues, communication barriers, unhealthy relationships, self-esteem issues, poor concentration, learning barriers, and much more.   Those who grow up with domestic violence are six times more likely to commit suicide and 50 percent more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.  HOPE’s Child and Teen Counselors are equipped to recognize and be flexible to each per-

• PROPERTY TRANSFERS Continued from Page 21 and Tex E. Bellows and Peggy A. Bellows, 61.67 acres on Honey Creek Road, Oregon-Nashua Township. Scott Lillie, warranty deed to Jeffery D. O’Rorke and Jacqueline R. O’Rorke and Tex E. Bellows and Peggy A. Bellows, 61.67 acres on Honey Creek Road, Oregon-Nashua Township, $437,000. William C. Coffman and Kathleen D. Coffman, warranty deed to Robert M. Boerema, 419 S. McKendrie Ave., Mt. Morris, $148,500. Wanda Smice and LeRoy Smice,

son’s needs and provide tailored services to each child and teen who has experienced abuse. Counseling and age-appropriate activities motivate learning and clients to explore, identify, and find healthy ways to express their emotions and fears while in a safe and supportive environment.  We guide children and families in building their support network as they develop their confidence and use the learned skills.   We also focus on educating children and families about the dynamics of safe and healthy relationships, and help create individual and family safety planning.  

warranty deed to Jacob M. Merrell, 802 Scott St., Oregon, $77,500. Paul O. Wright, quit claim deed to Ammie L. Wright, 302 N. Division Ave., Polo. March 26 Thomas O. Hill, warranty deed to Prairie Haven Farm LLC, 54.87 acres in Dement Township. Frances A. Newcomer, warranty deed to Heather Walker, 602 Main St., Leaf River, $90,000. Deborah A. Gruszeczki-Randall, warranty deed to Blake R. H. Klosa and Lannette Herrera, 6730 N. Friday Rd.,

Children’s counseling services are now available during the daytime and evenings in both Rochelle and Oregon. Domestic abuse is about power and control; abusive partners and family members often use multiple types of abuse to strip victims of their sense of self.  Abusive tactics include intimidation, emotional abuse, economic abuse, isolation, coercion and threats. Pushing, grabbing, restraining, pulling hair, punching, strangulation, sexual abuse, and biting are forms of violence.  The specialized support HOPE offers helps to empower while providing tools to increase their safety. If you or someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship, please call the 24 hour agency for support and information at 815-562-8890.  HOPE of Ogle County offers 24 hour access emergency shelter, individual and support group counseling, and court advocacy to assist with orders of protection. There is no cost to these services.  Prevention education and public education is also provided to area schools, service clubs, churches, and businesses. Services are also provided in Spanish.

Rockvale Township, $190,000. Dean Heslop, warranty deed to Travis Cunningham and Allison Page, 115 W. Meadows Court, Forreston, $130,000. March 27 Ogle County Sheriff, Leigh R. Daily, and David D. Daily, sheriff’s deed to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., 3208 W. Lightsville Rd., Leaf River Township. Luciano Venezia and Rosa Venezia, quit claim deed to Giuseppe Venezia, 407 S. 10th St., Oregon. Pamela M. Walt and Kristin A. Walt, warranty deed to Bradley S. Carter and Cassandra K. Carter, 9124 N. Twin Oaks

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