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Stephen’s overall experience as a handyman and his mechanical skills helped keep the equipment, and the boys, in business. “I spent a lot of time at Ace Hardware, and Rich and his team gave us yard and garden advice,” Stephen said. Once Patrick was old enough to drive, the brothers upped their efforts, contracting with more yards. “We make sure our services are mutually beneficial to our customers,” he said. “When it’s dry and the grass doesn’t grow much, we don’t take advantage of our customers. We can skip a week.” The business has grown through wordof-mouth, grocery store billboards, homemade fliers, and door-to-door sales. They’ve done so well that, in addition to covering basic family expenses, they’ve paid off the mortgage. P&C will mow and trim, spray weeds, clean gutters, mulch, and do basic landscaping. Over the summer, they hire extra help in the form of two high-schoolers. The brothers have four grandstand mowers, and can do a 40-inch to a 60-inch cut. They use ethanol-free blowers, weed-whackers, hedge trimmers, sprayers, and a rototiller. Their signature uniforms – orange shirts and sweatshirts with a tree frog for the logo – stand out in yards and fields of green. Ladies in Orange, a new branch to their business, is a group of women employees who do basic landscaping – building walls, planting bushes and plants, weeding gardens, laying mulch, and helping people maintain their gardens. Recycling, donating and replanting plants among their customer base is part of their focus on being green. Most of their customers are residential, and are serviced on 7-, 10-, and 14-day rotations.  Older brother, Christian, and younger brother, Aaron, 16, also work for the family business. Aaron started picking up trash and sticks for his brothers when he was 5, and now his specialty is mowing. The secret to their success is not just their 16-hour days, Margaret said. “What has made this work: We have always been a family who has talked and worked things out.” s

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The Clark brothers, Connor (left) and Patrick, sort customers by date on their magnetic calendar. (Photo by Avalynda Casey)

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