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Exotic Cars

in DeKalb County

By: Stephen Haberkorn Years ago, spotting an exotic car in DeKalb County was very rare– which was not surprising, since by the very definition of an exotic car very few people own them. And the people who do own them rarely drive them. The most common place you would see an exotic car, especially in the Chicago area during the winter, would be sitting inside a closed garage, possibly with a cover over it. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in this area. There are over at least 5 owners of exotic vehicles in DeKalb alone. There are several reasons why people purchase exotic vehicles. Some people buy them for the name brand – for the recognition of owning an exotic vehicle. In addition to Ferrari, people automatically associate names like Lamborghini, Maserati, or Aston Martin with something special and exclusive. Some people are pure motor sports enthusiasts and drive these cars on race tracks, which is what most of these cars were originally made for. Some people just like to collect the vehicles and create their own private auto museums. And then there are owners like DeKalb business owner Jim Mason, who just enjoy driving a vehicle with exceptional performance and craftsmanship, simply for the pleasure it brings them. Mason owns a 2009 Ferrari California. Mason’s Ferrari has some unique features that help define it as exotic. First, it can hit top Photo provided by: Iron Gate Motor Condos


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