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Put in a pond


The MWRD should put in a detention pond in the 2400 block of Gardner Road adjacent to Addison Creek in Broadview to help alleviate the severe flooding in this area. There was a wetland here in the 1950s, and now it is part of a floodplain. Mr. St. Pierre talked about “quick take” and “shovel ready” at the April 29 meeting in Westchester. This site is ideal for a pond.

Cellphone silliness My family is being forced to change cellphone service because our present carrier, U.S. Cellular, Chicago region, is being purchased by a larger cell carrier. Our cellphones dial in and dial out and text in and text out, with some games. When I visited all four major phone carriers, I am presented with Blackberry, smartphones, 3G, 4G, Android, iPhones, apps and – of course – pricing. Not one sales person has mentioned why I should change to that particular carrier.

DuPage voters left out

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Illinois House Bill Number 1522, referred to in the May 22 Reporter, now has passed both houses of Illinois General Assembly. The bill gives Peoria County and DuPage County the power to levy and collect taxes and fees from residents to pay for stormwater improvements in these two counties. The bill also gives referendum power to approve or reject such fees or taxes to Peoria County voters, but not to DuPage County voters. State Sen. James Oberweis prepared and offered Senate amendment number 2 to give Du Page County taxpayers the same referendum power as those in Peoria County. The Oberweis amendment was stripped from the bill prior to the final vote. Evidently, DuPage

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County taxpayers are not intelligent or worthy enough to approve their own taxation, but Peoria County voters are.

Whispering attorney When I watch La Grange Park Village board meetings, the president always has the attorney whispering something in his ear that the rest of the residents and probably board members can’t hear. It doesn’t happen with La Grange’s meetings. The attorney, when he’s had something to say, says it and everybody can hear it. This makes it seem like secretive things are going on. I’d like to see this stop in La Grange Park; let us hear everything the attorney is saying. If you don’t know what needs to be said or need to consult with that person, just table whatever it is being discussed, and speak with the attorney privately.