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MOT experiments! today I write something again: awesome:. So I have here is a MOT transformer lying around and I several experiments did so like Jacob's ladder, wire melting etc... But me just no experiments more traps a. distribution design

So I wanted you questions whether you may be a good parr experiement proposals can make me. Air combustion -flaring organischs material, E.g. both contacts in a wood/AST ramming Build arc lamps, i.e. concave mirrors + arc + sodium chloride, etc for a flame color. There ' a pulse discharge not better? MOT in response is a good idea Tesla freak: mrgreen: had in the past that time planned Schohn, never developed Abber: Clap:... Can you give me a description of items that may be? With 2 mots Rotary juice is just very gef채hrlcih and is with us so over, that the Prim of an MOT has sprayed Sparks, I would try just on the net. If there are 2 identical you can hang that on 400V series but easily, or? It works in every case, but never tried it because I have no three-phase connection. Up to 1m, the lightning can pull apart someone once told me.

Distribution design