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Hi . Thanks for picking me up. You're kind of strong. What am I about? I’ll tell you. I’m going to show you how to get the best sound and look at a price that you’ll love 1.You need a clear understanding of what style you want. what’s your look and sound? Image is everything. So is sound, keep that in mind. 2. You need a team of people working on what you want and need-custom work to show who you are to your fans. 3. After you and your team have got your songs and look the way you want it, all you have to do is put it in front of the eyes of the people that like your genre, And your look. This Is called promotion (a promoter should be apart of your team). sound like a lil too much? That’s where we come in so just browse around. we can help. Also some of my own writing here and there Please enjoy


My art is like headphones a sound for both ears. My art is like comparing raindrop to tears. spit heat like a burning oven you should not get near. I am him the man in the mirror.

Proof that hard work pays off There are many artists in Seattle Washington, but only one has earned the title of Self-Made-Indie-Success-Story. Born in Seattle, Washington June 18, 1983, he became interested in hip-hop when he was in elementary. He started writing his own lyrics when he was fourteen and dropped his first EP when he was seventeen years old. Then in 2009 he dropped a mix tape based on substance abuse, something he was going thought himself. He then got clean and on the right track and collaborated with Ryan Lewis (an American music producer, musician, music Video director, photographer, graphic designer and DJ) and claimed fame with his Album "The Heist" (2012). The album, independently produced, went on to make an estimated 75million in combined earning between May 2012-May 2013. He is now known to be highest paid rapper in the game. The albums first hit was Thrift Shop .It was the 2nd independent song to achieve the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, nearly 20 years after Lisa Loeb's "Stay (I Missed You)" in 1994. 2.2million copies sold of his hit single, with no big names backing him up, peaking at #7 on iTunes Hip Hop charts. The song had over 300mllion views on YouTube. Who is this Self-Made-Indie-Success-Story? You guessed it, Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)

Now 29, Macklemore and worth 5million and counting. Macklemore is a Singer, an a songwriter Just imagine how far you can go with hard work and dedication. A great man once said action speaks louder than words. What are your actions saying about you? I’m not saying he’s the best or even on my top ten list.

I’m saying hard work pays off..

Rain Had a dream I was in heaven but woke up here instead. My pillow ’ s super wet— I must have water in my head. All I need is an umbrella to keep the rain out of my eyes. So easy to slip up when you ’ re not focused on the prize. My mission is to rise- way above the struggle More than a 9to5, greater than the daily hustle. So many slip up because life is such a tussle-Haters in these streets just looking to pop your bubble But at the same time it shapes and it molds ya. Best part of the day, like a cup of Folgers. This is Tiny Dousha , if u don ’ t know the name. I Could tell you a thousand stories of joy, sadness and pain Not only a head nod, I hope its knowledge you retain. Listen! you can hear the city sing--that Seattle rain, that Seattle rain.

Alone Just thinking bout what we used to have, never thought love could feel so sad. At the same time, I’m really mad cuz I ain’t realize what we really had now you’re gone and I’m all alone. I bet u covered that tattoo of my name on your hipbone you were my millstone. music to my ear phones, you had my head gone funny cuz I’m head strong. Alone such a bad feeling you on my mind and that’s what’s killing me slowly feeling like oh me wishing I could hold thee and you don’t even know you see and that’s cuz I did not say everything u ment to me you a dime girl fresher then some Listerine yused to talk all night but it was alright cuz at the same time the only time I could hit you was after 9 and that’s cuz my minute was free and about the same time ya momma was sleep old nick name I was milk you where cookie blame it on me to love I was a rookie and you where sweeter then a Hershey kiss That’s the type of stuff ou where like the pine sol lady I was your Mr. clean … It was love at first sight reminiscing on how we

Used to talk all night But it was alright cuz at the same time, theonly time I could hit you was after 9 And that’s cuz my minute was free and about the same time ya momma was sleep old nick

That’s the type of stuff I miss. just singing this makes me wish you were here perfect bliss feelin like yes but then I think and, now I know why u gone Its cuz I did you wrong this is love lyrics you ain’t hearing this song. DJ turn it up go on never mind she gone…...Should of told you your like no other closer than a sister or a brother Should have told you you’re my air and if u leave I can breath and that ain’t fair yea I should have told you you’re the one bullet To my gun feet to my run air to my flow where did u go had the time to tell you when you felt so so but the cat had my tongue I don’t even know why I did not say what I wanted to. All I want is you so tell me what it do cuz when I see you out all I think about is me being with out your loving baby, you’re kiss, you’re touch, It drive me crazy trapped in a maze opposite of amazing, my heart is cold but you’re touch is blazing.

t n a W

e r o m u o y w o n k to

I’m trying to figure it out, Girl what is you about. You got me thinking we sound like the perfect se-

quence. Sound of the industry ,something like a symphony softer than Hennessey, Is this your true identity….. What’s your personality? Do u live in realty? want to get to know you more pretty sure there’s things ill adore I think your just what I’m looking for my ride or die an baby so much more dinner under candle lights girl that’s were I will know you more. Brown eyes and she look my type Westlake having meeting on my Skype, that’s when I looked over broke my neck chin passed my shoulder I walked up like Shorty what it do. We in the food court can I buy you some food looking fly, got a dude? If not we can chill, got a spot on the hill you can come if you will. Her name is Zamill, full blooded cero, born in the states got fam in brazil. She meeting her friend Jill to shop at Wet Seal and cop some fresh hills just spending lose bills. take you to the movies buy u a couples drinks, tequila’s truth Serum, I want to know what you think her favorite color is pink, likes to get ink, smokes but don’t drinks and don’t care what you think. Can we spend a little time today girl? I would just love to get away get away from everyone and get to know you more.

ANGER Anger is like fire burning— after it’s started it’s hard to put out. Like bad meat at a BBQ we can all stand without like the chaff which the wind blows away or a storm that washes away the sunny day Anger is like a broken tool the mind uses to fix the gap in understanding Anger is like the cry of a baby, mind and body demanding Anger is that friend that pops up without planning. Anger taste like whole limes changing my face for a time Anger feels like power for a day, week, maybe just for a hour

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