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Culture Our Way: a zine on Pop, Culture and the People’s Response Zine Group Jan-March 2012

Baby Phat; Goddess Perfume by Komura Lee Simmons—A response by Jolie Kimora Simmons: “Damn I jus had a really bad argument with Russell. He was tripping on me because I maxed out the card again while I was shopping the other day. And we always argue over money— it’s a shame. Well he knows I have expensive taste. What is a girl to do, when she’s living this life. Now these fucking people want to do a photo shoot and Russell is yelling at me, telling me to hurry up and get ready. I’m going do a couple of poses 1, 2, 3. Ok can I go now?”

Javonna: “She’s very sexy and seductive looking. I guess that’s how you’re suppose to look to sell your perfume. She looks rich and expensive with that nice chain, fur wrapped around her body and that huge wedding ring. I know the perfume smells good because I have it at home, but it doesn’t make me feel like a goddess. It looks like she’s flirting with her eyes. I wonder —was she holding her breath when she took that picture? Because I sometimes do that when people take pictures of me.”

Smoke and Mirrors By Jamison From my perch I see The Pacific, through a layer of Pollution and Self-importance. I know not why They built me. If you were here You would know you’re here. My body is big and white— a row of ugly for children to hide under, and dreams to die Under. The tired California sun I cry to the Andreas fault line Release me from my babies. If you were here you Would know you’re here. And you Would probably take pictures Of me And go look for stars, I look For stars too on winter nights But my view is blocked by smog and city lights. And I can hear the dead moaning, Holding Hollywood on its shoulders.

All American By Jamison This world is a Care free one We deal in plastic smiles and Low low prices Dignity traded, all expenses All American style Starting at 6.99 We pray to Robber barons Who deal in fake values and Lowblow prices Pandering to Ethnicity All American Racism™ (sell your soul!) Starting at 6.99 We all have Happy-Happy families We deal in archaic ideals and Lowbrow values. Lies are orgasmic, beat that horse dead An all American NightmareŠ Ending at (name your price)

Cell Phones By Amelia I remember a time where my generation didn’t focus on cell phones. A time where drama and gossip was only in the halls, not through this cyber universe. A time where our language wasn’t so lazy. In the world of school I think cell phones should be banned. From the drama to the distraction in class. I am sure that the ability in the students would go up. If they didn’t have that constant buzzing coming from their pocket with the urge that followed to see who it was texting, they could focus on what the teacher was talking about. Society relies so much on the ability of their phones it’s ridiculous. And I am one to admit I have bowed down to the ability of my smart phone. They seem to do just about everything you could need between a computer and phone. From GPS to a MP3 player. I am lost without my phone. But as much as these little devices do wonderful deeds for us I feel they are also making society lazy and dumb. Texting: There seems to be a short way to say just about anything these days and with that, no one is speaking or writing in full sentences. I catch myself and others just writing in general typing in text form. Here are a few: LOL: Laugh out Loud BRB: be right back Tho: Though Luv: Love K: okay Wtf: what the fuck SMH: shake my head Ttyl: talk to you latter HML: hit me latter 2moro: tomorrow 2nite: to night JK: just kidding ILY: I love you LMAO: laughing my ass off

Gps: Yes, I will admit that it is absolutely amazing to get step by step directions on the go, but whatever happened to stopping at a gas station and asking for directions or using a paper map? It’s the simple things that makes the phones great but also is hurting society.

Modern Art By Jolie

Modern Art is George Bush hand built of earth ware and glaze. Modern Art is a skeleton spirit with gold teeth and a hippy look. Modern Art is two people playing a card game, eating a sandwich and drinking beer on a Saturday night in Ohio. Modern Art is a frog blowing his brains out with a gun. Modern Art is a globe jukebox with music playing out of it. Modern Art is an inmate who has been rotting In jail all his life. Modern Art is a lady in the night with a heavenly body smoking a cigarette sometimes alone in her bed. Modern Art is a lemon meringue sea of people riding the waves. Modern Art is a ketchup kiss with Neapolitan ice cream on top. Modern Art is Artworks. Modern Art is a self portrait full of bright colors. Modern Art is a girl on the outside looking in.

She’s very insecure and self conscience.

Teen Mom By Amelia 750,000 teen pregnancies annually. 8 in 10 of these are unintended. 81% are to unmarried teens. Almost 1/3 of those unintended pregnancies end in abortion. ( Teen pregnancy refers to a female under 20 (when pregnancy ends) ( In 2009 82% of teens credits the show in helping them understand the challenges that come with unexpected parenthood. ( articles) I was very frustrated when I did some research and found that Teem Mom, Teen Mom 2 and 16 & pregnant are statically reducing teen pregnancy. I was frustrated because the people around me, myself included watch these show and actually want a baby and some try and succeed. I do think 16 & Pregnant shows more of what it’s really like but Teen Mom glamorizes it. ―The media here is being extremely irresponsible by glamorizing teen pregnancy. We can look forward to a reality show in about 18 years based on these children growing up fatherless, as the cause of mommy’s fame,‖ States Los Angeles-based psychologist Nancy B. Irwin. ―Teens by their very nature are self-centered; where does that leave the baby? Knowing you were only born to pole vault your mother to fame is not the healthiest psychological base for a child‖ (form These girls have their Mommy and Daddy helping them out and they get payed to be on the show. You don’t see much if any struggle financially in the first group. And yeah, motherhood has its emotional issues but you need to show these viewers that there is a lot more than just emotional struggle. I was listening to the Jackie and Bender show on Kiss 106.1 the other morning and they said ― These girls are making teens want to get pregnant and have babies with the thought of becoming famous and rich through MTV. And get boob implants like Farrah.‖ Maci Bookout and Farrah Abarham from Teen Mom seem to have it pretty easy. Mom and Dad help out a lot! Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood come from families that don’t have it as easy. Honestly, I wonder why Catelynn is even on the show. She gave her

baby up for adoption, so you’re not seeing her struggle with motherhood, just her struggle with her relationships and her struggle with choosing adoption. But if this show is trying to say don’t get pregnant at 16 or have a adoption why would they want to show someone that is struggling with it. Wouldn’t you want to show someone who chose it and is 100% happy with it. Or even someone who struggles with the decision of Abortion VS. Keeping it VS. Adoption. Why not show someone who gets no family support finically and emotionally. Someone who is homeless or jobless.. Something more real in this day and age. Someone like me. I am getting no help from anyone other than nonprofit organizations, Catholic Community services of Western Washington, Friends of Youth etc... That’s more real to me. I mean I am getting emotional support from my baby’s dad’s family but not mine or even him. In the last season of Teen Mom 2 it shows Kail Lowry applying for transitional housing. She applied, got accepted and moved in all within one episode.. and those episodes show like a week of their life at a time. Maybe that is how it is in her area but I doubt it. I have been on multiple waiting lists for 4 months and am just now getting accepted. That’s more realistic. It makes girls think it can really happen that fast. I can say that if I wasn’t already on waiting lists when I saw this episode, I would have thought it was that easy and fast. You see them all struggling with relationships and yeah that’s real – but look at Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2 for instance. Her dad pays for everything. And I mean everything. Rent, car, gas, food, hair did, nails done – anything for her baby. It’s ridiculous. And sure there are probably quite a few parents that actually do this but probably a lot more that don’t. It’s girls like her and Maci that made it look so easy and fun that made me want to have a baby a lot sooner then expected. And now I am expecting a baby and as much as I love her I wish I really would have waited till I was in a better position to raise a baby. This show shows almost nothing that I have gone through. Like homelessness, having no support. They make it look so easy and fun. I know people that I went to school with or am just friends with that thought the same thing and are in situations like me. All I am trying to say is that if your gonna show a series that wants to promote reducing teen pregnancy show more realistic people.

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