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Shaunessa Nongrum, Kanav Kapoor, Simran Singh & Suhavani Suri BA Honors In Luxury Brand Management 2014-2018

Integrated Group Project




On the very outset of this report, we would like to extend our sincere & heartfelt obligation towards all the personages who have helped us in this endeavor.Without their active guidance, help, cooperation and encouragement we would not have made headway in the project. We are extremely thankful and pay our gratitude to our faculty Mr Anup Sasisharan,Mrs Shilpa Thapar, Mrs Shalini Kumar,Mrs Bhavna Chadha and Mr Rajeesh Ravindram for their valuable guidance and support on completion of this project in its presently. We also acknowledge with a deep sense of reverence, our gratitude towards our parents and members of our family, who have always supported us morally as well as economically. At last but not least, gratitude goes to all of our friends who directly or indirectly helped us to complete this project report.





Let us go on a journey to the world of glam, rock and animal prints; A journey of never ending flamboyant Italian fashion; A journey led by Roberto Cavalli‌‌..



TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Inspiration and Heritage 4. Design Philosophy 5. Designers and Essence 6. Marketing Mix 7. Marketing Strategy 8. Customer Profile 9. Target Market 10. Global Market 11. Entrance into India 12. Roberto Cavalli India 13. Communication 14. Media and Print 17. Competitor Analysis 18. Data Analysis



Exotic elegance, wild prints and bohemian glamour are inherent in every collection and his seductive cuts have provided everyone with red carpet drama.

Roberto Cavalli is a designer of both substance and style, as he has made



throughout his career.





JUST CAVALLI Roberto Cavalli created the Just Cavalli line in 2000, dedicating it to a new generation of free spirits. Starting with his eclectic, highly imaginative style, he devised a collection with a strong personality, focusing on the constant use of innovative materials and experimental graphics, the traditional “heritage” of the Cavalli fashion house. The collection has always stood out as a think-tank that studies and refines tomorrow’s style today. It has become a global brand enriched through the ideation and creation of a range of Just Cavalli brand products, meeting the needs of a young international clientele. From the photos of Roberto Cavalli’’s travels, the prints are born: absolute protagonists of this collection, inspired as always by the wonder of nature.

Cavalli was quoted saying, “I created Just Cavalli for young people, who are always inspiring my designs… I observe them, study them — sometimes I’m taken aback by them, they fascinate me. The focus of Just Cavalli has turned to the real world, to the contemporary — the absolute territory of the new generation!”


CAVALLI HOME AND CAVALLI CAFE Roberto Cavalli Home was also launched which, as the name suggests, deals solely with home furnishings and décor. Select choices, inspired by colour, realized and adapted according to the furnishings, drawing on different fabrics and materials, set off by a single print, dye or effect, transforming them into exclusive pieces. Cavalli also started a chain of posh restaurants called Cavalli Café’s. Reflectingthe designer’s trademark look, the cafes usually feature animal skin prints on the furnishings with dazzling, blingy crystal lamps lighting up the interiors. The walls are adorned with a host of black-andwhite photographs of Cavalli with various celebrities.



Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Roberto Cavalli Chocolates


BRAND COLLABORATIONS Roberto Cavalli designed a unique Mini Cooper car that was sold at auction during the Life Ball. He opted for an iridescent paintwork that shimmers from black to brown, depending on the lighting. On the roof, there is a huge "Robero Cavalli" logo, while the interior has also been completely redesigned according to Cavalli’s personal taste. The designer also created three animal-print bottles for Coca-Cola Light, giving the bottles a sensual status symbol look. They are seductive and feminine, in typical Cavalli style.



Roberto Cavalli has collaborated with Swedish brand H&M for an exclusive limited edition collection. As expected, leopard spots, zebra prints, and sequins are all over, and the color palette stays in the black, white, and gold range. The standout dress looks to be this gold flapper number, which Cavalli designed with Kylie Minoque in mind. In the advertising campaign, shot by Terry Richardson, the designer asked, "How can I miss the party? I am the party," before celebrating with models Erin Wasson and Jessica Stam in his Florentine villa. "Fashion can be glamour and fantasy, and at its best can even make reality a little more fun," H&M's marketing director told us at the time. "Wearing Cavalli's creations is all about that." The collection sold out within hours of launching.


HISTORY Roberto Cavalli was born on November 15 1940 in Florence, Italy. Artistic talent ran in the family as his grandfather was a celebrated Impressionist painter and his mother a seamstress. While studying at the Academy of Art in Florence in 1957, Cavalli decided not to become an artist, instead experimenting by applying painterly techniques to textiles in ways that had not been practised before. In 1970, Roberto Cavalli showcased his revolutionary materials for the first time in his debut collection. Cavalli opened his first boutique in Saint-Tropez in 1972, foreseeing the potential of the fishing village as a desirable destination for the fashion elite. Cavalli's career entered an exciting new phase at the start of the Nineties. Applying artistic techniques to denim, he presented his first printed jeans in 1988, showed the first sandblasted jeans in his autumn/winter 1994 collection, and worked with Lycra to invent stretch jeans in 1995. These innovations in textile technology consequently exploded in popularity and have diversified the denim market dramatically.



Cavalli is greatly inspired by sources of nature and flora and fauna. The serpent is the favourite animal of the designer, because it is changing and unfolding like the fashion; it is unbelievably flexible and arouse interest in the artist. The designer is world-known for his prints, which are central to his vision and convey his love for nature and his unbridled creativity. Flower motifs, animalier patterns, feline spots and jungle themes are all quintessentially Cavalli. Cavalli was once quoted saying, "Nature is my main source of inspiration - I will never stop taking hints from what I call 'the greatest artist´�.



Cavalli’s design philosophy is simple: Standing out from the crowd;through the use of bright colours, abstract designs, and animal prints. The conception understanding of the design philosophy and aesthetics of Cavalli passes inevitably through his rationalization of the phenomenon “woman” and “femininity”. The designer has mentioned many times, that for him is that a woman who has expressive character, underlined individuality and is not afraid to feel free and to be free is his opinion about beauty and is anthropological and psychological. The key words, that Cavalli uses, to define his creative motivation, are “natural” and “comfort”



Roberto Cavalli himself, along with his wife and collaborator, Eva, had been in charge of creative direction for the brand. Roberto Cavalli himself usually has the final say in what he wants in his collection and when. In addition to that, the most prominent designer at the Cavalli house has been Norwegian-born designer Peter Dundas, who previously worked for the brand from 2002 to 2005. Since 2008,Dundas has been creative director of Emilio Pucci but, has returned to Cavalli to serve as it’s new Creative Director. Another famous designer who has worked at Cavalli is current Balmain creative director, Olivier Rousteing.


MERCHANDISE Being the famous fashion house that it is, Roberto Cavalli has a wide variety of products. It offers men’s and women’s clothing, underwear as well as accessories. Cavalli’s creations are highly recognizable for the mixture of different materials they use and the frequent use of animal patterns and patchwork. Product categories: •

Apparel-Core Product


Leather goods





Home furnishings and decor 24









Bags : £975 to 3020

Coats and Jackets: £1185 to 1715

Shirts and Kaftans : £685 to 2750

Gym : £180 to 423

Dresses : £3675 to 770

Pants and Jeans : £520 to 880

Coats and Jackets : £1770 to 3045

Tops: £315 to 650

Pants : £1575 to 595

Belts: £365 to 585

Skirts : £685 to 1540

Bijoux: £265 to 360

Sweaters : £685 to 1175

Leather Accessories: £ to 195-555

Gym : £266 to 724

Fabric Accessories: £106 to 727

Tops and T-shirts : £565 to 995

Underwear: £56 to 200

Belts : £605 to 725

Footwear: £335 to 560

Bijoux : £310 to 1785

Fabric Accessories : £240 to 551

Footwear : £640 to 1540






PROMOTIONS Roberto Cavalli does not by any means fall short of promotions. People are made aware of the brand by means of advertisements on print and digital, televised campaigns and extravagant fashion shows. Although Cavalli says fashion should be less linked to celebrities, he admitted he was pleased when celebrities wore his clothes. His first celebrity ambassador, often credited with thrusting the brand on to the international fashion scene, was Brigitte Bardot - but powerfully sexy women including Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez have followed as ambassadors since.



MARKETING STRATEGIES Roberto Cavalli adopts controversial commercials, with a wild and strong mood, shocking and appealing as marketing strategies. It attracts mainly the generation of baby boomers as well as millennials.

Cavalli for H&M is a line for people who likes to 'enjoy the good things in life', the commercial is a big party where Roberto is the host and it mixes the savage and the elegant, using the Vegas quote what happens in the party stays at the party. The Cavalli Café is a way of advertisement and marketing that works both ways, making the café desirable for people by using this brand and also showing the society what Cavalli is capable of, advertising the beauty and position of the brand. The brand has also begun focusing on young charismatic bloggers. Psychologically, teenagers are particularly empathic with the young bloggers, as they come from close generations and their outfits of choice quickly become fantasies and faithful references for millions of fashion consumers as well as headlining the pages of magazines. Bloggers like Olivia Palermo –, Chiara Ferragni –, Miroslava Duma – have been linked to Cavalli and are using Instagram and Twitter to share with their followersthe many looks they are wearing from the brand’s collections.



A Cavalli Man and Woman is vivacious, elegant, sophisticated, sensual and they desire to look divine and fantastic. They are the kinds of people that demand attention as they walk into a room.

A woman in a Cavalli piece looks wild, sexy, erotic, and fluid. Cavalli recently stated that the Cavalli Woman has become more free spirited lately. She is still sexy but has a more Bohemian element to her. Cavalli customers want to stand out in a crowd by wearing the brand’s bold and flamboyant designs. The designer himself aims to make his creations that embodies what he wants his customers to be and believes that a woman should always look for a garment that best display her body and personality. Vulgar but not cheap, Cavalli satisfies his clientele.



The main target market for Cavalli is basically every women and some men from upper middle class and above seeking a more formal approach with a direction of demi-couture, artisanship, and the attention to detail. It is also more exclusive and its customers are affluent. This is a ‘young label’ so the people who buy it are people who want a young image, also wild and sexy, they usually have a healthy life style and have plenty of free time. Roberto Cavalli has made a career out of dressing women in his highly decorative, flamboyant and intricate gowns. Unapologetic glamour, fluidly applied onto the female form with an Italian man’s sensibilities, has come to be Cavalli’s signature style.



GLOBAL MARKET Roberto Cavalli has a well distributed market with a maximum number of customers coming from Europe and the USA.

Cavalli designs are more provocative and outgoing which caters to the tastes of customers belonging to European countries or America.

Cavalli stores in Asia, on the other hand follow the same approach but, on a more conservative basis.




ENTRY INTO INDIA Gianluca Brozzetti, the chief executive officer of Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli, is turning to wealthy shoppers in India and other Asian countries to deliver on his plans to turnaround the company which was badly hit by the recession over three years ago. Cavalli has made a late entry into India, a market where an ever growing rich and young consumers are willing to spend on a luxurious lifestyle. For the last few years, the Cavalli family has been concentrating on growing business in Europe and the US. "It was like they had forgotten that there was an Asia Pacific. But these markets are important," says Brozzetti, who is now opening stores in Tokyo, Beijing and Delhi. Roberto Cavalli officially opened the first Roberto Cavalli boutique and Cavalli Cafe in India on December 7, 2012. The brand has collaborated with Infinite Luxury Brands Pvt. Ltd to bring women’s and men’s prêtà-porter collections, as well as accessories, and kidswear from the Italian designer to India. Roberto Cavalli Home stores, which will sell furniture, textiles, crockery and other products that go into designing a house, will also be opened in India.



As of right now, Roberto Cavalli has only one Indian store.

The boutique is located on the ground floor of DLF, Emporio in New Delhi with the Cavalli Cafe just outside the 400 sq. ft. global fashion store. Cavalli is not new to India, having earlier opened his Just Cavalli store in the same location, which has been discontinued. Cavalli has described Indian women as beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, sensual who want to look divine and fantastic. He believes in the Indian market and loves the taste for fashion of Indian people. The merchandise ranges from INR 69,792 to INR 3,74,434.





With the coming up of the world wide web,Roberto Cavalli has accounts on all forms of popular social media for better promotions and brand awareness. The brand maintains accounts of Facebook and Instagram,each having more than a million followers. Customers and fans of Cavalli are able to freely view fashion shows, campaigns and commercials on the brand’s YouTube channel. Despite having a Twitter account, Cavalli began finding new ways to build his brand. This brought about the launch of the Roberto Cavalli blog. It includes the life accounts of and is written by Roberto Cavalli himself.



Celebrities and famous personalities have graced the covers of prominent magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Cosmopolitan dressed in Roberto Cavalli.

If not on the covers, the same assortments of magazines have spreads of Cavalli advertisements and campaigns. In addition to magazines, Cavalli also has a number of advertisements that have been broadcasted on television as well as outdoor advertisements.



Versace is a brand having a luxury feel that offers chic and sophisticated design along with modern aesthetics. The brand’s USP is: A Perfect blend of glamour, sexiness and high end couture.

Versace is definitely one of Roberto Cavalli’s biggest competitors because: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Well established brand image and is recognized globally. Worn and endorsed by all celebrities who enjoy looking both chic and sophisticated. They have about 500 employees containing an expert team of designers and stylists. Well distributed all over the world. It has around 22 Indian stores while Cavalli only has one.



Dolce&Gabbana is the world famous Italian luxury brand which offers to it’s customers elegant, modern, unique and innovative merchandise with quality. Dolce&Gabbana’s USP is: Product’s quality, design and exclusivity.

Dolce&Gabbana serves as yet another competitor of Cavalli and rightly so because: 1. It has a strong brand image. 2. Innovative and unique products suiting people’s taste for change and quality launched frequently. 3. When it comes to distribution, D&G trumps Cavalli by a margin. It has been able to successfully open a large number of stores in the Asian Pacific with four stores in India alone.





Reliability Test

Warnings There are too few cases (N = 0) for the analysis. Execution of this command stops.


Total Number of Respondents: 70 30




Age Groups(Years) 18-25






45 and above



Annual Household Income(Lakhs) 15-20 11 21-30 17 31-40 14 41-50 16 50 and above 12


Likeness Towards Roberto Cavalli Yes







Most Liked Brand Versace Roberto Cavalli

23 20

Dolce&Gabbana Armani

17 11

Emilo Pucci


6.3% 16.1% % 7.7% 14% 11%


Net Promoter Score(%) Detractors






15% 45%




Questionnare Distributed To The Target Customers Q1) Choose your gender: 1. Male 2. Female Q2) Pick your age group: 1) 2) 3) 4)

18-25 years 26-35 years 36-45 years 45 and above

Q3) What is your annual household income? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Rs 15 -20 lakhs Rs 21- 30 lakhs Rs 31-40 lakhs Rs 41-50 lakhs Rs 50 lakhs above

Q4) What kind of credit card do you use? 1) Visa 2) MasterCard 3) American Express 4) Q5)What is your idea of a perfect evening? [Nominal Scale] 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Dining at a posh restaurant Clubbing/Partying Visiting a spa Watching a Polo/Tennis match Read a Vogue magazine Others(Please specify)

Q6) How often do you shop for luxury products monthly? 1) 2) 3) 4)

0-3 times 4-6 times 7-10 times More than 10 times


Q7) You like to buy luxury products because: [Nominal Scale] 1) You can afford them 2) They make you feel good about yourself 3) Your friends buy them Q8) How price sensitive are you?



3 4










Q9) Who’s opinion do you seek when buying luxury products? (Tick more than one option if need be) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Family Friends Experts The Internet None

Q10) Rank the following brands according to your preference. (1 being most preferred and 5 being least preferred) 1) Versace 2) Dolce & Gabbana 3) Roberto Cavalli 4) Armani 5) Emilio Pucci Q11) Do you like Roberto Cavalli? 1) Yes 2) No 3) Maybe (If you ticked ‘No’ please go on to Question-16) Q12) Rate the following factors based on Roberto Cavalli products: Factors

Very Good



1) Quality 2) Price 3) Variety 4) Service



Very Bad

Q13) Rank the following Roberto Cavalli products based on your preference (1 being the most preferred and 5 being the least preferred): 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Apparel Footwear Accessories Lingerie Perfumes

Q14) Where do you prefer to shop Roberto Cavalli products from(Rank 1 for most preferred country and 5 for least pre 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

India Paris London Milan New York Other (Please specify)

Q15) For how long have you been purchasing Roberto Cavalli? 1) 2) 3) 4)

Less than an year 1-3 years 4-5 years More than 5 years

Q16) Why don’t you like Roberto Cavalli? 1) The designs of the brand does not suit your taste 2) The prices of the products are unreasonable 3) There is not much variety to choose from Q17) How likely are you to recommend Roberto Cavalli to others?

1 2 Low

3 4


6 Medium






Thank You! 59

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Roberto Cavalli  

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