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Today’s Movies 12:00 a.m. AMC Scarface aaac ENC The Scorpion King aa MAX2 Monster’s Ball aaa 12:05 a.m. HBO2 The Wolfman aac 12:20 a.m. HBO3 Funny People aac 12:30 a.m. MAX The Right to Bare All SHO Knowing aaa TCM Her Night of Romance 12:40 a.m. TMC Backstage aa 12:50 a.m. HBO The Kids Are All Right aaa 1:00 a.m. E( C.R.A.Z.Y. aaac E31 Exit Wounds aa BET Boomerang aa 1:30 a.m. STARZ Legion aa 1:35 a.m. ENC Tales from the Hood aa 1:40 a.m. PLEX The Deep aa 1:50 a.m. MAX Sudden Death ac 2:00 a.m. TCM Lost Horizon aaac USA The Detonator ac 2:10 a.m. TMC Adopted ac 2:25 a.m. HBO2 Eye of the Needle aaa 2:35 a.m. SHO The Tomb ac 2:50 a.m. HBO3 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang aaaa 3:00 a.m. SYFY Ba’al: The Storm God TBS Secondhand Lions aaa 3:10 a.m. MAX2 Love Liza aa 3:15 a.m. ENC Knockaround Guys aa 3:20 a.m. STARZ The Secret in Their Eyes aaac 3:40 a.m. HBO In the Name of the Father aaac TMC Enemies Among Us 3:45 a.m. MAX Head Above Water aa 4:00 a.m. AMC Mad Dog and Glory aaa SHO2 Raising Genius TNT Resident Evil: Apocalypse aa 4:05 a.m. SHO The Collector aac 4:15 a.m. TCM The Story of Mankind ac 4:45 a.m. MAX2 Revenge of the Pink Panther aac

News (N) Access (N) TMZ (N) Extra (N) Think You Can Dance (N) Glee “Furt” Sue’s mother. FOX 2 News 10PM (N) News (N) TMZ (N) News (N) NBC News Wheel Jeopardy Community Parks Office 30 Rock Law & Order: SVU “Bang” News (N) (:35) Leno (N) News (N) CBS News Jeopardy Wheel Big Bang (:31) Rules Big Brother 13 (N) Mentalist “The Red Mile” News (N) Late Show News (N) World News News (N) ET (N) Wipeout (N) Expedition Impossible (N) Rookie Blue (N) News (N) Nightline (N) News at Six Windsor Coronation Recipes Nature of Tectonic rhythms. Haiti Orphans: 1 Year The National CBC News George S. (:40) Ha!ifax News (N) World News Judy Brown Wipeout (N) Expedition Impossible (N) Rookie Blue (N) News (N) Nightline (N) Payne Family Office Friends Without “Eating Away” Without a Trace “Primed” News (N) Friends Office Family News (N) NBC News ET TVPG (N) Inside (N) Community Parks Office 30 Rock Law & Order: SVU “Bang” News (N) (:35) Leno (N) The PBS NewsHour (N) Bus. Rpt (N) E. Edelman Wilderness Outdoors Killer Stress Old House Charlie Rose (N) Without Trace “Confidence” Without a Trace “Prodigy” Criminal “The Slave of Duty” Criminal Minds “Retaliation” Criminal Bizarre obsession. Criminal “Mosley Lane” Roseanne Roseanne Frasier Cash Cab Hawaii 5-O Mysterious ship. Rockford Childhood friend. Heat Night Frasier Cash Cab Simpsons Queens How I Met Two 1/2 Vampire “Know Thy Enemy” Plain Jane “Do Over Jane” How I Met Earl Simpsons Raymond The PBS NewsHour (N) Bus. Rpt (N) Michigan Old House Ask This Ask This Mucc’s MI American Globe Trekker (N) Christine CBS News Insider (N) Christine Big Bang (:31) Rules Big Brother 13 (N) Mentalist “The Red Mile” Two 1/2 Late Show Simpsons Simpsons Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Think You Can Dance (N) Glee “Furt” Sue’s mother. FOX 66 News at 10 (N) Raymond Queens (:20) aa Knockaround Guys (2001) Mobster’s son. aaa Brooklyn’s Finest (2010) Compromised cops. (:15) All About the Benjamins (2002) Witnessing a crime. ENC (5:00) Aliens aaac Despicable Me (2010) Next big heist. Faceoff wi Real Sports - Gumbel Curb Your Entourage Entourage Derek Jeter 3K HBO (:45) aaac The Town (2010) Ben Affleck. A thief struggles to go straight. Blood Missing Jason. Nine Innings from Gnd. 0 HBO2 Starsky & Hutch (2004) TV cops spoofed. Blood Missing Jason. Real Time Maher TVMA aaa Greenberg (2010) Man seeks romance. Treatment HBO3 (:15) aa The Banger Sisters (2002) Former groupies (:15) aa Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! Movie star date. Bad Boys II (2003) Tough narcotics cops stop drug kingpin. MAX (:15) aac Edge of Darkness (2010) Corrupt corporation. (:15) aac The Invention of Lying (2009) A liar succeeds. Lottery Ticket (2010) Rich young man. (:40) aaa The Hills Have Thighs (2008) MAX2 (5:15) aac Rush (1991) aaa G. Writer (:40) Everyday Black Man (2011) Violent store owner. The Big C Therapy The Big C Therapy Franchise Green Rm Franchise SHO (:05) Raising Genius Math intellectual. Miss Nobody (2010) Promotion murder. The Real L Word SHO2 a The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) Feelings surface. aac Eat Pray Love (2010) Woman searches for meaning in her life. aa Old Dogs (2009) Business disrupted. (:35) Grown Ups (2010) Teammates reunite. STARZ Toy Story (:10) aac Extraordinary Measures (2010) Seeking a cure. aac Inhale (2010) Child needs a lung. The Tournament (2009) Deadly competition. (:10) a Sugar Boxx (2009) TMC The First 48 “Ditched” First 48 “Torn; Gun Crazy” 48 “Street Law; Standing Up” 48 “The Ring; Last Drive” First 48 “Mother and Child” Beyond Scared “Jessup” A&E aaac Scarface (1983) Al Pacino. A Cuban refugee becomes a Miami drug lord and struggles to maintain his power. AMC (5:30) aaa The Untouchables (1987) Fed battles the mob. (5:00) 106 & Park (N) Born to “The Search Begins” ac B.A.P.S. (1997) A woman poses as rich man’s heir. The Mo’Nique Show (N) BET Matchmaker Matchmaker Real Housewives N.Y. “Reunion, Part 2" Real Housewives N.Y. “Reunion, Part 2" BRAV Matchmaker Makeover “Hill Family” Extreme Two remodels. Texas Women Sweet Home Alabama (N) Texas Women (N) Alabama Trip to New York. CMT (5:00) Situation Room (N) John King, USA (N) In the Arena (N) Piers Morgan Tonight (N) Anderson Cooper 360° Breaking news. (N) CNN (:26) Scrubs (:57) Daily (:27) Colbert South Prk South Prk Futurama Futurama Futurama Ugly Amer. Daily (N) (:31) Colbert COM (:56) Scrubs Good Luck Phineas Phineas Good Luck Shake It The Game Plan (2007) Quarterback discovers he’s a father. Phineas Phineas DISN Phineas Sharkbite Beach Ultimate Air Jaws Air Jaws: Sharks Shark City Daily routines. (N) When Fish Attack 3 (N) Shark City Daily routines. DSC (5:00) aa Because I Said So E! News (N) Sex City Sex City Ice; Coco Ice; Coco Kardashian Kardashian C. Lately (N) E! News E! NFL Live Year of Quarterback Road Trip Adventure Baseball Tonight SportsCenter ESPN SportsCenter from Bristol, Conn. Interruption College Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook NFL’s Greatest Games no~ MMA Live Sports ESPN2 Horn Freaky Friday (2003) A mother and daughter switch bodies. The 700 Club TV G FAM aac The Parent Trap (1998) Lindsay Lohan. Twins conspire to reunite their parents. Special Report (N) The FOX Report (N) The O’Reilly Factor (N) Hannity (N) On the Record (N) The O’Reilly Factor FNC Chopped “Ladies First!” Chopped Beans and pork. Chopped Extreme Chef (N) Iron Chef Cucumber battle. FOOD Iron Chef “Batali vs. Murphy” Barfly Baseball’s Boys in Hall Tigers Wky MLB Baseball Texas Rangers at Detroit Tigers no} The Dan Patrick Show Barfly Baseball’s FSD aaac Role Models (2008) Seann William Scott. Mentors. Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Wilfred (N) (:31) Louie (:01) Wilfred (:31) Louie FX Little House TV G Little House TV G Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier HALL Little House TV G Property Hse Hunt Hunters 1st Place 1st Place Selling NY Selling NY Hunters (N) Hse Hunt Hunters Hse Hunt HGTV Property Monster Lake Champlain. Ancient Ancient alien caves. Ancient Alien race in ocean. Ancient Aliens (N) UFO Hunter Aliens reported. HIST Monster Lake creature. Unsolved Mysteries Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Project Runway TVPG Project Runway “My Pet Project” TVPG (N) (:32) Against the Wall “Pilot” How I Met LIFE Hardball with Chris Lawrence O’Donnell (N) Rachel Maddow (N) The Ed Show (N) Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC MSNBC Live Live news. (N) Jersey “A Cheesy Situation” Jersey Ronnie gets truth. Jersey “A House Divided” Jersey Two bonds debated. Jersey Shore (N) Jersey Shore MTV Sponge Sponge Sponge BrainSurge Wife Lopez Lopez ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s (:32) ‘70s NICK Sponge aac Biloxi Blues (1988) Boot camp. (:50) aaa Dominick and Eugene (1988) Twins move apart. The Secret PLEX (5:50) aa The Deep (1977) Robert Shaw. Diving in Bermuda. NASCAR Race Hub Speedmakers Pinks - All Out American American Speedmakers SPEED NASCAR K&N Pro Series Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail TNA Wrestling (N) Damage Fighting for money. SPIKE Jail aa The Core (2003) Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank. A team is assembled to save the Earth. a Descent Government plot. SYFY Ice Twisters (2009) Top secret weather experiments. Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld aac The Whole Nine Yards (2000) A woman’s plot. Family Family Conan Jason Bateman. (N) TBS (:15) aaac The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) King is replaced. u aac A Tale of Two Cities (1935) A tale of love and sacrifice. (:15) aaa Random Harvest (1942) Amnesia victim. u TCM Tiaras Daddy’s girl. Tattoo School NY Ink SoHo tattoo parlor. LA Ink “New Beginnings” LA Ink Wedding planning. (N) LA Ink “New Beginnings” TLC Bones Plane crash. Bones Online dating. Bones “The Graft in the Girl” Bones Booth’s gesture. Bones Pirate treasure. CSI NY Mad bomber. TNT Animals Gumball Adventure (:15) Regular (:45) MAD King King Dad Dad Family TV14 Family TV14 TOON Sidekick Cops Dumbest Soda truck thieves. Dumbest Run-ins with cops. World’s Dumbest (N) Top 20 Most Shocking (N) Most Shock TRUTV Cops (:53) Sanford All Fam. All Fam. All Fam. Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond (:16) Three’s Company TVLD (:18) Sanford and Son Noticiero (N) Cuando me enamoro Teresa Calculadora. La fuerza del destino El Equipo Policías valientes. Primer (N) Noticiero (N) UNIV Alma de NCIS Parachute fails. TVPG NCIS “The Curse” NCIS “Minimum Security” Burn Notice “Beseiged” (N) Suits “Play the Man” (N) Covert Aff “Sad Professor” USA Love Love & Hip Hop “Reunion” Single “Lost Without You” Single “Can’t Hide Love” Single Flaws risk bonds. Basketball Wives VH1 Dharma Home Videos TVPG MLB Baseball New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox from U.S. Cellular Field z{| News (N) Scrubs WGN Dharma

TV Listings for THURSDAY, Aug. 5  

TV Listings for THURSDAY, Aug. 5

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