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Aug. 6


@ MLB Baseball z{|

Pay Cable

12:00 a.m. SPIKE Die Hard 2 aac TBS American Pie 2 aa TNT Transformers aaa USA Juno aaa 12:30 a.m. BET Love for Sale aa MAX Life on Top Feature 04: Let’s Do It 12:35 a.m. HBO3 Illegal Tender aa TMC Metamorphosis a 1:00 a.m. E31 Stand by Me aaac BRAV Jerry Maguire aaa HBO2 She’s Out of My League aac PLEX TekWar 4: Tekjustice ac STARZ The Runaways aaa SYFY Mortuary ac 1:25 a.m. HBO Predators aaa 1:30 a.m. ENC Back to School aac TCM Lured 2:00 a.m. MAX First Blood aaa TBS American Wedding aac 2:20 a.m. TMC Dog Soldiers aac 2:25 a.m. HBO3 Jason’s Lyric aa 2:30 a.m. AMC Carlito’s Way aaa 2:35 a.m. PLEX Brewster’s Millions aa 2:50 a.m. STARZ The Other Guys aa 3:00 a.m. SYFY Death Tunnel a TNT Resident Evil: Extinction aac 3:10 a.m. ENC The Bourne Identity aaa 3:15 a.m. HBO Wild Things aaa MAX2 Gentlemen Broncos aa TCM The Affairs of Annabel aaa 3:30 a.m. SHO Jackass: The Movie aac WGN Bad Company aa 3:35 a.m. MAX A Perfect Getaway aac 4:10 a.m. TMC Farewell, My Lovely aaa 4:20 a.m. PLEX The River aac


Basic Cable

Today’s Movies

FOX 2 News 6PM (N) Cops Cops Family Cleveland FOX 2 News 10PM (N) Fringe “The Bishop Revival” News (N) News (N) Paid Prog. Wheel Who Is Simon Miller? (2011) Loren Dean. Secret life. SVU “Delinquent” News (N) (:29) SNL News (N) News (N) Wheel Paid Prog. CSI: Miami “Blood Sugar” Hawaii Five-O “Palekaiko” 48 Hours Mystery News (N) Outdoors. News (N) ABC News Entertainment Tonight aaa Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) A boy mage enters a deadly tournament. News (N) Anatomy National Market Aviation Flying thrills. Village “Identity Crisis” The Tudors Devastated. The Tudors aaa The Aviator Texan’s life. News (N) ABC News Paid Prog. Homeown aaa Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) A boy mage enters a deadly tournament. News (N) Bro. & Sis Family Family Scrubs Whacked Crook & Chase (N) Family Family House “Clueless” Comedy.TV Comic routines. News (N) News (N) Entertainment TVPG Who Is Simon Miller? (2011) Loren Dean. Secret life. SVU “Delinquent” News (N) (:29) SNL Antiques “Grand Rapids, MI” Welk Live Lincoln “Mostly Mozart Festival Opening Night” Austin New songs. Globe Trekker (N) (5:00) Master Commander: Far Side of the World (2003) aac The Pelican Brief (1993) Julia Roberts. A law student knows too much. rsx aa 3000 Miles to Graceland Lost Space Buried treasure. Catch “Friends and Rivals” Spaceballs (1987) King hires mercenary to save princess. Dad Dad South Prk South Prk Simpsons Queens Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Christine Christine Raymond Jim How I Met Queens Simpsons Two 1/2 Lawrence Welk As Time As Time Antiques “Grand Rapids, MI” To Be Announced Programming information unavailable. To Be Announced Missing News (N) Paid Prog. Insider CSI: Miami “Blood Sugar” Hawaii Five-O “Palekaiko” 48 Hours Mystery Criminal Bizarre obsession. Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Cops Cops Family Cleveland FOX 66 News at 10 (N) Fringe “The Bishop Revival” @ MLB Baseball z{| (:15) Home Alone (1990) Macaulay Culkin. Boy foils burglary. The Bourne Identity (2002) Matt Damon. Amnesiac agent. aa 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) Street racing. ac Porky’s II ENC (:15) aac Daredevil (2003) Ben Affleck. Blind hero fights. aaa Predators (2010) Elite warriors are hunted by aliens. Blood Missing Jason. Robin Hood English hero. HBO (:15) ac Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Talking to the dead. Entourage Curb Your Boardwalk St. Patrick’s Day. Thrones “A Golden Crown” HBO2 (5:30) Despicable Me (2010) aa Knight and Day (2010) Tom Cruise. Team flees the CIA. MacGruber (2010) Will Forte. HBO3 aaa Serious (:45) aaa The Blind Side (2009) A family takes a boy into their home. (:45) aaa It’s Complicated (2009) A divorced couple has a secret affair. aaa Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) Battle for love. MAX Clash of the Titans (2010) Monster killer. ac Jonah Hex (2010) Disfigured drifter. aaa Face/Off (1997) Fed alters looks to pursue a criminal. (:20) Life on Top MAX2 (5:30) No Way Out (1987) A mistress is slain. Messenger (:45) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) Robert Pattinson. Feelings surface. aac Jackass: The Movie Outrageous stunts. ShoBox: The New Generation SHO (:15) aac The Joneses (2010) Demi Moore. Perfect family. The Big C The Big C The Big C WEEDS WEEDS WEEDS SHO2 (5:30) The River Why (2010) How Do You Know (2010) Former athlete in a love triangle. (:05) Law Abiding Citizen STARZ (5:20) aaa The Tourist (2010) (:05) The Other Guys (2010) Will Ferrell. Police detectives. (5:05) ac Eddie (1996) rsx aac Push (2009) Chris Evans. People with special abilities. a Metamorphosis Research in Hungary. (:45) Dog Soldiers (2002) Deadly training. TMC Swamp People Swamp People Swamp People Swamp People Swamp People Billy Billy A&E aaaa GoodFellas (1990) Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta. A man becomes part of the Mafia. (:15) aaaa GoodFellas (1990) AMC (3:30) The Godfather: Part II (1974) Michael takes over. (4:30) aaa Ray (2004) The life and career of Ray Charles. ac Why Did I Get Married? (2007) Infidelity sobers a reunion’s mood. aa Brothers (1977) Innocent imprisoned. BET 50 First Dates (2004) Man falls for girl with memory loss. 50 First Dates Memory loss. BRAV aaa Jerry Maguire (1996) Tom Cruise. A sports agent starts his own company. not (5:00) Steel Magnolias (1989) Sally Field. Close-knit friends. Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) Jessica Tandy. A housewife bonds with an elderly woman. (:15) aa Son in Law (1993) CMT (5:00) Situation Room (N) John King, USA (N) In the Arena (N) Piers Morgan Tonight Anderson Cooper 360° Breaking news. (N) CNN (:26) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) Moronic driver. (:59) Daniel Tosh Michael Ian Black: Very (N) COM (4:54) The Girl Next Door (2004) Porn love. Shake It Phineas Phineas and Ferb (2011) Platypus agent. Good Luck A.N.T. So Random! Shake It Phineas Good Luck DISN So Random! Jaws Comes Home How Sharks Hunt When Fish Attack 3 When Fish Attack 2 (N) When Fish Attack When Fish Attack 2 DSC Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian aa Sweet Home Alabama (2002) Redneck husband. rsx E! True Story “Snooki” The Soup C. Lately E! Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony z{| Baseball Tonight SportsCenter ESPN SportsCenter Countdown ESPN2 NHRA Qualifying no~ S NASCAR Nationwide Series “U.S. Cellular 250" z{| X WTA Tennis from Carlsbad, Calif. z{| aac The Princess Diaries (2001) Young girl learns she is a princess. aa Step Up 2: The Streets (2008) rsx FAM ac Mean Girls 2 (2011) Teens take on social hierarchy. America’s News HQ (N) FOX Report Saturday (N) Huckabee (N) Justice (N) Geraldo at Large (N) Fox News Reporting FNC Unwrap “BBQ Unwrapped” Good Eats Pieces of pig. (N) Diners Diners Diners Diners Iron Chef Cucumber battle. FOOD Challenge Tigers Wky Tigers Post Game Tigers Live Action Sports World FSD @ MLB Baseball Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals from Kauffman Stadium z{| (4:30) Taken aa Planet of the Apes (2001) An astronaut battles intelligent apes. rsx Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Two 1/2 Sunny Marriage devolves. FX Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy HALL Lucy Hunters Curb App. Candice (N) Curb App. Secrets (N) Crashers (N) Color (N) Novogratz Hunters Hse Hunt Hse Hunt HGTV Favorite (N) Top Shot “Catch .22" Top Shot Top Shot “The Shakedown” Top Shot “Down to the Wire” Top Shot HIST Top Shot Dance Moms aac Seventeen and Missing (2007) Unexplained visions. Accused at 17 (2010) A young girl is framed for murder. Dead at 17 Powerful family. LIFE Lockup Whom to trust. Lockup “Raw: Hard Time” Lockup A 12-time offender. Lockup A vicious attack. (N) Lockup A juvenile prison. MSNBC Lockup The feel of murder. aa Uptown Girls (2003) Brittany Murphy. Nanny grows up. Awkward Teen Mom “Trick or Treat” Jersey Shore House of Wax (2005) Deadly wax museum. MTV VICTOR. iCarly iCarly Big Time VICTOR. iCarly iCarly ‘70s ‘70s Lopez (:32) Lopez NICK Big Time ac The Quest (1996) Freedom fighting. (:40) a M. Morphin Power Rangers (1995) (:20) ac She-Devil (1989) PLEX (:15) aa Brewster’s Millions (1985) Spending a fortune. NASCAR SPEED Lucas Oil Dumbest Dumbest My Ride My Ride The Car Show NCWTS World Truck SPEED Test Drive UFC Unleashed UFC 133 Prelims z{| aaa Die Hard (1988) Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman. A cop fights terrorists in a high-rise. SPIKE Countdown to UFC 133 aaa Dawn of the Dead (2004) Group battles zombies in shopping mall. aa The Hills Have Eyes II (2007) Trainees attacked. not House of Bones (2010) SYFY Mothman Seinfeld Seinfeld Queens Queens 17 Again (2009) A man gets a chance to change his past. aac Drillbit Taylor (2008) Nate Hartley. Bodyguard hired. TBS (:15) aa Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) Woman’s dreams pqw aaa Stage Door (1937) Actresses’ lives. (:45) aac The Big Street (1942) A chance at romance. u Easy - Wed TCM Lottery “Teenage Millionaire” Surprise “Operation: USO” Surprise Ceremony surprise. Surprise Surprise Surprise TLC (3:45) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King aaa Transformers (2007) Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox. Robots bring ancient battle to Earth. Falling Shocking discovery. TNT (:45) Regular aaac Shrek (2001) An ogre and a donkey escort a princess. Oblongs King King Family TV14 Boondcks Boondcks TOON (:15) Regular Top 20 “Dumb Dudes 2" Top 20 “Dumb and Dumber” Dumbest Dumbest Forensic Forensic TRUTV Most Shock Vengeful family. Sanford Sanford All Fam. All Fam. Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond (:18) Loves Raymond TVLD Sanford Noticiero (N) Como dice el dicho Sábado gigante (N) Primer (N) Noticiero (N) UNIV ¡Qué madre (:02) NCIS Package of eyes. (:01) NCIS “The Meat Puzzle” NCIS “Judgment Day, Part 1" NCIS “Judgment Day, Part 2" NCIS “Rule Fifty-One” In Plain USA Basketball Wives Single “Can’t Hide Love” Single Flaws risk bonds. You Got Served (2004) Competitive world of street dancing. Basketball Wives VH1 WGN News at Nine (N) Scrubs How I Met WGN Bones Bones cleaned. @ MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins from Target Field z{|

TV Listings for Saturday, Aug. 6  

TV Listings for Saturday, Aug. 6, for the Oaklland County area

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