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Sep. 13

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12:00 a.m. MAX2 Crazy Heart aaac SHO Triangle aaa TCM The Bad and the Beautiful aaac 12:30 a.m. HBO Devil 12:35 a.m. STARZ Resident Evil: Afterlife aaa 1:00 a.m. AMC Rambo: First Blood Part II aa BET South Central aac HBO3 The Town aaac 1:15 a.m. ENC Vision Quest aa HBO2 Cop Out aa 1:20 a.m. TMC All American Orgy ac 1:35 a.m. MAX Sexual Quest 1:45 a.m. SHO The Hurt Locker aaa 1:55 a.m. HBO Pavement aa MAX2 Due Date aaa 2:01 a.m. USA The Lookout aaa 2:15 a.m. STARZ Wild Grass aaa TCM The Big Sky aac 2:30 a.m. SYFY Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome aa 2:40 a.m. PLEX Christmas Is Here Again 3:00 a.m. AMC The Longest Yard aaac MAX Spider aac SHO2 Bewitched Housewives TBS The Bank Job aaa TMC Accidental Stripper a 3:10 a.m. HBO3 Edge of Darkness aac 3:20 a.m. HBO2 The Enemy ac 3:30 a.m. HBO 127 Hours aaaa MAX2 Swept Away c 4:30 a.m. SHO2 Fanboys aaa TMC Sweet Karma 4:40 a.m. MAX The Beautician and the Beast aa 4:45 a.m. TCM The Big Trees aa 4:50 a.m. ENC Sometimes a Great Notion aac PLEX Legal Eagles aa STARZ Tangled aaac 5:00 a.m. MAX2 The Bank Dick aaa 5:10 a.m. HBO Beverly Hills Cop II aa


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News Access (N) TMZ (CC) (N) Extra (N) Glee “New York” Nationals. Hope (CC) Hope (CC) FOX 2 News 10PM (N) News (N) TMZ (CC) (N) News (N) NBC News Wheel (CC) Jeopardy It’s Worth What? “BFFS” (N) America’s Got Talent (N) Parenthood (CC) (N) News (N) (:35) Leno (N) News (N) CBS News Jeopardy Wheel (CC) NCIS “Pyramid” (CC) NCIS: L. A. “Imposters” (CC) NCIS: L. A. “Familia” (CC) News (N) Late Show News (N) World News News (N) ET (CC) Wipeout (CC) (N) ABC News Special Candid moments. (N) News (N) Nightline (N) News at Six Windsor (CC) Coronation Coronation Mercer (N) This Hour Camelot “Homecoming” (CC) The National CBC News George S. Ron James News (N) World News Judy (CC) (N) Brown (CC) Wipeout (CC) (N) ABC News Special Candid moments. (N) News (N) Nightline (N) Payne Friends (CC) Office (CC) Seinfeld 5th Grader 5th Grader Lyrics (CC) Lyrics (CC) News (N) Friends (CC) Seinfeld Office (CC) News (N) NBC News ET TVPG Inside It’s Worth What? “BFFS” (N) America’s Got Talent (N) Parenthood (CC) (N) News (N) (:35) Leno (N) The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Bus. Rpt (N) Getaways My Music “Moments to Remember” Songs are honored. (CC) POV Activist’s story. (CC) Without Trace “Heartbeats” Without “Hard Landing” (CC) Without Trace “Labyrinths” Criminal Minds “Machismo” Criminal “Charm and Harm” Criminal “Secrets and Lies” Roseanne Roseanne Frasier (CC) Cash Cab Hawaii Five-O (CC) The Rockford Files In the Heat of Night (CC) Frasier (CC) Cash Cab Simpsons Family (CC) How I Met Two 1/2 (CC) 90210 “Up in Smoke” (CC) (N) Ringer “Pilot” (N) How I Met Earl (CC) Simpsons Family (CC) The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Bus. Rpt (N) Getaways Colour “Hitler Strikes East” Tavis Smiley Reports (N) Frontline (CC) (N) Long Distance (CC) Christine CBS News Insider (CC) Christine NCIS “Pyramid” (CC) NCIS: L. A. “Imposters” (CC) NCIS: L. A. “Familia” (CC) Two 1/2 (CC) Late Show Simpsons Simpsons Two 1/2 (CC) Two 1/2 (CC) Glee “New York” Nationals. Hope (CC) Hope (CC) FOX 66 News at 10 (N) Raymond Queens (CC) Business G-Force (2009) Bill Nighy. Guinea pig agents. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Ian McKellen. Ring of power. (:05) aac Starship Troopers ENC (5:00) Devil NFL Training Camps aaaa 127 Hours (2010) Mountain climber. Boardwalk 24/7 Curb Your Entourage Blood (CC) HBO Minority Report (2002) Tom Cruise. Detective accused of a future murder. aaa Unstoppable (2010) Runaway toxic train. Making of World Champ. Boxing HBO2 Real Sports aaa It’s Complicated (2009) Meryl Streep. A secret affair. Public Enemies (2009) Johnny Depp. An FBI agent seeks John Dillinger. 4 Xmases HBO3 (4:45) Something’s (2003) Drumline (2002) Harlem street drummer in marching band. aac She’s Out of My League (2010) (CC) Skin to th MAX (:05) aa Knight and Day (2010) Team flees the CIA. (CC) aac Phone Booth (2002) Hostage in booth. aaa Due Date (2010) Two men on a road trip. (:35) Hotel Erotica: Fantasies2 (2004) (CC) MAX2 (5:45) aaac (500) Days of Summer (2009) (5:15) The Hurt Locker Bomb squad in Iraq. Thirst (2010) A priest is given vampire blood. WEEDS (CC) The Big C WEEDS (CC) The Big C Therapy (N) Therapy SHO The Penthouse (2009) Apartment trouble. Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon Jim Jefferies (CC) SHO2 My One and Only (2009) Renée Zellweger. Family road trip. (:15) Tangled (2010) Long-haired princess trapped in tower. aaac Easy A (2010) Emma Stone. Virginity lie. (:35) aac John Q (2002) Saving a dying boy. STARZ (5:10) The Social Network ac Double (:50) a Maximum Velocity (2003) Cataclysmic storm. (CC) (:25) aa Across the Line A wanted financier. Remember Me (2010) Man shares his despair with woman. TMC 48 Double homicide. (CC) Billy Python. Billy (CC) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) (N) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) A&E aac Rocky III (1982) Sylvester Stallone. Rocky trains to reclaim his title. (CC) aac Rocky III (1982) Rocky hits back. (CC) AMC (5:30) aaa Rocky II (1979) Sylvester Stallone. A boxer’s fame. 106 & Park (CC) (N) The Fighting Temptations (2003) Inheritance depends on choir’s success. Born to Dance (CC) (N) Born to “Born To Glam” (CC) BET Housewives (CC) Flipping Loyalty in question. Flipping Out “Reunion” (N) The Rachel Zoe Project (N) Flipping Out “Reunion” (CC) BRAV Rachel Zoe Busy schedule. (:15) Extreme Makeover (:15) Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) Steve Martin. Travel troubles. (:45) Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) Steve Martin. Travel troubles. CMT (5:00) Situation Room (N) John King, USA (CC) (N) Anderson Cooper 360° (N) Piers Morgan Tonight (N) Cooper 360° Breaking news. John King, USA (CC) CNN (:23) Scrubs (:54) Daily (:25) Colbert (:56) Kevin James TVPG (:58) Tosh.0 (:29) Tosh.0 Tosh.0 (CC) Workaholic Daily (CC) (N) (:31) Colbert COM (:53) Scrubs Good Luck Shake It Wizards So Random! Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue A.N.T. (CC) So Random! Wizards Wizards DISN Shake It Cash Cab Cash Cab Dirty Jobs “Asphalt Paver” Auction (CC) Auction (CC) Auction (N) Auction (N) Dirty Mny (N) Dirty Mny (N) Auction (CC) Auction (CC) DSC Kourtney Kourtney E! News (N) 2011 Miss Universe Pageant 2011 pageant event. Kardashian C. Lately (N) E! News E! Rise Up “Ohio” World Series of Poker World Series of Poker Baseball Tonight SportsCenter ESPN SportsCenter Interruption NFL Live Hey Rookie, Welcome NFL’s Greatest Games no~ Super Bowl Rise Up “Ohio” ESPN2 Horn aac Bruce Almighty (2003) Jim Carrey. Man gets power. aa Evan Almighty (2007) Steve Carell. Man builds new ark. The 700 Club TV G (CC) FAM Home Videos TVPG (CC) Special Report (N) The FOX Report (CC) (N) The O’Reilly Factor (CC) (N) Hannity (CC) (N) On the Record (CC) (N) The O’Reilly Factor (CC) FNC Cupcake Cupcake bakers. Cupcake Record release. Chopped Utilizing tongue. Chopped Duck fat. (N) Chopped “Flower Power” FOOD Iron Chef French cuisine. Mayweather Game 365 Tigers Wky Tigers Post Game Tigers Live FSD @ MLB Baseball Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox from U.S. Cellular Field z{| Two 1/2 (CC) Two 1/2 (CC) aaac Iron Man (2008) Robert Downey Jr. An arms dealer becomes a superhero. rsx Sons of Anarchy (CC) (N) (:05) Sons of Anarchy (CC) FX Little House TV G (CC) Little House TV G (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) HALL Little House TV G (CC) Property Hse Hunt Hunters (CC) 1st Place (N) For Rent (N) Property Unsellable Hunters (CC) Hse Hunt Hunters (CC) Hse Hunt HGTV Property Marvels Building the bomb. To Be Announced Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Top Shot (CC) (N) Top Shot “Turn the Corner” HIST Modern Marvels TVPG (CC) Unsolved Mysteries (CC) Unsolved Mysteries (CC) American Pickers (CC) American Pickers (CC) Picker Vintage Harley. (CC) Picker Sisters “It’s a Sign” LIFE Hardball with Chris Lawrence O’Donnell (N) Rachel Maddow (N) The Ed Show (N) Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC PoliticsNation (N) ‘70s (CC) ‘70s (CC) Substitute Substitute Teen Mom (CC) Teen Mom “Stay With Me” Teen Mom “Time Out” Parents want kid. (N) Awkward (N) MTV SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob BrainSurge Wife (CC) Lopez (CC) Lopez (CC) ‘70s (CC) ‘70s (CC) The Nanny (:32) Nanny NICK SpongeBob ac Jaws 3-D (1983) Shark on a rampage. (:40) aac Max Dugan Returns (1983) (CC) (:20) Fatal Fashion (1991) PLEX (:20) aaac Defence of the Realm (1985) Scandal exposed. Pass Time Pass Time American American Dumbest Dumbest Pass Time My Ride American American SPEED NASCAR Race Hub Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction (N) Auction Repo Games Repo Games SPIKE Auction aa Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) Mel Gibson. Max finds village. aaac The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) An amnesiac assassin seeks answers. Alphas SYFY Trek: Next Queens (CC) Queens (CC) Seinfeld Seinfeld Office TVPG Office (CC) Office TVPG Office TVPG Office TVPG Office TVPG Conan Roseanne Barr. (N) TBS aac Act One (1964) The life of writer Moss Hart is portrayed. aac Young Man with a Horn (1950) Musician struggles. u aaac The Big Carnival (1951) Kirk Douglas. The big story. u TCM LA Ink “Gone Too Far” (CC) Big Sexy “Big Bad Love” What Not to Wear “Heather” What Not to Wear (CC) (N) Big Sexy (CC) (N) What Not to Wear “Heather” TLC Law & Order “Gunplay” (CC) Law & Order “Venom” (CC) Rizzoli “Remember Me” (CC) Law “Promote This!” (CC) Law & Order “Bottomless” CSI: NY “Pay Up” (CC) TNT Johny Test Scaredy (N) Looney T. Looney T. Gumball King (CC) King (CC) Dad (CC) Dad (CC) Family TV14 Family TV14 TOON Gumball Cops (CC) Dumbest Bikini robbery. Pawn Pawn Pawn (N) Pawn Pawn Pawn Bait Car (CC) Bait Car (CC) TRUTV Cops (CC) All Fam. All Fam. MASH (CC) MASH (CC) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond (:17) Roseanne TV G (CC) TVLD (:17) Sanford and Son (CC) Noticiero (N) Cuando me enamoro (CC) Teresa Calculadora. (CC) La fuerza del destino (N) Aquí y ahora Noticias. (CC) Primer (N) Noticiero (N) UNIV Alma de Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Necessary “Baggage Claim” USA (5:50) Undateable TV14 Basketball Wives LA Full Court T.O. Show Rehab Treatment & result. Rehab Treatment & result. Basketball Wives LA VH1 Dharma (CC) Home Videos TVPG (CC) Christine Christine How I Met How I Met WGN News at Nine (CC) (N) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) WGN Dharma (CC)

TV Listings for Tuesday  
TV Listings for Tuesday  

TV Listings for Tuesday, Sept. 13