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is our commitment

Confidence isn’t just a word to us. At Tupperware, strengthening your confidence so you can achieve your goals is our first priority. No matter how big you dare to dream, we provide the training, the tools and the proven path to success that empowers you to advance as far as you want to go.

The best part: Money right from the start.

“Say Yes!” Offer For new Consultants who start their businesses during July 20–26, 2013. Your Tupperware business is backed by the power of an unbeatable brand name and an ever-evolving line of amazing products that save your customers time and money and help preserve the environment. Say Yes by July 26, 2013, and add the innovative and producepreserving FridgeSmart® Small Deep and FridgeSmart® Large to your Business Kit for just $6.50! A $57 value, these fridge fundamentals extend veggie and fruit freshness, reduce spoilage and save money, too! This versatile set is a great complement to your Kit as you start your Tupperware parties! Note: New Consultants can order their Say Yes product starting on August 9, 2013. Sales credit does not apply to Say Yes offer.

As soon as you begin, you’ll receive 25% profit on your personal sales, with the opportunity to earn up to 35% when you meet monthly sales volume qualifications. You’ll also have the opportunity to qualify for exotic trips, use of a new car, diamonds, cash bonuses and more.

Start now with a special Business Kit offer for $99! Investing in yourself and your new Tupperware business is simple with the 2 Easy Payment plan. Pay for your Business Kit in 2 installments using a credit card. We also love to invest in success, so when you achieve $900 in personal sales within your first 60 days, we’ll make your second payment for you.* Prices shown here do not include applicable taxes. Your initial payment: $30 In 60 days: $69 *Offer available through the Confident Start Program. Ask your Consultant for details.

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