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Teaching Plan Outline: Substance Abuse 1. What is Substance abuse? a. Alcohol b. Illegal street drugs i. Meth, cocaine, heroin c. Addictive prescription drugs i. Adderal, Xanax d. Over the counter drugs i. Cough syrup e. Other mind altering substances i. Glue, whippits 2. Who is affected by substance abuse? a. Individuals b. Families and children i. ACE’s c. Communities d. Genetic predispositions 3. Signs of substance abuse a. Experiences withdrawal when not using i. Shakiness, jumpiness, anxiety, nausea/ vomiting, insomnia, depression b. Seems unable to stop c. Devotes a lot of time and energy to getting and using d. Needs more and more to get the same effect (tolerance) e. Gives up things that used to be important in order to use f. Compulsions or cravings to keep using 4. Effects of substance abuse a. 1 in 4 deaths attributed to illicit drug use b. Higher risk of all bad outcomes including injury, accidents, domestic violence, medical problems and death c. Health problems: i. Weaken immune system- risk for infections ii. Heart conditions- abnormal heart rate to heart attacks iii. Nausea, vomiting abdominal pain iv. Liver damage v. Seizures and stroke d. Effects on the brain i. Alter brain chemistry- compulsive seeking, craving and use ii. Effect “reward” circuit causing high, but when effects where off causes a “low” e. Behavioral problems i. Paranoia ii. Aggression iii. Hallucinations iv. Addiction

v. Loss of self control vi. impulsiveness f. Birth defects i. 4% of pregnant women in US use illicit drugs during pregnancy ii. Low birth weights iii. Prematuratiy iv. Withdrawl v. Fetal alcohol syndrome vi. Behavioral problems vii. Poor nutrition viii. STD’s 5. Local Resources available a. RCCS b. Campobello treatment center c. Sonoma County Intergroup Fellowship- AA meetings d. West County health center 6. Healthy coping mechanisms a. Self-soothing b. Distraction c. Opposite action d. Emotional awareness e. Mindfulness f. Crisis plan g. Exercise

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