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Hitcher By Shauna Cunningham

INT. DAD’S CAR. DAY. FATHER is driving down a windy country road. DAUGHTER concentrates on her phone ignoring her surroundings. Fog is making it hard for the Father to see. FATHER (mumbling) So much for an Indian summer. Daughter puts her headphones in continuing to ignore her father. Father takes out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and places them on his lap. He glances at the road then at the packet to take out a cigarette. As he holds it up to his lips he searches for his lighter. The father slows down his speed. He drops the lighter then glances down as he notices where it is. Quickly he leans down taking his eyes of the road for merely a second then looks back up. As he looks at the road he slams down on the brakes noticing a young GIRL around 12 standing in the middle of the road She is quite pale with raggedy hair. He stops a few inches from the girl who does not flinch. FATHER Shit. Daughter scoffs continuing to look down at her phone. DAUGHTER Idiot. Father continues to stare at the girl. The girl walks to the side of the car and knocks on the window. Father turns to look at the girl and rolls down the window. GIRL Could you take me home? I only live a few miles down the road. The father nods. FATHER Sure, get in. The girl opens the back door behind the father. shivers noticing a slight change in temperature gets in the car. After looking back at the girl she had put her seat belt on, the father starts again, squinting slightly at the road.

The father as the girl to make sure the car

FATHER So what’s a girl as young as you doing out in a storm? (CONTINUED)



The girl looks out the window ignoring the question. FATHER Are you new around here? I haven’t seen you around. Once again there is silence apart from the slight sound of music coming from the daughters headphones. After a few more minutes the father pulls up at the only house on the road. The house is surrounded by trees and an overgrown garden as if no one had lived there for a few years. FATHER I’ll walk you in. The father turns around as he takes off his seat belt. After noticing the girl was no longer there he turns to his daughter. FATHER Where did she go? His daughter ignores him once again. He pulls out her right headphone and his daughter looks at him, annoyed. DAUGHTER (angrily) What? FATHER Where did the girl go? The daughter raises an eyebrow and takes out her other headphone. DAUGHTER What girl? The father leans back in his seat and looks straight head, confused on what is happening. FATHER The one I nearly ran over. Well you wouldn’t know, you were too concentrated on that phone of yours. The father looks in his interior mirror to where the girl should have been sitting. He notices the seat belt had moved. The daughter goes back to looking at her phone and she shakes her head.




DAUGHTER You’re going senial early, dad. The father looks at the house he had pulled up at then opens the door. He puts his hood up as he gets out of the car. FATHER Stay here. If the girl comes back yell for me. The daughter nods and places a headphone back in her left ear. The father closes the door and walks to the house. CUT TO: EXT. GIRL’S HOUSE. DAY. The father is fidgeting as he waits for the door to be opened. He looks back at the car to make sure his daughter is okay then turns back as the door opens. A MAN in his late 40’s answers the door. FATHER Sorry for barging in on you like this, but do you know of a young girl who lives or lived at this address? The man looks back at his WIFE who walks up behind him. MAN A girl used to live here. FATHER Was she about 12? Pale with long hair? The man nods. INT. DAD’S CAR. DAY. The daughter looks up from her phone as she notices a drastic drop in temperature. She looks to the back seat and looks at the windows steaming up from condesation. She glares at the window but is snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of the car door opening. The daughter looks back forward and towards her father. DAUGHTER So..?




FATHER That’s their daughter. She died on that road two years ago. The father places his hands on the steering wheel looking dazed and confused. FATHER Today’s her birthday. The daughter leans back in her seat, also confused. The father and daughter stare out of the window.