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EXT. BROOKLYN. NIGHT. A pair of feet walking down the street, stepping over the scattered litter on the pavement. The shoes are covered in snow and the heel is worn, on the verge of breaking. The legs are bare and there are prominent goose bumps. The faint sound of police sirens in the background as the feet pick up speed. The camera cranes up to reveal RACHEL (20). Her dark raggedy hair is covering her face as she looks down at her feet, glancing up slightly to look where she is going. She is hunched over and her hands are in the pockets of her bright pink raincoat. There are black stains from mascara evident down her cheek as if she has been crying. The street around her is covered in snow and the walls of houses are graffitied with various gang names and words.Rachel is startled as she hears the crunch of snow behind her. She quickly looks up and around her. She notices a group of two to three people rapidly approaching her from behind. As she begins running to look for an alley or shelter of some sort, her heel snaps. RACHEL Shit! Rachel leans down to pick up the remainder of her heel then takes off her heels. Just as she stands up, a large hand wraps around her mouth. The hand is covered in a black leather glove and the sleeve of the shirt comes an inch too short on the arm. Rachel grabs the arm with both hands and desperately tries to pull the hand away.

Character exercise  
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